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Good evening people of the Philippines, 2.

Increased stability;
MABUHAY! Welcome to (name of the 3. Funding agencies opened to the state;
gameshow). I am (name of host) and this night we 4. Loans may be facilitated;
have very important guests tonight. I really mean 5. Access to foreign courts;
VIPs. Tonight, our players will 6. Immunity from suit;
INTERNATIONAL! Yes, theyre really 7. Military assistance;
internationals. So without further ado, lets meet our 8. Financial assistance
contestants. Starting off from ASEAN family, (the
places) (introduce themselves with cheer). Wow! 3rd question
What an enthusiastic family! Next, we will meet the Security Council has the primary responsibility for
other family. Please help me welcome the UNITED the maintenance of international peace and
NATIONS family! (the places) (introduce security. 15 member states.
themselves with cheer). That is awesome! Okay What countries were the Permanent
now, back to business. Tonight, since our guests are members (5):
VIPs, so the game will be about SUBJECTS OF
INTERNATIONAL LAW! sounds interesting! 1. China;
2. France;
Lets start with the head of the family, in front 3. Russia;
please. (adlib) 4. UK; and
5. US.
In this tonights questions, we have the opportunity
to ask father JOAQUIN BERNAS to guide us and 4th question
also to let us use his books as part of the game ASEAN was established with the signing of
tonight. For the mechanics of our game, it is very the Bangkok Declaration by the 5 orig
simple. Players, you have to let me finish read the member states which were:
entire questions before you answer, okay? All
1. Indonesia;
questions are enumeration type so wait for my 2. Malaysia;
signal before you answer. Understood? Losers have 3. Phils;
consequences and have to pick it in our magic bowl 4. Singapore; and
and act out the consequence that was BUNOT after 5. Thailand.
the show.. so lets do this! 5th question
1st question: What are the Principal Organs of the UN:
In States, a community of persons more or less 1. The General Assembly;
numerous, permanently occupying a definite portion 2. The Security Council;
of territory, in dependent of external control , and 3. The Economic and Social Council
possessing an organized govt to which the great
4. The Trusteeship Council;
body of inhabitants render habitual obedience. 5. The International Court of Justice
What are its elements? (ICJ); and
6. The Secretariat.
1. People
2. Territory
3. Government And now the loser will have their consequences.
4. Sovereignty Thank you and see you next week here in (name of
show). GOOD NIGHT!
Okay, lets ask the other members (winner family),
same question. Lets check the board

2nd question End of show

In a world of growing interdependence, there can

be serious consequences for recognition or non-
recognition of govt.

What are the Consequences of Recognition:

1. Increased prestige;