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Janson, Yaniv Daniel

Please Do Touch

Cover painting: Climate action, diptych B

ISBN-13: 978-1548468903
ISBN-10: 1548468908

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Language: English soft cover, 8.5 x 8.5
Printed and bound in the United States of America
Please Do Touch

Yaniv Daniel Janson


6 Introduction

9 Please Do Touch

31 Finalists

54 Biography
57 Chronology
69 Treasure Our Planet


Hi. My name is Yaniv.

I have traveled to different parts of the world with my

family. I have seen people with a lot of money, and
people with no money. I see homes with beautiful
views. I see homes with no view at all.

I think thats not right. I think we need to pay more

attention. My art will help you remember to look at the
houses around you. Are the people in them okay? Do
they need your help?

I made this series, part of Please Do Touch, because I

want you to feel what I feel. The paint is for you also,
not just for me. I hope that you touch it and that it
touches you too.

I also hope that everyone will live in nice homes one

day. I hope that my art will help make that happen.

If my work makes you feel something, please tell me.

Id like to hear what you think.


Please Do Touch
"Yaniv has a rare understanding of colour and composition. But his work is not just
pretty pictures - there is some kind of intent behind his work. He is using the idea
of kinesthetic art where you have to touch it to get the sensation and to get an idea
of what he is feeling when he is painting it"

Leafa Wilson, Curator of art, Waikato Museum, Hamilton, New Zealand

Interview by Ruby Nyika, Waikato Times

Art can facilitate the complex understanding Development. Yaniv traveled in New Zealand
between humankind and our environment to consult with the disability community to be
through an alternative language involving all able to integrate their ideas into his work.
our senses.
This is the first collective project of its kind.
The Please Do Touch series of installations
make a connection between art, social and With support from Creative New Zealand
environmental topics and disability. The art and from the EASPD (European Association
develops the Taking Action! UNESCO of Service Providers for Disability), Yaniv is
project that Yaniv launched 5 years ago. taking the installation for a solo exhibition
in October 2017, at the EASPD Montenegro
The installations use visual, oral and kinetic Conference and to Europe-based projects
languages to speak to the variety of human supported by the UNESCO.
experiences - to collaborate and work on
humanitys Sustainable Development Goals The Taking Action! blog (
(SDGs). taking-action-unesco) reports on the project.

The Please Do Touch installations focus

on high priority themes, which address the
United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable

GOAL 14: Life Below Water

Unsustainable A happy sea

What would the ocean look like if we do not look after it? A happy ocean is filled with many things that are full of
life, colours and shapes. You can even see happiness
The ocean would be empty of all living things and if you look hard enough. Everything below the ocean
would be dark and sad. Without life below water there surface keeps changing all the time and this is a happy
will be no more food and less jobs because fish will die thing. This is how you will see the ocean once we take
and there will be no fishing. care of it.

The blue and black represents sadness which is why Sea Anemones are all kinds of colours, shapes and
it is the main colour in this painting. Everything has sizes. You will see many Sea Anemones in this painting
disappeared and it is all over as there are no living as they should help to make us all happy.
things anymore. The water is not safe to swim in. They are beautiful, they are happy and in the position
they want to be in and they are colourful.
I want this painting to affect people and make them
consider their actions toward the environment and This painting is to show people what they have and
sustainability, as this is a picture of what could happen if want - which is a healthy sea and a happy sea.
we continue to take the ocean for granted.

I want people to start to look after the oceans sooner

rather than later. So that their is a bigger chance
for good things to happen like saving life within the
worlds waters.

Unsustainable, diptych B A happy sea, diptych A

2017 2017
Acrylic on canvas Acrylic on canvas
120 x 160 cm 120 x 160 cm
GOAL 1: No Poverty

Poverty Flourish without poverty

When I think of poverty, I see sadness and nothing good. When people look at this painting I want them to feel
happy. I want them to feel as though everything is right
I closed my eyes I could only see black and darkness with the world and there is no more suffering or or
which would be like touching sharp and rough. Poverty poverty. Everything and everyone is delighted and all
overtakes everything in life and has nothing good or are in good spirits in life, which they want.
happy about it. Poverty causes people to have nothing.
They have no food, water, money, jobs, or even houses For me green represents being happy and it is also one
to live in. of the same colours as the earth we live on, another
one is blue.
When people who have to live in poverty close their
eyes, I can imagine them not being able to see When my eyes are closed, I dream in green and it
anything around them as darkness is surrounding them, makes me happy.
making them blind. You would see shadows and not the
people themselves. Dots and circles are happy shapes. Circles are the only
shape that have no corners and they are the same
When I was painting this artwork I threw black paint shape as the earth.
against the canvas. Poverty is something that should
make us all sad and angry. I threw the black paint on the Talk to the flowers, so that they can grow so we can
canvas as I was feeling anger towards poverty. I ended up enjoy our life.
having some parts thicker than others, which shows how
all around the world there is poverty, however in some
circumstances, some are worse than others.
We all need to feel something about poverty and its effect
on the world. This is what I hope this painting will do.

Poverty makes me feel the wrong way, like sad. I want

people to feel the way they wouldnt want to feel when
they look at that which is sad.

We need to get in a position where we stop poverty.

Poverty, diptych B Flourish without poverty, diptych A

2017 2017
Acrylic on canvas Acrylic on canvas
120 x 160 cm 120 x 160 cm
GOAL 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Infrastructure collapse Pure

I closed my eyes and thought about what it would be This painting communicates the importance of having
like to have no sanitation, clean water when sewage clean water and sanitation in our communities and how
mixes with drinking water and making people sick. It simple it can be to achieve it.
makes me cry sad tears.
Clean water is important to everyday life.
I tried to think what it would be like to not have People need to be healthy and have good water to
clean water to drink or shower in and it made me drink, shower in, grow food with and have access to
feel sad, angry and worried and anxious. No toilets, good toilets. In some countries, people have to walk
dying of thirst. for hours just to reach clean water.

This painting uses dark and dirty colours to show The words tell us what we can do to get clean water
how bacteria and dirt will make life worse. It will be and it is our job to do it, so come on.
smelly and people will be dying because the dirt
and filth makes them sick. It is not an environment
that people are can live in, it is dangerous. This
artwork acts as a warning to people to look at what is
happening to our water. Fix this problem and make
an effort to make it better.

Infrastructure collapse, diptych B Pure, diptych A

2017 2017
Acrylic on canvas Acrylic on canvas
120 x 160 cm 120 x 160 cm
GOAL 13: Climate action

Tornadoes coming The Goldilocks zone

I look at the weather on the news. The Goldilocks zone means the world is just right, for
The weather maps shows more and more hurricanes, us and things to grow. Which is how we need it and
tornadoes and other bad things happening because of how it must be. If the climate is just right then plants
climate change. are growing in a happy way, healthy and in the best
way they can be.
When you look at the painting you see that nothing is
real. There are no clear shapes and no living things. Everything on earth is 100%
This will happen to our Earth if we dont take The sunlight is shining. It shoots and shines down
responsibility now. kissing and hugging the plants so that they grow
just right.
The government, presidents, prime ministers, and all of
us need to do a better job with the environment. With That is what would happen if we look after our planet.
things that pollute the air and other things that destroy
the world.

So whats your problem ? Just do it now.

Tornadoes coming, diptych B The Goldilocks zone, diptych A

2017 2017
Acrylic on canvas Acrylic on canvas
120 x 160 cm 120 x 160 cm
GOAL 11: Sustainable cities and communities

Urban decay The view from the 22nd floor

Right now millions are living like this in cities. To me a happy city is one that is supportive,
They are living in a home that can collapse, blow away connected, it has grass growing, it is clean, living,
or flood. happy and vibrant. I want this painting to communicate
that if we all worked together towards achieving happy
These house are the wrong temperature too hot or cities we can find ways to pollute less, use less and
too cold with holes in them. No wind and light comes build sustainable and supportive communities.
through. No clean water around or close enough.
It is a big mess, no toilets no sewage. It is sad for people To me a happy city will have tall buildings, lots of plants
that dont have anywhere nice to sleep or get clean. and living things, grass growing everywhere, it will
be clean, people will be active and out roller skating
They are tired all time, they dont feel comfortable or in a and skate-boarding. We will all be healthy, happy and
way they prefer to be or rather be. everywhere we go will smell of flowers. Everyone will
This painting represents what should be fixed and better be well looked after, we will have gardens everywhere
be fixed. Lets make an effort to make the change. with food to eat, jobs for people to earn a living and
we will use sustainable ways of living, like solar power.
We will all look after one another and feel connected
as a community. This is the life and the world we
should all collectively be working towards.

To show this through painting I use a variety of bright

and medium colours to represent connectedness and
happiness. By pouring and squeezing paint onto the
canvas using icing nozzles I feel this best represented
the painting as it shows an overflowing of connection
and happiness, which is what this painting is all about.

Urban decay, diptych B The view from the 22nd floor, diptych A
2017 2017
Acrylic on canvas Acrylic on canvas
120 x 160 cm 120 x 160 cm

26th Wallace Art Award 2017

The reason why I created this painting is because

I wanted to see how much of the canvas I could
cover without using a paint brush.

The aim was to pour the colours separately on the

canvas without mixing them. It was an experiment
to see how much of the white canvas I can cover
by just tilting it in many kinds of ways.

I poured 4 whole test pots of a different colour

paint at a time and then tilted the canvas over and
over again left and right and up and down and
then waited for 3 days for it to dry flat.

I then repeated the same thing 3 days later with

another 4 whole test pots then waited for 3 days
for it to dry and had the canvas stand up straight
so that the paint from those test pots would cover
some white bits of the canvas itself and then
waited for 3 days for it to dry. Also sometimes
I made it dry in this way which is by having it
standing up on its sides and other times on its
corners so that the canvas gets covered over most
of the white parts in that paint by just tilting it side
ways and its corners which means I used no hands
on the painting itself.

I repeated this process 4 more times. From

beginning to end it took 3 months to complete.
Unexpectedly designed
The reason why I poured 22 whole Resene test 2017
pots onto it is because 22 is my favourite number Acrylic on canvas
and my favourite birthday was my 22nd birthday. 101 x 76cm

2016 National Youth Art Awards

Everybodys Lives
Acrylic on canvas
76 x 76cm

2016 National Youth Art Awards

Ode to Aglio Olio

One of my favourite meals is Aglio Olio from Scotts Epicurean on

Victoria St. Have you ever tried it? The staff at the caf have nicknamed
me King of Olio. To share this multisensory experience, I made a
spaghetti mess on the canvas layering thick paint like pasta in a bowl
toppled with basil, a dash of chili and a sprinkle of parmesan.

To represent what others might think of as a mundane experience,

I added topological and sound elements to the canvas. This is to
incite to irreverence by challenging the audience to get closer to
the painting and then touch it. In order to follow the Please Do
Touch injunction and share in my sensations, people will have to
overcome an age-old taboo and layers of good manners.

Screenshots of the electronic concept board and audio clips were

available to touch and hear at the installation.

Aglio Olio
Acrylic on canvas
76 x 101 cm

2015 24th Wallace Arts Awards

This painting is part of a project I am working on right now is called

Rich, Middle class and Poor. It is about everybodys lives and living

Following in the Social Realism tradition, I want to draw attention

to the everyday living conditions of people in a range of socio-
economic conditions.

The rich people live in a multi-coloured village on the mountain and

the brown village by the ocean with a view. They have more money
and food. They choose what colour house they want. They see at
least the ocean and other things from their home.The middle class
people live in the silver village by the bottom of the mountain. They
have to share their home with other people who are middle class.
Their houses are all the same.They only have a medium amount of
clean water and food for living. The poor people live in the bushes.
They have no clean water, no home, no nice view, and almost no
food.Life is much harder for some people especially when you dont
have money or food or water or a home.

I want to draw attention through a strong sense of stillness and

surreal landscapes. I look to position the viewer in a fantastical
environment where questions about the basics about human and
environmental conditions are asked through the modest beauty of
symmetry and colour.

This is my 1st favourite painting.

Rich, Middle Class and Poor

Acrylic on canvas
76 x 101 cm

2015 National Youth Art Awards
Best Abstract Prize

Messy Earth is part of an experimental project exploring how paint

can cover canvas without ever using a paintbrush. The project draws
from everyday life experiences of blowing, throwing, dripping,
splattering and pouring. For the first work in this collection, I searched
for my earliest transformational experiences when as a young child
I watched batter meeting the hot surface and transforming into
yummy pancakes.

Starting with 22 testpots, I poured as much as I could out of them

and watched how one colour spilled over another and over another
again to form a thick layer over the canvas. Pouring another 22
testpots from the middle, I investigated how blobs of acrylic acted as
a medium in reacting with the fabric as they spread over the canvas,
letting the pancakes spread, one became many.

The surface resisted the colours in parts, leaving white areas. It

started off as one circle, spreading into many. In the process some
colours disappeared. When the first colour that was poured started
reappearing, I tilted the canvas up and down and left and right. The
painting was finished when original pancake motif disappeared,
transforming into a messy topography, with the blobs surrounded
by patterns around them that reminded me of islands in the sea.

The painting took almost 3 days to dry.

It is the 5th of my paintings that the Wallace Arts Trust acquired.

Messy Earth
Acrylic on canvas
76 x 76 cm

2011 Eat Your Art Out Uxbridge Awards

Sweet As is the outcome of ongoing experimentation with materials

that were once 3-dimensional M&M sweets dissolving onto a
2-dimensional surface. I investigated the capacity for the M&Ms to
act as a medium and how they reacted with different types of fabric as
they disintegrated. I explored how surfaces have resisted the colours
in parts, leaving white areas.

In the final stage of the work, I extended the process using food
colouring on canvas to produce Sweet As.

Exploring how media other than paints intervenes with the surface of
the canvas led to questioning the life of an artwork and the durability
of pigment.

This painting was created for a competition called Eat Your Art and
was a finalist in the competition. I created it by separating M&Ms into
their different colours and covering in a glass with water. When the
colours melted off the chocolate I took the choclate out and used the
coloured water that was left like paint. I threw the water at the canvase
in this order red, orange, yellow green, blue, brown in that order.
I didnt even use a brush.

The picture I could see when I finished was to red men holding up
something in amoungst the other colours. Very mysterious. Other
people have seen this too.

Ants liked the painting and they have changed it so the colours have
faded nearly to white leaving the pattern.

Sweet As
Acrylic on canvas
38 x 76 cm

2011 National Youth Art Awards

My 2nd favourite painting.

This painting is a picture of a night that was a full moon. The title of
the painting was 5 words that rhyme and sound the same by the end.

Right bright white light night

Acrylic on canvas
101 x 76 cm

2009 National Youth Art Awards

The question is which is the Autumn and which is the Reflection.

Real flection
Acrylic on canvas on corrugated iron
150 x 70 cm

2009 Great Waikato Art Show
Highly Commended

Acrylic on canvas
150 x 120 cm

2008 17th Wallace Art Awards

The work I am doing now is about bridging perspectives the far and
the close. This takes me to spaces where I exchange perspectives as
often as I can it is part of growing up. From the perspective of the
planets in space, beginning with the closest to the furthest from the
Sun, there is an order that is unchangeable. From Earth near where I
am standing right now, people can see their favourite heavenly body
because the painting shows all nine planets as well as the Asteroid Belt,
the Moon and the Sun. I painted it so that people wanting to space out
can gaze at the planets that cannot be seen in real life other than by
travelling in space. My motivation is to share these visions with others.
I know I still have lots to learn. That is why it is important to be mindful
of the future and, direction I want to take my work in and the choices
to make at each intersection. The planets are on different orbits at
different speeds, so in 2012 the rare event of a planetary alignment
will occur. Unlike galactic systems, our lives are changeable: I picture
myself at that point in the future: Where am I? What am I doing?

Life, the universe and everything

Acrylic on canvas
90 x 60 cm

2008 National Contemporary Art Awards

The exhibition convenor hung my painting with the other finalists.

She loved it so much she burst through when the ribbon to open the
exhibition was cut to be the first to buy my painting. I saw the red dot,
which meant it was sold.

Autumn reflection
Acrylic on canvas
91 x 61 cm

Yaniv Janson Yaniv Janson is a 24-year-old who lives by the coast
New Zealand contemporary artist painter in Raglan, New Zealand.
Born 2 April 1992
Nationalities: New Zealand / French Although Yaniv was diagnosed at an early age with
autism and epilepsy, he maintains a hunger for
taking control of his life - for building his own
business around the work he loves most: spirit-
lifting, world-changing art.

Yanivs story is one of beautifully broken down

barriers. For starters, Yaniv created a new series of
artwork titled, Please Do Touch. He invites you to
physically touch his paintings, a perfect example
of how Yaniv enlightens those around him by
disregarding traditional norms.

Secondly, as a global citizen and traveler, Yaniv has

witnessed inequalities throughout the world that
sadden him. Consequently, the Please Do Touch
series includes paintings that speak to each of the
United Nations development goals. A subset of
these paintings, called Rich & Middle Class & Poor,
guide us towards the UNs goal of ending poverty.

If you have the opportunity to attend one of his

exhibits, Yaniv invites you to interact with his art on
a deeper level - through touch and reflection. He
also challenges you to think about the world and
the norms around you. Are you living life according
to shoulds? Are you observing the world around
you? Are you allowing yourself to feel at full

And lastly, Yaniv hopes his work will remind you

that, even in seemingly dark moments, you too have
the vibrant color within yourself to help change the


2017 2011
Finalist: 26th Wallace Art Award Finalist: Eat Your Art Out, Uxbridge Creative
Finalist: National Youth Art Award

Finalist: Artistic Achievement Award, Arts 2010
Access Aotearoa
Finalist: Recognyz Youth Awards, Youth
Council/Hamilton City Council
Finalist: 24th Wallace Trust Art Award 2009
Best Abstract: National Youth Art Award
Finalist: Artistic Achievement Category, Highly Commended Award: Great Waikato
Attitude Awards Art Show
Thirty under thirty Award: Hamilton City Finalist: Art Category, Recognyz Youth
Council Civic Award Awards, Youth Council/Hamilton City
Finalist: National Youth Art Award
Finalist: Artistic Achievement Category, 2008
Attitude Awards
Finalist: Trust Waikato National
Contemporary Arts Award
Finalist: 17th Wallace Trust Arts Award


2017 2008
Please Do Touch, UNESCO Arts and Society Waikato District Health Board: Apocalypse
International Year of Understanding, Paris, now, Hamilton, NZ [WDHB Art Collection
France and World Humanities Conference, piece]
Liege, Belgium

In Bee Tween, Hamilton Gardens Art Festival

Earth, Fire, Water, Wind Layout for the New
Zealand Clean Energy Centre,Taupo, NZ

Climatic Prints, Gallerie Clin. Butnaru, Paris,
Climate Change - Change NOW!!!
GreenSpace, Hamilton East, NZ

Momento, University of Waikato Management
School, Hamilton, NZ Waikato District Health
Board: Sues t-shirt [Transfusion Competition],

Solo Exhibitions

2017 2010
Please Do Touch, Galerie Memoire de Massey University, Global Warning -
lAvenir, Paris [Oct] Sustainability in Balance, Albany, New
Rich and Middle Class and Poor, ArtsPost Zealand [Nov]
Gallery, Waikato Museum, Hamilton [Feb- Wallace Gallery Morrinsville, The world
March] according to me, Morrinsville [Nov]
Waikato Management School: MCOM PR
Case Competition [Oct]
2016 ArtsPost, Waikato Museum: Visualising
Climate Change[Sep]
Yaniv Janson, Exhibitions Gallery of fine Art, Bayt Aba Hushi Cultural Centre: The Joy of
Auckland [July] Colour, Haifa, Israel [May]
Yaniv Janson Exhibitions Gallery Wellington
of fine Art [July - August]
Pomegranate Gallery, Grey and Beal St.,
Experience Comvita, Beehives Hidden in Trees Hamilton, New Zealand [Dec]
(part 2), Te Puke [Sept-Oct] Ein Hod Artist Village, Climatic
Perspectives, Israel [Oct]
Hillcrest High, Hamilton [Jun-Aug]
The Depot Artspace, Naamat Gallery, New 2008
Zealand in the Minds Eye, Devonport [Oct]
Back to Haifa, Haifa, Israel [Jul] Tamarillo Gallery, Wellington [Aug-Sep]
La Commune, Hamilton [May: silent
2011 SANDZ Gallery, Frankton Village, Hamilton
Galerie Le Vieux Forgeron, Our Changing Momento (Lakeside venue), University of
World, Stanstead, Canada [Jun] Waikato, Hamilton [Apr]

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016 2011 (continued)

2016 Outsider Art Fair, Auckland [Nov] Fusion Gallery, Under Four Hundies,
Lumsden [May]
ArtsPost, Waikato Society of Arts Exhibition,
2014 Hamilton [Apr]

Cottlestone Gallery, Our bees, Tauranga [Nov-

Dec] 2010
Galerie Celal, Chemins Croises, Paris,
2013 France [Dec]
Annual Spring Exhibition, Anderson Park
Hastings Community Art Centre, Pandoras Art Gallery, Invercargill [Oct]
box[Apr-May] Bontham Gallery, Creativity Square, Waikato
Auteur House, Crowded Heads, Hamilton Society of Arts Members Expo, Hamilton
[Mar-Apr] [Sep]
Wellington Convention Centre, Building
Bridges Conference, Wellington [Apr]
2012 ArstPost, Waikato Society of Arts Members
Exhibition: A Passion for Art, Hamilton [Mar]
Wallace Morrinsville Gallery, Festivities, Great Waikato Art Show, Hamilton [Sep]
Morrinsville [Dec-Jan]
North Shore Hospital Exhibition, On the
Line [Dec-Feb] 2009
Aotea Square, Conference Centre,
AutismNZ Annual Conference, Yaniv [Sep] Waikato Society of Arts, National Youth Art
Award, Hamilton [Sep: finalist]
SANDZ Gallery, Telecom IHC Arts Awards,
2011 Hamilton [Jul]
Waikato Museum, Waikato District Health
Creative Growth Art Center, Latitude, Board, Transfusion, Hamilton [Jul]
Oakland, CA [Oct-Nov] Waikato Museum, Waikato Society of Arts,
New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Fall The Action Front [Apr]
exhibition, Invited guest artist, Wellington Right Bank Arts Festival, Waikato Society of
[May] Arts, Hamilton Gardens [Feb]
Selected Group Exhibitions Multimedia Exhibitions

2008 2009
The Wallace Foundation, Auckland, 17th Waikato Museum, Claymation workshop
Annual James Wallace Trust Awards [Jul: video The artist within, Hamilton [Jun-Sep]
finalist] Te Papa Museum of New Zealand, Our
The Molly Morpeth Canaday Art Award and Space, Wellington [Apr]
exhibition, Whakatane [Oct]
Thornton Gallery, Waikato Society of Arts
WAIPRINT 2008, Hamilton [Sep]
Waikato Museum, Trust Waikato National
Contemporary Arts Award [finalist: Aug-
SANDZ Gallery, Telecom IHC Arts Awards
2008, Hamilton [Jul]
OSFAOne Size Fits All, Thornton Gallery,
Hamilton [Jul]
ArtsPost, Waikato Society of Arts Members
Exhibition 10 years at ArtsPost [Jun]


2017 2010
Yaniv Janson, Please Do Touch (ISBN-13: 978- Yaniv Janson, PortFolio, EGL Press Books
1548468903) Division: Hamilton, New Zealand (ISBN-

Yaniv Janson, Rich and Middle Class and Poor
(ISBN-13: 978-1540529831)

Yaniv Janson, Since the Beginning, Y-Artism
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Yaniv Janson, Beehives Hidden in Trees,
Y-Artism Creative: Charleston SC, USA (ISBN-
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Yaniv Janson, Changing the World One
Painting at a Time, Ecosynergy Creative:
Hillcrest, New Zealand (ISBN-10:1451547013)

Projects Collections

Plastic-free and reusable cup Raglan campaign, Wallace Arts Trust

New Zealand
New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts

Waikato District Health Board

Leading the Taking Action! project in
collaboration with the UNESCO to raise
awareness about how people with disability
want to contribute to their communities and
inspiring disabled people to build on their gifts.
Project blog:

Featuring in documentary Yaniv Saves the

World,directed by John Mandelberg, Blue
Water Production and WINTEC

Art Installation commissioned for the New

Zealand Clean Energy Centre build by Antanas
Procuta Architects, Taupo

Wearable art with Kowtow Clothing, Wellington

Designer for Partners in Learning, Microsoft

New Zealand

Grants & Scholarships

2017 2009
2017 Creative New Zealand Award [Strong Wheeler Trust grant and Eleos Trust grant
International Presence towards Please Do
Touch Installations traveling to Montenegro
and Paris]
Eleos Trust, UNESCO project grant
Resene, New Zealand

Creative New Zealand, Creative Communities:
Social integration artistic collaboration grant

Eleos Trust grant and Fairey Trust grant

TLC: International School of Art & Creativity,

Creative Hamilton, Artistic Development grant

Arts Waikato, scholarship and Variety Gold

2017 2013
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Yaniv Saves the World Documentary,

Mandelberg J, WINTEC http://www.vimeo.

How late is too late for action? Yaniv Janson is
becoming known for his environmental and social
activism - perhaps he could call himself an Art-ivist.
He seeks to surprise - and having surprised - asks
his audience to visualise change.

Scientists try raise public awareness using numbers

and graphs but a large size painting on a gallery
wall showing houses in tormented weather patterns,
an endangered micro-system or evoking big ideas
such as social equality - these are his attempts
to strike emotional chords using visual language.

Acrylic on canvas
76 x 76 cm