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From Department

1. Synopsis submit request

2. Non Liability form
3. Application Form evaluation of thesis
4. Thesis Submission Entitled Report(TSER) signed by head of the department with office seal
(download from the website)(Need Two Copies)
5. Letter forwarding Synopsis from the head of the department
6. Certificate regarding conduct of seminar.
7. Non liability certificate
8. Fee certificate and detailed statement of fee paid
9. Attendance Certificate

From Candidate

1. Cash Receipt for the Evaluation of the PhD Thesis(Rs.3040)

2. Cash receipt for application fees(Rs.120)
3. Synopsis of the PhD Thesis.(five copies) plus
4. Soft copy of synopsis in PDF format in CD(Dont include front page and publications. plz write
your name on CD only)
5. Declaration of the candidate
6. A copy of letter showing the date of PhD registration
7. Copy of Qualifying Degree(MSc) certificate(Original to be attached for Verification)
8. Copy of MSc Mark list
9. Certificate regarding change of tittle/no change of tittle.
10. Copy of result of PhD qualifying Examination (Course Work)(Original Needed)
11. Copy of order approving the thesis title
12. Bio data of the candidate with photograph
13. Copy of a published paper or letter of acceptance from the editor of the journal with copy of
14. Copy of the grade cards in respect of PhD course work(Original Needed)

From Guide

1. Declaration of the supervising guide with seal

2. Recommendation of the research guide
3. Certificate regarding change of tittle/no change of tittle with seal

Soft Copy of the above enclosures (No.23) should be tagged in the given order and submitted to the
controller of examinations before the expiry of the registration period.

Order of Documents for submission

1. Thesis evaluation application

2. Cash receipt of application fee
3. Declaration by candidate
4. Copy of PhD Registration Letter
5. Copy of M.Sc. Certificate and mark list
6. Declaration by supervising guide
7. Certificate regarding no change of title (from candidate)
8. Certificate regarding no change of title (from guide)
9. Certificate regarding pre-synopsis seminar
10. Non -liability certificate
11. Copy of result of Ph.D. qualifying exam
12. Copy of title approval letter
13. Biodata with photo
14. Fee certificate and details of the semester fees paid
15. Certificate of attendance
16. Thesis submission entitlement form2 copies
17. Copy of published research papers
18. Copy of grade card of Ph.D. course work
19. Recommendation of research guide
20. 5 copies of synopsis
21. Soft copy of synopsis