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Jovie D. Dacoycoy

In the present regularly changing economy and exceedingly focused work

showcase, the Philippine educational system is tested to create fittingly

instructed school graduates important to guarantee congruity in the nation's

improvement. It shows up in any case, that school instruction is apparently

missing: there is a huge supply of callings however a lack of graduates with

material or related aptitudes as well as training. As such, the Philippine

educational system is neglecting to plan and prepare understudies to procure

employability abilities that businesses expect of specialists and which they, the

businesses, expect the advancement thereof through instruction.

Employability, as indicated by Krahn (1997) is a key supporter of total

financial development and enhanced work result for people. Lowe and

Schellenby (2001) implied the way that, at an individual level, the procurement of

general employability abilities add to self-improvement, through enhanced

investment in the public eye and professionally, in connection to positive work

showcase results and profit.

There is a general conviction that subjects are the most fundamental

resources of each country on the planet. This is on the grounds that the

achievement of the nation as far as monetary solidness and advance is

exceptionally subject to the nature of its labor assets. Monetary improvement of a

country is one of the results of having instructed residents. The more and the

better instructed individuals are the more noteworthy the odds of financial

improvement. The administration is completely mindful of this reality, which is the

reason one of the essential pushes of each nation is to give quality instruction to

its subjects. Instruction is the key towards advance as it rushes energy to free

natives from the holds of absence of education, numbness and neediness. The

Philippines, being one of the undeveloped nations in Asia, knows that it is

additionally the best escape course from neediness.

Responsibility regarding training is unmistakably exhibited under Section 1

of Article 14 of the Philippine Constitution, which expresses that "the state might

ensure and advance the privilege of all subjects to quality instruction at all levels

and should find a way to make instruction available to all". The Department of

Education (DepEd) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) serves the

vehicles of the state in satisfying this. These two government offices are

entrusted to supervise the execution of instructive establishments in the nation.

The DepEd is in accused of the regulating of schools at basic and auxiliary level,

while the CHED is commanded to screen consistence of higher instructive

establishments (HEls) to benchmarks set forward by the Commission for tertiary

level. A report by (CHED) or, the present condition of advanced education in the

Philippines (2000-2005), says that "the earth of opportunity, greatness and

importance on advanced education bridles, creates and catalyzes the valuable

and gainful utilization of the true abilities of Filipino men and ladies into turning

into an innovative, unequivocal, focused, basically considering and acting people

who will add to the achievement of political development, monetary strength and

evenhanded social advance of the country."

These premises depended on the crucial significance of training when all

is said in done and the estimation of advanced education specifically. Be that as

it may, as further distinguished by (CHED, Philippines, 2000 process), there are

a few issues and issues in instruction which are as yet existing:

"The proliferation of substandard programs in school offerings; the poor

performance of graduates in the licensure examinations; lack of job opportunities

and brain drain; the non-responsiveness of college programs to national and

regional development needs; bilingualism and triangulism; and governance which

include the competition and duplication of program offerings between and among

public private colleges and the highly autonomous nature of the state college

universities due to their respective charters"

Also, in a Philippine Star article titled "Gov't requires to divert abilities dev't

program to address joblessness, Escudero says", dated March 10, 2012, as

showed by Senator Francis Escudero:

The government needs to institute a redirection of skills development

program for its college students to address rising unemployment.

This provoked the recording of a bill (Senate Bill No. 2091) titled "The

National Career Assessment Examination Act" (NCAE). Its point is to organize a

component for giving a redirection of abilities advancement program by method

for blending and coordinating the supply of post-auxiliary graduates with the

request of the nation's activity advertise.

It was likewise noticed that as indicated by the most recent information

from CHED and DOLE, more than 700,000 new graduates are relied upon to join
the work showcase over somewhere in the range of 564,000 past graduates who

are as yet searching for occupations. It is thusly basic that higher learning

establishments should tailor their curricular offerings towards the patterns of

economy, to make these pertinent and receptive to the necessities and requests

of the work showcase. The measure of achievement of any higher learning

organizations is the employability of its graduates in accordance with the

planning and preparing they got from the school. It is the obligation of each

foundation of figuring out how to give the best training to its students.

This tracer contemplate for DWCC criminology moves on from scholastic

year 2012 gives criticism to the schools with regards to the work status of their

graduates especially in different field of law authorization, for example, the

Philippine National Police, Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, Bureau of

the Fire Protection, Bureau of Correction, National Bureau of Investigation,

Industrial Security and in the private areas.

Objectives of the study

This study will determine the factors associated with the job placement of

the graduates of BSCrim from 2011 2016.

Specifically, this study will be guided by the following objectives:

1. To decide the activity situation profile of the respondents


1.1 Job after graduation

1.2 Present work

1.3 Reasons if jobless

1.4 Employment status and nature of work

2. To decide the pertinence of the accompanying school-related

variables to the activity situation of the respondents as far as

2.1 Curriculum and Instruction

2.2 Faculty and Instruction

2.3 Student Services

2.4 Organization and Administration

2.5 Community Extension, Linkages and Research

3. To distinguish the capabilities/aptitudes and business related

esteems created by Divine Word College of Calapan considered by the

respondents valuable in taking care of the requests of their present work

4. To propose an activity intends to upgrade the significance of

BSCrim program and enhance the work rate of its graduates.

Significance of the Study

One of the vital methods for assessing the viability of an instructive

organization is to monitor its graduates. It is important to see if they are utilized,

jobless or underemployed in their occupation or job for which they were

prepared; what these graduates are doing and in what ways the school helped

them in their present work are significant data in deciding if the school is

accomplishing its objective of giving quality instruction.

In addition, this study was outfitted towards finding the shortcomings and

qualities of DWCC educational programs through the execution of graduates in

the board examination and the scholastic sufficiency planning of understudies.

The important information which will be accumulated in this study will be of

an incentive to the accompanying:


The discoveries and proposals would be utilized impartially to motivate

and urge the graduated class to help and prescribe their kindred graduates to

work opportunities since they are furnished with target data that the graduates

are very much arranged for business.

Administrators of Divine Word College of Calapan

As a school which offers criminology instruction in the Province of

Mindoro, the discoveries of this research will give dependable data about the

employability abilities of their graduates. This will fill in as a benchmark for

improving the curricular program of the school. Also, the aftereffect of the

examination could fill in as reason for instructive changes, and it will help

enhance the vocation direction program, set up useful arrangement office that

will for the most part fare thee well, development and place graduates in word

related occupations they were prepared for. The aftereffect of this could be

utilized as a part of taking suitable measures in advancing the scholarly

greatness of the organization, in the nation as well as in different parts of the

globe too. In light of the information assembled, they can make vital and creative

strides in managing the feeble purposes of its educational modules offering,

address the wastefulness of its teachers by furnishing them with improvement

preparing, acquirement of complex gear, especially in criminalistics, and

refreshing out of date reference materials.

Deans and Faculty Members

The Deans and educators may utilize the aftereffect of this study to

quantify the quality and importance of what they have been educating. It will offer

understanding to educators as to which criminology subject ought to be fortified

and changed to adjust with the requests of the present criminology calling.

Further, to assess their preparation technique in the program with new

developments and innovation based gear.


Both the legislature and the private parts could influence utilization of the

outcome as a spring to board in the enlistment, choice and position of very

talented criminology graduates.

Parents and the Community

The data from this investigation can help guardians wound up noticeably

mindful that their speculations with their kids' instruction are paying off, while the

society benefits with better prepared understudies and utilized graduates.


Other researchers will profit by the aftereffects of this study on the

grounds that the exploration technique, factual devices, and additionally the

discoveries, conclusions and proposals of this investigation can be utilized as

their premise when directing comparative or related investigations later on.

Students of Criminology

The final result of this study will enable the seeking criminologists to find

the nature of the educational programs, sufficiency of school offices, the

competency of scholastic educators of DWCC in setting up the understudies, and

the sorts of business sitting tight for them after they graduate.

To the CHED/Curriculum Planners

This will help CHED weed-out the old arrangements of the educational

modules and define new arrangements which will suit the requests of the

advanced circumstances, and the required abilities that the business requires in

enlisting alumni of criminology.


Research Design




Data Analysis

Ethical Considerations