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Fundamentals of Computers & Information Technology 1. Environment for execution of programs of the Operating system is provided by : Operating system % Program @ execution = five, Rem: 5 Bra Wars Fara eM (Dr. C.¥.8.U. Jan. July 2007) (a) Inputs (b) Outputs (c) Operating system (d) Memory Ans. (d) Memory. 2. For communication operating system of the computer system moves * Communication operating # 7 Computer 1 operating system move 7 € - (Or CVU, Jan. 2017, July 2017) (a) Processes (hb) Packets {e) Programs (d) Both (a) and (b) Ams..(b) Packers. 3. For web based computing system, computer used are normally : Web based computing system ® ferg ein 4 cra ars aret computer MT-I 33 - (Dr. C.V.R.U. Jan. 2017) (a) Personal computers: (b) Servers (e) Network computers (d) Tablets. Ans. (c) Network computers. 4. One that is not a service provided by operating system of the computer is : TH scrvice Ht computer # perating system % BF1 provide Tt #t art | (De. C.V.RLU. Jan., July 2017) (a) Networking (b) User interface (c) Program execution (d) Error detection Ams.(d) Error detection, 5, -..-[8 processed by the computer into information. Computer 3... Ft information 4 process 81 (Dr. VR. Jan. 2017) (a) Numbers (b) Processor (e) Input (d) Data Ans.(d) Data 6, see Ts the process of carrying out commands. —— Command Sart 44 afer #1 (Dr, C.V.R.U, Jan. 2017) (a) Fetching (b) Storing (c) Executing (d) Decoding Aus. (c} Executing. 7, 1024 bytes equals = 1024 byte srvaiq - (Dr, C.V.R.U, Jan, 2017) (a) kb (b)2 mb (e) Leb (d) 1th Ans. (2) Tkb_