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Travel Entrepreneurship Program

By Travel Gurukul Academy

Travel Gurukul
Your Travel Training Expert
Travel Gurukul Introduction
Travel Gurukul Academy of Travel and Tourism is an
established Institution with the aim at training and
developing and budding professionals to take the exciting
world of Travel as a career. Our Programs are not just about
guarantying a job but more importantly to give and create
business and entrepreneurial opportunity. The module
includes tools that empower our students for continued
success in their business.

Travel Gurukul Academy is spearheaded by a team of

professionals with core competence in Travel & Tourism
education. The varied experience and knowledge of the
professionals managing the institute has come together to
develop niche programs that nurture the right travel &
tourism skills and also lend substantial focus to the choice
of affiliations and alliances.
Travel Industry The Facts

Travel and Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world
and employs over 20 million in India. According to the Economist. the
travel industry is slated to become the second largest employer in the
world by the year 2019.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), this sector is
growing at an average annual rate of 8%.

The travel and tourism sector generated Rs 14.1 trillion (USD208.9

billion) in 2016, which is world's 7th largest in terms of absolute size; the
sum is equivalent to 9.6% of India's GDP.

At present, 70% of Indias ecommerce market is travel related and is

doing more than $15 Billion annually.
In 2016, the sector directly provided more
than 25.4 million jobs.

Total contribution of travel and tourism to

GDP in India from 2027 is estimated to be
USD 150 Billion which is more than double
of present approximate USD 70 Billion
Travel Industry
The Facts Travel & Tourism investment in 2016 was
INR2,284.9bn, 5.7% of total investment
(USD34.0bn). It should rise by 4.5% in
2017, and rise by 5.7% pa over the next
ten years to INR4,149.0bn (USD61.8bn) in
2027, 5.7% of total.

Thailand recorded 1.06 million tourist

arrivals from India last year
Travel Industry The Facts

By 2020, the international

airlines industry is
expected to be worth an
estimated US $832.8
By 2030, India is slated to
reign as one of the largest
aviation market, thanks to
modern airports, low-cost
carriers, foreign direct
investments and regional
Be A
Travel Entrepreneur

Work From Anywhere Home, Office,

Business Center, Friends Place or even from a
Coffee Shop. Your Laptop and your Smart
phone is your Office.

Be Your Own Boss No nagging or

unreasonable Boss to report to. You plan and
control your career, your growth, your success.

An exciting, glamorous, respected profession

Its interesting and fun and it helps people.
They dont call it the hospitality business for
nothing. Your job is to make people happy, and
work doesnt get any better than that.
Be A Travel
Freebies and Benefits Travel agents get
discounts, upgrades, perks and free trips.
You can see the world.

No formal level education required, No

Work Experience Required Whether
You are a Student, Working professional,
Housewife or a Retired professional, you
can be a successful Travel Entrepreneur if
you have the passion and zeal to learn,
give the right advisory and follow laid
down proven success systems.

Huge Earning Potential Check out our

Business Forecast Report in one of the
coming slides later
Travel Gurukul - Your Success
Is Guaranteed

Travel Gurukul is the leading travel and tourism

education institute in India. We have successfully
trained over 1500 Corporate travel Agents in Pan
India over.

This is the only Travel Entreprenuer Training

Course available in the country. Remember the
focus of the course is to help you create and
build your own successful travel business and not
to just help you pick up a low paying job that
other courses present. The Program has been
designed to prepare students for a career in the
ever-changing tourism industry.
Travel Gurukul - Your Success
Is Guaranteed

TG course is designed by Professionals having

experience in Travel business having a pedigree
of launching and making many start-ups
successful in different spheres of business. The
course has been designed in a way that it help
the participants complete a professional
certification along with their academics.

Focus on Online Business Opportunity and Tools

to Generate Business thereof.

Guaranteed Success if our Model is followed.

Comparison With Other Professional Courses
Business Forecast
Program Details

Level 1 - Foundation Program

Level 2 - Professional Program

Level 3 - Enterprise Program

Foundation Program

Fees Free
Duration - 3 Days (9 Hours)
Course Content
Air Fares, Hotel & Rail Booking
Tour Packages
Selling Skills
Customer Service
Query Handling
Geographical Location
Freebies worth 6500/- INR
Professional Program
Fees Rs 11000
Duration 1 Month (24 Hours)
Course Content
Includes everything in
Foundation Program
Travel Insurance Foreign
Inbound & Outbound Customers
Top Tourist Destinations in India
and Outside n Potential
Upcoming Destinations
Fix Departure, FIT & Group
Enterprise Program
Fees Rs 31000
Duration 3 Months (75 Hours)

Course Content
Includes everything in
Professional Program
CRM Remittance
White Label Solution
Lead Generation
Social Media - Brand Building &
Email & SMS Marketing
Cross Sell Repeat Customer
Entrepreneur Skills
Travel Course Content

Presentation Skills
Challenges faced by
Travel Insurance
Amadeus / Galileo
Foreign Exchange
GST & Remittance
White Label Solution
Travel Course Content

Social Media Brand

Building & Marketing
Lead Generation
Inbound & Outbound
Fix Departure, FIT &
Group Bookings
Email Marketing
Cross Sell
Repeat Customer
Travel Gurukul Program

Not For 1 year / 2 years But Just 3 months can

change your life and take you far ahead of your

Not about a Job Course But Your Own


Not a Training Course But a Fully Developed

Entrepreneurship and Incubation Program

Not Just About Travel But also about many all

any other business where you can use the skills
or learnings from this program
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