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The 7s McKinsey Model Analysis of Parle-G:

Most of us grew up learning about 'the 4Ps' of the marketing mix: product, price, place, promotion. And
this model still works when the focus is on product marketing. However most developed economies have
moved on, with an ever-increasing focus on service businesses, and therefore service marketing. To better
represent the challenges of service marketing, McKinsey developed a new framework for analysing and
improving organizational effectiveness, the 7S model:

The 3Ss across the top of the model are described as Hard Ss:

Strategy: The direction and scope of the company over the long term.
Structure: The basic organization of the company, its departments, reporting lines,
areas of expertise, and responsibility (and how they inter-relate).

Systems: Formal and informal procedures that govern everyday activity, covering
everything from management information systems, through to the systems at the
point of contact with the customer (retail systems, call centre systems, online
systems, etc.)

The 4Ss across the bottom of the model are less tangible, more cultural in nature, and were termed 'Soft Ss'
by McKinsey:
Skills: The capabilities and competencies that exist within the company. What it
does best.
Shared values: The values and beliefs of the company. Ultimately they guide
employees towards 'valued' behaviour.
Staff: The company's people resources and how they are developed, trained, and
Style: The leadership approach of top management and the company's overall
operating approach.

In combination they provide another effective framework for analysing the organization and its activities.
In a marketing-led company they can be used to explore the extent to which the company is working
coherently towards a distinctive and motivating place in the mind of consumer.
The organization structure of Parle-G


Managing Director

General Manager

Assistant General Manager

Marketing Department

Senior Manager

Sales Manager Production Manager Marketing Manager

Executive Marketing
Sales Executive

Pilot Salesman Officer


Managing Director



Personnel Management (Staff):

The overall responsibility of manufacturing are interested to vice president who is supported by
different functional health leaking after oral solids, quality control production planning and control
and utilities. Personal department is the main part of the each and every company without the person
company can do nothing and cannot earn profit.

Training New Workers (Skill):

For the purpose of basic training, the bulk desperation is given before the assignment of the job. The
key personnel are sponsored for training schedule by outside institution. Agencies for the purpose of
training necessary follow up are taken form. The training so as given the benefits to other effective
working in the same factory.

When there is new employees come to the company. So employees provide three days compulsory
training. Then personal concerned are kept under the constant supervision and guidance subject to
examination from time. They have full facility training room at Naroda and they give classroom
training and also practical training to them.

Number of Employees:
As the company employees are the main part of the company of how many number of they are in the
factory is very important Parles total employees are 120 which permanents. The company provides
them good atmosphere and salary. The company has good relationship with his employees. It provides
them insurance also company tries to give them basic facility. Every employee gets uniform from the
company. Aim to increase employees salary. 120 people working in that department most of them are
classifies in three different groups, supervisors, engineers, workers.

Employee Benefit & Services:

A qualified person is appointed to visit the factory daily. Every different and indirect
employee is subjected to techniques. The medical report shall cover various aspects viz, eye
sight, blood pressure, physical fitness etc.
The personnel is where respect the medical exemption reports not found satisfactory i.e., The
physical fitness of the personnel is not as per the required standard are to be duet with by affecting
necessary trades or otherwise as deemed fit in to the context at the circumstances.
The company provides them good atmosphere and salary. Every employee get uniform form the
company. Aim to an increase employees salary.
By doing an extensive research over all the aspects I come to the conclusion that subject to the
mentioned conditions and circumstances the project is definitely economically and socially viable.