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following a Distal
Radius Fracture


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What is a distal radius fracture? Exercises Frequently asked questions
This is a fracture of one of the bones in your Forearm supported on a table Do I need another X-ray?
forearm close to the wrist. It is usually caused with your hand relaxed over X-rays are not usually done after your
by falling on an outstretched hand. the edge and palm facing plaster is removed if the clinician is happy
down. with your progress.
How is it treated? Lift the wrist and return to Should I stop exercises if my wrist swells
Your wrist may or may not need to be starting position. or aches?
manipulated back into the correct position. Forearm supported on a table It is normal for some pain and swelling for
It is then normally put in a plaster cast for with your hand relaxed over up to a year after your fracture. Try using
four to six weeks. the edge and palm facing some pain relief or anti-inflammatories to
down. Straighten your fingers aid continued exercises and function.
Your fracture may need to be held in place
with pins or plates. and bend wrist down. How do I increase my wrist/hand function?
Day to day activities such as washing up or
When the plaster is on it is important to keep
writing can be helpful in regaining your
your shoulder, elbow and fingers moving. Hold your wrist and fingers previous level of function.
straight. Move your wrist
What should I expect after my plaster is When can I start driving?
in the direction of your
taken off? little finger and then in the When you can grip the steering wheel and
direction of your thumb. change gear safely. This will vary between
It is normal to have some pain and individuals. Please check with your
discomfort. Some simple analgesia may be insurance company before commencing
beneficial. driving.
You are likely to have swelling and stiffness. Forearm on a table, palm
Because you havent used your wrist turned down. Alternately
normally whilst in the plaster it is normal to turn palm over and return to
expect some weakness. Avoid lifting heavy starting position keeping your
objects for around four weeks. elbow still.
Exercising and using your hand normally will
help to gradually reduce these symptoms.
Moisturising with cream may help to soften With your thumb touch the
any dry, flaky skin and desensitise any tip of each finger
surgical scars.