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Student Activity 4.


Decades of College Dreams

College Research Worksheet

se this worksheet to record information about each college in which you are interested. Keep these worksheets
in your AVID portfolio: you will use them in the future as you begin to narrow your college choices.

Name of College University of Nevade, Reno

Application deadline April 30th

Location Reno, Nevada Type of college (public or private) Public but out of state
Enrollment 21, 657 Student demographics (ethnicity, gender) COED, diverse
On-campus housing? YES- APARTMENTS AND DORMS. Percent of students living on carnpus? 17%

Campus calendar (quarter, semester). SEMESTER

Tests required for admission ACT OR SAT

Percent of applicants accepted 83.9%

Minimum requirements for admission: Test scores SAT: 1120 ACT: 22

GPA: reuired 3.0 (weighted), average 3.8 Courses: undergraduate degrees/Masters + programs

Estimated yearly costs 20,502 under WUE program Percent of students who receive financial aid 53%

Majors I'm interested in Biology, Bio-medical Engineering

Student-faculty ratio 21:1

Student support services Counseling, Enrollment, Student-life services

Carnpus lite (clubs. activities, etc.)

Things like I like the academic opportunities offered and campus. The acceptance rate is pretty high and is at
a comforting level

Is the school connected through spirit and still maintain diversity? What is the success
Questions I still have
rate of graduating students? Is diversity expressed through clubs and on campus events?

Un 4: Grade 10 139