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October 30, 2017

Dear Representative Cummings and Representative Conyers:

We are in receipt of your October 27, 2017 letter to us and four other
organizations. We are as troubled as you are at the prospect of foreign
government interference in our elections. We can assure you that our company
played no role in, and we have no first-hand knowledge of, the events you cite.
We have had no contact with, did not provide any information to, and did not
receive any information from a foreign government or foreign actor.

As to your other questions, as you know, there are at least three pending
investigations by your congressional colleagues, as well as an ongoing
proceeding led by the Office of Special Counsel. We hope you can understand
that, at this time, we must respectfully decline to produce to you the additional
information requested in your letter. If we are asked to, we will respond to those
charged with the responsibility of investigating these matters.


Alex Lundry
Cofounder & Chief Data Scientist
Deep Root Analytics

Deep Root Analytics | 1600 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA |