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Team Leader Active Business Unit /

Position Title Network Operations
RAN Operations Function

Location Department Network

Functional Reporting Administrative

Head Network Head Network
to: (Please provide Reporting to: (Please
Operations Operations
position title) provide position title)

Manage the BSS and Transmission Team Engineers for all the daily tasks and reporting to the line
Coordinate the process for all technical operation activities by respecting Airtel operating guidelines.
Elaborate and Improve the quality performance of all equipment by coordinating the tasks with Regional,
Optimization and Performance staff to meet the target agreed of network availability.
Manage all network operation and maintenance tasks related to BSS and Transmission for Airtel Network.
Organize the activities with other stakeholders in order to meet Airtels requirements.

Expected End Results (WHAT) Supporting Activities (HOW)

1. Manages to reach the quality Generate reports for all BSS & Transmission operation and
performance of BSS and maintenance activities to the Line Manager.
Transmission equipment in Airtel Organise and control permanently all internal tasks between
network. 2nd Line BSS & Transmission and other Engineers belonging
to other Airtel Networks Functions.
Coordinates and supports complicated fault resolution efforts
affecting the BSS & Transmission parts with NOC operators,
Vendor Support and Third Parties. This includes
recommendations to the NOC operators on how the faults
must be solved, reduce the MTTR and increasing the
Network performances.
Build up the plan with BSS & Transmission Line Engineers
for the troubleshooting process after escalation within a
defined time limit, and while keeping in mind that the target is
always getting a network availability better than defined
Control the reliability of the frequency plan and the allocation
bandwidth data.
2. Manages daily operations Follow up the process for all technical problems between
performed by BSS & Transmission BSS & Transmission Engineers and Regions Fields by
Engineers during the resolution of establish plan.
critical matters.
Arrange and follow the troubleshooting process according
the guidelines.
3. Coordinates the contact with Manage registration of trouble ticket tasks for internal and for
Second Line and Suppliers for data suppliers.
exchanges and supports by opening
Control the action plan execution of complex issues and
SLA, CSR or other mail

communication. apply corrective actions in order to be aligned with the plan.

4. Coordinates with Planning, Execution of Work Order in time.

Optimization and Performance
section for all required configuration Manage the new BSS equipment installation and perform the
changes. commissioning in cooperation with the Vendor and the
Second Line.
Manage the new transmission equipment installation and
perform the commissioning in cooperation with Second Line.
5. Ensure the availability of the means, Control the available tools and be in contact with the Regions
tools for all BSS & Transmission Perform a request for the needs using CAPEX

6. Manage the spare parts of BSS and Check and keep updated the available spares before
Transmission equipment. approve all requests. Be in contact with the Regions.
Follow up the equipment under repair at Logistics level.
Be aligned with Second Line TL in order to follow up all
requirements for BSS and Transmission Network quality.
7. Employee Engagement Maintain high Team Harmony and Engagement at all times
with both internal and external teams and stakeholders.

8. Support Passive Governance of Ensure that Field engineers execute proper passive
Towerco Governance with their respectiveTowerco counterpart .


Master degree of level University

Educational Qualifications
Post graduate in Telecom
& Functional / Technical
Master in Business Management would be preferred additional
Relevant Experience
6 years of experience in GSM Telecom overview
(Type of experience and
3 years of relevant experience in Telecom
minimum number of
3-6 years in handling the similar position in different company
Ability to innovate and deliver value to business at multiple levels will play
an important role
Other requirements
Ability to manage large scale with a very wide geographical scope across
(Behavioural etc.)
Ability to manage an outsourcing partner to deliver business solution

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