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Lesson Plan Template ED 3501 (Version C)

Iqaluit Introduction Date December 5th 2017
Grade Level Grade 2 30 Minutes

Subject(s) Social Studies Teacher Mr. McGuire / Ms. Fisher


General 2.1 Canada's Dynamic Communities - Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation
Learning of how geography, culture, language, heritage, economics and resources shape and change Canada's
Outcomes: communities.

Specific 2.1.2 Investigate the physical geography of an Inuit, an Acadian, and a prairie
Learning community in Canada by exploring and reflecting the following questions for inquiry:
Outcomes: Where is the Inuit [Iqaluit] communities located in Canada? (LPP)
How are the geographic regions different from where we live? (LPP)
What are the main differences in climate among these communities? (LPP)
Students will:
1. Understand and compare the physical geography of Iqaluit to their own town of Raymond.
Observations: Teacher will observe students paying attention during discussion.
Teacher will observe students contributing to discussion
Teacher will observe students watching the video.
Key Questions:
Alberta Education Social Studies Program of Studies.
Prior to lesson Teacher will ensure all materials required for lesson are prepped and ready.
Teacher will ensure that all students are seated at the carpet.
Introduction Time (Min)
Attention Grabber "Today we are going to be working together to discover a
new part of Canada called Iqaluit".
Assessment of Prior Students have been learning and brainstorming all aspects of
Knowledge Raymond's physical geography in order to compare them to
different parts of Canada.
Expectations for Students will be expected to be paying attention during
Learning and Behaviour discussions.
Students will be expected to contribute towards the discussion.
Students will be expected to pay attention towards video.
Students will not be expected to know anything about Iqaluit
at this point.
Transition to Body "Who thinks they know where Iqaluit is on the map?" 1
Learning Activity #1 Iqaluit Concept Map and Mapping Time (Min)
Teacher Notes: Assessments/ Teacher will see if any students know where Iqaluit is on the map, if
Differentiation not we will come back to this after the movie.
"Okay why don't we write Iqaluit on our concept map and try and
brainstorm all the things we know about Iqaluit write now."
Teacher will write Iqaluit at the centre of the easel pad. Make sure to
clap out the syllables of Iqaluit and underline each syllable to help
students better read.
"So who can tell me what they know about Iqaluit in relation to our
previous concept map categories of Raymond?".
Students are not expected to know anything as of yet.
Adapted from a template created by Dr. K. Roscoe 1
Lesson Plan Template ED 3501 (Version C)
Learning Activity #2 Movie
Teacher Notes: Assessments/ "That's okay, Mr. M doesn't know too much about Iqaluit either. Why don't
Differentiation why watch this movie and come back to our concept map to find out more
about Iqaluit first.
After the movie students and teacher will then brainstorm ideas about
Iqaluit in relation to the previous categories about Raymond.
Consolidation of Learning: Time (Min)
Feedback From Students: Students will pick out idea's from the movie that they believe need to be on
the concept map. (Formative)
Feedback To Students

Reflections from the


Adapted from a template created by Dr. K. Roscoe 2