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The joys and difficulties that you encounter?
Ive had my best and worse experiences at Maria Clara Lorenzo Lobregat National High School during our very
first practice teaching. But before that, as a beginner I had the feeling of excitement, a bit anxious and nervous
of the things that might happen during my teaching. All those worries and fears were fading away as I stepped
into the reality of teaching. As Ive seen my students, the new environment that we will be adapting and the new
people that we will start working with washed away the anxiety inside. This brought joy and gladness. What gave
me a constant joy was my students who never failed to surprise me with their attendance, their active participation
in class sometimes, their innocent responses and queries also as being true to themselves in terms of arguing
with their classmates whenever they give the wrong concept. Another, the new environment where we stayed for
the entire practice teaching seemed to be an exciting place for us to be exposed for what really is the real world.
A world that might be way too different from our comfort zones, a world that might give us a heavy burden to
carry along the way but then would be worthy enough in the end. Facing reality is a bit painful, stressful and
difficult to handle but this gives me joy since Im a person who never had the time to enjoy the life of being free
from work at home and in school. Thats why Im getting used to it and it is already in my system that it will be
hard, tiring and restless day without doing nothing at all. And in every joy that we face in our life there would
always be the difficult part that will surely test us as a person: as a student, a friend, a colleague, and a student
teacher. In my recent experience, I suffered adjusting and managing my time well especially in waking up early
to do my responsibility at home, to make lesson plan for each day with the interactive visual aids, and attending
afternoon classes and to meet the standard of the teachers as well as the requirements that we need to submit
on time. Its difficult also given my situation, the students wouldnt cooperate with me in terms of their behavior.
The students, MY students actually were noisy at times, they keep on yelling and shouting names, sometimes
wouldnt pay attention and the worst, I caught them sleeping inside my class. With all these, all-in-one struggle,
there came a time that Id just sit and do nothing at all, and upon reaching home I would just eat then sleep right
away then cram the other day and regret. Moreover, meeting the standard of my cooperating teacher and the
expectations from her did not really motivate me all throughout my practice teaching. Rather, it helped me to be
better each day of my practicum because of the one-on-one session I had right after teaching. To sum it up, all
the joys and difficulties that I have experienced did something to my perception in the present day.
Three (3) difficulties in classroom management and what have you done about it.
Now I realized that managing a classroom ideally is very easy but realistically its harder than solving math
problems without a scientific calculator. The three major difficulties in managing a class was: keeping students
awake during the discussion of the topic; instructions were not taken seriously; and lastly, their unnecessary
behavior during my class especially being noisy in participating in the activity, and who keeps on talking with the