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1. Explain Centralized Air Conditioning?

Introduction : Centralized systems are defined as those in which the

cooling (chilled water) is generated in a chiller at one base location and
distributed to air-handling units or fan-coil units located through out the
building spaces. The air is cooled with secondary media
Central air conditioning systems serve multiple spaces from one base
location. These typically use chilled water as a cooling medium and use
extensive ductwork for air distribution.

Sub systems of centralized AC

a) Chilled water plant
b) Condenser water system
c) Air delivery system

Chilled Water System

The chilled water system supplies chilled water for the cooling needs of all the
buildings air-handling units (AHUs)

The system includes a chilled water pump which circulates the chilled water
through the chillers evaporator section and through the cooling coils of the