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In response to the work, creative methodology and

philosophy of your production design collaborator you are
asked to design your own What if? metropolis. You are asked
to produce a single rendered image of a digital set derived
from original production art. Production design for your
metropolis should demonstrate clearly your understanding of
the principles and processes of production design and the
ways in which environments communicate their visual
concept through careful consideration of the mise-en-scne.
Joan Mir
He was a Spanish painter, sculptor and Inspired by Fauvism (group of expressive colourists)
ceramicist Abstract contrasting of colours
Born: 20 April 1893 in Barcelona, Spain Art using basic geometric forms + and balance in
Died: 25 December 1983 in Palma de
Mallorca, Spain He used many things in his work including:
accidental form- letting the pencil or brush
wander over a pictorial ground without a goal
in mind.
abstract forms
During his 90 years he made at least 2,000 Lines - dotted, solid, curved and straight
oil paintings, 500 sculptures, 400 ceramic
Soft and organic forms
objects, and 5,000 drawings and collages.
Spatial compositions
Using lithography, etching and other Two dimensional objects / flat surfaces
graphic techniques he created about 3,500
images, which were mostly published in
Constellations- a series of 23 gouaches and
editions of fifty to seventy-five they all
contained something of Mirs Catalan turpentine-colour paintings on paper, e.g.- Ciphers
home. and Constellations, in Love with a Woman 1941
When you first come across Estrella you are greeted by a sea of mismatched buildings that blend together as one with their bright colours
and stylised patterns. The city looks busy, although not with people but rather the busyness of the architecture stands out to you, even
from afar.
As you get closer, you will come across farmland, run by the working-class people of Estrella, who lead a simple life of producing fresh
produce for the inhabitants of Estrella. The farms hold great expanses of land as well as modest buildings that look quite organic in shape,
which hold everything from livestock to equipment. The farmhouses look quaint against the city backdrop, and they too have an organic
quality about them, which makes them look quite inviting. It is possible that the landscape surrounding the outskirts of Estrella could
remind the traveller of Catalonia, due to its sloping hills and calm atmosphere.
As you venture further into the city you will come across Estrellas suburbs. Rows and rows of mismatched houses stretch into the distance,
all unique in their distorted shapes and abstract colour patterns. Estrellas houses are unique in their structures; made up of geometric and
angular lines, no two look the same. They are painted in varying bright colours that make them look almost like the children that live there
have been allowed to paint their houses however they wish. Standing on one of the many streets of Estrella, looking up at the houses, you
can see the oddly distorted windows that seem to be randomly placed upon the walls of the house, and through said windows you can
also make out the surprising simplicity of their interior spaces within their homes.
As you continue down the street, you will notice that some of the houses have their lower floors converted into shops. These shops are
seen to be selling produce from the farms that sit on the outskirts of Estrella. These areas seem to be the busiest parts of the street with
people milling around with their wooden baskets picking up everything from raw meats to fresh fruit and vegetables. From outside the
shops you can see children playing and can hear friendly chatter from inside between neighbours and old friends as they come together
in this part of the city. The shopkeepers must live upstairs as you can see that the shop is only across one floor, and additionally the name
of each shop suggests they are family run businesses as they seem to be named after the familys surname.
Leaving the suburbs behind you, the space seems to open up again occupied only by roads that one would assume lead to the heart of
Estrella. The roads seem to be quite quiet, although there are a few cars and also people carriers- which you could only assume is their
version of public transport. However, most inhabitants of Estrella seem to walk everywhere as they seem to enjoy the ease of only relying
on their own bodies to take them where they need to go.
As you walk towards the centre of Estrella, you start to leave the houses behind you and are next greeted by a sort of small
entertainment sector, although this particular area seems to be mostly forgotten about as it looks extremely old-fashioned and unkept.
The buildings look like muted, older versions of Estrellas houses seen in the suburbs. The buildings still have their characterful geometric
and angular shapes, but you can see that these buildings are far less cared for as they have been painted in a far more rushed and
unruly way, as well as looking like they havent been cleaned or redecorated in a good few years. Most of the buildings in this part of the
city, look vaguely familiar as types of casinos or clubs, although they look as if they have seen years of slow decline. One building
however that looks in far better shape than the others is the theatre. It is the only area in the entertainment sector that seems to have
any sign of life, as you can see people milling around inside as well as outside where there are adverts displaying which shows are on,
which seems to range from films to live stage shows.
Past the theatre you reach the real centre of Estrella. The main focus is the religious temple of Estrella known to the locals as The
Constellation. The temple is called The Constellation because of the religious ideas that the people of Estrella hold. Their religion revolves
around the idea that the Sun, the Moon and the Stars are sacred things that should be worshipped and these things all come together
in The Constellation. The actual building is very vast and has bright coloured abstract patterns on its outer walls, much like their houses,
although the patterns are murals of ceramic tiles which join together to cover the whole of the building, which gives it a sense of further
refinement and sophistication which gives the impression that this building is very well respected and looked after. It would be
blasphemous, however to enter The Constellation as a newcomer as it is where the people of Estrella go to worship the sacred Sun,
Moon and Stars, and so to enter as an outsider who has no connection to this specific religion would be seen as highly offensive.
As you walk on, past The Constellation, the space opens up again to further abandoned buildings belonging to the entertainment sector.
Beyond that, the familiar Estrellian suburbs spread across the width of the city which sits in front of the farmland that is only just
recognisable in the distance. And so, it becomes clear that Estrella is built in a sort of circular layout with distinctive districts occupying
the different layers. The outer district, which holds the farmland and the suburbs, is connected to the inner district, which holds the
forgotten entertainment sector and The Constellation, by a series of roads which Estrellas inhabitants use to travel between the two
As the sun starts to set on the city of Estrella, it is the liveliest you will see it for it is the time when the inhabitants come together at The
Constellation to worship. The time of day when the sun is setting is highly sacred for them because it is when the Sun, Moon and Stars
are most in sync and interlaced.
Initial Ideas
Initial Ideas
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Initial Ideas
Entertainment Sector
Developed Ideas
Entertainment Sector
Initial Ideas
Developed Ideas
Developed Ideas
Initial Ideas
Final Design
Production Art
Concept Art
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Orthographs Back


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Matte Painting
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