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Bidang Studi : Bahasa Inggris


1. Berdoalah sebelum anda mengerjakan soal.
2. Tulislah NAMA dan NOMOR Anda pada Lembar Jawaban Komputer (LJK) yang telah tersedia.
3. Periksa dan bacalah soal-soal sebelum anda menjawabnya.
4. Dahulukan menjawab soal-soal yang Anda anggap mudah.
5. HITAMKANLAH pada salah satu huruf di Lembar Jawaban Komputer yang Anda anggap paling benar.
6. Apabila ada jawaban yang Anda anggap salah dan Anda ingin memperbaikinya, hapuslah jawaban Anda yang
salah, kemudian hitamkan jawaban yang lain yang Anda anggap benar.
7. Periksalah pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas
8. Bacalah Hamdalah apabila pekerjaan telah selesai.


5. . . . did the doctor write for the writer? A
TEXT I (To answer the questions from 1 to 6) prescription.
a. What c. When
Read The Text Carefully ! b. How d. Where

Visiting the Doctor 6. What is the main idea of paragraph three?

a. It was the first time for me to see a specialist
Last week I was sick and I went to see a doctor. I b. It was the first time for the writer to see a
waited for the doctor to finish his examination. He was a specialist
c. I felt better after spoke to the doctor
heart specialist. He was an excellent doctor and his d. The writer felt better after spoke to the doctor
examinations were accurate. He listened to my
7. Rossy always finishes his job longer than the other..
heartbeat and checked my blood pressure and Rossy is a . . . worker.
temperature. He also looked at my eyes and throat. He a. slowly c. slow
b. fast d. quickly
examined me accurately.
When he complete his examination he said that 8. Denny reads the test . . . .
a. careless c. careful
heart trouble was not a minor illness. He advised me to b. carelessly d. carefully
lose some weight, get plenty of sleep and eat nutritious
9. Mr. Richard fastens his seat belt . . . .
meals. After giving me advice he wrote a prescription. a. tightly c. automatically
I felt better after I spoke to the doctor. Then, I went b. proudly d. scientifically

home and my husband went to the drudstore to buy 10. My mother showed her new dress . . . .
medicine. It was my first time I saw a specialist. a. tightly c. automatically
b. proudly d. scientifically

1. What did the doctor do to the writer? . . . . 11. The nurse needed a . . . to know the patients
a. Examined her c. Listened her heartbeat. She used it accurately.
b. Examined him d. Listened him a. thermometer c. injection
b. stethoscope d. medicine
2. The doctor was . . . for his examinations.
a. accurately c. careful 12. Nely went to see her doctor for a . . . check up
b. carefully d. accurate yesterday.
a. medical c. harmful
3. How did the doctor examine his patient? b. medicine d. contagious
a. accurately c. careful
b. carefully d. accurate 13. You had better check your sore eye to a/an . . .
4. His advice include . . ,except . . . a. internist c. oculist
a. A lot of sleep b. dentist d. surgeon
b. Eat nutritiuos meals
c. Increase some weight 14. An egg, meats are kind of . . . .
d. Decrease some weight a. dairy c. vegetables
b. protein d. cereal

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15. You can buy it in the pharmacy. It is . . . . 24.
a. drug c. glasses a. passport c. boarding pass
b. orange d. Cereal b. luggage d. identification card

16. The passengers wait for their boarding time in 25.

. . . . a. plane c. departure lounge
a. customer office c. departure lounge b. airport d. departure gate
b. travel agent d. departure gate
17. Everybody rushes into the . . . after they hear 26.
the announcement, even though they should be a. passengers c. travel agent
orderly. b. custom officers d. flight attendant
a. customer office c. departure lounge
b. travel agent d. departure gate 27.
a. plane c. departure lounge
18. The passengers are showing their . . . to the b. airport d. departure gate
flight attendant.
a. boarding pass c. plane 28. What is the best title for the text above? . . . .
b. hand luggage d. Seat a. My first flight c. My first plane
b. My first holiday d. My first weekend
TEXT II (To answer the questions from 19 to 28)
29. . . . did you spend your vacation? In the
Fill the best word in the appropriate blank! mountain.
a. How c. When
Last year I spent my long . . . (19) abroad. I b. Where d. Whom

went there by . . . (20). My father and my mother 30. . . . did you make travel arrangements with? With
saw me off at the . . . (21). We arrived there thirty my brother.
a. How c. When
minutes before the . . . (22) time. b. Where d. Whom
Arriving at the airport, I went straight to the check-in
31. We usually find these things in the kitchen . . .
counter. The man at the security control checked my a. sofa, grater, mirror
hand . . . (23) and the man at immigration control b. grater, tin opener, blanket
c. ashtray, bucket, wardrobe
checked my . . . (24). When everything was fine, I d. frying pan, grater, stove
went into . . . (25) and tok a seat. While waiting for
32. My mother uses the . . . to cut the meat.
the departure time, I bought cheap things at the lounge a. glass c. knife
duty. b. bowl d. plate

After waiting for about twenty minutes, the plane 33. X : Can I have a piece of paper, please?
ready to depart. So all . . . (26) had to get into the Y:. . . .
a. Thank you sweetie.
. . . (27). A friendly flight attendant asked the b. Im sorry. I broke it.
passengers to fasten their seatbelts on board. Suddenly c. Sure. Here you are.
d. Sorry. Theres no space anymore.
the plane began shake and ratle. It was ready to take
off. It moved quickly, left the runway and began to fly inti 34. X : Oh! What happened to my ruler?
Y:. . . .
the air. It was my first flight but I enjoyed it very much. a. Thank you sweetie.
b. Im sorry. I broke it.
19. c. Sure. Here you are.
a. flight c. delay d. Sorry. Theres no space anymore.
b. plane d. holiday
35. X : Move a bit, please?
20. Y:. . . .
a. plane c. departure lounge a. Thank you sweetie.
b. airport d. departure gate b. Im sorry. I broke it.
c. Sure. Here you are.
21. d. Sorry. Theres no space anymore.
a. plane c. departure lounge
b. airport d. departure gate 36. I always . . . my teeth every day.
a. get c. brush
22. b. play d. Sweep
a. arrival c. take off
b. landing d. departure 37. I never . . . the floor in the morning.
a. get c. brush
23. b. play d. Sweep
a. passport c. boarding pass
b. luggage d. identification card

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38. X : Where have you been? Its 06:45 A.M. TEXT III (To answer the question number 48)
The class has begun since 06:30
Y : Im sorry. Im . . . , sir. Read The Text Carefully !
a. late c. on time
b. early d. busy Mrs. Puspa
39. There is . . . big university in Bandung. Most of my teachers are women. One of them is
a. some c. an Mrs Puspa. She is an English teacher. She is very
b. very d. a
smart and her hobby is reading. She always takes her
children to the library at the last of the day. Mrs Puspa is
40. Those are . . . good tomatoes on a plate. helped by librarian to get the books that she need.
a. some c. an
b. the d. a

41. Denny : Hello, How . . . today ?

Rommy : I am fine
a. are they c. are you 48. She always takes her children to the library at the
b. old are you d. is he last of the day. (Line 3).
It means, she has . . . .
42. Denny : Does Rommy go to school by car ? a. one son c. one daughter
Rommy : Yes, . . . . b. no child d. more than one child
a. She is c. He does
b. She does d. He is 49. Uncle Andy uses the . . . to take the water.
a. stove c. dipper
43. He is Nico. b. knife d. grater
. . . name is Nico
a. Her c. My 50. Lucy cant sleep without pilow and . . . .
b. His d. Your a. Mirror c. bolster
b. Kettle d. plate
44. My grand mother is my mothers . . . .
a. Aunt c. Father
b. Uncle d. Mother

45. Nely is My uncles daughter. It means, Nely is

my . . . . Theres a time for everything
a. Cousin c. Niece Segala sesuatu ada waktunya
b. Nephew d. Sister

46. My Aunt has a child.

The plural form from child is . . . . ---- 9 o o D -- L u c K ----
a. Childs c. Childrens
b. Children d. Child

47. They SMP students. Every day they a school

uniform. The boy wears a shirt and a pair of dark
The appropriate words to fill the blank spaces are
a. are-wear-white-shorts
b. are-white-wear-shorts
c. is-wear-white-shorts
d. is-white-wear-shorts

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