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Spring Concert


Middle School Members

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High School Members

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Middle and High School Choirs
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Exultate Deo Rejoice Greg Gilpin Awake My Soul and Sing Victor C. Johnson
Faster, major key, intro to Latin Great opener, phrasing-
especially syllabic stress on
A Social Madrigal Nathan Howe final words
16th century, falling in love
using Google and Facebook Royals Roger Emerson
A fun pop piece
Farewell My Own True Love Tim
D minor, melancholy folk song, Winnbrenner Bonzorno Madonna John Leavitt
phrasing Eb maj, !6th century, Italian
Cantate Canon Donald Moore
F major, learn to bring out part Ave Verum Corpus Andrea Ramsey
when appropriate, good intro D minor, Intonation practice,
to part singing slower

Your Song Elton John/ Take Me to the Water Rollo Dilworth

Phrasing, some oohs and Mac Huff Ab, flat 3rd, spiritual, faster
alternating parts would make it and rhythmic
easier to polish
Deep Peace Daniel Nelson
Who Will Be A Witness Donald Moore Phrasing, vowels, c minor-
Spiritual, upbeat, work on Eb- teach relative keys and
dynamic contrast cadences

Thank You Jay Althouse It Takes a Whole Village Joan Szymko

Eb major, a touching closer, African, tribal, audience
teaching rhythm and singing pleaser
on adjacent notes