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CE3.1 This career episode is about my work at JW Vendor City. I started
working in JW Vendor City on March 29th 2013 and performed my
duties there till April 30th 2014. This job was carried on sheet & metal
plant of the company located at Lahore, Pakistan. I worked for JW
Vendor City (Pvt.) ltd as Die & Mold Design Engineer.

CE3.2 JW Vendor City is sister concerned company of Haier &Ruba. My
company manufactured all the sheet metal & plastic parts which Haier
required for its products. Pakistan Haier Products are AC, Refrigerator,
Washing Machines, Dispensers, Deep Freezer.

CE3.3 Main objective was designing of sheet metal dies. In this project design
department was of a very essential role because without a good
design of part or die require sizes can never be achieved.

CE3.4 Sheet metal is a very large scale industry and if you look around you
found that either its a Tin Cane, Fridge, AC, LED, Cars, Planes, or Ships
everything is made of sheet metals.

CE3.5 Waves Industries Pvt. Ltd is a very renowned industry in Pakistan for
home appliances. They are our regular customers and the product this
time they required from us was Lock Pin Combo. They used this part
in their refrigerator front door in locking mechanism.

CE3.6 As a design engineer, my role was to design, review, supervise the

machining process and ensure the product was as per required sizes.
Particularly In designing my objective was to design Sheet metal
cutting, bending, deep drawing & various forming Dies.

Organizational structure:

CE3.7 Firstly, I had a meeting with my client before starting this project and in
that meeting they showed me where they are going to use sheet metal
dies. I also checked that what kind of load they have designed, dead
or alive and in which direction linear or rotational.

CE3.8 Then I discussed with them the problems they were facing and
improvement they requires in new design. Five things which my client
wants me to improve were following:

1. Blank Size
2. Up gradation of design
3. Punch Breaking & Changing issue
4. Burr problem
5. Safety Issue

CE3.9 I started my work but first I need solutions for the problems they
mentioned above. So I observed deeply that what the reasons of these
problems were. It would be very easy for me to diagnose them if I know
their reason.

CE3.10 I seek help from internet a couple of books of sheet metals and my
Chinese manager Mr. Lie. It was a great benefit for me that I was
working under a foreigner. So here is how I found the reasons of these
problems and these were the solutions I found best at that time.

CE3.11 For blank size client provided me final part drawing which included
bending so 1st I have to find out its blank size without bending which will
equal to the final size after bending.

CE3.12 I used Pro-E for this purpose because I found it very productive and
very much accurate, still I did not relay on it complete so I decided to
check it first on some samples than I will further work on my project.

CE3.13 The next problem or challenge for me was to improve the previous
method because it was old, costly and time taking. Also workers feel
very difficult to work on it.

So this time I have to design something like which actually not only
save money and time but also labor feel very comfortable and safe
working on it.

CE3.14 So, I converted their old simple die into progressive. It was not very easy
as it seems like because our client also gives us his budget and it was
very limited. Therefore, first I have to do the costing work.

CE3.15 I designed couple of dies but the material price were exceeding so
than I decided that first I select the size of my material which suitable
for my budget than I do my designing work on it. This method works for

CE3.16 Another complain which our client mentioned that in their previous die
after some strokes the punches break down and its disturbing their
production very badly.

I noted that problem was because of the poor designing work that the
punches diameter and their UTS were not good enough to bear such
heavy load.

CE3.17 I deeply analyze and found that after couple of strokes the scarp sticks
inside the cavity and this is one of the major reasons of punch
breaking. So now I have to focus on these issues in my design work.

CE3.18 When I started designing, I provided proper heat treatment to

punches. I used D2 material for punches and focused on my
calculations and provided a proper cavity for scarp so that nothing left
after every single stroke.
CE3.19 Then I calculated critical force by the following formula

Then I calculated maximum length of the punch by the following
l = (
CE3.20 This was not the only problem here they mentioned that every time a
punch break it is very difficult for them to change it with the new one
because they have to open the die completely. Well this problem was
another major designing issue.

CE3.21 Now in my design I bolted every punch from the top and provided a
throughout hole from the top of the die set so that every time
whenever they need to change any punch they can do it very easily.
All they needed was an L-Key.

CE3.22 Moreover, I analyzed that Burr problem could be because the die set
was too old and their edges were not good enough anymore for
cutting process also unsuitable gape or clearance in technical words
was not as per standard between the punches and cavity.

CE3.23 Safety issue was major issue because it involves a very high threat to
labor and it could be very savior for them. I find out that in previous
design it after every stroke worker have to remove the work pieces
from the cavity with his hand and if that time machine double stroke
he could injured or may lose his hand too.

CE3.24 This was very high priority for me to resolve or reduce this issue as much
as I can. Firstly I used a blank throughout cavity so workers not need to
remove it he can collect finish product in the end from the pocket I
add down side of the press.

CE3.25 Next I added spring injectors in my die (D2) plate so its automatically
eject the strips. Then I provide every worker magnetic plier so they can
keep their hands in a safe distance from press. And I suggested higher
authority to install safety sensors on every press station so that no one
gets hurts at any cost.

CE3.26 Now as I have got all the solutions I started working on my actual
design work because know I knew what actually I required and will be
best for my client. After finalizing everything I select the best suitable
design of die for the given part.
CE3.27 First I draw this part in Pro-E Sheet metal. Then I applied flat pattern
command so that I can get its blank size without bending. Then I send
this size to wire cut machine so that I can verify my sizes before
designing my final die. Wire cut operators cut couple of sample and
we check it on our existing bending die. The sizes were ok.

CE3.28 I selected this kind of opening profile for my die because this profile
gives the highest quality work

A = tolerance of work piece,
H = height of die block.

Die blocks are supporting at l=100mm, the size of work piece

dimensions are a=95mm & b=115mm& t=2.5mm,& UTS= 551.58MPA.

CE3.29 Then I calculated the height (thickness) H of the die block by the
following formula:

H = (10 + 5T + 0.7a + b. c

T = material thickness,
a, b = opening die dimensions,
c = constant whose value depends on the mechanical properties of
the work piece material and is given in Table below.
H = (10 + 5(2.5) + 0.795 + 115. (1.3) = 42.4 43

The height of die block can be rounded to= 45mm.

CE3.30 I calculated the wall thickness e by the formula:

e = (10 + 12) + 0.8H
e = (10 + 12) + 0.8(45) = 36.8 37mm

The wall thickness rounded to= 40mm.

CE3.31 I divided work very efficiently, for example I used man power and every
station in such way that no one wait for other things. As I completed my
calculations I asked machinist to cut these plates in given dimensions
and prepare them for further machining process.

CE3.32 This job was very productive for me because in this job I have to
diagnose the problem than provides its solution than I have to
improvise the method also I have very limited time to complete this

CE3.33 I learned so much from this that how and why such problems occur.
What could be the design flaws and how could we save our self in
future from facing these problems.

Do Not Copy This Sample