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Pine Cove Farm. V1.0.0.


V1.3 Fixes.

The maps Multifuit system has been upgraded and converted to take many more fruits at a later
date. This requires a brand new game starting and you will also see the growth stages have
changed in the map and will require growth time periods upon starting out. I repainted the
starting field so it can still be harvested off the bat.

Oat and Rye harvest state corrected.

Crane collision fixed at the wood Yard.

Particles adjusted on waterfalls.

New particles added to BioPro and Separator systems.

Access to Bio Pro Improved.

New latest version of the Fermenting Silo added.

Cow Silage clamp removed.

Access to Pig Feed machine improved.

Bill Barrels upgraded.

Silage added to train system so the BGA call is now longer redundant.

Floating objects fixed.

Latest Script update for additional triggers added.

Various other tweaks and adjustments made around the map.

V1.2 Fixes an tweaks.

Sheep and Pig navmesh's edited to prevent them getting onto shed roofs.

Pig manure heap Rotated.

Additional map types updated to 1007 and oat and rye tested perfect with AI planting and
Harvesting.. Thanks Lee.

Numerous floatingobjects fixed.

New signs added where needed.

German text adjusted on the BioPro. There's more but I'm to tired to remember. higher lod and clip distance and matched shader settings to the larger draw circle I use for my own visual preference. Particle holders and systems updated. New ground col and tipmasks.. To expirience the map as it was intended requires a powerful PC with Nvidia 980 and 1080 GTX graphics cards which is what we run. Mods you should get.Terrain edited and ground textures where needed. All teleports fixed in the map. Cowsilo tweaked but still suffers as they do. fertilizer. ModDesc and script tweaks. The mod maps I make have many more objects in them. there are no problems on them at all. First note: Pine Cove Farm was created and optimised for our own PC systems and not the general publics.fuel and liquid manure prices adjusted down. Waterfall mist particles fixed. Welcome to the Pine Cove Farm mod map information. All Silo fruits and digital counters were again tested and hold perfect the amount. run extra scripts and installed mods and have by default longer draw distance. All pallet pricing adjusted down. Kotte tankers again tested perfect on all triggers including fuel. The map has chopped straw by webalizer installed so you could download the control file from . The map will run on systems with lesser graphics cards and graphical settings turned down but is not recomended for users with laptops and integrated graphics solutions. I recommend that the map is placed in it's own mod folder seperated from any other maps to prevent and conflicts or errors bleeding into it. All fields were planted and cycled with AI and default equipment. Seed. so if you have problems with the above 3 look for something else it is not the map.

All pallet sell points have pallet movers with auto sell triggers at the end. Bio fuel can also be sold in the towns main Petrol station look for the tip point floor marker by the entrance. All Purpose in the compost yard supplies grow bags to garden centres. gold nugget challenge and more. Pine Cove Farm has missions. Fertiliser and Bio Diesel fuel for you. Production Greenhouses. installed mods by some of the best modders around. The marhu sites stop milk sale placeable mod. multiple sell points and things to do. tip compost into the clamp and it will bag and sell the product for you. Milk sales are at the bakery in the back yard. the marhu site is safe but the file hosters are not unless you are protected or know what your doing.the Giant's offical website mods section if you wish to activate it. sold back into the BGA and also used at the BGA's Bio Pro factory. again from the marhu. Now enter the 2 words into the bot catcher and most important press enter on the keyboard do not click the screen or you guessed it more popups. many popup's and scam's but there is a trick for hassle free uploaded. Tip. supply this with liquid manure from the cowzone and straw and it will make solid manure for you. There's also the Manure separator at the BGA. The new Bio Pro BGA has a sunken tip point and can handle more than just silage. you do not transport the pallet in this map. Compost can be sold in the map. you'll get paid and gain Digestate in the BGA's tank which can be spread on fields. chopped straw. . Be carefull with the download links which host many of the mods on the marhu site. Supply with Digestate and it will produce Liquid does what is say's stops milk being sold at midnight so you can collect and sell it yourself. One large farm. custom BGA. multifruit. large natural forestry area. Then supply it with Diesel fuel via Farmer_Andy's Kotte tanker and production of compost will start. Farmer_Andy's Kotte Garrant Universal Tanker mod and a must for the map. now click the black cross close button on the page to close the fake cover page( do not click in the cover page as it will lead to popups if clicked anywhare in it). straw and more. Once Farmer_Andy's Kotte Universal Tanker is filled with Bio Fuel or Liquid Fertilzer it can overload to vehicles. The composting plant next door to the BGA let's you dump your waste like website. spread on fields and used at any of the production Greenhouses.. Now the usual windows save. saveAS dialoque will open for you and you can download the mod. wait for the 30 second timer to count down. 17 medium to large fields. Click free download.

The map is made from my GCE1009 template and modified further. manure and water and they will produce and sell pallets for you into the maps economy. you can use the left mouse button or the o key on your keyboard.. supply these with grains like wheat or barley and liquid manure and they will produce seeds for you which can be used in sowing machines. https://www.These are at Pro Duce and Mervils Farm. regards . this collects all the eggs for you. The rest of the map layout is just about all completely new. you supply them with compost. you need nothing special for it to function it works with all standard game equipment. Enjoy your time in them map. I kept the Goldcrest main highway and town in the map which I just love that's the reason. stored and sold into the maps economy. I made the gates from the FSmodding2015 gates and the triggers are large you don't have to be right upto them. supply it with woodchips or straw for fuel as it runs on steam. The BGA has new silo clamps installed from the TeamLTW. dump log's into it via crane or trailer and it will chip them for you. BlackSheep Modding's multifruit is installed into the map. The animal zone gates require that you exit your vehicle to open or close them. There's the Eisberg egg collector installed in the chicken zone by the caravan. The fields are expensive. You will get longer mission times and the missions will pay slightly more. Kastors animal feed systems are installed into the map and will produce the finest animal feed for cows and pigs. The digital readout mod was created by Nils23. The farm Silo holds just about everything in the map and has a digital silo information board. KevinK98's sawmill is installed at the rail timber yard.facebook. Farmer Andy's seedmaster's are installed into the map. just walk upto it to collect them. Supply logs and it will produce boards and sell them for you. Kastors large woodchipper is installed under the rail crane. Some of the gold nuggets may need a little thinking or exploring to get to. The bays are all clearly labelled with what is needed. The trainsystem from the GCE map was used and edited slightly for a better fit. Error or issue reporting and be made direct on my facebook page for all my modding.