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Henry (given name)

Henry is an English male given name and surname derived from
Old French Henri/Henry, itself derived from the Old Frankish Henry
name Heimeric/Ermerijc, from Common Germanic *Hainariks
(from haim- "home" and rik "ruler"),[1][2] In Old High German,
the name was conated with the name Haginrich (from hagin
"enclosure" and rich "ruler") to form Heinrich.[3]

e Old High German name is recorded from the 8th century, in

the variants Haimirich, Haimerich, Heimerich, Hemirih.[4] Harry,
its English short form, was considered the "spoken form" of Henry
in medieval England. Most English kings named Henry were
called Harry. e name became so popular in England that the
phrase "Tom, Dick, and Harry" began to be used to refer to men in
general. e common English feminine forms of the name are
Harriet and Henriea.

Henry has been a consistently popular name in English-speaking

countries for centuries. It was among the top 100 most popular King Henry V of England
names used for boys born in the United States, England and
Pronunciation /hnri/
Wales, and in Australia in 2007. It was the 46th most common
Gender masculine
name for boys and men in the United States in the 1990 census.[5]
Harry, its short form, was the h most popular name for boys in Name day July 13
England and Wales in 2007 and among the top 50 names in Origin
Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland in recent years. Harry was
Word/name England
ranked as the 578th most popular name in the United States in
Meaning home ruler,
ruler of (the)
Other names
Contents Related Heinrich
names (German),
Masculine variants
Feminine variants
Surnames Hendrik
People with the given name (Dutch), Harry
Fictional characters (nickname),
Notes Henri (French),
Masculine variants Henrique

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Henry (given name) - Wikipedia

In the High Middle Ages, the name was Latinized as Henricus. It (Portuguese),
was a royal name in Germany, France and England throughout the Henryk (Polish),
high medieval period (Henry I of Germany, Henry I of England, Jindich
Henry I of France) and widely used as a given name; as a (Czech), Hynek
consequence, many regional variants developed in the languages (Czech), Heinz
of Western and Central Europe:[7] (German),
Enrico (Italian),
Within German, Low German, Frisian and Dutch, numerous
Enzo (Italian);
diminutives and abbreviated forms exist, including Low German,
Dutch and Frisian Heike, Heiko; Dutch Hein, Heintje; German
Heiner, Heinz.
e original diphthong was lost in Dutch Hendrik (hypocoristics (feminine)
Henk, Hennie, Rik), Scandinavian Henrik[8] (whence Henning).

Languages under the inuence of German and the Scandinavian languages during the medieval period have
developed native forms: Polish Henryk, Czech Jindich, Hynek. Hungarian, Slovene, Croatian Henrik Finnish
Henrikki (hypocoristic Heikki), Lithuanian Henrikas, Lithuanian Herkus.

e French form Henri became productive in the British Isles, in Middle English adopted as Harry , Herry. Herry
was adopted into Welsh as Perry. in Irish as Annraoi, Anra, Einr, in Scoish Gaelic as Eanraig, Eanruig.

In Southern Europe variants without the initial /h/ include Italian Arrigo, Enrico, Catalan Enric and Spanish Enrique
(whence Basque Endika) and Italian Enzo.

A separate variant, which may originate with the Old High German name Haimirich, but possibly conated with
the names Ermenrich (rst element ermen "whole") or Amalric (rst element amal "vigour, bravery") is Emmerich.
Emmerich is the origin of a separate suit of variant names used across Western and Central Europe, although these
never rose to the ubiquity of the variants of Henry; they include English Emery Amery, Emory, French meric,
Hungarian Imre, Imrus, Slovak Imrich, Italian Amerigo and Iberian (Portuguese, Spanish, Galician) Amrico, etc.

Feminine variants
Several variants of Heinrich have given name to derived feminine given names; Low German Henrik, Hendrik gave
rise to Henrike, Hendrike, Hendrikje, Hendrina, Henrika etc. Low German Heiko to Heike Italian Enrico gave rise to
Enrica ( Enrika, Enriqua) Spanish Enrique to Enriqueta, Enriquea, Enriquee. French Henri gave rise to Henriee,
Henriea, further modied to Enrieta, Enriea English Harry to Harriet, Harrie, Harriea, Harriee, hypocorisms
Haie, Hay, Heie, Ea, Eie; various other hypocorisms include Hena, Henna, Henah, Heni, Henia, Henny, Henya,
Henka, Dutch Jet, Jea, Jee, Ina; Polish Henryka, Henia, Heniusia, Henka, Henryczka, Henryka, Henrysia, Rysia. e
hypocorisms Rika, Rike (etc.) may be from this or other names with the second element -ric. Spanish and
Portuguese Amrica from the Emmerich variant Amrigo .

Harrison (surname), Henson (surname), Harris (surname), Heaney (Irish surname), Heinz (German surname),
Enrquez (Spanish surname), Henriques (Portuguese surname), Hendrick, Hendricks, Hendrickx, Hendriks,
Hendrikx, Hendrix, Hendryx.

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Henry (given name) - Wikipedia

People with the given name


Henry the Fowler (876936), rst German King

Henry, Bishop of Uppsala (died 1150), Bishop of Uppsala. He became a martyr in Finland
Henry of Coquet (died 1127), a hermit Dane and Catholic saint. He lived on the island of
Coquet, o Northumberland, England.
Henry I the Bearded (ca. 1165/70 19 March 1238), High Duke of Poland
Henry de Audley (11751246), English baron
Henry of Livonia (born 1180), Catholic priest. Author of Chronicle of Henry of Livonia one
of the earliest histories of the Eastern Baltic
Henry the Navigator (13941460), responsible for the early development of European
exploration and maritime trade with other continents.

Early modern

Henry Harcourt (Jesuit) (16121673), English Jesuit

Henry Every (born c. 1653), British pirate. Made one of the richest plunders in sea history
and then retired and vanished
Henry Purcell (165995), English composer
Henry Clay (17771852), American/Kentucky statesman. A presidential candidate,
compromiser, pacier, War Hawk and founder of the Whig Party
Henry Roxby Beverley (17901863), English actor
Henry Parker Sartwell (17921867), American botanist


Henry Francis Bryan (18651944), 17th Governor of American Samoa

Henry Aaron (born 1934), American baseball player.
Henry Allingham (18962009), briey world's oldest man
Henry Bethard (born 1924), American lawyer and former state legislator
Henry G. Brinton (born 1960), American author and pastor. Contributor to the Washington
Post, USA Today, and author of a few books
Henry Crdenas (born 1965), Colombian road cyclist
Henry Cavill (born 1983), British actor
Henry Collins (boxer) (born 1977), Australian boxer
Henry Cooper (boxer) (19342011), British boxer. Was the British, European and
Commonwealth heavyweight champion in 1970
Henry A. Crabb, American judge
Henry Duhamel (18531917), French mountaineer, author and skiing pioneer
Henry Flagler (18301913), American tycoon, real estate promoter, railroad developer,
known as the father of Miama, Florida
Henry Fonda (19051982), American actor. Acted in 115 lms, with another 73 as himself
and 16 Broadway shows
Henry Ford (18631947), American industrialist; father of the modern assembly line, Ford
Motor Company and 161 patents
Hank Greenberg (19111986), American Hall of Fame baseball player. A premier power
hitter and one of the rst Jewish superstars in American pro sports
Henry Harcourt (18731933), British politician

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Henry (given name) - Wikipedia

Henry Hathaway (18981985), American lm director

Henry Hudson (born c. 1560s/70s), English sea explorer
Henry Hynoski (born 1988), American football player
Henry Hynoski, Sr. (born 1953), American football player
Henry James (18431916), American author
Henry Kelly (born 1946), Irish television presenter and radio DJ
Henry Kissinger (born 1923), German-born American politician
Henry Louis Larsen (18901962), United States Marine Corps general; Governor of
American Samoa and Governor of Guam
Henry Lau (born 1989), Chinese singer, dancer and violinist in the Chinese boy band
Super Junior-M
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (180782), American poet
Henry Mancini (192494), American composer
Henry Marsh (athlete) (born 1954), American long-distance runner
Henry Menzies (18671938), Scottish rugby union player
Henry Miller (18911980), American author
Henry Moore (1898-1986), English sculptor and artist
Henry Obst (19061975), American football player
Henry Orth (18661946), American architect
Henry Orth (American football) (18971980), American football player
Henry Parayre (1879-1970), French sculptor
Henry Perera, 8th Commander of the Sri Lanka Navy
Henry Bertram Price, Governor of Guam
Henry Rollins (born 1961), American singer
Henry Schichtle (born 1941), American football player
Henry Speight (born 1988), Australian rugby union player
Henry Surtees (19912009), British racing driver
Henry Sugut (born 1985), Kenyan long-distance runner
Henry David Thoreau (181762), American author
Prince Harry (born 1984; formally Prince Henry of Wales), British prince and military
Henry Winkler (born 1945), American actor and producer

Fictional characters
Henry, the main protagonist of the 2015 lm Hardcore Henry
Henry, a persona or character from John Berryman's Dream Songs
Henry the Green Engine, a steam locomotive from The Railway Series of books by
Reverend W. Awdry
Henry Gupta, character from the James Bond lm Tomorrow Never Dies
Henry Huggins, a character created by Beverly Cleary
Henry Higgins, a major character in George Bernard Shaw's play Pygmalion and also in
the musical adaptation My Fair Lady
Henry Hugglemonster, a character from Henry Hugglemonster
Henry Jekyll, title character in the Robert Louis Stevenson novelThe Strange Case of Dr.
Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr. (Indiana Jones), the title character and the protagonist of the
Indiana Jones franchise

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Henry (given name) - Wikipedia

Horrid Henry, the main character from the series Horrid Henry
Henry Keddys, minor character in Chris Lilley's mockumentary series Angry Boys
Henry, a character from the 2008 video game No More Heroes
Henry J. Waternoose, a character from Monsters, Inc.
Henry Bennett, the main character in American author Mark Twain's 1889 novel titled A
Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.
Henry, a character from the television show, KaBlam!
Henry (comic), a comic character that began in 1932
Henry Pym (aka Ant Man, Giant Man, Goliath, and Yellowjacket), ctional character in the
Marvel Universe
Henry Rearden, steelmaker from the Ayn Rand book Atlas Shrugged
Henry Baker, a character from the 2003 lm Cheaper by the Dozen and its sequel
Henry Townshend, the main protagonist in the game Silent Hill 4
Uncle Henry, character from the Oz books by L. Frank Baum
Henry and Orville, the second pair of ghosts that Luigi encounters in Luigi's Mansion, and,
since counted as one ghost, they are the 14th ghost Luigi encounters
Horrid Henry, ctional character and children' comedy TV show
Henry Deacon, ctional character from the TV series Eureka
Henry Mills, a primary character from the TV series Once Upon a Time
Henry I, other character from the TV series Once Upon a Time
Henry "Hank" MacDougall (played by Fred Willard), the pious father-in-law of Robert
Barone, from the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond.
Henry F. Potter the main villain from It's A Wonderful Life
Lord Henry Wotton from The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde is referred to as
Henery Hawk, Warner Bros. Looney Tunes character.
Henry Clerval from Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
Henry "Hank" Zipzer, from the TV series Hank Zipzer
Henry the Octopus, a character from The Wiggles
Dr. Henry McCord from the TV series Madam Secretary (TV series)
Lt. Col. Henry Braymore Blake, a character in the M*A*S*H novels, the lm and the
television series
Henry, the main protagonist in the game Bendy and the Ink Machine
Henry Bowers, a character from Stephen King's novel It

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Henry (given name) - Wikipedia

4. the spelling Heinrich dates to the 11th century, alongside numerous variants (Heimirich,
Heimarih, Heimeric, Haimrich, Heimrich, Heimrih, Hemerich, Hemric, Hemrich,
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