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Water treatment plant - Lichte

Application Field: Wastewater

Place: Lichte, Germany
Date: 2005 - 2008
Products: VAG BETA 200 Gate Valve, VAG ZETA Knife Gate Valves,
VAG RIKO Plunger Valves DN 150 PN 16

Project description:

A Population of 10,400 people, including

the commercial and industrial areas as well
as tourism, live in the catchment area of
the completed Leibis Dam.

To ensure that the quality of the water

meets the requirements of drinking water
supply and can be sustainably improved
downstream of the dam, the Lichte Waste-
water Treatment Plant was built. To exclu-
de potential contamination accidents. The Waste water treatmeant plant in Lichte
treated wastewater is bypassed around
the Leibis Dam via an outlet hydraulic main
and then discharged into the river Lichte.

For this reason an emergency collection

basin was built which can hold more than
3,000 m of water. Via a pumping station,
this water can then be piped back to the
wastewater treatment plant for purification.
The plant was put into service in 2008.

Installed Valves