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Bair Hugger* Model 750 Temperature Management Unit

Service Manual Addendum

NOTE: This unit operates with Rev M software; the revision level appears on the units alphanumeric
display upon connection to a power source. Changes to the Model 750 Service Manual for units with Rev
M software are highlighted below in bold.

Page Section Rev M Change (highlighted in bold)

5 Operating Modes Temp in Range indicator light illuminates when the temperature at the
blanket end of the hose is within 1.5 C of the selected setting; this
indicator light does not illuminate in the Ambient mode.

6 Fault Conditions When a fault condition exists, the following events occur:
Up to 5 fault codes are stored in memory.

7 Alternative Modes, The Fault Code Log mode sequentially displays the last 5 fault codes
Fault Code section stored in memory.

10 Service Procedures Caution: Do not use automatic testers for service

procedures; always test the temperature management unit
manually. Failure to do so may cause a Fault Code 053.

12 Testing the Over- Caution: Connect each warming unit being tested to a
Temperature Detection separate power source.

13 Testing the Over- 6. a. PASSThe unit detected an over-temperature condition within

Temperature Detection 150 seconds.
System, Method step 6 6. b. FAILUnit did not detect an over-temperature condition with
150 seconds (time-out failure).
6. b. 2. Test Time, 150 Secs

14 Viewing the Fault 3. Press either the Low or Med button to view the next fault code in the
Code Log, step 3 log. The temperature management unit stores a maximum of 5 fault
codes in non-volatile memory.

14 Clearing the Fault Rev M software gives you the option to clear the Fault Code
Code Log log. Put the unit in Fault Code Mode by pressing the
Alternative Mode button and Low button simultaneously for
3 seconds; then, press the High temperature button.

23 Safety System: Alarm Fault: amber Fault indicator light flashes, alarm sounds, up to 5 fault
System codes stored in nonvolatile RAM.

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