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(A subsidiary of Enhance Envirotech, Delhi)
[A Brief Company Profile]

 The Company

 The Background

 Strengths

 The Management

 Advisors and Consultants

 The Business Structure

 The Industry

 Experiences

 The Clients

 The Projects

 Our Presence

 Contacts
The Company

a flagship brand of RD Green Smith Ecosystems Pvt. Ltd. and a subsidiary of Enhance Envirotech
understand the needs of growing environmental services and products demands and brings you total environment
solutions. GSE prime divisions provides services - waste water treatment & recycle, air and noise pollution control;
renewable and cleaner form of energy sources like solar, wind energy, and biomass. Additionally, GSE has also forayed in
the field of soil conservation, rain water harvesting. .
GSE offers end-to-end services in the environment services domain by incorporating process technology, design
engineering and project management capability. Thus, showcases how pollution mitigation and waste management are
value investment.

We offer a complete portfolio of advanced environmental solutions and services spanning water, liquid & gaseous
effluents, and in renewable source like solar and wind energy, for infrastructure, industrial, municipal and household

GSE has a business dedicated team of industry experts and management professionals to strategically and economically
handle array of environmental and clean energy needs. GSE brings its rich experience gained from esteemed customer
engagements, and coupling technology partnerships and Strategic alliances, it provides superior value to help industry
perform efficiently and profitably. With a dedicated sales & service network GSE commits towards innovative solutions
and reliable support for client's business improvement.

Amid plethora of environmental/energy solutions provider firms GSE would like to position itself as a customer centric
firm. The sole aim is to provide cutting edge solutions to our esteemed clients for their every environmental and energy
related requirements.

At GSE we believe in power of our products and services, which is the spirit for an amicable relationship with our clients.
GSE provide innovative solutions to meet environmental needs and optimize system performance. Our bull’s eye is to
provide clients with peace of mind that they are complying with all statutory regulations, protecting the environment,
the Health & Safety of employees and stakeholder’s communities.

GSE constantly working for ways to further develop its green credentials and always confirms that our workforces are
trained in eco-friendly technologies to serve the market. Team GSE understands its responsibility and always concerned
to discuss methods and offer environmental solutions to clients and expect that we can work together to help conserve
our environment for future generations.
The Background
ENHANCE ENVIROTECH our parent company, a manufacturing company, founded in the year 2000
was among the prominent movers of its kind in the industry, forayed by experienced environmental professionals, with
expertise in providing effective solutions in the field of controlling water, air and noise pollution.

Through its customized designing and advanced product range, Enhance acquired a pan-Indian extensive clientele in
public sectors, private sectors and other establishments like industrial houses, small companies, and group housing
societies. We have our footprints embedded in the shadow of trust.
Efficient Execution/Management
Strong executive leadership and judicious and experienced project managers
Strong vision and direction
Deep involvement of senior leadership
Periodic quality and progress reviews

Strong Sales Force

A strong pipeline of contacts is the key
Strong dedicated sales force managed closely by the CEO
Long term vision and business partnership
Ability to deliver, competitive pricing and customer satisfaction

Cost and Quality

Advanced software & techniques for the preparation of drawings and detailed engineering plans
A high degree optimal & economic treatment solution based on our expertise
Tight processes and multiple cross-checks to ensure cost efficacy and budgetary controls
Knowledgeable on-site engineers and project managers

Our ability to plan ahead and monitor performance enables us to deliver on time
Detailed project timeline planning
Close monitoring of performance and working capital management
Project managers held accountable to schedule

Our Innovations
Taking inputs from our project implementation team and our associates, we constantly keep on doing improvements in
not only designing and comprehensive engineering but also in execution techniques and implementing procedures to
reduce the lead time required for project completion.
The Management
Chair Person
Mr. Dharmendra Kumar, (MD, Enhance Envirotech) – An MBA graduate and the key person behind success of our
parent firm, Enhance Envirotech. An Environmental science expert – having more than 16 years of experience in the
Environmental field – Water and Waste Water Treatment and Air Pollution Control Units. He has successfully designed
and commissioned various Pan-India projects on turn-key basis (STP/ETP & APCM units). He has a rich experience and
knowledge of Indian Environment Sector with minute and key details, which helps us in designing and commissioning
projects for all business and industries irrespective of geographical and other environmental conditions.

Mr. Rahul Singh, (Administration & Sales) – An MBA (Marketing) graduate and visionary - having more than 7 years of
experience in the Indian Environmental Services sector. He was closely associated with the success of our parent firm
Enhance Envirotech. His excellent leadership quality and perfect strategy formulation allows GSE to take care of every
minute possible problems that may arise while operation.

Mr. Binit Dutt, (Projects & HR) – A chemistry graduate with MBA (Projects) - having years of vast experience in
Environment sector. He has worked as project head in various Water and Waste Water Treatment projects. His initial
approach to execute a project associated with a solid master plan optimizes the crew productivity and gains recognition
on timely completion of projects.

Mr. Sandeep Tiwari, (Marketing & PR) – An MBA (Marketing & Finance) and Green Belt in Six-Sigma, and excellent
communicator – having global exposure and corporate experience in the field of marketing, consulting and business
research. He is key person fuelling our environmental knowledge research, PR campaign and the international business.
Advisors & Consultants

Mr. Anugrah Narayan Singh, M.Sc. (Env.) – One of the most sought after name in the waste water treatment plants
designing. A M.Sc. in environmental science, with years of experience in the water pollution mitigation sector. To his
accolade, Mr. Singh was among the pioneers who commissioned Delhi’s first common effluent treatment plant. He is
among the key mentor and consultant of GSE waste water (ETP/STP) designing division.

Mr. Niwas Singh Tomar, M. Tech (IIT – Delhi) – An IIT alumnus - masters in technology having more than a decade of
experience in environment consulting field esp. in waste water treatment plants for various international and national
projects. His R&D approach towards every new assignment buttresses our credibility.

Mr. Pradeep Sharma, B.E. (Mech.) – An engineering graduate with major in mechanical has 15 years of experience in air
pollution control equipments domain. Throughout his environmental sector career he was attached with various projects
and played significant role from designing till manufacturing and commissioning of various successful air pollution control
handling units.

Mr. Anil Chatterjee, B.E. (Elec.) – An engineering graduate with electrical major and a rich 31 years of experience in
commissioning of various environmental projects (esp. air). He was also associated with leading players in waste water
and air pollution control unit sector in various designing and manufacturing assignments. He is currently mentoring our
designing and production facilities.

Mr. Rohit Kumar, B.E. (Mech.) – A young and dynamic mechanical engineering graduate with experience in R&D and
production sector, setting tangible results through his lean sigma approach from production till commissioning.

Dr. Manoj Singh, PhD. (Eco.) – A doctorate in ecology – has published research papers on various aspects of environment
and its effect on our ecosystem. He has been mentoring us on various environment related issues and aspects for an
array of projects.
Mr. Maninder Tiwari, CA – A Fellow member of the ICA of India, and ICS of India. He has also designated as honorary
Director Finance and International Cooperation of Carbon Minus India, a leading Carbon (CDM) Consultants in India.
Having specialized skill in environmental laws and Carbon related issues and has versatile experience in the field of
statutory audits, internal audits, bank audits, & foreign Currency audits, Business valuation, Equity Valuation, FAR
preparation, audit of NGOs and management consultancy on various business issues and strategies. Writing Columns in
various magazines & delivering lectures in various institutes and seminars on WTO, Carbon, Taxation & current economy
related topics. He is taking care of our legal and financial issues and mentoring us on various environment projects.

Mr. J. N. Singh, Retd. Director (Personal), C.I.L.
Mr. G. L. Manishi, Retd. Sup. Engineer (Irrigation), Bihar Govt.
Mr. B. Patel, Minister (Rural Dev.), Bihar Govt.
The Business Structure
Sales & Marketing
The two core business segments, Environment and Energy, are organized to leverage synergies across them:
• Common Management
• Separate Engineering Department led by a strong team of experienced professionals.
• Centralized Finance & Administration team looking across the two segments
• Execution & Quality Control teams to manage projects in each division.
• Separate Sales & Marketing for Environment & Energy
The Industry
Waste Water Treatment
Water pollution is a serious problem in India as almost 70% of surface water resources have serious pollution problem
and a growing number of ground water resources are already contaminated by various pollutants. In many cases these
sources have been rendered unfit for any useful consumption. This deterioration is more apparent in and around the
large urban areas. Inadequately treated industrial effluent is finding way in the water sources causing sever
contamination beyond repair through conventional means. Rapid increase in the use of Agro-chemical and Pesticides in
the agricultural fields and the domestic wastewater is also the major pollution source.

Water & Wastewater treatment industry has come a long way in the last two decades evolving it through extensive
efforts done worldwide to minimize the treatment cost as its applications have become widespread for meeting treated
quality standards which are much more stringent now and enforced much more diligently than they were in previous

Our Strategy
Our policy has been to provide best treatment option with least lifecycle cost. This may be applied differently in range of
 Where capital cost is too high compared to operating cost, we provide range of options to minimize capital cost.
 Where operating cost is critical, we provide options where cost not only lower in terms of initial investment but
also tremendous savings over a period.
 Where Conventional treatment technologies involve extensive use of chemicals and generation of chemical
sludge. We provide technologies which can replace these systems with those which have negligible chemical
usage compared to the prevalent technologies.
Handling Wastewater from Wide Spectrum of Industries
 Dairy and Ice-cream Factories
 Pharmaceuticals
 Confectioneries
 Textile Industry
 Molasses Based Distilleries and Ethanol Plants
 Grain Spirit Plants
 Acid Plant
 Food Processing Plants
 Compressor manufacturing facility
 Electronics Industry
 Poultry & Hatchery
 Sewage Treatment Plants
 Starch Industry
 Rice Mills
 Leather Tanning
 Steel Industry
 Real Estate
 Electroplating Industry
 Hospitality Industry
The Clients
Satisfaction level of our* customers about our services offered to them can be measured by sharing their opinions and
experience of any of our valued clients. Few noteworthy names – who have given the opportunity to prove our
excellence, are:

Satnam Overseas Ltd. (Har.) Bhagwati Feeds Pvt. Ltd. (Har.)

Somany Ceramics Ltd. (Har.) Pin Point Graphic Systems (Delhi)

Hindustan National Glass (I) Ltd. (Har.) Hotel Le Grand (H.P.)

L.T. Overseas Ltd. (Har.) Hotel Nandini Palace (H.P.)

Picric Ltd (Har.) Hotel Highland Park (H.P.)

Sunstar Overseas Ltd. (Har.) Hotel Imperial (H.P.)

Gaurav International (Har.) Hotel Kalinga (H.P.)

Minda Industries Ltd (U.P.) Indian Leathers (Har.)

Minda HUF (U.P.) Eastern Bearings (Har.)

Havels India Ltd (Har.) Indraprastha Industries Ltd. (Delhi)

Radiant Exports (U.P.) Palash Sponge Iron (Jhar.)

Guruji Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. (Har.) Dwarkadhish Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. (Bihar)

Modern Laminators (Delhi) Gupta & Co. Pvt. Ltd. (Har.)

Victoria Manufactures (Har.) Balan Natural Food Products Ltd. (Har.)

John Okaeys Ltd. (U.P.) Kukreja Hospital (Del.)

VSP Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. (Har.) Jeevan Jyoti Hospital (Del.)

Jagdamba Overseas Ltd. (Har.) Roulunds Brakings (I) Pvt. Ltd. (Har.)

Teja Electricals Pvt. Ltd. (Chhatisgarh) Pragati Electrocoms Pvt. Ltd. (Har.)
*served by our parent firm, Enhance Envirotech
The Projects
Some of our* completed projects and other currently ongoing executions in last two Financial Years are:

Client: Bhiwadi Jal Pradushan Niwaran Evam

Anusandhan Samiti, Bhiwadi Rajasthan
Work: 6mld WWTP, designing, errection, operation & execution

Client: Somany Ceramics Ltd. Bahadurgarh, Haryana

Work: 300kld WWTP, redesigning and revamping
Recycling of the treated water in the production line

Client: OCL Iron & Steel Ltd, Rajgangpur, Orissa

Work: 100kld WWTP, Supply
Recycling of water; to be used within the plant

Client: Saraf Malls, Panipat, Haryana

Work: 150kld WWTP
100% recycling of water; to be used for centralized cooling system

Client: Kingfisher Residential apartment, Bhiwadi, Rajasthan

Work: 100kld WWTP
Totally underground; and used for flushing and in fountains for front lawn
Client: Trelleborg Automotive, Noida, U.P
Work: 50kld WWTP
Physio-chemical treatment succeeded by Biological treatment system

Client: Glass Equipments (I) Ltd. Bahadurgarh, Haryana

Work: 50kld WWTP
Fully automated ready to install plant for recycling the water in the plant

Client: Roulunds Brakings (I) Pvt. Ltd. Sonepat, Haryana

Work: 50kld WWTP, designing and installations and commissioning

Client: Federal Mougal, Bhiwadi, Rajasthan

Work: 50kld WWTP, designing and installations and commissioning

Client: Jay Pee Group, Karchsamwangtu and Soltu, H.P.

Work: 600kld, WWTP and 200kld WWTP, for Hydro Power Plant

Client: ASF Center, Gurgaon, Haryana

Work: 125kld WWTP

*of our group companies

Our Presence
Headquartered in Indian Capital and branch offices located strategically in all major cities targeting industrial districts, we
notify our pan Indian presence. We provide diversified environmental and related services to diversified industries and
business sectors across India through our direct and alternate channels.
Not only nationally but GSE also caters international clients for various turnkey projects through international links.
RD Green Smith Ecosystems Pvt. Ltd.
(A subsidiary of Enhance Envirotech, Delhi)
208, Bhanot Bhawan, Commercial Complex, Azadpur,
Regd.: M-22 (2nd Floor), Model Town-III, Delhi-110009

Ph: +91-11-4750-0320, +91-11-4750-0321

Mob: +91-9811-600-616, +91-9811-065-735

Branch Offices Products and Services

Plot-31, 4th Main Cross Street, SR Colony, Madambakkam
Tambaram, Chennai-73 a range of
Ph: +91-9176-201-982
+91-9043-282-592 Water and Waste Water Treatment
Jabalpur: Solutions
94, Shimla Hills Colony, Nr. LIC Building, Nagpur Road
Madan Mahal, Jabalpur
Ph: +91-761-2423-438
a range of
Plot-90/91, Kunwat Colony, Kailash Nagar, Jothwada Air Pollution Control Equipments
Ph: +91-9001-527-123 Rain Water Harvesting
1st Floor, Gupta Complex. Thanachowk, Ramgarh - 829122
Ph: +91-9771-842-682
Biomass Energy Plants
Kolkata: Soil Conservation Solutions
32-Vivekananda Nagar, Moore Avenue (Gr. Floor)
Opp. Rajat Enclave, Tollygunge, Kolkata-40
Ph: +91-9903-452-678
O&M Services

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