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IHS Class Piano Playing Test Assessment #3 Levels 1-2-3-4 60 points possible

December 11,12, 13, 14, 2017 Random order; no extensions!

Name:______________________________Student ID #__________________Period 2 4 5 6

Benchmark #3 (Higher score will replace 10 8 6 Scores

previous Benchmark scores).
Task: 6/8 Compound Duple Meter Solos Always Mostly or Needs
P66 (all) P 67, Tarantella, Sunrise, Dreamland, Marionettes
Funeral March: Piano 2-4 Approved solos Usually Practice

SKILL #1:Harmonic Minor Scales and

Cadences: Am, Dm, Em: Choose one:
minimum tempo quarter=MM60

SKILL #2: Right Hand and Left Hand

I have good posture and use correct hand
positions and appropriate fingerings. I play on
my fingertips and produce a pleasant tone.
Hands are working together. 16 Measures
minimum on solo; pitches are accurate.

Skill #3 Articulation, Dynamics, Tempo: I

can play staccato, legato, and accents. I
contrast dynamics applying p, mp, mf, f,
crescendo and decrescendo as marked. I follow
Tempo marks indicated.

SKILL #4: Rhythm and Meter: I am able to

count out loud in compound duple meter (6 beats per
measure, eighth note gets count) 1 2 3 4 5 6 (slow
counting) or 1 an da 2 an da (fast counting). I
maintain a steady tempo no matter what!

SKILL #5: Balance

I play melody louder than the accompaniment
OR play hands equally when playing unison
melodies. Hands are together executing
vertical Grand Staff notation.

Teachers Choice Sight Reading #6

SKILL #6: Note Reading: I can correctly

identify and execute diatonic pitches located
anywhere on the Grand Staff, including treble or
bass clef and leger lines.
Timed test: 75 seconds given for 10 pitches;
Students opting to test before official dates
will be given 180 seconds for this portion.