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Homosexual Discrimination Annotated Bibliography

Kimberly Ulloa

University of Texas at El Paso


Homosexual Discrimination Annotated Bibliography

Theres no specific federal law to protect LGBT. But there are some state and local laws that

provide help to those who are being mistreated. In work place it is more often that a situation of

discrimination will occur. This relates to my topic because in a work place homosexuals should

not be discriminated because of their sexual orientation, no work should tolerate those situations.

Homophobic jokes or harassment is common in workplace and it makes them feel


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Homophobic may feel threatened by people who have sexual preference other than their own.

Some people think that being homosexual is unacceptable. Gays and lesbians have higher rates

of mental health disorder than the rest of the population. This relates to my topic because

homosexuals are also suffering health issues for not being accepted. They tend to fall into

addictions like smoking, using drugs or even self-harm.

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Homosexuals live in a community like any other person but they are not protected. People that

are being discriminated suffer emotionally because they feel powerless. Homosexuals think that

they are left alone and that they dont have anyone with them. LGBT people need special

protecting even if they are at home because there is many people that harass them. There are

many stereotypes about sexual orientation and gender identities that people dont understand.

Gay in America: The Fight Against Discrimination. The New York Times, The New York

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Homosexual couples wants to adopt a child should have the legal ability to be a parent. Are

seeking to add protection for LGBT people in the employment, housing and public places. Also

should have the freedom to have an intimate relationship without risking their families to be

harmed by the state. This relates to my topic because it explains how gays and lesbians can also

have a family and be able to be happy with them. Also because homosexuals should be able to

live openly without discrimination and freedom of expression.

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It defends people that are being discriminated. Tries to help people that are not receiving the

same rights as other people and understands how homosexuals are treated with violence. Also

they are creating a movement to stop people who torture others for not being traditional as them.

This relates to my topic because it is helping people that are being abused just because of their

sexuality. Are trying to pursue the goal of protecting everyone even if they are lesbians and gays.

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Homosexuals due to their emotionally damage, tend to do drugs or drink alcohol. Many of the

times they have to hide their sexuality or sexual feelings in public places. They are scared of not

being accepted by their family, friends and the other people. This related to my topic because

they need to find something that will motivate them and not do things that are going to hurt

them. Find ways to grow and feel joy of their life and dont feel guilt of being homosexuals.

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No small wonder that the one of the first things a developing gay or lesbian adolescent questions

is whether or not her or his same sex feeling are real. Denial is an easy path for one not ready or

able to acknowledge a same sexual or emotional orientation. Data further demonstrates gay and

lesbian youths whose sexual orientation is known or suspected are at extremely risk of verbal

abuse, physical abuse and victimization. This relates to my topic because when a person is

homosexual they take time to accept it and to be able to confess it. Many people can tell if a

person is homosexual just in the way they act or express themselves.

Print version: Tully, Carol Thorpe, 1946- Lesbians, gays, & the empowerment perspective. New

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LGBT young people felt their school supported its pupils badly in terms of sexual orientation.

Students who were harassed or assaulted in school did not report the incident to school staff most

often believing little to no action would be taken. LGBT people suffer from homophobic

bullying by the negative attitudes and beliefs towards gay people. This relates to my topic

because in school they dont teach students about sexuality. Many students dont tell their

problems to school faculty because they are scared that they wont receive help from them, they

prefer to keep everything to themselves.

Print version: Charlesworth, Jonathan. That's So Gay! : Challenging Homophobic Bullying.

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An adolescent never knew anyone who had come out to his or her family. After spending half a

year preparing for all possible reaction from his Mexican family, he was eager to get it over with.

It was in his undergraduate psychology classes in gender and sexuality that Tomas had first

learned about the homosexuality debates. This relates to my topic because since little parents

teach only a way of life to their children, they dont show them all the things that are happening

around the world. Homosexuals are ashamed of being gays or lesbians that they try to hide it

from their family, because most of the time the first to judge them are their family.

Pastrana, Antonio Jr. Examination Of Latinx LGBT Populations Across The United States :

intersections of race and sexuality. 2015.

Gays and lesbians vary in age, emotional maturity, social status, financial status, personality and

many other ways. Religious people argue whether or not they should love their neighbors if they

are homosexuals. Many young people who have some homosexual thoughts or experiences

become very concerned that they are homosexuals. This relates to my topic because anyone can

be gays or lesbians, theres not only a certain type of people that are, but they dont choose to be

homosexuals, they just have different preferences. There is people that might think that they are

heterosexuals because they dont know how they really feel about their sexuality.

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Topic Questions

1. Why are LGBT people discriminated?

2. Why are people homophobic?

3. What kind of problems do homosexuals face in daily basis?

4. Are people born being homosexuals?