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04 May, 2017
Professor Dr. Ahmed Fakhrul Alam
Department of Business Administration
Faculty of Business & Economics
Daffodil International University

Subject: Application for the submission of internship report

Dear Sir:
I am hereby submitting General Banking Activities of Agrani Bank Limited - A Case Study
on Banani Branch as a part of my Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program.

I have tried my level best to follow your guidelines in every aspect of planning of this report. I
have also collected what I believe to be the most important information to make this report
specific and coherent as possible. I enjoyed the challenge of preparing the report as it provided
me with an opportunity to enlarge knowledge. I am honestly thankful for your guidance during
the preparation of this report. I hope you will appreciate my effort. I have done the study in a
complete form and I have tried my level best to conduct this in a professional manner.

Lastly, I would be thankful once again; you please give your judicious advice on my effort and
grant my paper to fulfill the requirements of BBA program.

Sincerely yours,

Khadiza Akter Lima
Major in Marketing
BBA Program
Department Of Business Administration
Daffodil International University

Daffodil International University

I am Khadiza Akter Lima, Id number: 132-11-582, BBA program (major in marketing),

Department of business administration, Faculty of business & economics, Daffodil international
university, Bannani campus, declare that this Internship report on Silk Route Sourcing titled
"General Banking Activities of Agrani Bank Limited-A Case Study on Banani Branch " is
completely of my own work.

This is an original work and I have not submitted it earlier elsewhere.

Khadiza Akter Lima
Major in Marketing
BBA Program
Department Of Business Administration
Daffodil International University

Daffodil International University

This is to certify that the report titled General Banking Activities of Agrani Bank Limited-A
Case Study on Banani Branch is and academic work done by Khadiza Akter Lima, Id
number: 132-11-582 submitted as the fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree
of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Department of business administration
major in Marketing from Daffodil International University under my guidance and direction.

To the best of my knowledge and belief the data and information presented by her is the report
has not been submitted earlier elsewhere.

Professor Dr. Ahmed Fakhrul Alam
Department of Business Administration
Faculty of Business & Economics
Daffodil International University

Daffodil International University

Completion of anything requires supports from various sources and it also an immense pleasure
for me to thank a large number of individuals for their precious help and encouragement, which
contributed directly and indirectly to prepare this report.

First of all I want to convey my sincere gratitude to my advisor Professor Dr. Ahmed Fakhrul
Alam, Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Business & Economics, Daffodil
International University for his wholehearted supervision. His suggestion and comments to make
the report a good one was really a great source of spirit for me.

I take the opportunity to express my gratitude and thanks to Agrani Bank staff for providing me
opportunity to utilize their resources for the completion of the project. I am also thankful to my
family, friends and colleagues for constantly motivating and supporting me to complete the
internship program and providing me an environment which enhanced my knowledge.

Daffodil International University

Agrani Bank Ltd. is one of the private banks in Bangladesh. The principal business of Agrani
Bank Ltd. is trade financing, corporate banking, private banking and retail banking. Agrani Bank
Ltd. Bannani branch offers a full range of general banking services to its customers.

This report contains five chapters. First chapter deals with Introduction, origin, objective, scope,
methodology and limitations of the report. Second chapter is the Organizational part of Agrani
Bank Ltd. where I have tried to show an overview of Agrani Bank Ltd. and its theoretical
background, Mission and Vision, Deposit growth, etc. Third chapters contain General banking
activities and fourth chapter contains findings and recommendations. Fifth chapters contain

While working with general banking division in Agrani Bank Ltd. I have tried to find out some
problems such as insufficient number of ATM booths, evening banking, 24 hour customer care,
experienced employees, etc.

At last, I have tried to give some recommendations against problems of general banking division
such as arranging sufficient number of ATM booths, experienced employees, evening banking
facilities, etc.

I believe, if the bank follows the suggestions provided by me against the problems I found out, it
can be able to speed up its growth in future.

Daffodil International University
Tables of Contents


Letter of Transmittal i
Disclaimer ii
Letter of Acceptance iii
Acknowledgement iv
Executive Summery v
Chapter One: Introduction 1-3
1.1 Introduction of the study 1
1.2 Origin of the study 1
1.3 Significance of the report 1
1.4 Objectives of the study 2
1.5 Scope of the study 2
1.6 Methodology of the study 2
1.7 Limitations of the study 3
Chapter Two: History of Agrani Bank Limited 4-14
2.1 Background of the Agrani Bank Ltd 4
2.2 Objective of Agrani Bank Ltd 4-5
2.3 Mission of ABL 5
2.4 Vision of ABL 5
2.5 Milestone of ABL 5-6
2.6 Commitments of Agrani Bank Ltd 6
2.7 Organizational Organ Gram of ABL 7
2.8 Board of Directors 8
2.9 Products and Services of ABL 8-10
2.10 Core Values 10-11
2.11 Credit management 12
2.12 Human Resources Division 12
2.13 Corporate Governance 12
2.14 Major Achievements in 2015 12-13
2.15 SWOT Analysis of ABL 13-14
Chapter Three: General Banking Activities of Agrani Bank 15-38
3.1 Introduction 15
3.2 Functions of General Banking 15

Daffodil International University

3.3 Sections of General Banking 16-19
3.4 Deposit Products of Agrani Bank Ltd 19
3.5 Current Deposit 19-20
3.6 Savings Deposit 20-21
3.7 Agrani Bank Ltd Deposit Scheme (ABS) 21-23
3.8 Steps of Deposit Processing 24-25
3.9 Factors Determining The Level of Deposit 26
3.10 Deposit Mix 26-27
3.11 Five Years Deposit of Agrani Bank Ltd 27
3.12 Islamic Banking 27-29
3.13 Clearing and Transferring 30
3.14 Conditions For Same-Day Clearing 30-31
3.15 Inward Clearing 31-32
3.16 Transfer Delivery 32
3.17 Cash Section 32-33
3.18 Cash Payments 33-34
3.19 Late Payments 34-35
3.20 Accounts Section 35
3.21 General practices of an Accounts Department 35-36
3.22 Debit Card 37-38
Chapter Four: Findings and Recommendations 39-41
4.1 Findings 39-40
4.2 Recommendations 40-41
Chapter Five: Conclusion 42
5.1 Conclusion 42
Bibliography 43

Daffodil International University

1.1 Introduction of the study:

Agrani Bank Ltd. (ABL) is a Bangladesh based financial institution that provides banking
services. The services include personal and business banking, loans, credit cards, online
banking and money transfer services. The bank operates in Bangladesh, where it is head
quarter in Dhaka. With its firm commitment to the economic development of the country, the
Bank has already made a distinct mark in the area of Private Sector Banking through
personalized service, innovative practices, dynamic approach and efficient Management. The
Bank, aiming to play a leading role in the economic activities of the country, is firmly
engaged in the development of trade, commerce and industry thorough a creative credit
policy. ABL Sponsored by some dynamic and reputed entrepreneurs and eminent
industrialists of the country and also participated by the Government.

1.2 Origin of the study:

The title of the study is General Banking Activities of Agrani Bank Limited originated
from the fulfilment of the BBA program under Daffodil international university. For the
internship program, each student is attached with an organization. I have worked under the
department of General Banking of Agrani Bank Ltd limited (Banani) from 27th January,
2017 to 27th April 2017 and prepared this study under the supervision of Professor Dr.
Ahmed Fakhrul Aalam, Faculty of business & economics Daffodil international university.

1.3 Significance of the study:

Knowledge and learning become perfect when it is associated with theory and practice. This
Internship Report is an important partial requirement of four year BBA graduation program.
As the parties; educational institution and the organization substantially benefit from such a
program, it seems a win-win situation. Thats why practical orientation is a positive
development in professional area. Recognizing the importance of practical experience,
Department Business Administration of DIU has introduced a three months practical
exposure as a part of the curriculum of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program.
In such state of affairs the present aiming at analyzing the experience of practical orientation
related to an appraisal of Agrani Bank Ltd limited.

Daffodil International University

1.4 Objectives of the study:The Main objective of this study was to evaluate
the general banking Activities of Agrani bank Limited, Banani Branch. TO
attain this objective , the following Specific objectives Were Developed:

To describe General Banking Activities of Agrani Bank Limited.

To identify the problems related to General Banking Activities of Agrani Bank
Limited Bannani Branch.
To make some recommendations on the basis of findings.

1.5 Scope of the Study:

This study will cover General Banking Activities of Agrani Bank Limited. It will give a wide
view of the different stages of General Banking operational procedure of Agrani Bank
Limited, starting from the Import, Export and Remittance with total General Banking

1.6 Methodology of the study:

Nature of the study: The study is descriptive in nature. The study mainly describes the
process that is followed by the Agrani Bank Limited.

Data sources: There are two types of data used to prepare this study. They are primary
sources of data and secondary sources of data. No structured questionnaire is used to prepare
this study.

a. Primary Sources of Data:

b. Secondary Sources of Data:
Annual Study of Agrani Bank Limited;
Periodicals published by the Bangladesh Bank;
Different publications regarding General Banking operation;
From Newspapers and Internet.
Different Official Records of Agrani Bank Limited.

Daffodil International University

1.7 Limitations of the study:
Despite all out co-ordination from the bank officials, I faced some limitations. The main
problem I faced in preparing the paper was the inadequacy and lack of availability of required
data. This study is an overall view of General Banking Activities of Agrani Bank Limited.
But there is some limitation for preparing this study. These barriers, which hinder my work,
are as follows:

Difficulty in accessing latest data of internal operations.

Another limitation of this study is Banks policy is not to disclose some data and
information for obvious reason, which could be very much useful.

Lack of confidential information regarding Import System.

Lack of experience on preparing these types of study.

Time constraints to prepare this study.

With all of this limitation I tried my best to make this study as best as possible. So readers are
requested to consider these limitations while reading and justifying any part of my study.

Daffodil International University

2.1 Background of the Agrani Bank Ltd:
Agrani Bank is a state-owned commercial bank of Bangladesh established in 1972. It
headquarter is situated at Motijheel in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. It started
functioning as nationalized commercial bank taking over assets and liabilities of the erstwhile
Habib Bank ltd and commerce Bank ltd. function in the East Pakistan. It has been privatized
on 15th November 2007 and emerged as Agrani Bank Limited (ABL) taking over assets,
liability and goodwill of Agrani Bank. The authorized capital of the Bank is Tk. 800 crore.
Agrani Bank Limited, a leading commercial bank with 867 outlets strategically located in
almost all the commercial areas throughout Bangladesh, overseas Exchange Houses and
hundreds of overseas Correspondents, came into being as a Public Limited Company on May
17, 2007 with a view to take over the business, assets, liabilities, rights and obligations of the
Agrani Bank which emerged as a nationalized commercial bank in 1972 immediately after
the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent state. Agrani Bank Limited started
functioning as a going concern basis through a Vendors Agreement signed between the
ministry of finance, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh on behalf of the
former Agrani Bank and the Board of Directors of Agrani Bank Limited on November 15,
2007 with retrospective effect from 01 July, 2007.
Agrani Bank Limited is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 13(thirteen) members
headed by a chairman. The Bank is headed by the Managing Director & Chief Executive
Officer; Managing Director is assisted by Deputy Managing Directors and General Managers.
The bank has 10 Circle offices, 30 Divisions in head office, 53 zonal offices and 868
branches including 27 corporate and 40 AD( authorized dealer) branches.

2.2 Objective of Agrani Bank Ltd:

To facilitate and handle all kinds of commercial banking services to its
customer authorized by Bangladesh Bank
To handle the export and import trade of Bangladesh
To take part in inter Agrani Banking etc

The Bank renders commercial banking services to all types of customers. The range of
services offered by the Bank includes- accepting deposit, making loans and advances,
discounting bills, conducting domestic and international money transfers, carrying out foreign
Exchange transactions in addition to international money transfers, and offering other
customer services such as safe keeping, collections and issuing guarantees, acceptances and

Daffodil International University

letters of credit. Core business of the Bank includes- deposit mobilization and lending
activities comprising short- term, long- term, import and export financing. Financing
activities are extended to different sectors of the economy that could be grouped in to several
sectors including Rural & agriculture, Garments & Textiles, Jute, Cement & Bricks, Tannery,
Steel & Engineering, Food & Beverage, Chemical & Pharmaceuticals, Printing & Packing,
Glass & Ceramics and Miscellaneous.

2.3 Mission of ABL:

Provide excellent quality customer services

Provide expert workers and professionalism
Maintenance of business ethics
Become trusted: repository (place where things are stored) of customers money and
their financial advisor
Sound capital base
ABL mission is to provide Banking services to their valued clientele with utmost
proficiency and sincerity reinforced by an efficient workforce and the latest state of

2.4 Vision of ABL:

By assuring satisfaction to the customers, through a proper training of its most selected group
of employees, it plans to pursue its mission. Also it plans to accomplish its mission through
the constant innovation of its product line and establishing constant network with prospective
corporate client.

2.5 Milestone of ABL:

Type: Public Limited Company
Industry: Banking Financial services
Founded: March 26, 1972
Headquarters: Dilkusha commercial area, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Daffodil International University

Area served: Bangladesh
Key people: Dr. Khondoker Bazlul Hoque {Chairman)
Products: Finance and Insurance
Consumer Banking
Corporate Banking
Investment Banking
Net income: Tk 264.6 crore (US$ 38.35 million) 2011
Employees: 14,269

2.6 Commitments of Agrani Bank Ltd:

In Carrying Ourselves at Work:
Honesty & Integrity
In Serving the Bank:
Total commitment & dedication
Excellence through teamwork
In Serving Customers:
Customer first
Quality focus
Credibility & secrecy

Daffodil International University

2.7 Organizational Organ Gram of ABL:

Daffodil International University

2.8 Board of Directors:
Board of Directors of Agrani Bank Ltd (ABL) is given below.

Dr. Zaid Bakht

Mr.Gokul Chand Das Mrs.Sangita Ahmed Mr. Shameem Ahsan
Director Director Director
Mrs. Hasina Newaaz Dr. Nitai Chandra Nag Mr.Md.Ashiqul Hoque
Director Director Director
Mr. Kashem Humayun Md. Ansar Ali Khan Mr. Mohammad Shams-Ul Islam
Director Director Managing Director & CEO

2.9 Products and Services of ABL:

2.9.1 Deposits:
Accounts & Deposits

Savings Deposits
Fixed Deposit Receipt(FDR)
Savings Bank Account (SBA) - Savings Bank Account can be opened in any branch of
Agrani Bank by any Bangladeshi citizen in the name of an individual or a group of
individuals which can be operated singly or jointly:
Fixed deposit- Fixed Deposit Account
Opening a Fixed Deposit Account for different terms with any Branch of Agrani Bank is very
simple. Any individual or a group of individuals can step in to any Branch of Agrani Bank,
fills out a prescribed form, hand out over the counter cash or easily cashable instrument of
any amount and leave the Branch with a Fixed Deposit Receipt
Daffodil International University

*Agrani Bank Pension Sanchay scheme.
* Agrani Bank Bishesh Sanchay scheme.

2.9.2 Loan Scheme:

Term Loan The Bank takes collateral against giving any Term Loan to a firm. Bank prefer
short- term loan (like- current assets, accounts receivable and inventory) which can be
transferred in to cash much sooner than fixes assets.

Loan (General) Bank does not take any collateral. For a specific purpose this short period
loans are taken. Only a note is used by the Bank which is signed by the borrower where states
the conditions and length of taking this loan including interest rate.

Secured Overdraft (SOD) In it, Bank takes security of customers FDR or balance in DPS/
SDPS/ MDS/ SDS/ EDS A/Cs are marked as lien.

Transport Loan To buy any type of transport, the borrower apply for this loan. Here, the
collateral is only that transport which the borrower will buy by this Transport Loan.

House Building Loan For giving this house loan the Banks takes collateral of that houses
land and building.
Payment against Document (PAD) Suppose customers documents are alright but importer
is willing to retire the documents - In this case, Bank is obligated to pay price of exported
goods. Since importer did not pay for bill of exchange, this payment by bank is one kind of
credit to the importer and this credit in banking is known as PAD.
Loan against Imported Merchandise (LIM) - Everything is O.K. but importer fails to clear
goods from the port and request bank to clear - In this case, Banks clear the goods and takes
delivery like same, by paying customs duty and sales tax etc. So, this expenditure is debited
to the importers account and in banking it is called LIM.

Loan against Trust Receipts (LTR) Advance (Loan) against a Trust Receipt obtained from
the Customers, which are allowed only to the first class tested parties. When the documents
are covering an import shipment or other goods pledged to the Bank as security are given
without payment. However, for such advances prior permission/sanction from Head Office
must be obtained. The customer holds the goods or their sale-proceeds in trust for the Bank,
till such time, the loan allowed against the Trust Receipts is fully paid off.

Daffodil International University

Consumer Finance Scheme There are branches and finance centers under this division
which have qualitative workforce of employees. Some of the services provided by this
division are unsecured personal loans, credit cards, and vehicle related lease etc.

Hire-Purchase Scheme As Bank make their own investment in Government securities

(like- Government treasury bills, prize bonds, Bangladesh Bank bills, special treasury bonds
& reverse repo) and in other investment which sometime borrower wants to hire as a loan
from the Bank. That is why this loan is known as hire of Banks purchase scheme.

2.9.3 Services:

ATM Banking - Agrani Bank Ltd. has implemented successfully Automated Teller Machine
(ATM) /DEBIT card transaction from June 25, 2008. Through Automated Teller Machine
(ATM) /Debit card, customer can avail the facilities like withdrawal money, balance inquiry
and purchase goods.

SMS Banking - Agrani Bank Ltd. has officially launched SMS banking service from
December 17, 2008.

Lockers - For safekeeping of customer's valuables like important documents and goods like
jewelries and gold ornaments, ABL Locker Service is available in most of the Branches in
urban areas. Their nature of service is like custody of locker/ safe and nature of charge is like

Education Remittance Students who are desirous (wishing or wanting) to study abroad for
them this Bank is giving education remittance service. In this service, this Bank assures their
remittance of funds in abroad for study.

2.10 Core Values:

ABLs core values consist of 6 elements. These values bind our people together with an
emphasis that our people are essential to everything being done in the Bank.

Daffodil International University

ABL protects and safeguards all customer information.
ABL treats everyone in an equitable and consistent manner.
ABL creates an environment, which earns and maintains customer trust.

Open Communication:
ABL builds customer relationships based on integrity and respect.
ABL offers a full line of products and excellent service.
ABL is committed to the prosperity of the customers and shareholders.

Performance Driven:
In ABL, customers and employees are judged in terms of their performance.

Continuous Self Improvement:

Continuous learning, self- challenge and make ways for self improvement of
workforce at ABL.

ABL offers hassle free better service timely.
ABL builds-up assets in the portfolio.

Interaction, open communication, and maintaining a positive attitude reflect ABLs
commitment to a supportive environment based on teamwork.

Daffodil International University

2.11 Credit management:
ABL has already adopted the Credit risk management Guidelines issued by the Bangladesh
Bank for improving the risk management culture, establishing minimum standards for
segregation of duties and responsibilities, and promoting the ongoing process for
improvement of the Banking Sector in Bangladesh in the context of globalization. This puts
in place a robust process for proactive management of loan portfolios in order to minimize
Loss and enhance return to shareholders. The Bank has introduced credit policy guidelines
for CRM.

2.12 Human Resources Division:

In ABL has a separate Human Resources Division (HRD) to manage the employee policies
and practices. In 2011 total human resources strength of ABL was 14,209. Bank follows a
standardized human resources policy. The Bank has defined HR policies including
recruitment, training & development, promotion, leave, transfer, and disciplinary action
policy. Usually internal recruitment procedures are considered to fill up the mid and top
management positions, while entry-level positions are filled with regularly through
competitive recruitment exams. The Bank established fully equipped training centre.

2.13 Corporate Governance:

To assess Banks corporate governance practices CRAB evaluates the quality of financial
studying and disclosures, strength of internal control system and internal audit function;
induction of professionally competent, independent non-executive directors on corporate
Board, formation of audit committee; delegation of power to executives and staff; protection
of shareholder rights etc. ABL has addressed most of the issues of corporate governance for
strengthening organizational strength. But the Bank has not yet appointed independent
director which is required by SEC.

2.14 Major Achievements in 2015:

1. Capital Surplus increased to Tk. 73 crore in 2013 from deficit of Tk. 67 crore in 2015.
2. Classified Loan reduced to Tk. 2,374 crore in 2010 from Tk. 2,549 crore in 2015.
3. Paid-up capital increased to Tk. 497 crore in 2010 from Tk. 248 crore in 2015.

Daffodil International University

3000 2549
1000 497
500 73 67
Capital Surplus Classified Loan Paid up Capital

4. Net Interest Margin (NIM) improved by 0.31% in 2013 to 0.37% in 2015.

5. Capital Adequacy Ratio increased from 9.16% in 2013 to 10.80% in 2015.
6. Liquidity ratios increased significantly. Current ratio increased from 0.51% in 2014 to
1.36% in 2015.


0.31% 0.37% 0.51% 1.36%
Net Capital Liquidity
Interest Adequacy Ratio
Marjin Ratio

2.15 SWOT Analysis of Agrani Bank Ltd:

A state owned schedule Bank in the country.

Interest rate is too much low compare to other commercial Bank.

Staffs are very much cordial and always dedicated to clients as well as organization.

A short listed of customer as because no congestion in Dispatch.

Reputation and Goodwill within the Banking sector.

Daffodil International University

Lack of technological know-how among the staff.

Lack of technological resources compare to some other modern banks.

Lack of customer attraction products for customers.

Lack of marketing strategy to attract customer.

Lack of training and motivation to the employees.

Increasing the number of Branches in the country.

Potential market for Modern banking services.

Small Industries are increasing.

Online Banking.

Globalization effect

Other Commercial Banks are offering higher salaries to the employees that may
create problem for Agrani Bank Ltd.

Intense competition in the market lot of private commercial banks, foreign banks and
multi Agrani Banks pose significant threats of Agrani Bank Ltd.

Lack of appeal to younger, student potential customers.

Political instability in the country.

Daffodil International University

3.1 Introduction:

Out of three major sections General Banking is important one. General banking is the heart of
total banking system. Through this section bank has to receive and disburse money, to
develop banker customer relationship by opening different types of account and providing
prompt services to the customers. This department collects money from the depositor and
uses these deposits to earn profit.

3.2 Functions of General Banking:

The functions of general banking department of Agrani Bank Ltd. are as follows:

1. Maintenance of Deposit A/Cs:

Saving accounts./ Current accounts./cash credit deposits/Fixed deposits/short term

deposits/margin deposits/Bond deposits/F.C. Bond deposits.

2. Receipts & payment of cash.

3. Handling transfer transactions.

4. Operations of clearing house.

5. Maintenance of accounts with Bangladesh Bank & other banks.

6. Collection of Cheques & Bills.

7. Issue and payment of Demand Drafts, Telegraphic Transfers and payment orders.

8. Executing customers standing Instructions.

9. Maintenance of safe Deposit Lockers.

10. Maintenance of Internal Accounts of the banks.

11. Studying to head office about daily position.

12. Saving all transaction record in computer.

13. Closing and transfer of different types of accounts.

Daffodil International University

3.3 Sections of General Banking:

During my practical orientation in Agrani Bank Ltd, Bannani Branch, Dhaka, it came to the
observation that general banking section is divided with the following areas.

These are:

Account opening section

Deposit section
Remittance section
Bills and clearing section
Cash section
Mail receive and dispatch section

Accounts Section
3.3.1 Account Opening Section:

One of the vital sections under general Banking is the account opening section. Banker
customer relationship begins through this section. Various tasks are performed in this section.
Such as:

Opening of different types of account.

Issue of checkbook.
Transfer and closing of account.
Enquiry of account.

Procedure for opening an account:

Major information's are essential for identification of the account holders individually so that
Banker can discharge his obligations to everyone correctly and to the extent due. Following
are the customer must complete the formalities:

Application on the prescribed form

Furnishing photographs (2 copies)
Introduction by an account holder
Recording of specimen signature in the specimen card.
Mention nominee on the prescribed form.
Furnishing nominee's photograph (one copy)

Daffodil International University

Classification of account:

Saving Account (SB).

Current Account (CD).
Short Term Deposit (STD).
Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR).
Monthly Savings Scheme (MSS).

Opening various type of account:

A. Individual/Joint:

Two copies of photograph of the Account holder(s) person(s) who will operate the

B. Proprietorship Firm:
Two copies of photograph of the Account holder (s) person(s) who will operate the
Certified copy of Valid Trade License.
Seal must be used.

C. Partnership Firm:
Two copies of photograph of the Account holder(s) person(s) who will operate the
Certified copy of Valid Trade License.
Certified copy of Partnership Deed duly signed by all the Partners.
Partnership Account Agreement (Draft enclosed)

D. Limited Company:
Two copies photograph of the Account holder(s) / person(s) who will operate the account.
Certified copy of the Memorandum & Articles of Association.
Certified copy of certified or incorporation.
Certified copy of Certified of Commencement of Business (in case of operation of the
Accounts (Draft enclosed)

E. Club/ Society/ School/ College etc:

Two copies of photograph of the Account holder(s)/ person(s)who will operate tile
Certified copy of the Memorandum & Articles of Association.
Certified copy of byelaws & Regulations/ Constitution.
Certified copy of Resolution for operation & operation of the Account.
Up-to date List of office Bearers / Governing Body/Managing Committee.

F. Trust:
Two copies of photograph of the Account holder (s) person (s) who will, operation the

Up-to date List of Members of the Trustee Board.

Daffodil International University

Certified copy of Deed of Trust.

G. Foreigner Currency Account (For Bangladeshi Wage Earners):

Photocopy of tile first 07 (seven) papers of valid passport.

Photocopy of Employment contract/ Appointment Letter/ Work Permit.
Two copies of passport size photograph of each Account holder and nominee attested.
Note. Account Holder's Photograph shall be attested by introducer if any or by dealing
officer; Account holder shall attested photograph of Nominee. If Account intended to be
opened from abroad all original papers/ document shall be attested by Bangladesh embassy
except the photograph of Nominee which to the attested by the account Holder himself.

H. Foreigner Currency AIC (For Foreign National/ Company / Firm):

Two copies of photograph of the Account holder for individual and operation of
account holder.
Copies of relevant pages of the passport duly attested by Dealing officer for
individual and operators of the Account Holder.
Copy of set-vice contract/ appointment letter/work permit, if any for individual.
Copies of the Registration in Bangladesh with Board of investment /Bangladesh Bank
Foreign Joint Venture Firm.
Copies of the Memorandum of association. Articles of association, laws, Byelaws,
etc. Or Joint Venture Agreement for Joint Venture Company/Foreign Company.
In case of partnership copy of the Partnership Deed duly attested.


1. Introducer must.

2. All Original Documents shall be verified by Dealing Officer.

3.3.2 Deposit:

Meaning of Deposit:

Deposit is the main part of Bank deposit. It is impossible to imagine a commercial Bank
without deposit. It is desirable for every Bank to collect enough deposit, safety of
deposit and free flow of deposit. The money which is collected by a bank from surplus
unit money through different account is called deposit. It is noticeable that at once time
current deposit is higher than fixed deposit, But with the passes of time this trend not
only in Bangladesh but also all over the world is changing and fixed deposit is playing
an important role in supplying Bank fund.

Objectives of Bank Deposit:

Bank mainly collects deposit from depositor for collection its fund. Besides these, there
are some other reasons for mobilizing deposit.

Daffodil International University

1. Collection of Bank fund: Commercial Bank mobilizes deposit and gives loan to
the people. Providing loan, Bank gets interest from the debtor on the other hand
to increase such income, Bank provides some interest to the depositor for
attracting enough deposit

2. Ensure productive investment of the scattered songs of the clients: It is seen

that about every man has some savings. Banks combines this scattered savings
and contributes in the development of the country.

3. Extending the scope of the loan: The bank extend the scope of the loan by
mobilizing deposit. Sometimes bank gives such opportunity that the depositors
deposit which amount, double of that amount is given to the deposition as loan.

4. Fulfilling the excess need for money: By mobilizing deposit Bank provides
overdraft and advances to the client.

5. Social participation: Bank performs various social activities in favor of clients

and institutions.

3.4 Deposit Products of Agrani Bank Ltd:

There are variations in the needs and demand of the people. It is almost impossible for banks
to satisfy all these divers demands with a single type of account. Thats why banks generally
offer the following types of accounts to satisfy customers demand-

Current Deposits Accounts

Savings Deposits Accounts
Short Term Deposit
Term Deposit
Fixed Deposit
Foreign Currency Deposit
Monthly Savings Scheme
Agrani Bank Ltd Sanchaya (Savings) Pension

3.5 Current Deposit:

Current account is an active account at a bank into which deposits can be paid and from
which withdrawals can be made by cheque. It is a running account which may be operated
Daffodil International University

upon any number of times during a working day. Generally Business men operate this
account and can deposit or withdraw money at any time. It doesnt pay any interest to the

o It does not allow any interest on this account

o Opening Amount/ Initial Deposit Tk. 500
o Service Charge (yearly) Tk. 100
o Minimum Balance Requirement Tk. 500
o Current a/c may be individual, joint/ partnership or can be formed any name. It
provides overdraft facility.
o It also provides facilities like collection of checks, transfer of money, rendering
agency and general utility services.

3.6 Savings Deposit:

Saving accounts is a bank account into which personal savings are paid. It is designed for the
investment of personal savings. The savings accounts are usually operated by lower and
middle class people so as to m Number of withdrawals over a period of time is limited. The
withdrawing amount is not to exceed 25% of the total balance.

o This A/C mainly open a person name

o Initial deposit requires to open a savings account is TK.200.
o Minimum balance of TK. 200 should maintain in this account.
o Interest rate is 3.00%
o One cannot withdraw money not more than two times in a week.
o To withdraw more than Tk 20000 seven days notice is required.
o Service charge is not fixed.


Customer can not withdraws money more than twice in a week. If customers draw money
more then 25% of the balance at a time then no interest is given for that n month. If interest
accrued less than TK. 200/- for six month then no interest is given to customer.

Fixed Deposit:

Fixed deposit accounts are called prime liabilities of a banker, the money is payable in the
expiry of a fixed period of time. The expiry time is predetermined by the customer himself. It
is specified by the

Daffodil International University

In this category are included the deposit with the bank for a fixed period which is specified at
the time of making the deposit. Such deposits are therefore called fixed deposits or term

A fixed deposit is repayable on the expiry of a specified period, chosen by the depositor to
suit his purpose and to enable him to get back money as and when he needs it. The fixed
deposit may be made for 3,6,12,24 or 36 months. As the date of repayment of fixed deposit is
determined in advance. The banker need not keep more cash reserves against it and can
utilize such amount more profitably. The banker therefore offers higher rate of interest on
such deposits the depositor parts with liquidity for a definite period. Fixed deposits have
grown in importance and popularity in our country during recent years. When a matured
FDR is withdrawn, the principle amount along with the interest amount (deducting 10% tax
from the total) is paid to the client.

Fixed Deposit Interest Rate

3Month to less then 6 Month
6Monthto Less then 12 Month 4.75%

12 Month to Less then 24 Month 5.00%

2 Years And Above 5.00 %

Prime Rate: (Applicable only for Govt. Org)

6Month to Less then 12 4.50+Prime rate (PR)

Above (12 Month) General rate+PR

Minimum TK. 5,000 require to open a fixed deposit account. Service charge TK. 200 realized
half yearly on customers account.

3.7 Agrani Bank Ltd Deposit Scheme (ABS):

Special advantage with this scheme is that after the scheduled period the client can withdraw
the full amount or can draw pension on monthly basis. Besides the client can open account in
his name in any branch.

Procedure for operation of Agrani Bank Ltd Deposit Scheme (ABS) :

The applicant should be of minimum 18 years age and Bangladeshi national.

The account holder can appoint one or more nominees.

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On the death of the account holder his / her nominee can withdraw the whole amount
of money.
The account holder can change or cancel his nominee through a written notice.
On the death of the account holder, the nominees will be entitled to withdraw the
deposit according to the instruction of the account holder.
The account becomes inoperable on the death of the account holder.
The account under this scheme should be opened within the 10th day of any month
against deposit of the first instalment in cash.
Monthly instalment: TK.1000,2000,3000, 4000,5000, 6000,7000, 8000, 9000, 10000
Tenure: 5 & 10 Years.
The monthly instalment must be paid by the 10th day of every month. In case of delay
a fine @TK. 2 per day of defaulted instalment will be charged and the fine must be
paid with the instalment.

Features of the Agrani Bank Ltd Deposit Scheme (ABS):

Monthly Installment Quantum Money of the end of 5 years Money at the

TK. TK. end of 10 years

1000 73448 191196

2000 146896 382392

3000 220344 573588

4000 293792 764784

5000 367240 955980

6000 440688 1147176

7000 514136 1338372

8000 567584 1529568

9000 661032 1720764

10000 734480 1911960

Total Amount=Principal amount+Interest+Bonus amount

The money will be paid out on maturity according to the table above, but Tax / Duty and
other charges may be adjusted from the amount in the account.

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Documents to be obtained for different types of account:
When anyone comes to open an account he has to submit some documents to the banker.
Different types of document needs for different customer. Some common documents require
for all types of account are:

Introduction recommendation.
Specimen signature card.
Account opening agreement form.
Two copies of Photograph of account holder and two copies of nominee (if any).
The stage of deposit processing is shown with the figure.

Daffodil International University

3.8 Steps of Deposit Processing:

1. New Account Section:

At the preliminary stage of opening account, this department guise the idea of types
of account and the account which is profitable and suitable for him- According to
the appropriate account of deposition, this department provide application form with
necessary papers.

2. Acceptance of necessary Application, Photograph and Documents:

Fill-up application form with necessary documents, signature card and photographs
are collected properly from the depositor.

3. Checking Department:

This department justify the errors and whether any false, information is provided.

4. Permission of Manager:

After checking, if the documents are right, then they are sent to the manager. The
manager guise permission to open the accounts by checking documents.

5. Deposit Primary Money:

A minimum amount of money has to be deposited to open a new account. In case of

savings account, this amount is Tk 500 and incase of current account, this amount is
Tk. 1000.

6. Data Entry:

While opening a new account, against the account and name, an account number is
provided to the depositor.

7. Delivered Cheque book, pass-book and Deposit Receipt:

Necessary cheque book, pass book, deposit receipt are provided to the depositor to
record next transaction.

8. Book keeping: Book keeping is done for every deposit account. A page of ledger is
allotted for every account where every transaction of depositor is recorded.

9. Depositors statement: The statement of transaction is provided to the depositor.

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Interest Rate for Different Types of Deposit:

S.L. Description of the Deposits Interest Rate


1 Savings Deposit (SB)

I. City Area 3.00%

II. Rural Area 3.50%

III. From Foreign Remittance 4.00%

2 Short term deposit (STD) 3.50%

3 Fixed Deposit (FDR)

i. 3 months to 6 months 4.50%

ii. 6 months to 1 years 4.75%

iii. 1 years to 2 years 5.00%

iv. 2 years to 3 years 5.00%

Accounts Maintenance Charge:

Scopes Charge

CD opening cha. (individual) 50

CD opening cha. (organization) 150

CD closing cha. (individual) 300

CD closing cha. (organization) 150

SB opening cha. 50

SB closing cha. 200

DPS/JBSPS closing before 100

Maturity cha

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3.9 Factors Determining The Level of Deposit:

The position of a bank or branch is indicated on the basis of amount of deposit. On the
basis of deposit collection, the bank one categorized at A, B or C category.

Private commercial bank attracts depositor by applying different technique. They recruit
more qualified and innovative employees by providing more facilities. These employees
apply different strategy to attract deposit.

3.10 Deposit Mix :

Deposit mix refers to the different types of deposit. It would be mainly three types.
They are

1. Ownership mix of deposit.

2. Types of Deposit mix

3. Size mix of deposits of

Daffodil International University

Deposit mix

Ownership Types Size

-Personal enterprise Savings Upto Tk 10 lac

-Industry Current 10 to 50 lac


The bank mobilized total deposit of Tk 16628 crore as on of 31st December, 2009
compared to Tk 14681 crore in 2008 resulting in a deposit growth of 13.26%. The
deposit mix of the bank is shown bellow:

3.11 Five Years Deposit of Agrani Bank Ltd:


2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

3.12 Islamic Banking:

Islamic banking, in contrast to conventional banking, involves the provision of financial

products and services by institutions offering Islamic financial services for Shariah approved
underlying transactions and economic activities, based on contracts that comply with Islamic
Shariah laws.

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To provide shariah based banking services to the valued clients, Agrani Bank Limited has
launched islami banking facility. Agrani Bank Limited is the first state-owned Commercial
Bank in Bangladesh to introduce Shariah Based Islamic Banking System. In Agrani Bank
Limited, Islamic Banking system has been operating under 'Islamic Banking Unit' since
February 28, 2010 through 5 Islamic Banking Windows. Overall business performance of
Islami Banking Unit is increasing in all areas.

A highly qualified and skilled Shariah Supervisory Committee is formed with renowned
Professors of Dhaka University and scholars of Islami Shahiah and Banking. This committee
is chaired by Prof. Moulana Mohammad Salahuddin, Khatib of the National Mosque Baitul

Islamic Banking Activities:

Collection of Deposit.
Fund Transfer.
Foreign Remittance.

3.12.1 Islamic Banking Deposit Products:

Islamic Banking Windows collect deposits on two basic principles:

a) Al-Wadiah Account.
b) Mudaraba Account.

a) Al-Wadiah Account:

Al-Wadiah is the contract of giving total security of money of the depositors. In this regard,
depositors will not participate or take any risk of business with the bank. Depositors hold the
right to withdraw his or her money at any banking time. Depositors do not get profit from
bank. Bank can deduct service charge from the account for maintaining and securing the

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b) Mudaraba Account:

Mudaraba is a share based business system. Two parties involve in the contract where one
party invests all the capital (owner of capital or Shahib-Al-Mal) and other uses his or her
knowledge, experience, ability, skill and labor to run the business (Manager of Capital or

Different Types of Deposit Account & their provisional profit rate :

Sl. Deposit Provisional Rate of Profit

1. Al-wadeah current account -
2. Mudaraba savings account 4.00%
3. Mudaraba special notice deposit(msnd) 3.50%
4. Mudaraba term deposit account
(A) 1 Month. 3.50%
(B) 3 Months. 5.50%
(C) 6 Months. 5.75%
(D) 1 Year and above. 6.25%
5. Mudaraba special pension scheme
(a) 5 Years 8.25%
(b) 10 Years 9.50%
6. Mudaraba hajj deposit scheme
(a) 1 Year to 10 years 10.00%
(b) 11 Years to 25 years 11.00%
7. Mudaraba mohor savings deposit
(a) 5 Years 9.00%
(b) 10 Years 10.00%
8. Mudaraba monthly profit paying scheme
(a) 3 Years 8.00%
(a) 5 Years 8.50%
9. Mudaraba marriage savings scheme 9.00%
10. Mudaraba education savings deposit 9.00%
11. Mudaraba housing deposit scheme 9.00%
12. Mudaraba cash waqf deposit scheme 11.00%
13 Mudaraba Probashikalyan Savings Scheme 10.00%

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3.13 Clearing and Transferring:

Clearing Department plays a vital role in General Banking. This department receives
cheques, DD, P.O. etc from depositors attached with a deposit slip. Then these instruments
are posted in the Computer. After posting those instruments, are segmented bank wise.
Branches of ABL with in Dhaka sent instruments to the local branch for collection. Then the
authorized officer of the local branch accumulates all information and the instruments
(including the local branch) are segmented bank wise. All instruments are now ready for
collection at the 1st clearing house. There are two types of House:

1st Clearing House and

Same-day clearing House

3.14 Conditions For Same-Day Clearing:

The Instruments value must be over Tk.5 lac
The respective branch of the bank must be with in 2 K.M of Bangladesh Bank.

Outward clearing:

All cheques, demand drafts and other credit instruments tendered for the credit of customers
account will be delivered by the depositor at the clearing counter. Any deposits received by
post will also be sent over to the clearing counter. The counter officer shall at the time of
receipt examine such deposits carefully to ensure that:

1. The name of the account is very clearly written on the Deposit slips.
2. The particulars of deposits such as cheque numbers, names of bank etc. are properly
entered on the deposit slip.
3. The depositor has signed the Deposit Slip.
4. On item deposited payees discharge and the chain of endorsement, are in order.
I. All cheques and other instruments will be crossed immediately on receipt with the
banks special crossing stamp. Items intended/selected for the next days clearinghouse
will be branded with the bank's clearing stamp with date. If the deposits are made at a
time when it is too late for these to be presented to drawee banks the same days the
stamp "Too late for todays clearing" will be affixed on the counter foil.
II. All clearing items will first be sorted out bank-wise and then entered in a computer
printed slip prescribed for the purpose. These Schedules/Slips are in fact list of
cheques etc. delivered by Agrani Bank Ltd to other banks through the clearing House.
III. All these slips are summarized in a bigger computer print out which reflects in details
the instruments etc. presented by the bank to Clearing House and contains the names

Daffodil International University

and account number to which the credits will be posted. These sheets serve the
purpose of a Clearing House Register.
IV. Bank also prepare, another summery sheet (Validation Sheet) from computer which
contain the total a number of cheques etc. delivered to different banks in the Clearing
House and cheques received from different banks with correct total of amount.
V. The Credit vouchers should then be released for posting in the computer. It will be the
responsibility of Deposit Department, however, not to allow any drawings against
such items before the fate is definitely known. Reversal entries for any clearing item
returned unpaid should invariably be made by a separate debit voucher.
VI. All clearing item will be passed through the bank's Local Office/Main Branch's
Account with Bangladesh Bank.
VII. Entries to be passed by Local office/ Main Branch.
VIII. Local Office/ Main Branch shall respond the IBDA to the debit of their account with
Bangladesh Bank in a consolidated manner.
IX. In case of return of cheques unpaid in the Clearing House, Local Office /Main Branch
shall issue IBDA on the branch which lodged the cheques in clearing to reconcile the
X. All IBDAs originated in connection with Clearing House shall invariably be
responded on the same day and under no circumstances shall be kept pending.

3.15 Inward Clearing:

I. Local Office/Main Branch shall receive cheques etc drawn on Agrani Bank Ltd
branches from the Clearing House. On receipt of the cheque etc. they shall segregate
the same branch-wise and issue IBDA on branches against total amount of cheque etc.
and shall arrange delivery of the IBDA together with the cheques etc. within Clearing
House time schedule.
II. Branches shall send the cheques dishonored by them supported by IBDA issued on
Local Office/Main Branch, within Clearing House time schedule for enabling Local
Office/ Main Branch to return these instruments in the 2nd Clearing House (Return
Who will deposit Cheque for Clearing:

Only the regular customers i.e. who have Savings, Current, STD & Loan Account in the
bank can deposit Cheque for collection of fund through clearing house.

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Precaution at the time of Cheque receiving for Clearing, Collection of LBC, OBC &

1. Name of the account holder same in the Cheque & deposit slip.
2. Amount in the Cheque & deposit slip must be same in words & in figure
3. Date in the Cheque may be on or before (but not more than six months
4. Bank clearing house date.
5. Bank & Branch name of the Cheque, its number & date in the Deposit slip.
6. Cheque must be signed.
7. Signature for confirmation of date, amount in words / in figure Cutting &
8. Mutilation of Cheque.
9. Cheque should be crossed (not for bearer Cheque).
10. Account number in the deposit slip must be clear.
11. Depositors signature in the deposit slip.

3.16 Transfer Delivery:

All such instruments drawn on easily accessible local Branches of ABL (say within Dhaka
city) and deposited for credit of customer's account shall be treated as "Transfer Delivery".

Agrani Bank Ltd is yet to introduce transfer delivery system of collection amongst its
branches in Dhaka. Till such time the branches shall continue to collect proceeds through
outward bills for collection procedure as laid down in bills chapter.

3.17 Cash Section:

Money deposited in cash by the constituents at the cash counter of the Bank excluding that of
government transaction is known as Bank Receipt (Cash). Different types of forms are used
for cash deposits for different types of accounts. Particulars of some forms are furnished

Current or Savings account pay in slip

Application for fixed deposit receipt
Credit voucher
Draft or mail transfer application form
T.T. Pay order application form Call deposit application form
Demand loan pays in slip.

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First Step:

The depositor will fill up the appropriate form properly. The concerned officer working at the
general Banking counter will initial the form relating to the new account.

Second Step:

Receiving the cash and voucher at the cash counter; the cash officer will count cash correctly.
Then the voucher will be branded "Cash Received" seal. Then the assistant cash officer will
write the denomination of the notes and coins in the backside of the voucher. After that, the
assistant officer will sign the voucher.

Third Step:

The cash officer will check up the voucher and -entered the amount in the cash receipt
register and put the scroll number. Then the officer will sign the voucher and send to the
computer department.

Forth Step:

The officer computer department will entry the transaction into the computer and put the
Posted seal and a tracer number on the voucher.

Fifth Step:

At the end of the transaction the cash officer will total the cash receipt book and the total
figure should be tally with scroll maintained by the officer whose scroll will also be totaled.
The physical cash received at the counter must be equal to the total figure of the scroll.

3.18 Cash Payments:

Banks payment includes all kinds of payments excluding those of treasury section. Extreme
precautions must be taken at all levels through, which instruments like cheque, drafts, etc, are
disposed of. All the instruments received at the general Banking counter will be preliminary
checked by the dealing officer who will enter the instruments in the respective ledger. In case
of cheque the following particulars will be scrutinized:

Date (Whether post dated or anti dated)

Amount in word and figure
Crossed or Open
Bearer or Order
Daffodil International University

Style of signature as available in the ledger
Prohibitory order or stop payment of cheques.
The Cash officer will follow the following procedures at the time of payments of
cheques/other instruments over the cash counter.

1. The client will submit the instruments in the computer department first. The computer
officer and cheque passing authorized officer will verify the instrument and posted the
instruments. Then it will be send to the cash counter.

2. After getting the instrument the cash officer will verify the instruments and if necessary the
cash officer can told the clients to sign in the backside of the instruments.

3. Cash officer will record the denomination of notes and coins on the backside of the

4. The officer will enter the cheque in the cash payments register where the denomination of
notes and coins will also be recorded.

5. The cash officer will give the amount to the clients at the cash counter and told the clients
to count it immediately and if needed any quarry.

6. All cheques drafts, debit vouchers etc. must be branded with "Cash Paid" stamp with the
current date.

7. After payment the cash department for the purpose of clean cashbook will send the

8. The head of the cash department is responsible for all debit vouchers being branded with
the cash Paid date stamp immediately they are paid and the manager must supervise him/her
in this matter as any laxity is extremely dangerous.

3.19 Late Payments:

In case of any late payments instruments must be debited in the ledge and passed in the usual
manner. It will be entered in the cash paid sheet in the above manner and cash-book under
authentication of the manger and the cash officer. It must also be noted with late mark under
initial of the manager with date.

Finally all cash receipts and payments will be taken into account to calculate the cash balance
of the branch we may take an example to clarify this.

Daffodil International University

But this is to notify that, at the end of the day of the Bank the amount of the cashbook and the
amount of the computer should be equal. Because currently the whole Banking are doing
through computer. So the clean cash of the cash department and the supplementary of the
computer must be equal.

3.20 Accounts Section:


Accounts division is the nerve center of a bank. As all transactions carried by a bank is being
legalized as far as accounting is concerned. If transactions were not recorded properly there
would be dis-equilibrium in state of the bank. There can be imbalance in the cashbook thus
the whole mechanism will collapse. The regular tasks of department are:

To record all transactions in the cash book.

To prepare daily fund position, weekly position, periodic statement of affairs.
Prepare necessary statements for studying purpose.
To pay all expenditures on behalf of the branch.
Make salary statements and pay salary.
Branch to branch fund remittance and supporting accounting treatment.

3.21 General practices of an Accounts Department:

BASIC maintains slip system of accounting.

Scrutinizing Vouchers:

At the day end all vouchers are sent to the accounts department by the respective department
from where vouchers are originated. On the next day an `activity study is received from
computer department. The activity study is the detail statement of all the transactions carried
by the branch of a particular date. It is the summary of all account position. It also displays
cash, clearing, transfer position, individual deposit account position etc.


Accounts department make provision for different deposit accounts. Provisioning means
keeping the record of expense, which has occurred by non-cash way. This department also
made depreciation of assets that is one kind of non-cash expense

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Statement Prepared in Account Section:

The following weekly/ monthly/ quarterly and half-yearly statements should be submitted to
Central Accounts Division of Head Office

Particulars of Statement Period Last date of submission to


Weekly Position Weekly By every Saturday


S.B.S.1 Monthly 10th next month


Sector Corp. Monthly 10th next month


S.B.S.2 Quarterly 5th next month


Quarterly Statement of Quarterly 7th next month

Scheduled Bank


Statement of Bearer Quarterly 5th next month

Certificate of Deposit


Statement of Deposit Landing Half Yearly 7th next month

and Borrowing


Business Performance study Monthly 1st next month


SLM Statement Monthly 1st next month

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3.22 Debit Card:
Agrani Bank Limited has launched Debit card under Q-cash brand shared ATM network
system maintained by Information Technology Consultants Limited (ITCL). At present more
than 26 banks are the members of this Q-Cash branded shared Network and more than 1200
ATMs are in operation in the network.

Facilities of ATM/DEBIT Card:

Cash transactions.
Balance inquiry.

Annual fee for ATM/DEBIT card

For Customer:

Issue fee is TK.250.00

Renewal fee is TK.250.00
Replacement fee is TK.250.00
PIN reissue fee is TK.200.00

For Bank Personnel:

Issue fee is TK.200.00

Renewal fee is TK.200.00
Replacement fee is TK.200.00
PIN reissue fee is TK.200.00

3.22.1 Online Banking:

Agrani Bank Ltd has offered a broad array of innovative financial service to the customers
specially designed to match the specific requirements of the clients. ABL has already
launched the Online Banking services. ABL has also set up Wide Area Network (WAN)
through radio, fiber optics and other available communication media system to provide any
branch banking to its valuable clients. Under the schemes, the clients of one branch will be
able to do banking transaction at any other branch of the Bank. As all branches are included
through the WAN so there will be no need to make carrying cash.
Daffodil International University

3.22.2 ATM Banking:

Agrani Bank Ltd. (ABL) provides ATM Banking facility against Mudarabah Savings and Al-
Wadiah Current Deposit Account to their valuable clients. ABL is having its own ATM

Daffodil International University

4.1 Findings:
In recent years, the General Banking business of Agrani Bank Ltd is increasing at a faster
rate. As a state owned scheduled bank, Agrani Bank Ltd is playing an important role toward
the growth and economic development of Bangladesh. Agrani Bank Ltd is rendering a stable
support to the national General Bankings business. Although the General Banking business is
increasing day by day there are also some obstacles around it which are as follows positive
and negative findings:


1. ABL provides high quality financial services to strengthen the well-being and success of
individual industries & business communities.

2. The top management of the bank, the key strengths for ABL has contributed heavily
towards the growth and development of the bank. The Top management officials are
enough capable to manage their work so they have a good idea about the current situation.

3. Interest rate is too much low compare to other commercial Bank.

4. Staffs are very much cordial and always dedicated to clients as well as organization.

5. All the staffs give attention to their customers.


1. Insufficient number of ATM booths in Dhaka city which cannot fulfill customer needs.

2. ABL has the absence of online banking which makes ABL lose a segment of customers
who are very busy or business men.

3. ABL has the lack of sufficient number of employees for the account opening task as well
as dispatch related works. So, it takes a bit longer time to finish the job.

4. ABL has the lack of sufficient number of well-experienced employees in GB to satisfy


5. The newly prescribed account opening form is very much informative. It takes about half
an hour to properly fill in the form. When four or five people come at the same time to
account opening purpose, it is very difficult for the relevant officer to provide satisfied
service to the client.

Daffodil International University

6. According to some clients, introducer is one of the problems to open an account. If a
person who is new in the city wants to open account, it is a problem for him/her to
arrange an introducer of SB or CD account holder.

7. Lengthy process of issuing cheque book, Pay order, Bank draft cause. Job responsibilities
are not specified to each and every employee of this division.
8. Insufficient modern sophisticated technology change such as use of new software there
are few staff who are lacking in computer knowledge and are not efficient chough to
finish every task immediately. So, before utilizing new technology proper training should
be arranged.
9. Inadequate skilled manpower in Agrani bank Ltd, because there is lack of proper training
arrangement of employees in the general banking section. For example, most of the new
recruited employees learn their job tasks by observing their senior employee.
10. Insufficient forms and brochures will hamper customer service. Still heavily rely on
traditional system specially in general banking department.

4.2 Recommendations:
I had the practical exposure in Agrani Bank Ltd. for just twelve weeks, with my little
experience in the bank in comparison with vast and complex banking system, it is very
difficult for me to recommend. We have observed some shortcomings regarding operational
and other aspects of their banking. On the basis of my observation we would like to
recommend the followings:

1. Agrani Bank Ltd should open enough booths in Dhaka city and all over Bangladesh. It
helps the banks in reducing crowd at banks counters.

2. Agrani Bank Ltd should start online banking for providing services to a particular
segment of customers.

3. There should be more officers appointed in the cash section and a proper instrument
should be brought to identify the fake notes which are almost impossible to identify with
the current available device.

4. A training session or workshop could be organized to let the officers know about the
changes and ins and outs of different account opening and deposit forms. Long-term
training is very much required for the employees.

Daffodil International University

5. If the interested clients have proper documentation in favor of his/her identity then there
should be probation for avoiding introducer.

6. Bank should formulate simple process for issuing cheque book, Pay order, and Bank

7. To hire and install sufficient modern sophisticated technology because of present market
demand of the customer and the educated customers now want technology based banking
but customs are confused about services.

8. To recruit sufficient skilled manpower because the bank employees should communicate
properly with customers about their deposit and other schemes.

9. Low cost deposit should be increased by procuring more current account and savings
account of the total deposit to reduce total cost of fund.

10. Sufficient Forms and Brochures must be maintained in sufficient quantity.

Daffodil International University

5.1 Conclusion:
It was great pleasure for me to do my report in an esteemed organization like Agrani Bank
Limited. Though my practical exposure in Agrani Bank Limited, Bannani Branch for just 12
weeks, it provides me a wide range of scope to observe the functions of bank through the
cordial assistance of its members. I had the scope to focus on general banking system. Agrani
Bank Limited is one of the most potential Islami banks in the Islami bank sector, which has
so far shown good performance and holds the strongest position in the banking market.
Overall, the bank must make a positive attempt to be more outward looking in their goals and
aware of what is happening.

Agrani Bank Limited has introduced a new dimension in the field of innovative and
benevolent banking in our country. The bank has successfully made a positive contribution to
the economy of Bangladesh with in very short period of time. Its profit is gradually
increasing. It plays a great role in collecting scattered Deposit, Loan settlement and
International Trade etc. The Bank ensures quality services to the customers. For better growth
and healthy economic position, it should introduce new and lucrative long-term credit
schemes especially for new investors and schemes for poverty alleviation like micro credit.

I strongly believe that in the coming year also the Branch would be able to attain its earning
capacity at an accelerated growth rate. The Bank is also making headway for introductions of
credit card and ATM card and online banking operations. The Bank intends to enter into
agreement with reputed exchange companies in USA, UK, and UAE, for safe and steady
flow of foreign remittance into the country from Bangladesh expatriated working at the
Banking area of Bangladesh with diversified products and financial services to seize the
opportunities. New custom friendly products are being evolved in the days to come.

I hope, in spite of my all limitations, this experience of sharing works with such working
environment will help me a lot in professional life.

I wish continuous success and healthy business portfolio of Agrani Bank Limited, Bannani
Branch, Dhaka.

Daffodil International University


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