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oe DVGW CERT DIN-DVGW type examination certificate DIN-DVGW-Baumusterprifzertifikat Nw-62035P5499. Space Feld of Application products of uater supoly ‘Ameendingebees? Fonte Wossaatargig nner of Ceritente _VAS-Amaturen GmbH Zerthatonaber Cai-Reuther Strate 1, D-65305 Mannheim Distributor “VAG-Armaturen GmbH Veretber Caii-Reuther State 1, D-68305 Mannheim Product Category _—_vales for water supply: gate vaio (6203) Prowse Product Deseristion gate valve for érnking water supty Prodoxberlennun Medel EKO pus sora “Test Reports ‘mechanical test: AO 024/14 ram 08.08.2014 (TZW) Pribenehte ‘mechanical test: KT 011/10 from 17.06.2010 (T2W) ‘chanical est: AO 038/10 from 26.10.2010 (TZW) {TW testing: K-252205-15-Kalst from 09.01 2015 (WHY) TW testing: K-252206-15-Katst from 08.01 2015 (WHY) Test Basis yaw w 269.(F) 01.08.2010) Prtgrnsoges DINEN 10741 (01.07.2000) DINEN 10742 01.07.2000) [BGA KTW (12.12.1988) LUBA KTW (07.10.2008) yew W 270 (04.11.2007) Date of Expiry/ File No. 21.02.2020 /15-0158-.WNV ‘Auten Antercechen ove cn (21.04.2048 GIA. eegeeees Sere! (datas ae SSSR MR Sp ya ray Sines Sains ‘Gy cen oot tn as en WE 08 ae Manges ee esters ge Se asm Ae. NW-62038P5493, he Technical bata Romar Technische Daten 0 ya ye ‘sais at RTO 0 pus rere ag PN 6 KO pu pein Psa eo pus ‘oral our rng: PN 106 ‘Formal Samar‘ ON 80 0 ps ‘oral peour rng: PN f016 0 ue ‘ommal osu rang: PN T016 ‘onal Samet ON25 £0 pus {ea maze en 018 EO pe ema rss rating: PN 1118 oma ameter 30 0 pus ‘oral presur rning PN H116 ‘emia ameter D950 x0 ps Tema ress: PN 1116 EXO ps ferna rssreaig PN 1116 ‘oma meter D300 0 ple Nore ean ag PN 08 0 pu Cora reais” PN 18 ‘omnalSametor certed Components surirt Bato Werks ‘Regier No. Component WodeiTvpe anatactorer rear Bea Medea) Hereater ‘DWT aBGOSRE Soa soca due or PS CaaH Seeeaiera pipes moeamioeetean Vc amreiere cL Streams oe ce ‘ints of Ualiation Remarks erwandangshinelse/Semarungen “Te de EKO pr ores fe model BETA