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62ND Annual Festival

Brian Gerrard Theatre
Birkenhead College
Birkdale Road
Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th April 2016
Three sessions daily
10.00am Saturday, 9:30am Sunday

Adjudicator: Sarah Jane Rennie

Official accompanist: Sheryl Clarke
Convenor: Alan Reekie

Proudly supported by
The Les & Sonia Andrews Cultural Foundation
The David & Genevieve Becroft Foundation
Perpetual Guardian Trust

Piano/Instrumental 20 April -22 April Birkenhead College
Highland Dance 11 June PumpHouse Theatre
Junior vocal 16-19 April Birkenhead College
Dance 16-19 April Glenfield College
Adult Vocal 3-6 June PumpHouse Theatre

Adults $5.00
Students $2.00
Children 5-12 years $1.00
All day pass Adults $10.00
All day pass Students $5.00
All day pass Children 5-12 years $2.00


Saturday 16th April 7.30pm Les and Sonia Andrews Young Performer of the year
Neila Street Memorial Award

Sunday 17th April 7.30pm Musical Theatre Classes

Friday 22nd April 7.00pm Piano Sonata Final


29th May 2.30pm Piano Concerto Final

The 3 finalists will be accompanied by the
Westlake Chamber Orchestra
The second half of this concert will include Items from the other
art forms of our competitions
6th June 4.30 pm Becroft Opera Final


218 Song in Costume 11 years and under
215 National or Folk Song 11 years and under
216 Vocal Solo 11 years and under
217 Sacred Solo 11 years and under


214 Unbroken Voices Boys any age

223 National or Folk Song 14 and under 16 years
224 Vocal Solo 14 and under 16 years
226 Ballard/British Art Song 14 and under 16 years
231 Vocal Solo 16 and under 18 years


243 Neila Street Memorial Award 13 and under 16 years

227/241 Vocal Duet (Any Two Voices) 14 and under 16 years
244 Les & Sonia Andrews Cultural Award 16 and under 18 years


219 National/Folk Song 12 and under 14 years

220 Vocal Solo 12 and under 14 years
221 Sacred Song 12 and under 14 years
222 Ballard/British Art Song 12 and under 14 years


230 National/Folk Song 16 and under 18 years

232 Sacred Song 16 and under 18 years
233 Ballard/British Art Song 16 and under 18 years
225 Sacred Solo 14 and under 16 years


242 Musical Theatre Song in Costume 14 and under 18 years 1st Item
228 Song in Costume 12 and under 16 years
242 Musical Theatre Song in Costume 14 and under 18 years 2nd Item

Please read the conditions carefully. Strict observance of these rules must be followed.
1. Order of Performance
Competitors names will appear in the programme in the order in which they will
compete unless pre arranged by the stage manager.
All competitors must be in attendance at least 15 minutes prior to the
commencement of the class. The approximate start times will be listed in the
programme . Those not present when called may, at the discretion of the stage
manager forfeit the right to compete.
2. Stage
No person other than officials, performers and stage prop handlers are permitted in
the wings of the stage during performances.
3. Music
The use of photocopied music on the stage is not permitted.
4. Cameras, Video Cameras and Mobile Phones
Taking of photographs with or without flash is prohibited during a performance.
At either the commencement or end of the performance photographs may be taken of
your own child or student only, but due to misuse of the privilege, VIDEO recording is
not permitted except for NCEA assessment when permission from the section
convenor must be obtained in advance before any Video recording is done. Written
confirmation from the school will be needed to show that the Video is required for the
NCEA assessment.
5. Prizes
Prizes will be awarded at the Adjudicators discretion.
Unless a sponsored monetary prize is offered for the under 14 year classes medals
will be issued
If there are four or less entrants only the first prize will be awarded. If there are 5
entrants a first and second prizes will be awarded.
This rule may not apply to individually sponsored classes.
When two or more Competitors tie for first place, the Adjudicator has the right to
recall those performers to determine a winner and should a first equal be awarded
the first and second prize monies will be amalgamated and split equally between the
winners and no second prize will be awarded.
6. Trophies
All trophies remain the property of the Society. Trophies must be returned to the
Societys office no later than 1 March of the year following the presentation. The
engraving of Trophies and Cups is the responsibility of the winner.
Ms Sarah- Jane Rennie B.Mus (Perf) Melbourne, Dip. Opera Auckland
Sarah-Jane Rennie has trained her voice in both New Zealand and Australia and holds a
Bachelor of Music Performance in Voice from The Victorian College of the Arts and a Diploma
in Performing Arts (Opera) from the School of Music at Auckland University. She was a 2002
Emerging Artist and is a current Resident Artist and Freemasons Scholar for New Zealand
Opera. Sarah-Jane has sung small roles, covered lead roles and been part of the chorus for
the company since 1999.
Sarah-Jane has sung many lead roles for smaller companies across New Zealand, including
Amor in Orfeo and Euridice with the Auckland Chamber Orchestra in 2002 and Elettra the for
Auckland Opera Studio in 2005. She has been a soloist with New Zealands major
orchestras in Opera, Oratorio and Concert work, including Verdi in Concert with the APO
2005 and The Lloyd Webber Requiem 2002 and the The Messiah with the CSO in 2003. also
in 2003 Sarah-Jane was chosen as a soloist for the concert Kiri and Friends recorded for TV,
CD and DVD.
She has been fortunate enough to work for Sir Andrew Lloyd Webbers the Really Useful
Group as the Carlotta Alternate and Ensemble in the Phantom of the Opera Australasian tour
2008-09 and more recently in the World tour between 2013-16. She has lived and sung in ten
cities across the Pacific, Asia and Europe.
In 2015 Sarah-Jane continued her training in Verona Italy where she developed her
knowledge of the Italian language and studied voice with Olga Vosnesenskaya from lArena di
Verona. She regularly studies with Isabel Cunningham in Dunedin and in Sydney with
Sharolyn Kimmorley and Glenn Winslade. This year, she will cover the role of Violetta in New
Zealand Operas upcoming production of La Traviata in Christchurch at the Isaac Royal
theatre in July.


Sheryl studied at Auckland University with Janetta McStay and Bryan Sayer. During that
time she appeared as soloist with the Junior Symphony, Auckland Symphonia and the N.Z.
Symphony Orchestra. She then undertook four years of post graduate studies at the Royal
Academy of Music in London and was awarded many prizes there, including the prestigious
Walter MacFarren Prize for the Best Female Pianist in the Recital Diploma Examinations.
For six years Sheryl was the official accompanist for Westlake High School Key Cygnetures
Choir and the New Zealand Secondary Students Choir. She has also performed and toured
with Tower Voices New Zealand.
Ideally it may be easier for you and to us (as organisers) to use our official accompanist but
the choice is yours.
Sheryls Contact details are as follows:- Mobile 021 053 5715

The North Shore Performing Arts Society (Inc.) gratefully acknowledges the
following for their continued support in donating prizes and assisting with our Annual

Able Music Studios Music Education Centre Ltd

Auckland Lieder Group NZ Opera Training School
Auckland Opera Forum North Shore Male Choir
Rosemary Barnes North Shore Masonic Chapter
D.& G Becroft Foundation Piano Traders Ltd
Mrs H Bowick Mrs Jill Quirke
Mr & Mrs K Donnell Alan Reekie
Farrells Music House Miss A Shanks
Mr B Hoadley Shore Singers
Institute of Registered Music Teachers (Auckland) Mrs S Taylor
Institute of Registered Music Teachers (North Shore) Mr & Mrs J Webley
Lewis Eady Ltd Ms J Webb
Mrs A Maisey Mr Qu Yong
Dame Deidre & Mr Don Milne Mr Wang Yu


1. MUSICAL THEATRE :This class comprises 2 contrasting solos from
Musical Theatre See full details in class 242
$150 will be awarded to the Winner of class 244( 16 and under 18 age
3. NEILA STREET MEMORIAL AWARD AND $100 will be awarded to the
winner of Class 243 (13 and under 16 age group)
At the discretion of the Adjudicator. An additional award of up to $100
from the Les and Sonia Andrews Cultural Foundation to the most
promising singer in these two classes.
4. PEARL BROAD MEMORIAL CUP will also be awarded to the most
promising Vocalist in the 14 and under 16 Vocal Championship classes
5. ELISABETH GIBSON MEMORIAL CUP will be awarded to the most
promising Vocalist in the 16 and under 18 Vocal Championship Classes.
6 ELLERY CUP and $25 donated by Alan Reekie will be awarded to the
competitor gaining the highest marks in classes 215, 216, 217 and 218
201 VOCAL CHAMPIONSHIP: 12 and Under 14 Years

Competitors must enter this class and compete in the following Classes 219,
220, 221 and 222.
Winner to receive the Elvia Cup and $50.00, second $25.00 earned from
various bequests)

1 Cameron Brownsey 5 Jesse Oh

2 Hannah Flacks 6 Anna Pistora
3 Scarlett Jacques 7 Eleanor Thorpe
4 Caitlin Morris
1 . 2nd.3rd

202 VOCAL CHAMPIONSHIP: 14 and Under 16 years

Competitors must enter this class and compete in Classes 223, 224, 225 and
226. Winner to receive the Northbridge Businessmens Association Cup and $60,
second $30. Prizes donated by Shore Singers and the proceeds of various
bequests (as part of the Interest earned from various bequests

1 Liam DSouza 4 Kate Sampson

2 Imogen Harwood 5 Maddison Simich-Burr
3 Venice Qin

1st. 2nd. 3rd..

203 VOCAL CHAMPIONSHIP: 16 and Under 18 years

Competitors must enter this class and compete in Classes 230,231, 232,and 233.
Winner to receive the Gibson Cup and $100, donated by Anne Shanks second $75
, and third $50,00 donated by the North Shore Male Choir
1 Andrew, Elizabeth 6 Goldstein, Gemma
2 Bennett, Matthew 7 Kereama, Matthew
3 Cadwgan, Michaela 8 Mc Gregor-Fernee, Cambel
4 Clark, Taylor 9 Nicholas, Samantha
5 Cooke, Claudia 10 Yang, Sophia

1st. 2nd. 3rd..

218 SONG IN COSTUME: 11 years and under

Acting and Singing Ability to be judged.

1 Jamiee Hawkings Wouldnt it be Loverly
2 Emily Harris Castle on a Cloud Michel Schonberg
3 Keisha Morris Green Joe Raposo
4 Gabrielle Copley Whos afraid of the bogeyman A Razaf and P Denniken
5 Charliee Hawkings Under the sea
6 Lukas Maher I gotta Crow Morris Charlap
7 Ethan DSouza Pale Moon F.Logan
1st. 2nd. 3rd..

215 NATIONAL or FOLK SONG 11 years and under

1 Gabrielle Copley I have a Bonnet Herbert Hughes
2 Keisha Morris Skye Boat Song D& J Perry
3 Emily Harris My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
4 Ethan D Souza Rio Grande Trad (Sea)
5 Lukas Maher Menuet dExaudet Joseph Exaudet
6 Gabrielle Copley I have a Bonnet Herbert Hughes
1st. 2nd. 3rd..

216 VOCAL SOLO: 11 years and under

1 Emily Harris Baby Mine Frank Churchill
2 Gabrielle Copley She Shall have Music Brandon and Murray
3 Charliee Hawkings Rain drops on Roses
4 Lukas Maher Danza Danza Francesco Durante
5 Ethan D Souza Silent Worship Handel
6 Keisha Morris The Little Shoemaker Parsons & J.J Phillips

1st. 2nd. 3rd..

217 SACRED: 11 years and under

1 Emily Harris Holy Night Adolphe Charles Adam

2 Ethan D Souza Bless This House M Brahel
3 Lukas Maher Pie Jesu Faure
4 Gabrielle Copley At the end of the day Donald OKeefe
5 Keisha Morris Sit Down Sister B.M.Cull ( Spirtual )

1st. 2nd. 3rd..


214 UNBROKEN VOICES: Boys, any age

First $20 donated by Ben Hoadley

1 Ethan DSouiza Lass of Richmond Hill James Hook
2 Lukas Maher I Heard a Robin Singing Conrad
3 Cameron Brownsey Silent Worship Handel
4 Jesse Oh You Raise Me Up Rolf Lovland

1st. 2nd. 3rd..

223 NATIONAL or FOLK SONG: 14 and under 16 years

First $20, second $15 donated by NSPAS

1 Kate Sampson Santa Lucia Trad

2 Venice Qin The Wraggle Taggle Gypsies
3 Imogen Harwood The Stuttering Lovers
4 Liam D Souza Mary of Argyle
5 Maddison Simich- Burr Pokarekare Ana P.H Tomana

1st. 2nd. 3rd..

224 VOCAL SOLO: 14 and under 16 years

First $20, second $15 and third $10 donated by NSPACS

1 Jessica Sewell Somewhere over the rainbow Arlen

2 Kate Sampson When Sweet Ann Sings Michael Head
3 Liam D Souza Where re you walk
4 Maddison Simich- Burr Caro Mio Ben
5 Venice Qin Vergebliches Standchen Brahms
6 Imogen Harwood Oiseoux si tous les ans

1st. 2nd. 3rd..

226 BALLAD/BRITISH ART: 14 and under 16 years

First $20, second $15 donated by NSPAS

1 Liam DSouza Go Lovely Rose Roger Quilter

2 Imogen Harwood Fair House of Joy Roger Quilter
3 Kate Sampson Five Eyes A. Gibbs
4 Venice Qin Sweet Chance that led my steps Abroad M Head
5 Maddison Simich- Burr The Rose Amanoa Mc Broom
1st. 2nd. 3rd.

231 VOCAL SOLO: 16 and under 18 years

First prize $20, second $15, and third $10! donated by Kath Kitney and Callibre Solutions

1 Gemma Goldstein Se Tu mami Alessandra Parisotti

2 Cambel Mc Gregor-Fernee Caro Mio Ben G. Giordani
3 Elizabeth Andrew Ridente La Calma Mozart
4 Taylor Clark Charmant Papillon
5 Samantha Nicholas Quella Flamma Benedotto Marcello
6 Kimberley Fenton Pur Dicesti
7 Matthew Bennett On the Street Where She Lives Lerner & Lowe
8 Claudia Cooke Un Certo Non So Che Antonio Vivaldi
9 Michaela Cadwgan Als Luise die Briefe Mozart
10 Sophia Yang Clair de Lune Faur
11 Matthew Kereama Ein Madchen oder Weibchen Mozart
1st. 2nd. 3rd..


243 NEILA STREET MEMORIAL AWARD: 13 and under 16 years

The Winner to receive the Neila Street Memorial Trophy and $100, being the
interest derived from the Memorial Investment Fund.
Competitors may sing their items in any order.

1 Venice Qin The Water Mill V.Williams

Verdrai Carino Mozart
2 Liam DSouza Ich Liebe Dich Beethoven
Linden Lea V.Williams
3 Maddison Simich- Burr Baby Lullaby Brahms
A Thousand Years C. Perri and D. Hodges
227/241 VOCAL DUET: (Any two voices) Open
1 Caitlin & Kelsha Morris Colours of the Wind Alan Menken
2 Stella Boyte & Sophia Jones Stepsisters Lament (Cinderalla)
3 Belinda Hu I would that my love
4 Kimberley Fenton & Cambel Mc Gregor Fernee A Boy Like That/I have a Love
L. Bernstein


16 and under 18 years

Performers shall be over 16 and under 18 years at 1 March 2016

There is a Time limit off 15 minutes and Performers shall introduce their 3 items

The winner will receive $150 second $75 and third $50 from the Les and Sonia
Andrews Cultural Foundation
Each performer will perform a programme consisting of:

1. 20th or 21st Century Art Song

2. Lied An Art Song written to be accompanied by piano, in German
and is defined as a song by one of the following composers; Brahms; Mahler;
Schubert; Mendelssohn; Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann; R. Strauss, or
3. Own Selection.

The items can be performed in any order as long as the music for the
Adjudicator is clearly identified 1, 2 and 3

1 Claudia Cooke The Estuary Michael Head

Ich gingI mit iust Mahler
O war ich schon mit dir vereint Beethoven
2 Michaela Cadwgan It was a Lover Madeleine Dring
Widmung Schumann
The Lovers Curse
3 Kimberley Fenton Art is Calling For Me
Gretchen Am Spinnrade
Green Finch and Linnet Bird
4 Matthew Kereama The Vagabond Ralph Vaughan Williams
Die beiden Grenadiere Schumann
Non piu andrai Mozart
5 Taylor Clark Shepherd;s Song
An Die Musik
Saper vosriste
6 Elizabeth Andrew The Daises Barber
Standchen Schumann
Voi Che Sapete Mozart
7 Cambel Mc Gregor-Fernee Charming Chlo Edward German
Der Nussbaum Robert Schumann
She Used to be Mine Sara Bareilles
8 Sophia Yang Die Forelle Franz Schubert
Silent Noon Vaughan Williams
Bel Piacere Handel
9 Samantha Nicholas The Singer Michael Head
Die Forrelle Franz Schubert
On the Steps of the Palace Stephen Sondheim
10 Matthew Bennett Sea Fever John Ireland
Die Forelle Schubert
Amarilla Mia Bella Caccini

1st. 2nd. 3rd..

219 NATIONAL or FOLK SONG: 12 and under 14 years
1 Caitlin Morris Guter Mond (Lovely Moon ) Jay Althouse
2 Cameron Brownsey Elvito Trad
3 Jesse Oh God defend New Zealand
4 Eleanor Thorpe The Gartn Mother s Lullaby David Wright
5 Hannah Flacks Homeward Bound arr Althouse
6 Anna Pistora Stole Mi Se Ozeni Trad ( Siberia)
7 Mya Rogers Cockles and Muscles Trad
8 Belinda Hu The Lass
9 Scarlett Jacques Danny Boy Weatherly
1st. 2nd. 3rd..
220 VOCAL SOLO: 12 and under 14 years
1 Jesse Oh Nella Fantasia Rolf Lovland
2 Hannah Flacks Home (Beauty and the Beast) Menken
3 Mya Rogers Chocolate David Hamilton
4. Scarlett Jacques What it means to be a Friend J.R.Brown
5 Belinda Hu When Daisies Pied
6 Caitlin Morris Mausfallen Spruchlein Edward Morike
(Lieder nach verschiedenen Dichtern Nr 6)
7 Cameron Brownsey Caro Mio Ben Giordani
8 Anna Pistora Non Lo Dir Col Labbro Handel
9 Eleanor Thorpe My House Leonard Bernstein
1st. 2nd. 3rd..
221 SACRED: 12 and under 14 years

1 Caitlin Morris Lord Here am I Jay Althouse

2 Cameron Brownsey Dormouse Carol Poston
3 Eleanor Thorpe Ave Maria Caccini
4. Scarlett Jacques Mary did you know? Lowry & Greene
5 Jesse Oh Lascia ChIo Pianga G.F. Handel
6 Aurea Saptaputra Amazing Grace
7 Belinda Hu The Wood cutter Song
8 Hannah Flucks Wooden Madonna Joyce Trickett
9 Anna Pistora Dormouse Carol Poston

1st. 2nd. 3rd..

222 BALLAD/BRITISH ART SONG 12 and under 14 years

1 Eleanor Thorpe From a Railway Carriage Alec Rowley

2 Cameron Brownsey A Smugglers Song Le Feming
3 Anna Pistora Dusk Cecil Armstrong Gibbs
4 Scarlett Jacques The Birds Lament R..R..Bennett
4 Jesse Oh When Daisies Pied Thomas Arne
4 Caitlin Morris A Funny Fellow R..R..Bennett
6 Hannah Flucks Cradle Song Vaughan Williams
1st. 2nd. 3rd .
230 NATIONAL/FOLK SONG: 16 and under 18 years

First $20, second $15 and third $10 donated by Kath Kitney and Callibre Solutions Legacies

1 Matthew Bennett She moved thro the fair

2 Elizabeth Andrew Kerry Dancing
3 Cambel Mc Gregor-Fernee Fanaid Grove Herbert Hughes
4 Michaela Cadwgan I Know My Love
5 Claudia Cooke When I was Seventeen
6 Samantha Nicholas O Men from the Fields Herbert Hughes
7 Gemma Goldstein She went through the fair
8 Kimberley Fenton The Lass from the Low Country
9 Matthew Kereama The trees they grow so high
10 Sophia Yang My Lagan Love Trad arr Geoffrey
11 Taylor Clark Ash Grove
1st. 2nd. 3rd..
232 SACRED SONG 16 and under 18 years

First $20, second $15 and third $10 donated by Kath Kitney and Callibre Solutions Legacies

1 Cambel Mc Gregor-Fernee Wade in the Water Arr Mark Hayes

2 Sophia Yang Pie Jesu Gabriel Faur
3 Matthew Kereama Panis Angelicus Cesar Franck
4 Gemma Goldstein How Beautiful are the Feet Handel
5 Samantha Nicholas Ave Maria Bach / Gounod
6 Michaela Cadwgan Hymn to the Virgin Rubbra
7 Elizabeth Andrew Cujus Animam Gementem Pergolesi
8 Claudia Cooke I walked today where Jesus Walked Geoffrey OHara
9 Taylor Clark Charmont Papillon
10 Matthew Bennett The Call Vaughan Williams

1st. 2nd. 3rd..

233 BALLAD/BRITISH ART SONG: 16 and under 18 years

First $20, second $15 and third $10 donated by Kath Kitney and Callibre Solutions Legacies

1 Matthew Bennett Sky above the Roof Vaughan Williams

2 Elizabeth Andrew A Brown Bird Singing Haydn Wood
3 Taylor Clark Ships of Arcady
4 Claudia Cooke Shepherds Song Edward Elgar
5 Cambel McGregor- Fernee Weep you no more sad fountains R.Quilter
7 Matthew Kereama Sea Fever R.J.Ireland
8 Sophia Yang Spring Sorrow John Ireland
9 Gemma Goldstein Silent Noon V.Williams
10 Samantha Nicholas A Green Cornfield Michael Head
1st. 2nd. 3rd..
225 SACRED SONG: 14 and under 16 years
First $20, second $15 and third $10 donated by NSPACS
1 Maddison Simich- Burr Hallelujah Cohen
2 Kate Sampson Virgin Slumber Song Reger
3 Venice Qin Laudte Dominum Mozart
4 Jessica Sewell Hallelujah Cohen
5 Imogen Harwood The First Mercy Warlos
6 Liam D.Souza I walked today where Jesus Walked G OHara
1st. 2nd. 3rd..

242 MUSICAL THEATRE: SONG in COSTUME; 14 and under 18 years

Character portrayal, acting and singing ability will be judged.

Two contrasting solos in costume and character are to be presented

Acting and Singing ability will be judged

Each Competitor may choose the order of their item as long as the music for the
adjudicator is clearly marked and the Stage Manager has been informed.

The second Item will be performed by the entrants in the same order after the
The Winner will receive the Donnell Cup and $150 second prize $75.00 and third
prize of $50.00.

The prize Money has been donated by Doreen and Ken Donnell, Janice Webb and
from the Les and Sonia Andrews Cultural Foundation.

First song
1 Taylor Clark Green finch and Linnet Bird Sondheim
2 Cambel Mc Gregor-Fernee
3 Elizabeth Andrew Art is Calling for Yu Herbert
4 Kate Sampson The Boyfriend Sandy Wilson
5 Imogen Harwood Adelaides Lament Frank Loesser
6 Matthew Bennett The Tale of the Oyster Cole Porter
7 Matthew Kereama If I were a rich man Jerry Bock
8 Kimberley Fenton I Hate Men Cole Porter
9 Venice Qin How Are Things in Glocca Morra Burton Lane
10 Jess Rogers Just you Wait Fredrick Lowe
11 Claudia Cooke Princess of pure delight Kurt Weil
12 Maddison Simich- Burr On my Own C. M.Schnberg
13 Gemma Goldstein Green Finch and Linnet Bird S. Sondheim
14 Samantha Nicholas The Mystrey of Edwin Drood R.Holmes
15 Liam DSouza Me OlBamboo R.R.Sherman
228 SONG IN COSTUME: 12 and under 14 years
Acting and Singing ability to be judged. The winner will receive $50 and the
PumpHouse Cup,,Second $30 and third $20.00. Prize Money donated by
Doreen and Ken Donnell, and Janice Webb..

1 Imogen Harwood I dreamed a dream ClaudeMichael Sconberg

2 Hannah Flacks Little Girls (Annie)
3 Caitlin Morris I know things now Sondheim
4 Anna Pistora Over the Rainbow Arlen
5 Cameron Brownsey Consider Yourself Bart
6 Eleanor Thorpe With a Smile and a Song Churchill
6 Mya Rogers Little People Schonberg
7 Scarlette Jacques Dont rain on my Parade Styne
8 Sophia Jones Maybe (Annie)
9 Stella Boyte On My own Sconberg

1st. 2nd.3rd.

242 MUSICAL THEATRE:SONG in COSTUME; 14 and under 18 years

Second Song

1 Taylor Clark There are worse things I could do

2 Cambel Mc Gregor-Fernee
3 Elizabeth Andrew I I have a Love Bernstein
4 Kate Sampson Live Out Hard Lippalson
5 Imogen Harwood Wishing you were somehow here again Webber
6 Matthew Bennett Giants in the Sky Sondheim
7 Matthew Kereama Mrs Worthington Noel Coward
8 Kimberley Fenton How Many Tears Claude-Michel
9 Venice Qin If I had a Fine White Horse Lucy Simon
10 Jess Rogers How Bout a Dance F. Wildhorn
11 Claudia Cooke Screw Loose
12 Maddison Simich- Burr Bugsy Malone P. Williams
13 Gemma Goldstein Papa, Can you Hear Me Michel Legrand
14 Samantha Nicholas A Trip to the Library Jerry Bock
15 Liam DSouza On the Street Where you live Lerner & Leowe

1st. 2nd.3rd.