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Healing Light of the Tao

By Mantak Chia

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4 Energetic Preparations for the Healing

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Earth Energy and
the Microcosmic

Chi is like electricity. In fact, recent Western research suggests chi

may actually be the bioelectric force governing all life and movement
in the body. As one begins to practice redirecting the chi by means of
the mind/eyes/heart, yoga, Chi Kung postures, or special movements,
the chi current can become very powerful. The mind/eyes/heart can
gather and focus the chi just as a magnifying glass can gather and focus
the rays of the sun, making the energy more concentrated and intense.
If you wire the energy of the body, the need for grounding arises,
otherwise serious problems may occur. Drawing in the earths energy
is stabilizing and yin. We can send excess yang and sick energy into
the earth. We can also absorb cool yin healing earth energy directly
into the body.


In the Universal Tao System, we begin to learn how to connect
with earth energy in the Microcosmic Orbit meditation. The first
stage in opening the Microcosmic Orbit is to open the basic loop

4 Earth Energy and the Microcosmic Orbit
of the Governor Channel and Functional Channel. In all subsequent
practices, we bring more chi into the Microcosmic Orbit by means
of either the Inner Elixir or the Outer Elixir. For all the reasons
previously mentioned, it is extremely important that the first con-
nection made is the one to Mother Earth. You should avoid opening
your connections to Heavenly Energy until after you have mastered
In the Microcosmic Orbit practice, we always meditate sitting
in chairs with the soles of our feet solidly touching the ground. The
legs and feet are the best ground wires to connect us to earth energy.
We learn to sense the cool, blue, soft, yin, gentle, kind sensation of
Mother Earths energy in a passive way as it percolates up through the
feet and legs and enters the Microcosmic Orbit at the perineum.

Fig. 7.3. Rooting to Mother Earths Energy

Earth Energy and the Microcosmic Orbit 5

U Microcosmic Orbit: Feeling Mother Earths


U Feel the Force of Mother Earth

Flow Through You
1. Massage the center of your palms (fig. 7.7), soles of your feet
(fig. 7.8), perineum, and coccyx (fig. 7.9). Place the hands at
the sides with the palms facing toward the earth, and place the
soles of the feet flat against the floor. You can also put a marble
or a small steel ball under each sole at the Bubbling Spring
(Kidney 1) point to stimulate it.

Lao Gong

Fig. 7.7. Massage the palm. Fig. 7.8. Massage the sole of the foot.


Sexual Organ Anus

Perineum (Hui Yin)

Fig. 7.9. Massage the Perineum and Coccyx.

6 Earth Energy and the Microcosmic Orbit
Be aware of the Bubbling Spring point on the two soles.
Picture two small pipes extended up to the Hui Yin point
at the perineum, up to the kidneys and the Original Force
(fig. 7.10).
Picture a pipe extending from the Lao Gong point on each
palm to the heart center and down to the navel. The perineum,
openings of the sexual center, anus, palms, and soles are gate-
ways through which the nourishing energy of Mother Earth
can flow into you.
2. After a short time, you will begin to feel the palms and soles
breathing by themselves. At the same time, you will feel the
vagina and the perineum (Hui Yin) point start to naturally pull
up and release in a pumping action, creating suction in time
with your breathing and/or the pulsing. You can also lightly

Fig. 7.10. Rest. Be aware of the

kidneys, and feel the Mother
Earth force come up to fill the
kidneys and the Original Force.
Earth Energy and the Microcosmic Orbit 7

Fig. 7.11. Lightly pull up the sexual organ, the perineum,

and the anus.

contract and relax your eyes and pull up on the two gates of
the sexual organsthe perineum and the anusto help acti-
vate the pumping action (fig 7.11). Do this 18 to 36 times, then
exhale and rest.
3. Now focus your mind/eyes/heart about 95 percent on the
Original Energy behind the navel, and about 5 percent on Earth
Gates (perineum, sexual and anal openings, palms, and soles).
Feel yourself grounded; feel connected to the earth. Relax. Feel
your sitz bones connect to the earth. As you feel yourself sink-
ing into the earth, you will also feel pulsing again. Water is the
dominant energy of the planet, so you may sense Mother Earths
energy as a gentle blue force. The color blue is particularly heal-
ing to the bones and joints. Just relax and let it come in and up,
feel the suction; feel the gentle blue earth energy pulsing into
the navel, breathing in through the Five Earth Gates and puls-
ing and breathing into the tan tien (stove) (fig. 7.12).
8 Earth Energy and the Microcosmic Orbit

Feel the Original


Feel your palms


Feel your

Feel your soles


Fig. 7.12. Feel the five earth gates pulsing

and breathing.

4. Mother Earths energy strengthens the stove and enhances

the Original Energy there. Feel the energy ball at the tan tien
becoming more crystallized, more real. Your navel is connected
to the earth now; your body feels connected to the body of
Mother Earth.
5. Feel the chi ball growing and expanding, filling the whole
region between the navel, kidneys, and sexual center.
6. Finally, let the Original Energy radiate from the navel area and
flow wherever it wants to go. As before, it may follow the path
of the Microcosmic Orbit automatically, or it may flow in its
own way. Just relax, and let it take its own course.
7. When you are ready to end your session, let the energy settle
at the navel. Then finish and collect energy by spiraling at the