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It looks like these pesky Nemeses had one final attack in store for us, making us reprint slightly

outdated mats. Below are how they should have been printed. These are
full size, you can make a brand new mat or just cut out the revised section as a sticker for your existing mats. Thanks for understanding! Now, onward into the breach!


This war has waged for aeons now, so long that it is all we now know. Our 70 PRINCE OF GLUTTONS
children learn to hold a blade soon after their first words are uttered. With each
generation, the joy in their faces and voices diminishes, every instinct sharpened UNLEASH INCREASED DIFFICULTY
to a single word: survive. 1-2 players: Devour three cards from SETUP: Place an additional nine
the least expensive supply pile. cards from any of the supply piles on
Malastar believes The Nameless waited for us to become worthy foes before 3-4 players: Devour two cards from top of the devoured pile in any order.
sending their champion, the one we call Rageborne. It is their executioner, the least expensive supply pile.
here to quicken Graveholds end. Never have I seen such anger, all of it reflected
into the dead eyes of the rabid beasts it commands. ADDITIONAL RULES
When a card is Devoured, place it on top of the devoured pile, even if the
devoured pile is empty.
When the breaches open, the beggars in Chasmwalk shout above the city bells: Cards may be gained from the top of the devoured pile as if it were a supply pile.
The end is near! The end is near! And in my hollow heart, I know the truth of The players may look through the devoured pile at any time.

it. The end was here since first The Nameless came. We only have prolonged it. Cards in the devoured pile cannot be Devoured.
Prince of Gluttons does not start a Devour on an empty supply pile.
When Prince of Gluttons would Devour a card from a supply pile that is
SETUP empty Gravehold suffers 2 damage per card instead.
Shuffle all of the strike cards together and place them facedown to form (Example: Devour two cards from a supply pile with only one card.)
the strike deck. Rageborne gains one Fury token. When all supply piles are empty except for the devoured pile, the players


Rageborne has one Prince of Gluttons has a

sentence added to the completely revised increased
end of standard setup. difficulty setup.

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