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Why exhibit at CPhI Japan 2017?

B ook 01 The Japanese pharma market is Asias #1 -

forecasted to reach a value of US $115 bn by 2024;

your 02 Japan is the only Asian country that has a substantial

position in new drug development. Deregulation
and streamlined new drug approval processes are
attracting increased foreign investments;

03 As the use of generic drugs in Japan continues to

expand, Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturers are
urgently seeking to secure new and reliable suppliers
of pharmaceutical ingredients;

04 A complimentary Business Matching System is

offered to all exhibitors - Increase your chance to
meet potential buyers at the event by identifying
visitor interests and contacting pre-registered
Contact Us visitors whom you are interested in.
Maris Oreskovic 19 21 April 2017
+31 (0)20 70 81 704 Big Sight Exhibition Center, East Hall 1, 2 and 3 | Tokyo, Japan

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The most comprehensive pharma sourcing event in Japan

Facts & figures
of the 2016 show
512 exhibitors from 26 countries
and over 19,000 visitors!

International visitors top 10 countries

Positions - Pharmaceutical manufacturing/
Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing
20% Research
14% Development

2. South Korea 3. India 13% Quality control / Production

1. China
13% Management
4. Taiwan 8. Vietnam
5. USA 9. Philippines 12% Sales, Marketing
6. Italy 10. Pakistan
7. Germany 11% Purchasing / Procurement

17% Others

Positions - Fine chemical manufacturing/

Intermediate manufacturing/ API
Visitor business categories manufacturing

18% Research
28% Pharmaceutical manufacturing/
43 % Others
Pharmaceutical contract 14% Development
10% Management

8% Quality control / Production

6% Purchasing / Procurement

6% Business Development

38% Others

Primary purpose of visit

Looking for new suppliers
33% Exploring market,
products and services
8% Trading Company Attending conference/ 30%
21% Fine Chemical/ exhibitor workshops
API/ Intermediates
Maintaining business Others
relationships 2%
14 %

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Market share of Why Japan?
generic drugs in Japan
(2005 - 2011) Pharmaceutical Market Forecast
Over (2015 - 2019)
by 2018
15 18.7%


in Sales
10 Volume-based 100

8.8% Money-based

5 6.6%
2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Reference: BMI
Reference: The Ministry of Health,
2005 2007 2009 2011 Labour and Welfare Report 2013

Pharmaceutical market growth

Ageing population
Entering the next stage as a global
hub for drug development Japan's ageing population will further drive demand
for pharmaceutical products. By 2024, the pensionable
Japan has joined the Pharmaceutical population as a percentage of the total will grow to
30.7%, up from 25.8% in 2014.
Inspection Convention and Pharmaceutical
Inspection Cooperation Scheme (PIC/S). This
enables overseas suppliers to synchronise
Liberisation of Over-The-Counter
with Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturers
regarding manufacturing and quality control. medicines
In addition, Japans pharmaceutical industry The liberalisation of Over-The-Counter medicines and
will become more international as well as the allowance of sales of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs
easier for foreign suppliers to enter the online serve to boost pharmaceutical sales. 99.8% of
OTC drugs are now eligible for sale online (more than
Japanese market! 11,000 drugs).

Japan has a high Imported Key factors to choose overseas

dependency rate for APIs API suppliers for generic drugs
on overseas suppliers of manufacturing in Japan
generic drugs
1 86.7%
2 81.6%
51.2% - 57.8% 3 67.7%
of APIs are imported from 4 64.6%
outside Japan for Generic Drug 5 57.6%
Manufacturing in Japan 6 55.7%
7 55.4%
8 42.4%
Top 6 API
For APIs which are For APIs which required
used without additional additional purification/
0 20 40 60 80 100
suppliers in
purification/reprocess reprocess

1. Korea 31% 1. India 30% 1. Meet Japans GMP standard

two categories* 2. China 12.3% 2. Korea 26% 2. Maintain a stable supply
3. Spain 9.9% 3. China 24.1% 3. Competitive price
4. Italy 8.9% 4. Germany 9.6% 4. Keep delivery date
5. Quality control capability
5. Hungary 8.4% 5. Italy 1.4% Reference: The Ministry of Health,
6. Management stability
*Value based 6. India 7.2% 6. Taiwan 1.4% Labour and Welfares Generic Drug
7. History with Japanese companies Report 2014 conducted by Mitsubishi
8. Social and political stability UFJ Research and Consulting Co., Ltd.
Reference: The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfares Generic Drug Report
2014 conducted by Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co., Ltd.

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Exhibitor profile: Exhibitor profile of co-located shows:
Exhibitors at CPhI Japan are active in a Exhibitors at ICSE, P-MEC, InnoPack, BioPh, and MEDTEC Japan are
range of business sectors, including: active in a range of business sectors, including:

Ingredients Finished Formulation Contract Technology Biopharmaceuticals Packaging, Laboratory

Services & Machinery Drug delivery Equipment

Networking & learning at the show Visitors top 3 job positions

Exhibitor Presentations
Educate the industry about your products, services, new launches,
innovations and news during a 30 minute presentation attended
by visitors, press and fellow exhibitors. Create a buzz around your 46 % 42 % CEO/Vice President/Director
Takeda, Astellas, Daiichi Sankyo,
news at the show and benefit: Manager Mochida, Kyowa Hakko
Maximise exposure before, during and after the event Shionogi
Drive attendees to your stand Mitsubishi Pharma
Generate new leads Teijin
Pfizer Japan
Seminars on trending industry topics give valuable insight into the
Japanese pharma industry. As the industry is undergoing change,
be sure to attend and gain competitive advantage. Seminars in 2016
included sessions by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare,

leading international and domestic pharmaceutical companies and %
prestigious universities.

Business Matching System Executive

The Business Matching System is a gateway for exhibitors to meet
potential buyers. Exhibitors can find visitor enquiries on products Nichi-Iko
or services they are looking for. You can contact the visitors whom Eisai
you are interested in by making appointments. All exhibitors are Otsuka

welcome to participate FREE of charge!

CPhI Online CPhI Japan is great to meet and network with existing
Enhance online exposure of your company and products on CPhI and new partners in the pharma industry. We barely had
Online. Stay connected with buyers before and after the show.
With 32,000+ unique visitors per month, CPhI Online is a pharma
sourcing directory that allows you to:

time to breathe during the three days and the quality of
the meetings were excellent. We look forward to next
Generate leads years show!
Increase brand awareness
Stay updated on pharma industry news and trends Silke Oeschger
Marketing and Communications Manager
Dr. Reddys Laboratories Ltd.

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The most comprehensive Pharma sourcing event in Japan

Facts & Figures 2016

Show name
CPhI Japan 2016
ICSE Japan 2016
P-MEC Japan 2016
BioPh Japan 2016
InnoPack Japan 2016

Total Visitors / Number of Exhibitors by Country

Total no. of visitors: 19,681 +21% Venue: Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center
(16,184 visitors in 2015) East Halls 1 2 3

Visitors each day: No.of exhibitors : 512 +10 %

(Japan: 165, Overseas: 347 )
**467 exhibitors in the 2015 shows

7,790 in 2015 26
7,028 visitors
20 April,Wednesday Countries:
China 185 United Kingdom 8 Belarus 1 Portugal 1

21 April,Thursday6,261 in 2015
5,034 visitors
Japan 165 Spain 7 Denmark 1 Singapore 1
India 46 Switzerland 7 Hungary 1 Sweden 1
South Korea 26 Taiwan 6 Israel 1 Turkey 1
5,630 in 2015
4,122 visitors
Italy 16 France 4 Latvia 1 Ukraine 1
22 April,Friday USA 16 Russian Federation 3 Lithuania 1
Germany 9 Finland 2 Poland 1
Health Care I T
Tokyo Big Sight
East Hall Pavilion:
40exhibito rs 140,99visitors Main Entrance 456
Japan Bulk Pharmaceutical
Manufacturers pavilion
East Hall
123 Pharmaceutical Excipients pavilion
China pavilion
ACCESS Korea pavilion
UK pavilion
India pavilion
Italy pavilion
Spain pavilion
Pharmaceutical Industry Medical Equipment Industry

512 exhibitors 19,681visitors 504exhibitors 340,18visitors

Organised by:
CPhI / ICSE / P-MEC / BioPh / InnoPackJapan 2016Fact & Figures

Business Categories Positions- Pharmaceutical Manufacturing /

Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing
Engineer 1%
Patent 2
Research 20
Others 4
Pharmaceutical Product Planning 3
Manufacturing24% Business
Development 7
Pharmaceutical Purchasing / Development
Contract Procurement /Logistic 14
Manufacturing4% 11
Sales, Marketing 12
Fine Chemical Quality Control
Manufacturing15% Production 13
Management 13
API Positions- Fine Chemical Manufacturing /
Manufacturing2% Intermediate Manufacturing /API Manufacturing
Company 8% Sales, Marketing 33 Research 18

Consulting 4% Quasi Drug Manufacturing / Others 2

Contract Manufacturing 2% Development
Food Manufacturing 3%
Research / Laboratory 1% Academic Institute 1% 14
Machinery, Plant Engineering 4% Computer Services 1%
Logistics / Distribution 1% Product Planning 1
Drug Development 1% Quality Control
Press 1% Engineer 2 Production 8
Cosmetics Manufacturing 1%
R&D Equipment Manufacturing 4% Purchasing /
Equipment /
Service for Drug Discovery 1% Government / Public Sector / Procurement /Logistic 6
Association 2%
Biotechnology Company 1% Business Development 6 Management 10
Others 15%

Primary Purpose of Visiting

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing
Domestic / International
Looking for new
exhibiting next year 2
suppliers,ingredients Domestic 93% International %
Attending exhibitor and services 33%
workshops 5

Consolidating International
contacts 14 countries

Attending TAIWAN
conference 16
Collecting market / product
information 30%

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CPhI Japan 2017 ICSE Japan 2017 P-MEC Japan 2017 BioPh Japan 2017 InnoPack Japan 2017

192022 April, 2017 Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center ,

East Halls 123,Tokyo, Japan
UBM Japan Co LtdTel: +81 3 5296 1020Fax: +81 3 5296 1018E-mail:
ICSE Japan
Held alongside CPhI Japan, ICSE Japan connects the pharmaceutical
community who are keen to capitalize on the benefits of doing business in Japan. Besides
contract manufacturing and contract research, other main services provided are packaging,
clinical trials, laboratory services, drug discovery, logistics and marketing services.
No matter what your function within the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry is, ICSE will
show you how your organization can benefit from outsourcing to Japan and enable you to
arrange it.

ICSE Japan connects the pharmaceutical community with diverse outsourcing solutions such as:
clinical trials, contract manufacturing, contract research, packaging, logistics or analytical
services. Find a broad range of products with the latest developments and meet the company
representatives in person.

Exhibitors include:
Contract Research Marketing Services

* Bio analytical services * Computer software

* Biotrails * Consulting services
* Environmental testing * Data services
* Pharmacology * E-Business
* Photobiology testing
* Pre-clinical Medical Devices
* Stability testing of drugs
* Toxicology * Cleaning equipment
* Hygiene testing
Clinical Trials phase I to IV * Production equipment
* Quality Control
* Clinical Research (Field)
* Drug metabolism Logistics and Distribution
* Data management Analytical services
* In-patient clinical research Packaging
* Patient safety monitoring General
* Pharmacokinetics
* Pharmacodynamics * Chemical synthesis / analysis
* Pharmacogenetics * Custom manufacturing
* Pharmacoeconomics * Development & Validation of analytical
* Project management methods
* Statistical analysis * Drug discovery
* Drug delivery systems
Contract Manufacturing * Formulation / dossage form
* Blending * Process optimisation
* Filling * Production characterization
* Lyophilisation * Recruitment/ human resources
* Packaging * Synthetic organic chemistry
* Regulatory * Synthetic route design
Join these exhibitors and many more in networking with our international visitors and benefit from
the thriving pharmaceutical market and opportunity this unique business platform and the co-
located events offer. For more information on how to exhibit at ICSE Japan please contact Mr.
Vikram Rao at +31 (0) 20 40 99 524 or send an email to
InnoPack Japan

InnoPack Japan is the Quality Event for "Drug Packaging and

Delivery Technology" for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical,
veterinary and medical industries. Because it is held in
parallel with other international pharma events - CPhI, ICSE, P-MEC, and BioPh - it generates a
synergistic effect on drawing pharma professional's attention to Japan.

Japan is one of the countries that dominates the global pharmaceutical packaging market.
Moreover, it is the world's second largest pharma market and also the largest pharmaceutical
packaging market within the Asia-Pacific region.

Visitor job sections at InnoPack Japan 2014 included*:

*Visitor Survey Results CPhI Japan 2015

A total number of 16,184 visitors attended CPhI Japan 2015
InnoPack Japan is an intimate exhibition for leading designers, manufacturers and
suppliers in:

* Primary packaging: ampoule, vial, bottle cartridge, syringe, reconstitution system, sprays,
pumps, aerosols, medical packaging, unit doses, I.V. pouches, tubes, caps and many more
* Secondary packaging (i.e. medical packaging, wallet)
* Design, creation and production of drug delivery devices
* Development and packaging services
* Raw Materials (aluminium, cardboard, plastic, advanced polymers, rubber and glass)
* Films and semi-finished packaging materials (incl. blister packaging)
* Syringes and pre-filled syringe components (i.e. plungers, needle shields, tip caps, stoppers)
* Drug delivery devices/systems (i.e. inhalator, DPI, pen injector)
* Automation and assembly systems
* Manufacturers of transdermal systems and associated technology
* Folding cartons, labelling, printing, anti-counterfeit and tracing technologies
* Testing

Join these exhibitors and many more in networking with our international visitors and benefit from
the thriving pharmaceutical market and opportunity this unique business platform and the co-
located events offer. For more information on how to exhibit at InnoPack Japan please contact
Mr. Vikram Rao at +31 20 40 99 524 or send an email to
P-MEC Japan
P-MEC Japan is the opportunity to showcase innovative
pharmaceutical machinery, laboratory equipment and analytical
technology for API and Intermediates through face to face
networking and education.

LABWorld Japan connects the pharmaceutical community active

in laboratory, analytical & biotechnology instrumentation, offering
a forum for business development, networking & education.

Japan's medical device market is projected to expand at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate of
2.5% in between 2013 and 2018. The market is estimated to grow to around US$33.6bn in 2018.

Japan is one of the world's most technological advanced countries. Japan's APIs, intermediates
producers and pharmaceutical manufacturers are always on the lookout for new technologies in
quality control, safety assurance and increasing production efficiency. The requirements of
Japanese companies are possibly the highest in the world; if you are a supplier of competitive
products in these three fields, Japan is the market for you.

Following its successful previous editions, P-MEC Japan, the Pharmaceutical Machinery and
Equipment Convention, will once again provide you with an excellent opportunity to
present your advanced technologies to the most sophisticated market in Asia!
Visitor job sections at P-MEC Japan 2015 included*:

*Visitor Survey Results CPhI Japan 2015

A total number of 16,184 visitors attended CPhI Japan 2015

Exhibitors include (please note that this list is not exhaustive):

* Analyzer
* Synthesizer
* Chromatography
* Concentration System
* Centrifugal Separators
* Reaction Vessels
* Filtration Devices
* Granulators
* Agitators
* Dryers

Join these exhibitors and many more in networking with our international visitors and benefit from
the thriving pharmaceutical market and opportunity this unique business platform and the co-
located events offer. For more information on how to exhibit at P-MEC Japan | LABWorld
Japan 2016, please contact Mr. Vikram Rao at +31 (0) 20 40 99 524 or send an email
BioPh Japan
BioPh Japan, focusing on biopharmaceutical development and services,
brings bio solutions to CPhI Japan and is for companies and organisations involved in the
research and development of new treatment methods arising from biotechnical processes or
which are derived from, or use live organisms.

Structural economic reforms in Japan have fuelled a continued rally in biotechnology. The
Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturers have been eager to catch up the US and European
players in the bio field by investing and cooperating with bio ventures & universities.

The government has also been investing in infrastructure development such as bio industrial
cluster projects and setting up support programs for bio ventures & universities in order to
enhance Japan's bio pharma industry.

The markets for biologics such as antibodies, protein based drugs and vaccines
have been increasing. Biotechnology-based drugs are anticipated to be one of the key drivers of
the pharmaceutical market and this is reflected in the growing number biotechnology based
drugs among newly approved medicines.

If you are dealing with the research and development of new treatment methods made through
biotechnological processes or which are derived from or use live organisms or a supplier of bio
pharma raw materials, services or equipment, don't miss this opportunity to benefit from the mix
of exhibition and seminars at BioPh.
Visitors at BioPh Japan 2015 showed interest* in:

*Based on Survey Results CPhI Japan 2015

A total number of 16,184 visitors attended CPhI Japan 2015

Exhibitors include (please note that this list is not exhaustive):

* Academia and Research Centres * Investment Companies

* Analytical Chemistry * Medicinal chemistry
* Analytical Methods * Patent and legal services
* Bio Clusters * Platform technologies:
* Bioelectronics - Functional genomics
* Bioinformatics - Proteomics
* Biopharmaceutical and Bio process - Combinatorial Chemistry
Technologies - High throughput screening
* Biotechnology and related specialities * Process validation
* Cell biology * Protein chemistry
* Country / Regional pavilions * Technology and software
* Diagnostics: * Therapeutics
* Antibodies * Toxicology / virology
* Molecular Biology
* Equipment and supplies
* Genomics & Proteomic
* Immunology

Join these exhibitors and many more in networking with our international visitors and benefit from
the thriving pharmaceutical market and opportunity this unique business platform and the co-
located events offer. For more information on how to exhibit at BioPh Japan please contact Mr.
Vikram Rao at +31 20 40 99 524 or send an email to
Press Release

22 April 2015

Largest Exhibition Ever!

467 exhibitors from 27 countries and regions

CPhI Japan 2015 / ICSE Japan 2015 / P-MEC Japan 2015

BioPh Japan 2015 / InnoPack Japan 2015
22-24 April 2015, Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center

Global standardization has been one of

the key trends in the Japanese
pharmaceutical industry over the past
decade. This has been shaped by the
revision of the Japanese pharmaceutical
affairs law, acquisitions of Japanese
companies by overseas players, and the
expansion of the generic drug market.
This trend will be further accelerated by
Japans joining the Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S) last year.
It is becoming even more important for Japanese companies to build closer cooperation
with international partners who can provide them with competitive products,
technologies and services in order to compete in the international marketplace.

The growing importance of international cooperation within the industry has made the
CPhI Japan exhibition and its four parallel events - constituting the largest and most
international annual gathering of the pharmaceutical industry in Japan - an
indispensable opportunity for companies to meet new partners and forge new
relationships. Last year these five integrated pharma events attracted a
record-breaking17,000 visitors. This year there are 467 exhibiting companies from 27
countries and regions, and the exhibition will be the largest since its launch in 2002.

Exhibitors at CPhI Japan, ICSE Japan, P-MEC Japan, BioPh Japan and InnoPack
Japan 2015 by country:
Japan (179), China (126), India (42), South Korea (26), Italy (14), USA (12), UK (11),
Germany (9), Spain (9), Taiwan (8), Switzerland (7), France (5), Poland (2), Russian
Federation (2), San Marino (2), Sweden (2), Belarus (1), Denmark (1), Finland (1),
Hungary (1), Indonesia (1), Israel (1), Latvia (1), Lithuania (1), Portugal (1), Singapore
(1), Ukraine (1)
Total: 467 exhibitors from 27 countries & regions

Insight into Open Innovation Strategies of Japanese
Pharmaceutical Companies seminar to be held in cooperation
with the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association

A reduction in the amount of time needed to evaluate new drugs for official approval in
Japan has led to foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers, who at one stage were closing
their research bases in Japan, to now reestablish R&D centers and increase their
investments. Meanwhile, the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development
(AMED), a national research and development corporation, will be established in April
2015 to serve as a control tower for medical R&D activities, one of the main pillars of
Prime Minister Abes growth strategy. It is just one example of the trend in the Japanese
pharmaceutical industry is towards an improved environment for new drug

With the tide of the industry running in this new direction, on April 24, the third day of
CPhI Japan, a seminar entitled Insight into Open Innovation Strategies of Japanese
Pharmaceutical Companies will be held on the theme of Encouragement of Innovation
for Quality Improvement of and Contribution to Economic Development by Medical
Care. The topic is one of the main themes of the activities of the Japan Pharmaceutical
Manufacturers Association (JPMA). Mr. Makoto Suematsu, the first president of the
Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) will open the program
with an address. This will be followed by lectures by experts from Shionogi & Co., Ltd.,
Daiichi-Sankyo Co., Ltd., Astellas Pharma Inc., and Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,
who will provide insight into what their companies are doing in the pursuit of open

Increased Use of Generic Drugs Leads to More API Suppliers
from China, India and Korea Exhibiting

With the development of new drugs becoming more active in Japan, one of the major
reasons for the increase in exhibit space at CPhI Japan must be the expansion of the
nations market for generic drugs.
A target of a 60% share for generic drugs, proposed in the April 2013 road map
announced by the Ministry of Public Health, Labour and Welfare, was attained earlier
than expected. This is but one example of the expanding trend of the generic drug
market. Meanwhile, the three major foreign groups of exhibitors including China, Korea
and India have significantly expanded their presence in this years exhibition.
Meanwhile from Europe, in addition to Spain exhibiting for the first time, Italy continues
to hold a steady position among active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) suppliers to
Japan and will expand the size of its pavilion this year. Foreign suppliers are clearly
expecting a new rise in API demand from Japan.

On the afternoon of April 22, the opening day of the exhibition, special presentations
under the title of The Future Vision of Generic Drugs - after 10 Years will be given by
Professor Masaki Muto, Representative Director of the Japan Society of Generic
Medicines, and Mr. Katsufumi Jo, Director of the Economic Affairs Division, Health
Policy Bureau, Ministry of Public Health, Labour and Welfare. They will discuss the
status of the generic drug market over the next ten years.

Initiative for Steady Supply of APIs to the Japanese Market

Along with the expansion of the market for generic pharmaceuticals, the role of foreign
suppliers of API is further increasing in importance. However, there are concerns that
the steady supply of API in the domestic market could become an issue. For example, if
GMP auditing resulted in a particular product being declared unacceptable, it would
result in the supply of the pertinent API being halted. Today, when such a situation
occurs, foreign API manufacturers are called upon to deepen their understanding of
Japanese GMP standards and the MF system. Japanese pharmaceutical
manufacturers, on the other hand, are urgently required to satisfy quality control
standards in Japan and secure access to price-competitive API suppliers.

To address these problems of API supply and quality control, last year an international
networking symposium entitled The Problem of Steady API Availability was launched
as a special event at CPhI Japan and attracted more than 600 participants. This years
edition will again bring together speakers from the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Committee (APIC) of Europe, the Korea Pharmaceutical Traders Association (KPTA),
the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products
(CCCMHPIE) and the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA), an
independent administrative corporation, in Japan. The speakers are expected to put
forward proposals for problem solving regarding the steady supply of APIs from their
respective points of view.

Christopher Eve, President of UBM Japan, the organizer of the exhibition, comments:
Each year CPhI Japan has enjoyed the participation of many foreign governments and
trade associations, either as exhibitors or visitors. The stable supply of APIs a major
issue not only for generic drugs but also for new drugs and OTC drugs. I sincerely hope
that this seminar, organised by the Japan Pharmaceutical Traders Association, will
serve not only as an excellent opportunity for foreign API manufacturers to deepen their
understanding of GMP research and the MF system in Japan but also as a step toward
better mutual understanding between Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturers and the
world market.

Forefront of Pharmaceutical Industry

Over 150 Seminars to Discuss Process Chemistry,
Regenerative Medicine, Drug Formulation Technology, etc.

More than 150 seminar sessions will be held alongside CPhI Japan this year. The
seminar program, which attracts over 8,000 persons from the industry, is an important
component of CPhI Japan. In addition to the seminars mentioned above, there will be
the Process Chemistry Seminar held in cooperation with the Japanese Society for
Process Chemistry on the themes of greater efficiency of manufacturing processes and
quality control. It will cover the full range of products from low to high molecular weight.
The Biopharma Seminar will focus on regenerative medicine, which is expected to bring
about a significant expansion of the market. In addition, the InnoPack Japan
Conference will discuss drug formulation technology, packaging technology and
proposals on pharmaceutical packaging technology from scenes of medical care

A keynote address will be delivered by Mr. Kazuhiko Mori, Director of the Evaluation
and Licensing Division, Pharmaceutical and Food Safety Bureau, Ministry of Public
Health, Labour and Welfare, who will discuss how to get away from the blockbuster
model and work out a new strategy for new drug development. Another keynote
address will be given by Mr. Masafumi Nogimori, President of the Federation of
Pharmaceutical Associations of Japan (concurrently Chairman of Astellas Pharma Inc.),
who will introduce the role of the Japanese pharmaceutical industry in realizing a
healthy and long life society under the title of Toward Sustainable Growth of
Pharmaceutical Industry.

InnoPack Japan 2015 DDS and Packaging Innovation debuts

Drug delivery systems (DDS) are the focus of attention for maximizing the effectiveness
of pharmaceuticals. The global market for DDS is estimated to be worth 15 trillion and
growing steadily. Pharmatec Japan, an exhibition serving the field of DDS and primary
packaging until last year, has now been renamed as InnoPack Japan / DDS and
Packaging Innovation for 2015, and has increased in display space.

According to the Ministry of Public Health, Labour and Welfare, one out of every six
Japanese citizens is a current or potential diabetes patient. With the demand for
self-injection insulin rising, this years InnoPack Japan will showcase the latest devices
on the market, including glass syringes, prefilled syringes and needles, by such major
Japanese syringe makers as NIPRO, Terumo and Taisei Kako, together with foreign
exhibitors such as Becton, Dickinson and Company and West Pharm.

The InnoPack Japan conference will focus on user-friendliness, an aspect now

attracting note, in addition to drug formulation technology interlocked with new drug
development. There will be seminar sessions on the convenience of drug packaging
and self-injection from the patients point of view, such as What is the type of packaging
that a patient with trouble using his or her hands can open with little force? and How a
drug should be marked to prevent senior patients from taking it in a wrong way?

CPhI Women: New Networking Program
for Women Working in Drug Industry

This year a new networking program for women is being launched at CPhI Japan 2015,
called CPhI Women. According to UBM Japans President Christopher Eve,
Opportunities for women to have full and active careers in the Japanese
pharmaceutical industry are increasing, especially in the areas of drug regulatory affairs,
quality control and research. However women tend to have fewer opportunities than
their male colleagues for inter-company networking and information exchange. We
hope that CPhI Japan can offer a forum to facilitate networking by women in this
industry, and we hope that CPhI Japan Women will provide opportunities for business
communication directly linked to their daily jobs and for information exchange for better
career development.

This first edition of CPhI Women will feature a lecture entitled Designing Career
Options by Ms. Kuniko Shoji, Director and Senior Executive Officer, General Manager
of the Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Development Department, Terumo Corporation, who
will discuss some of the issues that women are likely to encounter in their work, and the
possible solutions. Following the lecture an informal networking exchange will be held.
Over 50 women from major Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturers will attend the

The India-Japan Pharmaceutical Summit at CPhI Japan 2015

To Cultivate a Two-Way Process of Business & Investment in
Pharmaceutical Industry between Japan and India.

India holds immense growth potential and the market is poised to reach sales of
US$50bn by 2020 (IMS DATA), up from US$21bn in 2014. On the other hand generic
build-up and contract manufacturing are two important growth modules for building
and sustaining the Japan pharmaceutical Industry. Japan is the second largest
pharmaceutical market but is still a relatively unexplored region for Indian companies
when compared to Europe and the USA. The summits objective is to cultivate
Two-Way Process of Business & Investment between the nations. The motto -
BRAND INDIA PHARMA and MAKE IN INDIA - will be unleashed as a growth strategy
and opportunity for the Japan Pharmaceutical and HealthCare sector.

The summit will invite representative persons from the Ministry of Commerce of the
Government of India, Pharmexcil, and Indian pharmaceutical and API companies as
speakers to talk about the current situation of Indias pharmaceutical industry and
discuss cooperation between Japan and India in developing further business
relationships and collaboration by inviting guest speakers from the pharmaceutical
industry in Japan.

Events: CPhI Japan 2015 (

ICSE Japan 2015 (
P-MEC Japan 2015 (
BioPh Japan 2015 (
InnoPack Japan 2015 (

Venue Tokyo BIG SIGHT, West Halls 1-2 & Atrium

Date: 22-24 April 2015 10:00-17:00
Organisers: UBM Japan Co Ltd, UBM EMEA, The Chemical Daily Co Ltd
Exhibition Sponsors
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Japan Chemical Industry Association The Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers'
Associations of JAPAN Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA)
Japan Bulk Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association Japan Society of Generic
Japan Generic Medicines Association Japan Federation of Self-Medication Industry
Japan Self-Medication Industry Pharmaceutical Research and Manufactures of America
(PhRMA) European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA)
Japan Analytical instruments Manufactures' Association Japan Federation of Scientific
Instrument Associations Japan Dyestuff and Industrial Chemicals Association (JDICA)
International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council Japan (IPEC JAPAN) Japan
Bioindustry Association Japan Biological Informatics Consortium (JBIC)
The Society of Iodine Science Japan Chemical Exporters and Importers Association
Japan Pharmaceutical Traders' Association Japan Food Additives Association
Catalyst Manufacturers Association (JAPAN) Japan Scientific Instruments Association
Japan CMO Association (JCMOA) The Japanese Society for Process Chemistry
The Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Japan (InnoPack Japan
Sponsor) The Asian Society of Innovative Packaging Technology (InnoPack Japan
Sponsor) Parenteral Drug Association-Japan chapter

About CPhI

CPhI drives growth and innovation at every step of the global pharmaceutical supply chain
from drug discovery to finished dosage. Through exhibitions, conferences and online
communities, CPhI brings together more than 100,000 pharmaceutical professionals each
year to network, identify business opportunities and expand the global market. CPhI hosts
events in Europe, China, India, Japan, Southeast Asia, Russia and South America and
co-locates with ICSE for contract services, P-MEC for machinery, equipment & technology,
BioPh for biopharma, and InnoPack for DDS and pharmaceutical packaging.

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