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Motors and controllers

You need outstanding performance.

You want minimum complexity.
We are your dependable solutions partner.

Everything from a single source: the high standards we demand from ourselves are also applied to
our motors and controllers. You can now take advantage of our complete range of electric drive
solutions which has been expanded even further. Our free software tools give you peace of mind as
they help avoid oversizing, whether for a simple stepper motor or a highly dynamic servo motor.
And low-cost, closed-loop servo functionality is included too, because the stepper motor controller
operates in servo mode. This is advanced thinking for you.


Reach your goals

reliably and efficiently: 06 Servo technology
The highly functional motor controller CMMP-AS, the standard
controller CMMS-AS, the double controller CMMD-AS and the
software support. servo motor EMMS-AS offer excellent dynamic response and preci-

8 Stepper motor technology

The motor controller CMMS-ST and the stepper motor EMMS-ST
for reliable and low-cost solutions for standard tasks.

12 Single-field controllers
With high protection class for specialised drives and solutions
with integrated motor: SFC-DC for drives with integrated stepper
motor and SFC-LACI dependent on linear motor drives

Software for quick and reliable results 15 Functional safety

Technical protective measures according to the EC Machinery
Prevents design errors and improves energy efficiency by helping you
to choose the right components. PositioningDrives is easy to use and 16 Electric drives
provides motion profiles, dynamic load data, product characteristics Powerful, fast and precise, for movement inside the working
and bills of materials. Just try it out for yourself!

Festo Configuration Tool FCT 17 Multi-axis controllers

Made for flexible configuration and parameterisation. With FCT you Designed for controlling multi-axis systems with different control
concepts, such as 3D, 2.5D and point-to-point. Easy to integrate
can parameterise positioning options and diagnostic functions,
into existing control concepts and systems thanks to fieldbus
either online or offline. communication and a wide range of input and output modules.

For the perfect fit! Quick and easy configuration and diagnostics of
electrical positioning systems with WebConfig and WebDiag, 18 Software tools
now integrated into the HTML web server. Software support helps to create the ideal drive package in
no time, including simple and reliable configuration and

Mechatronic motion solutions: an overview of the electric drive spectrum

Management level Management system

Control level Modular controller CECX Controller CECC Integrated controller

Control system

Motor controller SFC-LACI Servo motor controllers CMMS-AS


Field level

Linear motor axes

Drives ELGL-LAS Gantry axes





Grippers Vacuum
Front units

Robotic controller Integrated controller Axis interface

Festo Handling
and Positioning
CMMD-AS Stepper motor con- CMMS-ST Motor controller Profile

trollers CMMO-ST SFC-DC

Provided by Festo

Festo Software
Servo motors Stepper motors Servo motors Tool

Cantilever axes DGEA Electric cylinders EPCO Slide unit


ESBF Festo Configuration
Modbus TCP
SLTE with
DC motor


Sizing and calcula-
tion software for
Rotary drives Vision systems electric drives

Servo motors and servo motor controllers

Servo motor controller Three controller versions Integrated safety function

CMMP-AS one philosophy Safe Torque Off (STO) up to
The software tools provided category 4, PLe integrated
This range of servo motor by Festo offer an integral Further safety functions can
controllers provides a highly concept from commissioning be realised using external
functional solution for dynamic to programming to components
movements. It is ideally suited parameterisation. Solution examples available
for the electronic control of cam Uniform and easy operation For more information
discs. Integrated safe holding with see page 15
restart blocking for safety-
Servo motor controller related applications
CMMS-AS SD card for parameters and
The servo motor controller
CMMS-AS is particularly well-
suited for standard applications
and positioning tasks with I/O
and fieldbus connection.

Servo motor double controller


The double controller for

standard applications controls
two servo motors independently
of one another thanks to the
combination of two controllers in
one housing.

Servo motor EMMS/E-AS Single-turn rotary encoder Motor shaft bearings:

(standard), multi-turn rotary Standard IP54
encoder (optional) Optionally with additional
Servo motors for 2 controller Motor housing and power/ shaft seal IP65
types. As a permanently encoder connection with Range of matching straight-
energised, brushless servo protection class IP65 toothed planetary gear units
motor with eight torque ranges, with protection class IP54
this motor is designed for
dynamic positioning tasks.

Technical data and functions Position control Technical data and functions Electronic cam disc
CMMS-AS/CMMD-AS Current control CMMP-AS Flexible software limit
CMMS-AS: motor current Torque control As the CMMS-AS, but: switches
single-phase 4 A Motor current single-phase:
CMMD-AS: motor current 2 x 2.5 and 5 A
4 A (adjustable up to 2 A/6 A) Motor current three-phase:
64 integrated positioning 5 and 10 A
records Primary voltage:
SD card for parameters and 100/1 n ... 230/1 n
firmware 230/3 n ... 480/3 n
Automatic motor brake 256 integrated positioning
External braking resistor records
(optional) Flying measurement
Jerk-free positioning
Infinitely variable positioning,
closed-loop operation
Speed adjustment

The performance ranges of the
motors in combination with control-
lers from Festo



EMMS-ST + CMMS-ST/CMMO-ST 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000


Motor controller for motor type CMMP-AS-_-M... CMMS-AS/CMMD-AS

Servo motor Servo motor
Positioning records 256 63
Displacement encoder Incremental/absolute Incremental/absolute
Extended I/O interface Can be configured flexibly 4 working modes
Remaining distance message Separately for all positions 1 for n
Torque reduction Separately for all positions No
Record linking With branching Linear
Safe Torque Off (STO) Cat. 4, PLe (EN13849), SIL3 (EN61508) Cat. 3, PLd (EN13849), SIL2 (EN61508)
Primary voltage 100 ... 230VAC 100 ... 230VAC
Motor current Single-phase : 2.5 and 5 A CMMS-AS: 4 A (single-phase)
Three-phase: 5, 10 and 20 A CMMD-AS: 2 x 4 A (can be adjusted as desired up to 2 A/6 A)

Stepper motors and stepper motor controllers

Stepper motor controller This is a fully fledged closed- The integral platform software
CMMS-ST loop servo system for the Festo Configuration Tool (FCT)
highest degree of operational and the standardised data
Stepper motor technology in a reliability and fast dynamic profile FHPP ensure
real Festo plug & work solution response by using the best problem-free commissioning,
package: the single-axis position possible motor characteristic programming and
controller CMMS-ST combined curve. This sets the stepper parameterisation.
with stepper motors EMMS-ST motor controller CMMS-ST apart
for single and multi-axis from conventional controllers
handling applications with of this type. Alternatively, the
moving loads of up to 20 kg. CMMS-ST can also be used as
a low-cost open-loop system
with stepper motors without
encoders. The extensive range
of functions and the optimum
price/performance ratio provide
further advantages.

Stepper motor EMMS-ST Motor housing and plug

connector with protection
class IP65 (dependent on
Stepper motor series with size or special design)
two-phase hybrid technology Motor shaft bearings IP54
for a long service life Matching range of planetary
6 torque ranges gear units
Encoder for closed-loop Standard range in stock;
function (optional) others on request
Optional motor brake Optimally matched with all
electric axes from Festo

Integrated safety function Technical data and functions Automatic motor brake
Safe Torque Off (STO) up to CMMS-ST External braking resistor
category 3, PLd integrated Primary voltage: 24 ... 48 V DC (optional)
Further safety functions can Motor current: 8 A/peak 12 A Jerk-free positioning
be realised using external Step resolution: full steps up to Infinitely variable positioning
components 4,000 steps/revolution The digital inputs and outputs
Solution examples available 63 integrated positioning are protected against short
For more information records, e.g. acceleration circuit, overload and reverse
see page 15 ramps voltages
SD card for parameters and

The performance ranges of the 60

motors in combination with control-
lers from Festo

0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000

Motor controller for motor type CMMS-ST CMMO-ST

Stepper motor Stepper motor
Positioning records 63 7/31
Displacement encoder Incremental Incremental
Extended I/O interface 4 working modes Valve or binary profile
Remaining distance message 1 for n Separately for all positions
Torque reduction No Separately for all positions
Record linking Linear Linear
Safe Torque Off (STO) Cat. 3, PLd EN138449/Cat. 3, PLe, EN61508/SIL3
Primary voltage 24 ... 48 V DC 24 V DC
Motor current 8O 5.7A
Integrated positioning records 64 32 (including homing)

Motor controller CMMO-ST with all the functions you might curve. This sets the stepper
need. Includes low heat motor controller CMMO-ST apart
development, monitored safe from conventional controllers of
Simple, quick selection with positions and smooth motor this type. Alternatively, the
1 order code. Everything running. CMMO-ST can also function
matches perfectly thanks also as a low-cost open-loop system
to WebConfig and WebDiag, This is a fully fledged closed- with stepper motors without
the integrated HTML web server loop servo system for the encoders. The extensive range
for configuration and highest degree of operational of functions and the optimum
diagnostics. CMMO-ST is a reliability and fast dynamic price/performance ratio provide
closed-loop servo controller response by using the best further advantages.
for stepper motors, equipped possible motor characteristic

Digital I/O control interface Control mode binary profile (31) specific position via two speed
Configuration and levels and end without delay
parameterisation using FCT in a clamping function with a
Control mode valve profile (7) 31 extensive control sets are defined force.
Configuration and available for binary control
parameterisation via with 5 inputs. The setpoint
WebConfig values for position, force and
Easy control of up to 7 freely speed can be freely selected.
definable positions via directly Several control sets can be
assigned inputs and outputs, combined to form a workflow
to which movements are sequence, regardless of their
reported as assigned. This setpoint value. This allows the
makes programming the PLC generation of movement
very easy. profiles which travel to a

Positioning system EPCO Cylinder Connecting cables

Electric cylinder with ball screw Pre-assembled cable sets,
and non-rotating plain bearing- suitable for use with energy
1 order for a complete system: guided piston rod, with a pre- chains, for motors and encoders,
motor controller + cylinder with mounted, perfectly adjusted in 5 standard lengths, with
motor and connecting cables. motor EMMS-ST, in 3 sizes with straight or angled (90) outlet
That significantly reduces your strokes up to 1500 mm. directions, and suitable plugs
workload and costs and ensures for connecting the cables to the
that everything matches. motor controller.

Integrated safety function Technical data and functions Acceleration with jerk limiting Interfaces CMMO-ST
Safe Torque Off (STO) up to CMMO-ST Monitoring of freely defined EtherNet for configuration and
category 3, PLe integrated Primary voltage: 24 V DC positions and torque ranges diagnostics, optionally also for
Further safety functions can Motor current: 5.7 A Monitoring of different process control tasks
be realised using external 7/31 integrated positioning variables such as torque, Motor terminals for 2 phase
components records speed, position and time synchronous motors
Solution examples available Digital I/O control interface, 3-channel encoder connection
For more information record linking for workflow (A, B, Z) for RS 422 signals
see page 15 sequences I/O process interface with
11 digital inputs and outputs
3-pin digital input for reference
Safe Torque Off, SIL2 for
digital inputs

The performance ranges of the 60

motors in combination with
controllers from Festo



0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000

Motor controller for motor type CMMS-ST CMMO-ST

Stepper motor Stepper motor
Positioning records 63 7/31
Displacement encoder Incremental Incremental
Extended I/O interface 4 working modes Valve or binary profile
Remaining distance message 1 for n Separately for all positions
Torque reduction No Separately for all positions
Record linking Linear Linear
Safe Torque Off (STO) Cat. 3, PL d EN138449/ Cat. 3, PLe, EN61508/SIL3
Primary voltage 24 ... 48 V DC 24 V DC
Motor current 8O 5.7A
Integrated positioning records 64 32 (including homing)


Motor controller SFC-DC pendently of one another, and Easy configuration

up to 31 travel profiles can be Both single-field controllers are
created directly in the SFC-LACI. very easy to configure and com-
Simple selection and commis- mission using the FCT software
sioning. The SFC-DC enables the Advantages for parameterisation and com-
easy input of positioning records The SFC can be installed in the missioning: simply enter the
at the controller via the human- application thanks to protec- parameters and positioning
machine interface or via the tion class IP54 records and you're done.
computer-aided Festo Configura- The motor controller SFC is Basic parameterisation of the
tion Tool. Perfect as a ready-to- available with or without con- mechanical components, posi-
install Festo plug and work trol panel tion controller and position
solution in combination with the Easy actuation via I/O inter- records
electric gripper HGPLE. face or fieldbus. Positioning run and teach-in
Position controller SFC-LACI Teach-in mode
Diagnostic function
The position controller also com-
prises the additional power elec-
tronics needed to control linear
motor drives. The speed, power
and position can all be set inde-

Electrical data SFC-DC SFC-LACI

Rated output [W] 75 480

Load supply
Nominal voltage [V DC] 24 10% 48 +5/-10%
Nominal current [A] 3 10
Peak current [A] 5 20

Logic supply
Nominal voltage [V DC] 24 10% 24 10%
Nominal current [A] 0.1 0.5
Peak current [A] 0.8 3.8
Max. current per output [A] 0.5 0.5
(digital logic outputs)

Single-field controllers

SFC-DC for controlling the SFC-DC for controlling the elec- At least 5 million strokes guar-
electric mini slide SLTE tric gripper HGPLE anteed
The advantage: only one cable Reduced access times thanks
needed to connect the HGPLE to to the "holding positions":
The advantage: only one cable the SFC-DC. the gripper fingers stop just
needed to connect the SLTE to short of the workpiece
the SFC-DC. Electric T-slot parallel gripper Short opening and closing
HGPLE times of 0.6 s with a total
Electromechanical mini slide Free, speed-controlled selec- stroke of 40mm per gripper
SLTE tion of the gripping positions jaw
with long stroke
Precise and rigid guide Perfect for soft or highly sensi-
Freely positionable tive workpieces thanks to tac-
Fast positioning times tile gripping option
Sensors can be integrated Alternatively: reliable gripping
Gentle starting and stopping of large and heavy workpieces
Payloads up to 4 kg Heavy-duty design: T-slot for
Constant travel speeds of very high torque resistance
2 200mm/s together with high precision

SFC-LACI for controlling the SFC-LACI for controlling the Common features
linear motor cylinder with pis- guided linear drive DFME-LAS Long service life and virtually
ton rod DNCE-LAS High dynamic response with maintenance-free operation,
small loads including guidance internal plain-bearing guide
Optimised for small loads and of the piston rod in the cylinder. with integrated grease reserve
high dynamic response. Ideal for That enables it to position small keeps maintenance work and
pusher applications or if small loads in the shortest possible downtime to a minimum
loads have to be positioned time, for example in packaging Can be configured and com-
within a very short time, e.g. systems, small parts assembly, missioned using the
40ms for 15mm stroke. All the or separating tasks. Festo Configuration Tool FCT.
required components such as Minimum travel speeds of Simply enter the parameters
the linear motor, displacement 3mm/s without stick-slip and positioning records
encoder, guide and reference effect! and you're ready!
switch are combined to form a Optional: pneumatic clamping
ready-to-use axis. cartridge as holding brake
Minimum travel speeds of
2mm/s without stick-slip

Intelligent servo motor

Intelligent servo motor cess is performed on-site or from Positioning functionality

a PC using a simple teach-in 16 traversing records (includ-
function, thanks to an optional ing homing)
The servo motor with its wide LCD screen and clear menu navi- Constant acceleration and
torque range is ideally suited for gation. It is also supported by braking
positioning tasks. All in one, the FCT (Festo Configuration Homing mode up to switching
itincludes all necessary compo- Tool) software. signal or mechanical stop
nents: motor, gear unit, motor Position control
controller and power electronics. Functions
Compact design with inte- Protective functions
Its integrated power electronics grated display Temperature monitoring
and controller remove the need Complete unit with integrated Current monitoring
for long motor cables, thus gear unit and position control- Voltage failure detection
improving the electromagnetic ler Following error monitoring
compatibility and reducing the Closed-loop operation Software end-position detec-
cable costs. Additional, inte- DC motor with planetary gear tion
grated monitoring functions unit and encoder
ensure optimised reliability and Activation via I/O or fieldbus
system availability and simplify Protection class IP54
the fault finding process.
Theentire commissioning pro-

MTR-DCI as replacement for hand- MTR-DCI with handling

wheel adjustment module HSW
Electrical data Motor
Size 32 42 52 62
Nominal voltage [V DC] 24 10% 48 ... 10%/+5%
Nominal/peak current [A] 0.73/2.1 2/3.8 5/7.7 /20
Gear ratio G7 6.75 (7:1); 1-stage
G14 13.73 (14:1); 2-stage
G22 22.1 (22:1); 2-stage

Mechanical data Motor

Gear ratio G7 G14 G7 G14 G7 G14 G7 G14 G22
Gear unit output speed [rpm] 481 237 444 218 444 218 504 248 153
Gear unit output torque [Nm] 0.15 0.29 0.59 1.13 1.62 3.08 3.78 7.2 11.66
Radial/axial shaft load [N] 40/10 70/20 160/50 230/80 200/60 320/100 240/50 360/70 360/70
Functional safety

The EC Machinery Directive reduction in accordance with the manner requires different com-
2006/42/EC permits numerous standards DIN EN 61800-5-2 and ponents that can easily be inte-
safety functions as protective EN 60204-1. Implementing these grated in an overall concept.
measures for sufficient risk safety functions in a practical

Safety system CMGA switches, encoders and measur- oriented reactions. There are
ing systems and processes their numerous pre-programmed
input signals in order to guaran- application programs for simple
Safely monitors command input tee the safe status of a handling configuration. If required, in-
devices, safety sensors, safety unit through appropriate, safety- house programming is possible.

Motor controller CMM... controllers in the CMM...series. demanding requirements,

This allows easy implementation theseries CMMP-AS- _-M... pro-
of the emergency stop require- vides optional safety modules
The safety function STO is inte- ments with safe stop SS1 up to for safety functions upto cate-
grated as standard in all motor category 3, PLd. For more gory 4, PLe.

Intelligent solutions for moni- critical applications since if there mounted directly on the drive
toring linear axes is a fault in the motor encoder, the axis slide position can be
asecondary system is required monitored and the information
The slide position cannot be to determine if the axis slide is fed back to a safety system, for
monitored directly by the moving. However, with an exter- safety functions up to category
encoder in the motor for safety nal linear displacement encoder 4, PLe.


v Solution examples Festo provides solution exam- your safety concept with the
v s
0 t How do I implement safety func- ples. Descriptions, bills of mate- appropriate documentation.
0 t
tions with electric drive technol- rials, circuit diagrams, applica-
SDI STO ogy components? tion programs and Sistema pro- Ask our specialists
v v
s jects allow fast integration into
0 t 0 t

Electric drives

Suitable for Festo motors


Electric toothed-belt and spindle Electric heavy-duty axes with toothed Electric toothed-belt axes with plain-
axes EGC belt and spindle drive EGC-HD bearing guide ELGA-TB-G/-RF

Electric toothed belt axis DGE-ZR-RF Electric toothed belt axis ELGR Electric toothed-belt axis with bi-
parting slides ELGG

Electric axes EGSK/EGSP Electric mini slide EGSL Electric cylinder EPCO

Electric cylinder with piston rod DNCE Electric cylinder ESBF Cantilever axis with toothed belt
drive DGEA

For matching gear units,
* Also suitable for attaching third-party motors

Multi-axis controllers

Robotic controller CMXR Modular controller CECX

True 3D functionality for free The modular controller CECX

path control expands the Festo range of
For 3 main axes and 3 auxiliary controllers by adding fieldbus
axes, compatible with Carte- master functionality and elec-
sian and parallel kinematic tric actuation options to the
systems upper segment
Integrated CoDeSys PLC, Two product versions
e.g. for tracking moving Modular master controller
objects or gluing applications Motion controllers

Graphic display and operating Controller CECC

unit CDPX

Powerful processors are com- Compact and versatile control-

bined with widescreen tech- ler with CoDeSys to
nology for greater functional- IEC 61131-3
ity, higher resolution and a 12/8 digital inputs/outputs
variety of tasks 2 high-speed counters up to
Visualises data and acts as a 250 kHz
server for external clients all EtherNet, Modbus TCP,
over the world CANopen
EtherNet interface for easy 4 IO-Link master,
networking 1 IO-Link device
USB interface

CoDeSys embedded controller Multi-axis interface


Intelligent remote system with CPX module for parameterising

CANopen master for up to and controlling electric drives
31 electric axes Designed to provide easy com-
Soft motion function for 2.5D missioning and integration of
interpolation and flexible cam multi-axis systems into all
function for up to 8 axes modern control systems

Software tool for designing axis systems

PositioningDrives Application parameters

such as mounting position, load,
stroke and precision need to be
PositioningDrives prevents sys- entered. If desired, the travel
tem design errors and improves time can be limited. A pre-selec-
energy efficiency by helping you tion of drive and motor technol-
to choose the right components. ogy as well as guide variants
Dimensioning drive mechanisms, soon cuts down the number of
gear units and motors separately possible variants and allows a
can lead to an accumulation of results list to be generated
safety factors and result in over- quickly.
sized electric drive systems.
Select the required solution
Toothed belt drives, spindle package
drives or direct drives, servo Different sorting options are pro-
motors, stepper motors or vided for ease of selection. The
DCmotors, ball bearing guides combination of axis, motor/gear
or plain-bearing guides unit and controller is presented
thewealth of options to choose graphically; thedegree of utilisa-
from presents the user with a tion of the load factor is shown
major challenge: calculating the as a bar graph. One click on the
correct drive package. component picture opens the
respective documentation in the
Once a few application details set language.
have been entered, thePosition-
ingDrives software calculates Detailed results
the ideal combination from the The program then provides
extensive, harmonised range of detailed information such as the
electric linear axes, motors, gear motion profile, dynamic load
units, controllers and software. data, product characteristics and
The ideal drive package for the a bill of materials. Finally, the
respective requirements can range of functions also includes
then be selected from the list of project documentation and data
results. backup.

Design, faster project planning, commissioning and operation

CAD hotline and design Frames made of aluminium or

Standard designs from the steel tube profiles to match
mechatronic multi-axis modu- the products from the multi-
lar system axis modular system
Simple modifications, e.g. Customised industry-specific
adjustment of the strokes solutions for handling systems
3D models and 2D drawings and frames
Designs from the mechatronic Expertise in the design of vac-
multi-axis modular system uum systems and gripper fin-
gers for your workpieces

FCT software Festo Configura- Simple to use thanks to graph-

tion Tool for commissioning ically-supported parameter
All drives in a system can be Universal mode of operation
managed and saved in a com- for all drives
mon project Working offline at your desk or
Project and data management online at the machine
for all supported device types

FHPP Festo Handling and handling and positioning appli-

Positioning Profile cations.
The FHPP data profile permits
Festo has developed an opti- the actuation of Festo motor Fieldbus communication
mised data profile, the "Festo controllers, using a fieldbus Record selection
Record selection Direct operation
Direct operation Parameter channel
Parameter channel
Handling and Positioning Profile interface, via standardised con- ModePosition
Mode Position Speed
Free access to all
(FHPP)", specifically tailored to trol and status bytes. parameters read
read and write
and write

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