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It is served cold
Selasa, 12 September 2017 b. It is served hot
c. It is served raw
The following text is for questions number d. It is served uncooked
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HOW TO MAKE PINEAPLE STEW The following text is for questions number
Ingredients: 6 and 7.
1 pineapple cut into dices HOW TO MAKE SEKOTENG
3 glasses of water Ingredients:
1 glass of granulated sugar 1 large ginger
Directions: granulated sugar as desired
1. Boil water until boiled. ½ piece of palm sugar
2. Then add sugar, cinnamon, and 100 g peanuts, fried and get rid of its
clovers. inner skin.
3. Bring it to boil and add the 100 g green beans, boiled
pineapples. 3 slices of bread, slice into dices
4. Wait until you can smell the 100 g pomegranate seeds, boil until
pineapple. soft
5. Remove from heat and serve cold.
1. The recipe tells you how to make …. Ginger water:
a. ingredients 1.Peel and slice the ginger.
b. dice 2.Boil it in a liter of water.
c. granulated sugar 3.Add some granulated sugar and ½
d. pineapple stew piece of palm sugar.
4.Strain once it’s boiled.
2. What ingredients are needed to make Serving:1. Pour some boiled ginger water
pineapple stew? into a small bowl.
a. Dice, glass, sugar 2. Add 1 tbs of pomegranate
b. Pineapples, water, sugar seed, green bean and peanut.
c. Glass, water, sugar 3. Add some bread on top.
d. Pineapples, dice, water
6. The generic structure of the text
3. How much sugar do we need? contains ….
a. 1 glass a. Goal – Ingredients – Steps
b. 3 glasses b. Goal – Steps
c. 1 cup c. Orientation – Events
d. 3 spoons d. Identification – Descriptions

4. When do we have to stop boiling the 7. To make sekoteng, we need
a. When the water is boiled a. ginger, granulated sugar, palm
b. After sugar, cinnamon, and clovers sugar, peanut skin, green bean,
are added bread, pomegranate seeds
c. When we smell the pineapple b. ginger, granulated sugar, palm,
d. After we remove the stew from peanut, green bean,dices,
heat pomegranate seeds
c. ginger, sugar, peanut, green
5. How should you serve the pineapple bean, bread, pomegranate seeds

Spoon (1 serving) b. paprika and 11. How much coconut water and coconut minutes stirring often. Cook about 5 10. In a large skillet. about 15 minutes. abbreviation of …. Sugar olive oil over medium high heat. Avocado 2. bread 12.  3/4 teaspoon paprika Add the condensed milk on the top of  1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper avocado. green d. Mixed Ice. ¼ glass high. granulated sugar. inner skin of peanut. heat 1 tablespoon d. Four bean. Ice cubes 3. chopped Cut the avocado into small pieces. d. chopped Fill ½ of the glass with some coconut  2 tablespoons olive oil water and coconut shavings. stirring occasionally. Pour remaining 2 tablespoons of oil c. 1 glass b. How to eat Mixed Ice 1. Cook. ginger. until soft. Add onion and green pepper. EXCEPT …. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. c.  Large skillet a. palm c. salt. Equipment 8. MIXED ICE (ES CAMPUR) a. Two . ½ can 4. of condensed milk 1 can of coconut water and coconut Ingredients shavings some ice cubes  4 red potatoes  1 tablespoon olive oil How to make it:  1 onion.  1 teaspoon salt Add the sliced avocado. Add potato cubes. Tablespoon ½ of avocado d. how to make Mixed Ice  Plate b. One minutes. Drain the potatoes and cut them into b. a. Cup 3 tbs. The text tells you …. b. You need 3 tbs of condensed milk. seeded and Put ice cubes into the glass. You need the following things to make but still firm. Add potatoes and cook until tender 9. Combine flour and baking powder. Condensed milk 1/2 inch cubes when they are already cool. a. 5.  1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley MIXED ICE is ready to be served. Teaspoon Ingredients: c.  1 green bell pepper. Three sugar. how to mix ice Steps d. about avocado  Pot c. ½ glass into the skillet and turn heat to medium- d. The The following text is for questions number underlined word is the 8 to 12. the recipe? until potatoes are browned about 10 a. How many servings can you get form black pepper. Transfer shavings do you need? to a plate and set aside.

the potatoes and their use cumin. Serve your white chicken curry while hot. How to grind spices getting cool. the meal. how to make fried potatoes C... galangal. chicken C. To enhance flavor 16. Which statement is NOT TRUE vegetable oil. Why do we need to simmer after A. The potatoes must be cut after they are A. 25 minutes B.” The word “transfer” in the sentence nearly 20. salt. vegetable oil D. To make the chicken tender C. well. bring B. drain D. B. “… turn to low heat until it is tender. The utensils. A. 40 minutes A. How to fry chicken C. Serve D. . 20 minutes C. Add the coconut milk. someone‟s experience in cooking Boil chicken. The cubes. green peppers and C. What does the text tells about ? Shallots. Allow 2 cups of broth to remain in the pot. A. How to cook white chicken curry until it is ready to be served ? 19. A. stir. The potatoes. What is the text about? D. garlic. It takes 25 minutes to cook the food turn to low heat until it is tender. C. How long do we need to try the recipe D. 45 minutes adding coconut milk? B. parsley and cook for another minute..” The word "they" refers to . take 17. Stir in the onions. B. Fry the grinded spices with 2 spoons of 14.6. boiling potatoes in good ways COOKING DIRECTIONS D. lemongrass. move C. To make the curry spicy D. You need 3 kinds of equipment to cook simmer to enhance flavor. The ingredients hot. “ Drain the potatoes and cut … when they are already cool. cut into pieces COOK TIME: 25 Min 2 cups fresh coconut milk (or 200 ml thick coconut milk and 200 ml water) GRINDED SPICES 13. How to make thick coconut milk 15. coriander B. pepper. the food should be served hot 18. “Transfer to a plate and set aside. continue B. To get attractive color D.” The word it refers to… means… A. heat A. according to the text ? Add the spices into the boiled chicken. spice B. INGREDIENTS PREP TIME: 20 Min 1 Small chicken.