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Mantras for Graha

nti according to
Bhat Parara Hor stra

These are theVedicmantras as given by Parara in the Graha nti chapter.They were not put into the first volume
ofScience of Lightas they are too complex for the average person.

In the translation below, I have tried to get the appropriate feeling of the verse- more than just a direct
translation, yet trying not to stray from the direct translation, and yet still keep some poetic flow with a logical
meaning. If any errors are noticed in the Sanskrit, please notify me. May the planets be pleased with you.

g Veda, Maala 1, Skta 35, verse 2

kena rajas vartamno niveyannamta martya ca|

hiraayayena savit rathen devo yti bhuvanni payan ||
Present in the sky, yet dwelling in both the mortal and the immortal,
The Awakening God, in his golden chariot, gives understanding to the all beings.

(11,000X) Shukla Yajur Veda 9.40 and 10.18

ima dev asapatna suvadhva mahate

katrya mahate jyaiayya mahate jnarjyyendrasyendriyya||
For great dominion, for great leadership, for sovereignty, for the power of Indra,
Oh gods, quicken him, to be without a rival and become great.
[some include the next verse as well]
(10,000X)g Veda, Maala 8, Skta 44, verse 16

agnirmurdh diva kakutpati pthiavy ayam| ap retsi jinvati||

Agni is the head of heaven, lord of chiefs,
who animates the creative power of water.

(9,000X) Yajur Veda 15.54

udbudhyasvgne prati jgha tvamiparte sasjethmaya ca|

asiman sadhasthe adyutarasmin vive dev yajamnaca sdata||
Awake Agni, be attentive to give your seasonal sweetness,
May all the devas sit with the worshiper in the meeting place.

Jupiter(19,000X)g Veda,Maala 2, Skta 23, verse 15

bhaspate ati yadaryo arhd dyumad vibhti kratumajjaneu

yad ddayaccavasa rtaprajta tadasmasu dravia dhehicitram
Bhaspati, the most kind, brilliant by your merit, shining among the wise people,
grant us wealth so we can perform the proper good.

Venus (16,000X) Yajur Veda 19.75, Vjasaneyi-Sahit 19.75A, Maitrya sahit 3.11.6A, 149.1, Kthakam
38.1, Taittirya brhmaa
annt paristru rasa brahma vyapibat katra paya soma prajpati|
tena satyaminidraya vipna ukramandhasa
indrasyendriyamida payomta madhu||
Nourishment flows in abundance from the essence (rasa) of god,
giving power/dominion to the lord of creation with milk and soma,
The pious Venus, king of the senses,
drinks order, truth, andpower like milk, amta and honey.

Saturn(23,000X or 6 malas/day for 40 days) g Veda, Maala 10, Skta 9, Verse 4

a no devrabhiaya po bhavantu ptaye| a yorabhi stravantu na|

May the goddess favor us with Peace
and bless us with divine waters to drink
and let health and strength flow to us

(18,000X) g Veda, Maala 4, Skta 31, verse 1

kay nacitra bhuvadt sadvdha sakh| kay acihay vt||

Oh messanger of the sky, ever prospering friend,
In what manner, and by which method can we achieve clarity.

Ketu(17,000X or 4 malas a day for 40 days)g Veda, Maala 1, Skta 6, verse 3

ketu kvannaketave peo mary apease samuadbhirajyath

Awareness is born like the dawn in man,
Giving brightness to the flame, and form to the formless.