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9408 The New Musil (eer, Siten/duChatens) Get Out And Stay Out ‘18: 819/07 susia Tyros by oly Parton DICK: Not this much! You JUDY: Don't tell me whet I can do! If] want to have an affair ‘can't be serious— or smoke pot or do M&M's, you cant stop me! a Reflective, colla voce we = fanny how you waltzd in here -ssuming Td come back Well let me tll you some-thing, you are way off tack =~ a Ea Cantyou see Tm dent Grate youstil hatblind?” You sandrighthereandtske it} there'sno love to hide be-hnd Well, a = 9106 The Hew Masia! i Get Out And Stay Out/page 167 (arr Sutte/tuChatens) 1a proud to tell you Im realhy doing good, Tim sure e whole or beter than you ewer thought—I would, Got ee es of wy ee my own place and my own space to think ard dream and plan, tok me this long t0 re-aize_ I 0 not need d m7) =e 4 on JUDY: Well, cersiny not you. Driving Rock, hushed eer Get Out And Stay Out/page 168, 9 te 5 The New Musial (apn Stites/duChatees) then 1 fia = ly Feared. fo eS