Developing advertisement for water harvesting system- JEEVAN As rain water harvesting is a service provided by many other companies also a typical domestic rain water systems collect less than 10% of the roof area while 90% of the rainwater disappears down the drain. The Improvement in those existing service is done using technology. This is named as JEEVAN. Which make it different from other water harvesting system? Mission of the add- Add will be fully focused on importance of water preservation. As there is always scarcity of water so our add will be focused on importance of water and its preservation .As our product is new but difference in the services created a bit difference and main weapon which will distinguished us from other water harvesting system. Information of advertisement- Our advertisements aim to create brand awareness and knowledge of new product or new features of existing product as well as services Co creation is the major objective which our add will give as a message.


Money requiredThe following factors affecting budget decision here are two specific factors which are consider when setting the advertising budget. 1) Product life cycle²As our service is new in the market so it require large advertising budget to build awareness and make our services different from others. 2) Market share and consumer base² By increasing market size requires larger expenditures.

Message ± Our add will give primary message of water conservation. It will give a message to turn a typical rain water tank system into a complete rainwater harvesting system. Provides filtered water. Eliminates unhealthy, expensive Charged down Pipe Systems lastly cost effectiveness of jeevan and pre packed system ready to install. Execution of message- The medium use for delivering our message to the customer will be by short film i.e. advertisement. Media ± Print Media. Frequency- A prime slot will be chosen for add film. Target- The targeting of our product would totally product specialization or service specialization i.e. on service for all the markets.

STORY BOARDA hand with a small fish without water. The fish does not show any movement without water. After some time rain start happening.


Some movement is seen in small fish.

The hand get started folding indicating the collection & preservation of water.

The fish start swimming in the water collected. In between film message regarding our product will be displayed.

Wats on your mind«««.
Developing advertising plan for t-shirt printing : In developing an advertising program we have started by identifying the target market and buyers motives. For carefully analyzing the whole off advetsing plan we must very carefully analysise the segment which we have to cater, the target market and the positioning of the product. SEGMENTATION The basic criteria for segmentation would be clearly distinctive and accessible. The demography with age group of 12 to 30 years would be mainly targeted as the basic mission is cover youths. The service is purely reflecting all about the lifestyle an attitude of the consumers. The usage of services would be on a frequent basis. This service is basically a service for the youths. TARGETTING The targeting of our product would totally product specialization or service specialization i.e on service for all the markets. POSITIONING Positioning of the service is such that it will directly target the youth class who are more conscious towards fashion and have less to experiment with. Our service will be of low cost so that all can experiment with there clothes. Strong marketing would be done and we will have our shops at three prime localities namely at 10 number stop, new market and at bitten market. As these places attract a large number of youths so we will have our shops here. We will have a tag line for our service name Your innovations «.Our creations««.


Mission: what are our advertising objectives? Our service in itself is very new into the market. It is a purely an all together service purely unique. It encourages the target customer to purely express there ideas in an printed form on there t-shirts. The first and foremost objective is about persuading the information in the market. The awareness of the service is a first step towards which we will proceed.

Inform There are basically three stages advertising tools which can be utilized at different stages that are Inform Persuade Recall

Presently we are new with both our service and the brand so at this point we may go with the first phase i.e inform. Informative advertising: aim to create brand awareness , service awareness and spreading the innovative service and its uniqueness in the city. Money: available resources The two major factors which will reflect our budgetary decisions are: 1) Service life cycle²as our service is in the introductory stage, new in the market so it require large advertising budget to build awareness and to gain consumer trail and response. It requires lot of innovatitve techniques to promote our service. 2) Market share and consumer base²to build the share of wats on your mind by increasing market size requires larger expenditures. Target consumer base will determine the advertisement expenditure. Message: (advertising strategy) Step in creating the effective advertising message are as follow y Message strategy: The strategy is such that our message would be such that the whole of message will be clear and specifically for the target customers. y Creative development and execution; as we know that ad¶s impact depends not only on what it say but often more important how it say it. As our service purely based on innovations so our advertising would be such that the innovative part will be highlighted more and more. Message execution: in this great care would be taken of the fact that whether the message is properly executed and communicated to the target audience or not. Whether a need for recall is required or not.

Media: This step determines the sources of media adopted by us for the promotion of our services. We will be purely going with commercial form of advertising. Purely advertising will be commercial. ATL( above the line ) as BTL( below the line) will be adopted. The advertising will be both direct and indirect. Directly will be in the form of hoardings and cycle movers . Indirectly it will be in the form of free printing of the brand name on t-shirts. Basic focus would be on sales promotion and publicity of our brand. FORMS OF ADVERTISING MEDIA ADOPTED BY US WILL BE: Print media and Television media We will go with advertising our service basically with print media form i.e advertisement in local daily like HT Bhopal etc. The advertisement would be just a form of initial promotion with a very low frequency rate. The frequency rate will be such that only two ads in the local daily only at time of launch. Cost Of Advertising- Rs. 10000 Radio: The radio jingle will be a total in source work and specifically designed as to directly hit the target customer mind. The frequency of the radio jingle would be such that an 15 second jingle for 8 times in a day for first week from the day of launching. The frequency will gradually decline to 4 in a day for just 3 more weeks. Cost Of Jingle- 5000

Hoarding: For the first three days we will have a hoarding at bittan market that is the most fascinating youth point. Cost Of Hoarding- 10000 Sales promotion: Sales promotion would with the help of attractive price set by us. It will help to attract the youths. The brand logo on every printed t-shirt will also act our good advertising technique. We will provide with free designs just to suit your taste and preferences at a free cost to encourage sales. TOTAL ADVERTISING COST= 25000

A boy and girl sitting side by side. Boy is wearing plane t shirt he want to propose the girl but can not express. Eventually he got an idea to express in different way .

He saw a designer shop what is in you mind ..

He expresses his view by making designee on his t shirt.

The girl get fascinated and except his proposal.

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