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Project Ideas 9221286927
Java Project List 9892369017
(Java/ J2EE/ J2ME/ JSP/ Servlets)
ID Project Title Technology
Java-01 Speech comparison using neural networks Java
Java-02 IRIS Recognition Java / Matlab
Java-03 ICS (Inventory Control System) Java
Java-04 Home Automation System with Speech Recognition Java / Hardware
Java-05 Total Business Solution Java / SQL
Java-06 Membership Management using Java Card Java / Java Card reader
Java-07 Online Ticket Reservation System JSP / SQL
Java-08 Voice/ Speech based Browser Java
Java-09 Smart Encryption (Image/ audio / video) Java
Java-10 Java Editor Java
Java-11 Visual Lab - electronic circuit designing simulation. Java
Java-12 CASE tools- Computer Aided Software Engineering Java
Java-13 Mobile- Commerce / CRM JSP / Servlet / SQL
Java-14 Mobile- Online Examination Sysetm jsp / Servlet / J2ME
Java-15 Simulator 8085 Java
Java-16 Text based Image search in Database Java / Matlab
Java-17 Multi Player Tetris game wih AI Java / AI
Java-18 Bomber Man with AI Java / AI
Java-19 X & 0 game Java / AI
Java-20 Minesweeper game for Mobile with AI J2me / Java
Java-21 Remote Desktop Java
Java-22 Download Manager (ftp) Java
Network Health/Node monitoring [Six Sigma
Java / SQL
Java-23 Implementation]
Distributed mobility management for target tracking in
Java-24 Java / J2ee
mobile sensor networks
Java-25 Mobile Banking J2me / Servlet
Java-26 Multicast Server Chat Java
Java-27 Mobile Screen Info Generator JSP / Servlet
Java-28 Dairy Management System Java
Java-29 Terminal Controller Java
Java-30 Tour & Travel Mgmt application Java
Java-31 Java Media Player Java
Java-32 Digital Image Watermarking Java
Java-33 TTS (text to speech ) Application Java
Java-34 Speech Enabled Database Operations Java / SQL
Java-35 Distributed Banking System Java / SQL
Java-36 Portfolio Management Java / JSP / SQL
Java-37 Network Monitoring Java
Java-38 Mobile Info Centre J2me / JSP
Java-39 Online Equity Management J2me / JSP
Java-40 Multi player Chess Java/ J2me
Java-41 Dynamic load balancing in distributed systems Java
Java-42 Multicast routing with delay for apps. on overlay networks Java
Java-43 Packet reordering in transmission control protocol Java
Java-44 Distributed database architecture Java
Java-45 Efficient query processing in peer-to peer networks Java
Java-46 A grid-powered framework for distributed programming Java
Java-47 Face recognition using laplacian faces Java
Java-48 Noise reduction by image filtering Java
Java-49 handwritten script recognition Java
Java-50 Messaging service over TCP/ IP in local area network Java
Java-51 Retrieving files using content based search Java
Java-52 Resource management system (RMS) Java / SQL
Java-53 E-auction bidding and winning JSP / SQL
Java-54 Online examination system JSP / Servlet / SQL
Java-55 Global job portal management JSP / Servlet / SQL
Java-56 On-line mobile voting J2me / Servlet / SQL
Java-57 Xml enabled cross data migration Java
Java-58 Mobile to PC communication J2ME
Java-59 Mobile Messenger for Ad-Hoc Networks J2ME
Java-60 Character Recognition System Java
Java-61 Intrusion Detection System / Firewall Java
Java-62 Desktop Payroll Application Java / SQL
Java-63 Windows Desktop Search Java
Java-64 Securing TCP/IP communication using cryptography Java
Java-65 Implementation of Digital image processing techniques Java