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Lesson Plan
Grade/Subject: _ Math 3______________ Unit:____3 Digit Addition____ Lesson Duration:_30 min_


General Learning Outcomes: Develop Number Sense

Specific Learning Outcomes:

Specific Outcome 9: Demonstrate an understanding of addition of numbers with answers to 1000 (limited 1-,2- and 3-
digit numerals) concretely
- using personal strategies for adding with and without the support of manipulative

Students will:
1. Solve 3 digit addition problems using either the carry the one method or adding the individual ones, tens, and
hundreds problems
2.Recognize that answers over 9_ _ in the 100 column mean the number is in the 1000s
Observations: Key Questions:
- Are students stacking their numbers for -Can students solve 3 digit addition with
addition solutions in the 1,000s?
- Are students writing out their method of -Can students work consistently using their
addition (carrying or adding places
strategies for addition?

Written/Performance Assessments:
-Addition Recording Sheet
Resource #1: Alberta Education Program of Studies
Resource #2: Addition Spinners and Recording Sheet
Resource #3: Snowflake Scoot additional math cards


Addition Spinners
Addition Recording Sheet
Paper Clips

Introduction (_2_min.):
Hook/Attention Grabber: Gather students at the circle and flower table. Today we are going to be using addition
spinners to make our own math problems
Assessment of Prior Knowledge: But first we are going to do some addition problems as a group.
Using either a small whiteboard or the whiteboard at the front we will solve 2 problems. When we are solving our
math problems I want to see that you are carrying your ones if you use that method or adding zeros to your 10s and
100s if you use that method
Expectations for Learning and Behaviour: Students are listening and contributing answers in group math problems.
Students are writing neatly and showing their work
Transition to Body: So lets solve a problem together. Today we are going to be spinning using our paper clips and
pencils to pick the two numbers we will add together
Body (_25_min.):
Learning Activity #1 (8 min)
-Lets pretend that I spun my paper clip and it landed on 129 then I will move over to the second circle and spin for the
second number Im adding: 293
So I will stack my numbers on top of each other
+ 293
What is the first number I add? Looking For the ones
So 9+3+ 12 so I would write 12 if I am adding that way or I would write 2 and carry the one
Next adding the 10s: 9+2 +1= 12 so I would write 2 and carry the one or if Im writing the other way is this 11 when I
am adding the tens column?
Looking For: No it is 110 because there are eleven 10s
Now adding the 100s if I am solving this way the number is what? Not 3 but 300
If I carry the ones then I add 1+1+2 = 4 so 421
Or Im adding 300+110+11 How many hundreds do I have? 4 tens? 2 ones? 1 so 421

Repeat with second problem

735+ 575
Now when I add the 100s together what is 1+ 7+ 5 (12) now is it just 11 if it is the 100s column? NO its 1200 or I
would write 1+ 7+5 if I am solving the other way because there are no more numbers to carry so it would be 13
Now solving this way I have1200+ 100+10 How many 1000s do I have? 1 how many 100s? 200+ 100= 300 tens? 1
ones? 0 so 1310
-Observing if students understand. Asking different students to solve the basic math
Learning Activity #2:
Now youre each going to get a worksheet and write your name on it
So if Im Student X I would spin my paper clip and it lands on216 so I would write 216 in the top squares. Then I will
spin on the second circle and I get 445 so I would write 445 on the second line. Then I will add the two together
remembering to carry my ones or remembering my 0s in the 10s and 100s
WHEN you are spinning if your clip lands in-between the two numbers pick the number the paper clip is most on or
pick one of the two if it is even. If I got 216 for the last problem I just did spin again. If you end up with 2 numbers
that you have already added spin to change one of the numbers
- Teacher will be walking around observing and checking/ reminding students to check that they carried their ones etc.
-Student A will be working on 2 digit addition spinners to build up that number sense
Closure (_2_min.) :
Consolidation/Assessment of Learning:
- Checking finished/ partially finished worksheets for accuracy and understanding
Transition To Next Lesson: Hand in your papers to me make sure your name is on them and you can go to Miss
Holowiskis table