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CAMBRIDGE Uclei=ra re ler= ( Elementary Workbook Chris Redston with Gillie Cunningham CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS Cambridge, New York, Melbourne, Madrid, Cape Town, Singapore, Sao Paulo ‘Cambridge University Press. The Edinburgh Building, Cambridge CB2 8RU, UK Information on this title: © Cambridge University Press 2005 ‘This publication is in copyright. Subject to statutory exception and to the provisions of relevant collective licensing agreements, no reproduction of any part may take place without the written permission of Cambridge University Press. First published 2005 6th printing 2007 Printed in the United Kingdom at the University Press, Cambridge A catalogue record for this publication is available from the British Library ISBN 978-0-521-60792-6 Workbook with Key ISBN 978-0-521-60061-3 Student's Book with CD-ROM/Audio CD ISBN 978-0-521-61371-2 Teacher's Book ISBN. 978-0-521-60338-6 Class Audio CDs ISBN 978-0-521-60342-3 Class Audio Cassettes ISBN 978-0-521-61400-9 Network CD-ROM ISBN 978-84-8323-368-9 Student's Book with CD-ROM/Audio CD, Spanish Edition ISBN 978-3-12-539731-6 Student's Book with CD-ROM/Audio CD, Klett Edition face2face ( Elementary Workbook CAMBRIDGE Chris Redston with Gillie Cunningham ) UNIVERSITY PRESS cone Welcome to the class! 8s cobs; eee da of e week (CEEEZD saya et rt pote cass scons names 1 Meeting people ~5 | Reading and Writing Portfolio 1 p64 ‘counties and nationalities; numbers 0-100; jobs; a and an, age; personal possessions (1); Reading English addresses; hotel registration forms le #5 Dea ‘Writing capital letters (1); addresses; filing in a hotel GEIB be ptr Hen yoo eins, anv set ann nd ‘epson oan Deckesie peed (ELT introducing people; asking for personal details: 2 People and possessions p10 | Reading and Writing Portfolio p68 EET secs 0 acts win oy, na sess oi, te wats bs eatin pop’ lutte tings it hse, pesto of pac ; SER Vien tae (ERED have got postive, negate, question, sot answers possessive or eeantea i = (CET taking aout ie; asking ut pore 3 Dally life pis | Reading and Writing Portfolio Sp LEED tay cos tee aces (time pases wah oni at every mons dates feadng kame poles equeny arts ing coring yp (): an eco, (EET reser Simple postve epatre, Wn. aa yes/no questions, short ansvess Seamer poe ‘(Wyou/we/hey); subject and obyect pronouns ze (CETEED phases ose das sgesions atimeof 20 | Reading and Writing Portfolio 4 70 ‘ee tne aches 2 tings ou elton the; Kero od and tk Reading retayan overs connate ae unis ntrs Wag messages (an ema GEEEIEED Freer Sipe psi, epatre,uestons shor answer (heer ELD rewests and otters: ‘5 Homes and shops 1 | Reading and Writing Portfolio’ 5 pra CEEED pes naomi conto ans tigi he: shes sob cobs eating» aes fr lace ive es ns ‘ies paragraps (1; tert tend GENE ree ittere ae, How mh... How many .. 2; some, ary, 2 oe CEI sep emaoe 6 Good times, bad times 0 | Reading and Writing Portfolio @ 94 EESTI acecines le ees, wetend aces; aeetoes wth very ely ate, 00 Reading 2 sens cxmposton Pas Spl; Ps Simpl rer an regu vt: poste, WP questions eg paras conmactng wos (2) CED song et tn oes ‘Mer wten sna Bon aeons 7 Films, music, news - 035. | Reading and Writing Portfolio 7 076 = peso an: ps ot mus at ie pees, ton wd grat Sige Resting enletsinment ters EEE Post sire. ae yes questions, short answers; question os otis irsomgesn l eeon CLD eng abou ne nos 8 Let's go away | Reading and Writing Portfolio 8 oT CEE holiday activities; aojectives to describe places; verb collocations ‘Reading tourist information on the internet GEEED cantantirpossiy,comparaves Wing describing paces preps ass wth CEEEZD peng ey ot india fe ‘Answer Key Pi © Allin a day's work s_| Reading and Writing Portfolio 9 pi am pate pes of anspor travelling words/phrases; indoor and outdoar activities; adverbs ‘Reading job adverts: rages ae Present Continuous: positive, negative, questions, short answers; Present Simple oF ane Present Gntnuas (CUD taingon ne prone 40 Mind and body 750 | Reading and Writing Portfolio 10 pie CESZITD health; How often ... ?and treque ressions; appearance; character; health ‘Reading letters asking tor advice CEE picts cate wcohes rd ba ‘wig pronouns and agetves; GESTED perates;stoissrouentquesions wie Tiers (LLIB tokrg aoc natn 11 Future plans p88. | Reading and Writing Portfolio 11 pet verb collocations, studying; verb patterns ‘Reading a tourist brochure; an email EEE be ig i teresa, an eso wens, ster nw; tor Wing common mistakes: a escent a ty a CEEID asking tor and giving directions 42 Life experiences 0 | Reading and Writing Portfolio 12 pls tig and sma numer tings and places a an apot GEETIED supatatves; Present Perect: positive, negative; Have you ever Sher answers ESTED atte apt 7eestons and Reading sport sigs; a poster Wig useful phrases fora poteard Elementary Reading and cs Writing Progress Portfolio Eee Welcome to the class! Language Summary Welcome, Student's Book p121 Saying hello and goodbye (EB Lin the gaps with these words. Belts Hi im omy meet too Nice chiara “Hello... name's Chiara EDUARDO * ‘ Eduardo. CHIARA Nice 10 you. Epuaroo * to meet you” Goodbye you Bye See Monday TEACHER you on ®. Tosi Yes, see" 5 ' Colours CB © D write the colours. Tie! + (S)= spelling 1 dre red. 2 renge 3 kelab 4 loywel Syeg 6 tewih 7 club The alphabet (53 © Fill in the gaps. Use capital letters ABCD _FLH_U_K_ ee ee b) Write the alphabet, Use small letters. abcd Classroom instructions (0) @© » Match the words/phrases in A to the words/phrases in B. nN 8 1 Open 2) in groups. 2 Read er your book, 3. Match 6) the article 4 Don't 4) the gaps. 5 Work ) the words to the pictures 6 Fillin #) write 7 Close ) in pairs 8 Work 1) the questions. 9 Look ') your book. 10 Answer 3) your answers. 11 Cheek )_ and practise 12 Listen 0) at page six Welcome b) Match phrases from 4a) on p3 to pictures 1-6, Names (05) a o Fill in the gaps with these words. Fill nthe gaps. What's sumame first Welcome Is How Thank spell class Manone 2. hme you fe? reacner ‘What's. your? name? DANIELA ? Daniela ‘Teacher What’ your * DANIELA Iguarte. reachen * dio you that? DANILA KG-U-A-R-T-E Teacher”, to the® Daniela DANIELA you. Days of the week (IED © Dwiite the days, wress 74s 67 wun. 18 19 0 21 24 25 26 7 28 gtaesls November] % 1Monday 1 Meeting people Language Summary 1, Student's Book p122 1A Where are you from? Introducing people {TIED @ Fill in the gaps with these phrases. HettS I'm fine, thanks How are you Nice to meet you this is And you pan ‘Hello, , Kathy. ariy Hi, Dan. ? ? oan? And you? kamay I'm OK, thanks. AN Kathy, 4 Max. kathy Hello, Max. max © Countries, nationalities and languages (7) @© 4G) write the countries. b) (S) Write the nationalities for the countries in 2a). VA be: positive and Wh- questions ap Write these sentences with ‘m, ‘re ors. 1 Lam from England Im from England, 2. You are in room 101 3 He is Russian. 4 We are late 5 She from Germany. 6 They are French. 7 Itis in room M. 1A and 1B - - — — _ — @© A Make questions with these words. b) Write the answers to the questions in 4a) } 1 The USA. i 2 ant 3 \ a U7 ‘ " “ Carl Roberts 5 6 1a) from /he /'$/ Where ? Where's he from? b) name /’s/ his / What ? Subject pronouns and possessive adjectives (E9 © ciwose the correct words. 1 @" name is Warren Mears. 2. This is we/our hotel. 3. What’ he/his nationality? 4 Where are they/their from? 5. She/Her first name’ Janice. 6 What are they/their surnames? 7 8 ° 2 a) Where / from / she /'5? b) $/ What / surname / her ? 3a) from / are / Where / they ? LY md by their /are / names / What / first ? Christophe Dugarry soe and Véronique Boutron 1B In the coffee break Numbers 0-20 @IE3 Jobs (IED oe (S) Write the numbers. e@ (S) Do the puzzle. Find the job (4). a lone g » 13 920 ¢ 4 8e 92 n 4 aio He v 02 © | We/Our are both students. Is that you/your dog? What’ it/its name? aand an 23 eo Fill in the gaps with a or an. 1 2 3 8 9 10 be: negative, yes/no questions and short a. shop assistant English dictionary number actress housewife manager Australian hotel university lealian surname country answers (ED Make these sentences negative. Write two negative sentences if possible. 1 2 3 4 He's a teacher. He sn‘ta teacher, He's nota.teacher, We'te from Argentina. You're late, Um retired, They're Turkish, She's a waitress, Pablo is an accountant, 1B A Penelope Cruz Elton john Tom Cruise and John Travolta actress (Spain) ‘musician (England) ‘actors (the USA) @ a) Make questions with these words. 1 actor / Elton John /an / Is? Js Elton John anactor? 2 Is/actress /an / Penelope Cruz ? 3 musi ins / Are / Tom Cruise and John Travolta ? 4 from / Elton John / England /1s ? 5 from / Tom Cruise and John Travolta / Are / the USA? 6 Penelope Cruz / Italy /Is/from ? b) Look at the photos. Write short answers to the questions in 5a) 1 No. he isn’t. 3 5 2 4 6 Review oe Fill in the gaps in these conversations. 1 A "Ate. you from England? 8 No,Im? vm? Australia A Oh, really? What’ your*.....? 8 rm? teacher. A Are you’, English teacher? 8 Yes, 17 2 a Excuse ® Are you from Spain? a? swe aren't. Were ®. Mexico. A And what do you" ...0.? 8 tm” doctor and Carlos is ”. engineer. @ Numbers 20-100 (73 0 a) (S) Write the numbers. a) 22 Lwenty.-t.wo, 33 4 + Qo 4 f 9 5 Ff, 8 66s -s 77s. -s a 8B e. -e 4) 99 0. -n. ) 100 ah b) Write the answers in words. 1 ten + seven ~ four = . thirteen 2 nine + wventy-t0 3 fifty-six ~ fourteen = 4 thirteen + fifty: 5 ninety-eight - sevent 6 thirty-three + eleven = 7 seventy ~ seventeen 8 thirty-seven + sixty-three = Asking for personal details (TED a) Read conversations 1-3, Fill in gaps a)—j) with the correct questions. ‘A OK, first I need your personal details. °_What’s your surname.? 8 Its King, aM co 2 8 Michael & Thank you. =) 8 rm 32, Bo = 8 No, I'm single & OK, thank you. And .. -1C Personal details ‘A Well, good to see you again, Kerry ® You too. See you on Saturday? 1 Nes, great. Oh, * ? 8 My mobile number is... wait a minute... 07445 346799. A And ®. ? 8 Us kerrypowell@hotweb ‘& OK, thanks, See you soon, 3 A Right, Dagmara, z 8 I'm Polish. a And". in London? 8 INS 56 New Road, Lewisham. And a) 8 SWo 6HK. A Thank you, ” 2 8. My home number is 020 8533 4689. & OK, thats fine, You're in room 12, Your teacher’ name is Anna. 8 Thank you very much. b) Match pictures A-C to conversations 1-3. 1D Lost property Personal possessions (1) (IE) © GF) write the vowels (a, ¢, i, 0, u) in these words. 1 2 coat wot ste s_ comur 10 u witch _ddr_ss Plurals Write the plurals, ? 10 a bag bags. awaich aman a dress a person adiary ahotel a woman aan email address a child this, that, these, those (1) e Fill in the gaps with this, that, these or those. ® Reading © Read this in English? What are "those. buildings over there? No, it isn't, * ‘number 52 over there are keys _'sarutr. formation. Tick the true sentences. Correct the false sentences. Learn Fast! Language School class register Level Elementary Room 12 Teacher Anna Simmons Name Nationality | _Address in the UK Phone number Dagmara Marosz | Polish ‘56 New Road, SW4 6HK | 0208533 4689 (home) Evrim Ali Turkish 3a Grove Street, E11 4WA | 07974 344598 (mobile) Nina Petrov Russian | 78 West Road, NWI 4T) | _07734:384587 (mobile) Marcelo Santos | Brazilian | 22 High Street, NW12.3WS | 020.8866 8977 (home) Russia 1. Nina is from Gest: 2 Marcelo is from Brazil. 7 5 Evrim is from Russia, 6 Marcelo’s address is 22 West Road. 3 Dagmara’s home phone number 7 Nina mobile number is 07734 384587. is 020 8533 4689. 4 Nina’ postcode is NWI 47) 8 The teachers surname is Simmons, 9. The class is in room 56. Beading and Witing Portfolio 1 p64 2 People and possessions Language Summary 2, Student's Book p124 2A What’s important to you? Adjectives (1) Personal possessions (2) (22) Match these adjectives to eo (S) Write the words. their opposites. 1a CDplayer. @ ® ®. sxpenstvé good old (x2) BA Cn beautiful small short sal easy slow right ayer 1 cheap expensive 2 new svar, 3 bad ~o 4 ugly P. 5 difficult pale. 6 wrong P = 7 fast edad 8 big “ 8 long fay 10 young a Adjectives with very (223 have got: positive and negative Tick the correct sentences. @ Look at the table. Then fill in the gaps with ve got, have go, havent got, Change the incorrect sentences. ¥ got or hasnt got. 1 This isa very nice bag. / | beautiful | 2 Jane’s got uwvo bewetifels children. X - computer 3. I've got a mobile phone new, mobile phone — di — 4 Ewan MeGregor is my oe a digital camera favourite actor iovoeaer 5. These are expensives shoes. 1 Fiona ‘sgot. a computer. 6 He a digital 6 Mark’s got a car very old. 2 she a digital camera 7 The President is a very aa 7 Karen and Tony Seceatinn 3 She aDVD player. a computer. 4 Robert 8 They a radio, This isa good very book, 8 4 good very a mobile phone. aa s(Dvo) © 5 He a radio. player. have got: questions and short answers {=} e a) Make questions with these words. 1 acar/ Fiona / Has / got ?- Has Fiona got 2 Has /a computer / got / Robert ? 3 a digital camera / got / Have / Karen and Tony ? 4 Fiona / a mobile phone / got / Has ? 5 a DVD player / got / Has / Robert ? 2B Meet the Robinsons Family (29 Read about Terry’s family. Then write the names on family tree. ‘ene Hi, my name's Terry. 'm married and my wife's name is Megan. We've got one son. His name is George and he's two years ‘old. 've got one sister, Brenda, She's married and her husband's name is Nate. They've got two children. Their daughter's name is, Tracy and she's got a brother called David. And my parents? Well, my father's name is Arthur and my mother's name is Shirley. We're| a very happy family, | think 2A and 2B b) Look at the table in 4 ‘Then write short answers to the questions in 5a). 1 2 3 No, she hasn't. Fill in the gaps with these words. grandparents grandmother granddaughter grandsons aunt uncle cousins Arthur is Tracy and David’ grandfather. Shirley is their Terry is their Megan is their Tracy, David and George are Arthur and Shirley's Tracy is their David and George are their Tracy and David are George’ Arthur and Shifley are his Possessive ‘5 © Look at the picture of Terry’ family. Fill in the gaps with the correct names and 5. 1 Brenda is George's. aunt, 2 Terry is brother, 3 Arthur is. husband. 4 Nate is : uncle 5. George is Megan and son. 6 Brenda is Tracy and mother. 7 Arthur is Terry and ...... father. 8 Tracy and David are Brenda and . children @ a) Write in the correct place in the sentences. 's 1 Shirley got two children, Terry and Brenda. 2. Terry unemployed at the moment. 3. Megan is Tetry wile. 4 She a doctor. 5 Nate is Brenda husband 6 He got a computer company b) Does the in the sentences in 4a) mean is, has or the possessive? 1 Se has. 4 8 8 - s 38 6 Review: question forms eo a) Make questions with these words. 1 Davids /is/ Who / aunt ? Who is David's aunt? 2 got/ has / brothers and sisters / How many / Terry? 3 Tracy / grandfather / is / Davids / Who / and ? 4 children / got / How many / Brenda / has ? 5 Brenda’ / Terry / parents / Who / and / are ? 6 have / grandchildren / How many / got / Arthur and Shirley ? 7 is/ David / Who / uncle / and / Tracy’? 8 have / Terry and Megan / How many / children / got ? b) Answer the questions in 5a). 1 Megan. _2C Time and money Time words (239 Talking about the time @© Fillin the gaps with these words. (© Filin the gaps with these words. year day weeks hours days it past from to at welcome months seconds minutes time it's. What Excuse + One year. = 12 . a) A What time is "it, ? 52. 65 6 Its five ® past, seven 2 One 224 : B) A What 3. IS yOur Spanish class? uso, presen. 8 uss _-. four o'clock Telling the time (ERD 6) A Svcsusnnnenene time is your brother's English class? @© waite these times in two ways. B56 sik tity 7 eight o'clock. ® ®, BAB ‘me, have you got the time, please? ( 8 Yes,? twenty past ten, A Thanks very much. 8 You're Asking about prices (IZ) Tim wants to buy tickets for a concert. Fill in the gaps with these sentences. Excuse re? Thank you, What time is the concert? Right. Thanks alot. OK. Two tickets, please. Here you are. How much are the tickets for tomorrow's concert? ™ 1 Excuse me?. ricker seute Yes? - ™ a co 1 twenty t0.eiaht TICKET SELLER They're £17.50. _seven forty is B ™ 3. a ~ TICKET SELLER = That's £35. Bu. ~ se ™ Ao a ickeT setter Thanks. And here are your tickets. 4 __ TIM s_. aa — ccs TICKET SELLER Its at eight o'clock. 5 ao TIM 6... Cen rreKer seater You're welcome. Goodbye 6 i H 4 2 i = 2 2 2 g F i F P i é A : F 3 2 3 E Pere eer eee Things in a house (229 (S) Look iat the picture. Write the words for things 1-10. ‘VOCABULARY AND READING 1 .adoor. 6 2 7 3 8 4 9 5 10 Prepositions of place (258 @ Answer the questions. Use these prepositions and the words in brackets (). by in on under behind in front of Where’ the plant? (desk) It's by the desk. 2 Where are the books? (sofa) 3, Where’s the dog? (coffee table) Where are the mobile phones? (coffee table) 5 Where’ the suitcase? (TV) 6 Where are the shoes? (suitcase) 2D Where’s the baby? Reading © Read about things British people have got in their homes. Then answer these questions. a) How many British people have got a TV? 99%. b) How many people in the UK have got a video recorder or a DVD player? ) How many families in the UK have got two ‘or more cars? 4) How many British people have got a phone in their home? ) How many children under 10 have got a mobile phone? ) How many people in the UK have got a camera? What have British people got in their homes? ‘© 99% of British people have got a TV and 73% (om of these have got two or more TVs, cI © 89% have got a video recorder or a DVD player. © 45% of families in the UK have got one car and 28% have got two or more cars. 27% of British people haven't got a car. ‘© 92% of people in the UK have got a phone in their homes and about 70% have got a mobile phone. ‘© 400,000 British children under the age of ten have got a mobile phone. ‘© About 83% of British people have got a CD player and 78% have got a camera, Review: spelling © GF choose the correct words. 1 smai 6 waitres/waitress 2 beautijul/beautifull 7 camera/cammera 3 dificult/dificult 8 walet/wallet 4 shop asistant/shop assistant 9 umbrela/umbrella 5 manager/mannager 10 address/adress Ep eading and wing Portia 2566) 9 tak rhino c 3 Daily life Language Summary 3, Student's Book p126 3A A glamorous life? Daily routines (259 Review: prepositions oO Which words/phrases do not go with the verbs? @ Fillin the gaps with these 1 leave home/work/breakfost 4. go lunchito bedthome prepositions. You can use each 2 start classes/live/work 5. finish work/home/classes Preposition more than once. 3 have breakfast/to bed]lunchidinner 6 get up/home/bed In at for to from Present Simple: positive (//you/we/they) (0 e@ Write Barry’s sentences about his daily routine. ® 1 Thave dinner jn. a restaurant. 2 We work the afternoon. 3 We have an hour hunch. 4 Lwork night. 5 They work the morning. 6 Igo bed about eleven, 7 We work four hours. 8 Weall live a hotel 9 Igo bed midnight. 10 Where are you ? Review: pronouns and possessive 1 I get'clock. adjectives 21 at © Choose the correct words. 31 1 Bobs @p)/me brother. al vases 2 Where do them/they work? 3 see heshim every day. sl in the university café, 4 This is we/our new DVD player. a nae 5 Is this their/them car? = 6 Where do you/your parents live? 71 7 Is that him/his computer? orf 8 see they/them au the weekend. 3Aand3B. _ Present Simple: Wf questions /you/welthey) Gs) Eee again, Write the questions for a) Read about Hannah and Roy's daily routine. (ha aneveney Fill in the gaps with these words/phrases. eg Jivé have lunch start work finish work They live in New York. getup gethome goto bed 2s whatuime 7 hhave dinner have breakfast sleep Atten'eelozte len o'd We're theatre actors and we '. live. in New York. 3 ? We? at ten o'clock and Ina café a at home. After breakfast we 4 ? phone our friends and then we 4... At four o'clock at about three o'clock in a café. We leave home at four 5 2 o'clock and we * — at seven in the Ina restaurant near the theatre. evening, We & : ._ at about eleven 6 ? o'clock and we in a restaurant At about one o'clock in the morning. near the theatre. We * at about 7 alter they get home? fone o'clock in the morning and then we watch TV for They watch TV, an hour. We ® suns At about three o'clock = 8 ? in the morning and ® _. for about At about three o'clock in the morning, seven hours. 3B Evenings and weekends — Free time activities (1) (EE 'b) Write phrases from 1a) under the correct picture. @ a) Fill in the gaps with these words. > @ Jor to watch stay with visit sport the out (x2) go__ friends 1 go for. a drink 2 0 3 have coffee friends 48010 ene, Chea 2) do sport. 9 Vv go concerts, 7 eat in _. shopping wo do 1 phone ! Wes My family 4 ’ 9 3B Time phrases with on, in, at, every (EE) Present Simple: yes/no questions and short answers @ Read Glen's email. Choose the correct words (i/you!welthey) 3 Make questions with these words. Then write the short answers. ose 1 you /in/ Do / England / live? Dear Mum and Dad Life here in Australia is great. We're both very happy Poyou live in England. and I've got a new job in a computer company! Jessica x No.ldon't and | both get up "€yn seven o'clock “on/every day and we get home ‘on/at about eight ‘in/every the ‘evening. We don't go out “non the week, but I go for a drink with fiends after work ‘everylin Friday and 2 your / Do / work / parents ? Jessica and | go to the cinema ’on/at Saturdays. We + clon’ work tnfat the weekend, co we get up °at/on 3. 1/the answers / Do / write ? about midday! "On/n Saturdays we go shopping or visit 5 friends "in/at the afternoon. “AtlEvery Sunday we 90 to Jessica's parents for a barbecue and we leave their x house “on/at about half past eleven “tin night! avon’) goahopping! you /DodSatutays Lots of love Glen ? v 5 at five / Do / finish / we / o'clock / work ? x 6 they / go to/ Do/a lot / the cinema ? v e a) Match the questions to the short answers. Present Simple: negative (//you/we/they) ; ee mo ; _ a do, Read Glen's email again. Tick the correct sentences. sFHEseol AGG clivesn ya a Make the other sentences negative Tiered Sivestae, 1 Glen and Jessica are very happy in Australia, STATE ey roam Fiance? ¢) Yes, he has. 2 They get up at six every day. 6 Do we write the answers? #) Yes, they have. They. don't get up at sixevery day. 7 Are you a doctor? a) Yes, she is. 3 They get home at six in the evening 8 Do your sisters work? hy Yes, they are. b) Write negative short answers for the questions 4 They go out alot in the week. ne 1 No.theyhaven't.. 5 2 6 os 5 They go to the cinema on Tuesdays, 5 ; 4 8 6 They don't get up early on Saturdays. 7 Jessica's parents have a barbecue every weekend. 3C Special days : rc a “4 Months QB Phrases for special days (IEI0 I (S) Write the months. o (S) Write these phrases for special days. i ‘Then put them in the correct order. Tt yb yume Joo a i sstuuA FJ ) veermNob ["] . ) Warp Qa 4 ) erbtpSmee [] Suggestions (IE3 5 yak o Fill in the gaps in Andy and Elaine’s conversation | yreryibe Cl with these phrases. a is h) treboco |= [) . What'sthe-datetoday What shall we Let's buy 4 pm o Let's give her I'mnot sure that's a good idea 4 tom ol ee on the twenty-fifth what about j) carl g k) mceebDre [_} 2 0 lay oO a a Dates (3 A e@ a) Write the dates. 5 1 70/99 7% October. 1999. FS 2 07 a - A Fi 3 145/71 4 20/7/92 r 5 22005 - = - = 6 25/12/60 g b) Make questions with these words. ane "What's the date today. , Andy? 2 Then answer the questions. ANoY tS the twenty-second, I think. Py 14 What / today / date / the /’s ? ELAINE Its Caroline’ birthday 2 e Whats the date today? ANDY Oh, right. nen GOU HEE? Zz = = ANE 4 a watch i) 2 a the/'S/ tomorrow / What / date ? FS ; ANDY 5 .Tthink she’ got A — . a new watch, c J 7 Well, © acamera? > 3.4 birthday / When / your /’s? SANE : ors ai - ANDY Yes, 7 She hasn't got z a ktson ae a camera = 44 mother’s / your /’s/ When / birthday ? BANE OK. ®. one this afternoon. Ff ? ANDY Yes, we can use your credit card. c 8 WS on a . . ELANE My credit card? 3D Early bird or night owl? Frequency adverbs (203 @ choose the correct answers. 1 Doctors alvaysA@f@BYnever work at the weekends. 2 Most people hardly ever/usually/never go to bed before 3 am. in the week. 3. People sometimes/often/never live to be 200 years old 4 People often/hardly ever/never watch TV in the evenings. 5. Januiary always/often/sometimes has 31 days 6 June usvelly/hardly ever/never has 28 days. 7 Months often/hardly ever/never have 29 days Word order of frequency adverbs Put the frequency adverbs in the correct places in these sentences. never 1 We{have dinner before seven in the evening, (never) 2. We'e at home on Sunday evenings. (usually) 3 They go to bed after midnight. (often) 4 I'm tired on Monday mornings. (always) 5 I do sport on Saturdays. (sometimes) 6 [don't have a party on my birthday. (usually) 7 My children get up early at the weekend. (hardly ever) Reading eo Read about Ray's family. Then answer the questions. 1 What do his parents do? his father’s adoctor and his mother’s ammanager. 2 How many brothers and sisters has Ray got? 3. Where do they live? 4- Is Jeanette a student? 5 How many people have dinner together on Thanksgiving in Ray’s house? 6 When is Thanksgiving? My name's Ray and "! live with my parents in Seattle, in the USA. My dad’s @ doctor and my mum's @ manager of a shop. | sometimes help “her at the weekends, I've also got a brother, Peter, and a sister, Jeanette. Peter's an actor - we sometimes see *him on TV ~ and Jeanette's at university. “They both live in California so we don’t see ‘them very often, but they always come to visit “us on Thanksgiving every year. Thanksgiving is a very important holiday in the USA. ‘it’s always on the fourth Thursday in November and people usually go home to be with their families. In the evening ‘we all have a big traditional meal with turkey, corn, sweet potatoes — and pumpkin pie, of course Pe RT ee AUCLALLN Subject and object pronouns © 100k at the words in bold in the text in 3. Who or what do they talk about? tt Ray, 2 her 3 him 4 They 5 them 6 us ‘eieeemesainaaiieiaiiimeinaa: AD Reading and Writing Portfoto 3 p68 5 4 Time off ~ Language Summary 4, Student’s Book p128 44 Away from home Free time activities (2) (IE9 Look at the words/phrases in bold. Fill in the gaps with these verbs. play read go(x 4) watch (x 2) take listen (x 2) Ido a lot of sport and in the week 1 play. tennis or? running. | always : to the radio in the morning before I go to work and when I get home I usually * a DVD or ® to music. On Saturdays Loften © _.. Sport on TY and my girlfriend and I sometimes ” dancing in the evening. Oh, and we always ® swimming on Sunday mornings. When I'm on holiday 1 usually *. skiing and lots of books — and I always " hundreds of photos! Present Simple positive: spelling rules (/te/she/it) 3 @ AB Tick the correct he/sherit forms. Change the incorrect forms. 1 he works 7 6 itgos a she des? 7 he teachs 3 he listens 8 she plays 4 she watchs 9 it haves 5 he reads 10 she studys b) Choose the correct words. My sister work@@rBD in Italy. I go/goes to the cinema every Friday. His brother live/lives in London. We usually eat/eats out at the weekend My husband get/gets home at six. He go/goes running in the morning. Present Simple positive and negative (he/she/it) (2 eo a) Look at the table. Then complete the sentences. | Jacopo. | Pola feme | Perugia taly | Ura Pw job vaiter Spanish teacher languages | aie French | very good English free time swimming | cinema ‘JACOPO, 1 Jacopo .Jives, in Perugia, lly. (live) 2 He ‘in a restaurant. (work) 3 He... a litle French. (speak) 4 In his free time he swimming, (go) mown 5 Paola (live) 6 She (teach) 7 She (speak) 8 In her free time she (go) b) Make these sentences negative. 1 Paola speaks French. .Paoladaesn'tspeak French, 2 Jacopo lives in Warsaw. 3 Jacopo studies music. 4 Paola and Jacopo live in Poland. 5. Jacopo and Paola speak Russian. 6 Paola teaches English. 4A and 4B Review: Present Simple oe Fill in the gaps. Pat the verbs in the correct form of the Present Simple. Joanne Carling is a joumaiist and she" warks. (work) for ‘News World, a TV news channel. She ® (not have) a typical daily routine ~ she ? (tart) work at midnight and she (finish) at sic in the moming! “Tusualy * (g0) to bed at about two in the afternoon,” says Joanne, “and | © (get up) at nine in the evening. Then 17, (have) ‘breakfast’ and | usually * (get) to work at about ten o'clock” She? (not have) anything to eat at work, but she always "a (have) a big meal when she ™ anne (G1) home.The moming is her free time and she usually "oo (watch) DVDS oF she". nnnnnne (dO) Some Sport. ch (ke) my job very much," says Joanne. “But my friends *. (not like) it at all— they never (see) me!" 4B First Date! Things you like/don’t like (2E9 like/love/hate 2 @© D write the words. @ a) Write these words/phrases in the correct place. love hate don't quite really OK like 1S 1 love 5s @ 2 Qi like 6 @1 like 3 Oe 1 @ +@1 like .. b) Complete the sentences about what Josh likes and docsn't like. 1 Josh Qs .really.likes. jazz. 2He @ ce dancing. she © _.. animals. 4 He thinks reading © 4roe mi se Qs ltalian food. sci one © . dance music. 6s 7 He (@b : cats. 4B - Present Simple: questions and short answers (he/she/it) Read about two more people on the TV game show First Date! Complete the questions and short answers. ipo story tocker | ectnecinan a He weed | | ‘saimming (on Fridays) } dance music, Chinese food nace music, Chinese feed esnitike | watching TV 7 i @) ~-Hugh.toses.. Fite om Tc = | free time likes doesnt ayn congue ganar even 1 Does. Evelyn five. in London? (live) No. she dees. 2 she history? (teach) 3 vo dance muse? (listen) 4 watching TV? (like) Huss 5 Hugh in Cambridge? (live) 6 he ina school? (work) computer games? (like) a lot of books? (read) © 4) Make questions about Evelyn with these words. 1 live/ Evelyn / does / Where ? Where does Evelyn live?. 2 she / in her free time / does / do / What ? 3. What music / like / does / she ? 4 the cinema / When / go to / she / does ? 5 like / does / What food / she ? 6 When / swimming / she / does / go? b) Match answers a)-f) to questions 1-6 in 4a). a [5 » Chinese food. Dance music. LJ in tiverpoot 4) (At the weekends. ) on Fridays. 1) [| she goes to the cinema ane goes swimming. Look at Hugh’s answers. Then write the questions. 1 What does He an accountant In Cambridge. Rock music. Italian food. On Sundays. He plays tennis and reads books 4C Eating out Food and drink (1) @ZE9 @ (S) write the words. See te tacheese sandwich Sa boi of BLL za boi and ¢_ 6a g of rl wh 3a pie 7a boi of mo w. 4acoo sho 8a cup of Requests and offers @© AFillin the gaps with these words. Mat Can you like Would have I'd else 1 [W) What. would you like to eat? 8) uuu... you like anything to drink? 2 Lwea two pizzas, please. 6 [1 es, please. nu. like a beer. 3 (J Would you like anything =i 7 C)can we a bottle of wine, please? 4 sues Thave a cheese sandwich? 8] would ... like red or white? b) Who says sentences 1-8 in 2a)? Write W (waiter) or C (customer). © 2@ Tony and Pam are in a restaurant. Make sentences with these words to complete the conversation. 1 now / you / Would / like / to order ? waiter —' Would you like to. order now?. 2 and /1/ chips /Can/a cheeseburger /have? PAM _—_Yes, please. 3 sandwich, / And /like / please /atuna/Td. TONY? 4 to drink / like / you / would / What ? WATER 5 of /like / wine / a bottle / red / We'd Tony 6 mineral water /1/have/of/aboule/Can? ram. 7 like / you / still or sparkling / Would ? warren 7 : co Pam Still, please. 8 else / you / anything / Would / like ? warner * 9 please, / like / we'd / Yes, / coffees / two ram? a - warren Of course. 10 we / And / the bill /can / have ? Tow ®. warren Certainly: b) Read the conversation again, What do Tony and Pam order? 4D Breakfast time @ G do thee puzzle. Find the food (Y). Food and drink (2) ©) Reading Read the article. Are these sentences true (I) or false (F)? 1 [7] Chinese people eat a lot of rice. og Countable and uncountable nouns @TEB @ a) Fill in the gaps with a, an or ~ 1 Tid like .. cheeseburger and ..x. chips, please. 2 Hove ..... tomatoes, but I hate ...... fish. 3 My sister always has ...... apple and ____. orange for breakfast. 4 Can Thave .... glass of white wine, please? 5 We often eat ..... meat, but we don't usually eat rice. 6 Dave has ..... tuna sandwich every lunchtime. 7 Do you like ..... ea or... coffee? = b) Tick the correct sentences. Change the a incorrect sentences. Can I have a mixed salad, please? 7 really like cheese. Thave a banana every day. Love a jam on a toast for breakfast Tofien have a cheese sandwich for lunch. Would you like a rice with your meal? 1 2 B Z é = 4 5 Ld like a boule of a water, please. 6 Do you eat meat? 4D) Resin and Wing Porte 4 p70) r 8 2 [_] Tea in Tibet is different to tea in the UK. 3 [_] You can buy beef in every McDonalds restaurant in the world 4 [Japanese people eat a lot of chocolate 5 [_] The menu at the Royal Dragon restaurant is very big, 6 [_] this easy to have dinner at the Solo per Due restaurant i ~ but we don't all like 4 5s. Read these amazing food People in China eat 134 800,000,000 kgs of rice a year more than in any other country in the world. {In Tibet, people don't have sugar in their tea, they have butter ~ and salt! In McDonald's restaurants in India they don't sell beef. All the meat in their burgers is chicken or lamb. ‘They also sel vegetarian burgers People in Ireland drink about 150 litres of beer a year, In Germany, people drink about 130 litres a year. American people eat about 10 kg of chocolate every year, but the Japanese eat only 3kg a year. ‘The Royal Dragon restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, thas space for 5,000 customers at one time. There are 1,200 waiters and cooks, and over 1,000 items on. the menu. ‘The Solo per Due restaurant in Vaoone, in central Italy, has only got one table ~ for two people! 5 Homes and shops Language Summary §, Student's Book pi3t 5A My kind of place Places in a town/the country ee oO Look at the map of Tayford, a small town in England. Then match these words to places 1-13. river (Ta park [7] astation [[] houses [] fats] aroad [] a market (] a square ["] acaté(] hotel (] shops [_] a bus station [] ‘a bed and breakfast [_] there is/there are CB Read what Nathan says about ‘Tayford. Fill in the gaps with there’, there ave, there isn't or there aren’. Complete the questions about Tayford. Then write the short answers, Taylord is a really great place to live. 1 Asthere. a iver? Yes, theres, *.Thereare..... lots of shops and , 2 any museums? 1. a nice park near the centre. Y Lots of tourists visit the town in the summer. : 2 a park? two or three good hotels and some cheap bed and breakfasts 4 any flats? ‘ also four or five very good restaurants. On Saturdays a and Sundays * an interesting market, but : 5 a beach? ‘a market every day, only at the weekend, " lots of beautiful houses in Tayford ~ some of them 6 any restaurants? are over 500 years old — but ® any museums. a _ a river, the River Tay, and”... two. 7 Mn airport? beautiful lakes five miles away, but any mountains ae near the town. *. a station with trains every hour to 8 any old houses? Oxford, but ® an airport near here. 5A and 5B Review: there/it/they ‘Nathan’ sister, Fiona, lives in Oxford. Read about the town, Then choose the correct answers. | love living in Oxford, '@°3¥There’s a beautiful town and the people are realy friendly. “it isn’t/There isn’t very big but ’they're/there are lots of things to do in the evening. “They are/There are four cinemas here and lots of bars and clubs with different food and music. In the centre of town *it's/there’s a really good market and “they are ‘there are some really nice cafés there. "They aren’t/ There aren't very expensive, and my friends and | often go there for lunch or a coffee after work. "t's/There’s also a great place to go shopping for food, "They're/There are lots of students in Oxford of course, because "i's/there’s a famous university town. Thousands of tourists come here every year to see the university colleges. "They are/There are thirty-five different colleges and "they/te/there are very interesting to visit. think Oxford is a very nice place to live Rooms and things in a house (23 @ (3) Do the puzzle. Find the thing in a house (4). @© Make these sentences negative. 1 There are three hotels. There aren't three hotels, 2 There’s a market on Wednesdays. 3 Ian old town, 4 Nathan’ got a car, 5 His sister works in Taylord. 6 ve gota big Mat 7 Our parents live in London. 8 They'e very old. How much... 2/How many... ? 3 Fill in the gaps with How much or How many. Then choose the correct answers. How much do you know? the Sa? i How.many., states are there ‘There ave 49/60/51. 2 food does an elephant eat every day? About 40/60/80 i 3 people are there ina volleyball team? ‘There are 4/6/8. _ fs €50 in US dollars? Ws about $20-$30/860-$80/$130-$150. milk does a cow produce every day? About 10/20/30 litres, 6 countries are there in the world? "There are about 100/140/790. people About 30/60/90 million. 8 __ hocoate does each person in the USA cata year? S some, any, a [ED About 5/70/75 kg. Nathan has got a new flat in Tayford. Read the conversation. Then fill in the gaps with some, any or a NATHAN Hello, Mum. I'm in my new flat Its great! Mum Oh good. Is there * any. furniture? NATHAN Yes, in the living room there ate *,........ chairs, i sofa and * small TV. Mum Oh, that’ good. Have you got * bed? NATHAN Yes, of course! There’ double bed ~ its very comfortable. And I've also got” biig desk in the bedroom, Mum And have you got ® food? NATHAN Well, I've got ° like that milk and bread and things mum Are there * shops nearby? NATHAN. Yes, there are" good shops near the station. Don't worry, Mum, everything’ OK! 5B ‘some 1 T've gov amy eggs. Td like an information, please © Change the incorrect words in bold. 2 3 Are there a nice cafés near your house? 4 havent got no money: 5 There’ some double bed in the bedroom. 6 Is there a furniture in your flat? 7 Has your house got amy garden? 8 [haven't got a brothers or sisters. ° ‘There isn't some shower in the bathroom. 10 There's any milk in the Review: questions @e a) Make questions with these words. 1 CDs/ How many / have / got / you? How many.CDs have you. got? 2. brothers / Have / sisters / got / any / you/ or ? 3 your / are / family / people / How many / there /in ? 4 week / do / spend on / every / How much / you / food ? 5 your / house / there /Is/ airport /an / near ? 6 house / bedrooms / there / your /are / How many / in ? 7 there /in / street / cafés / Are / nice / your / any ? b) Answer the questions for you. Shops (559 @© Muatch the shops to the things 1a supermarket a) 2 abank ») 3 a bookshop a 4 a chemists 4 5 a dry cleaners a 6 akiosk ora newsagents 1) 7 a butcher’ a 8 a bakers D 9 a department store i 10 agreengrocer’s d 11 apost office 8 Things to buy (E93 @© GF) Mrite the missing leurs. 5C At the shops you buy or do in them. bread newspapers, cigarettes, etc. medicines (aspirin, etc.) food meat books furniture, TVs, etc fruit and vegetables send letters change money they clean your clothes Shop language GLEND a) A tourist is in a newsagent’s in Tayford. Fill in the gaps in the tourist’ sentences with these phrases. Thanks-etor Can Ihave a How much VUhave ve got have you got any 1 Thanksa lot. . Goodbye. 2 Yes, maps of Tayford? 3 Ok, vonsstsnnsnan this one, please, And these four postcards. 4 No, thank you. oe some stamps. SOW, YS. ne we they? 6 £10 phone card? b) Write the sentences from 3a) in the conversation. SHOP ASSISTANT Hello, Can I help you? a ‘Tourist They're over there, by the door. » SHOP ASSISTANT Tourist They're £6.50. @ SHOP ASSISTANT Tourist Would you like any stamps? 4 SHOP ASSISTANT Tourist OK. Anything else? SHOP ASSISTANT Tourist SHOP ASSISTANT Tourist ©) Read the conversation again. How much are the postcards? 5D_ In fashion Clothes (9 @ Bde the puzzle. © Xead about Bluewater, a shopping centre in England. r | fr o . a @>+ cg HO A fA: U @ Qo ® Plural nouns @© Correct these sentences. any 1. Have you got + black trousers? My sister’ gotfnew pair of boots 3 Ineed a new shorts. 4 That a nice pair of jean 5 These clothes is very expensive 6 There are a pair of shoe under the bed. Thaven't got a green trousers. Reading Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)? 1 [7] Bluewater is in Europe. 2 [J tes got 330 clothes shops. 3] There are lots of different types of restaurants. 4 J tts a good place to go for a special meal 5 [_] Bluewater is in the centre of a town. 6 (_] There arent any places to do sports there 7 (_] Bluewater is near London. Its closed on Sundays. Bluewater, 5 miles from the town of Gravasand in England, is one of the biggest shopping centres in Europe. There are over 330, shops, with over 100 clothes shops and three department stores. There are also over 40 cafés and restaurants with food from all over the world - American burgers, Italian pasta, South African chicken and, of course, traditional Engjish fish and chips. Or for a special ‘meal, there are alsa some excellent: French, Spanish and Chinese restaurants with five-star food and service. But Bluewater isn't only about shopping. Its in the middle of some beautiful parklend, with six Iekes for boating and fishing. There's also @ 13-scraen cinema, health club, 3 go course, and lots of places for children to play. ‘And when yourre tired, there's a ‘Place of Quiet’ where you can ga and relax. Bluewater is half an hour fram the cantre of London by train, There is also free parking for 13,000 cars. Ibis open every day, from 10.00 a.m.-3.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, 9,00 p.m, on Saturdays and 11,00 a.m.~5.00 p.m. on Sundays. LD Reading and Witing Portoto 5 p72) z 6 Good times, bad times Language Summary 6, Student's Book p134 6A Three generations Adjectives (2) [2 Questions and short answers with was/were (7) @ AZ waite the adjectives. Then write their opposites. ©. a) Make questions with these words + Amanda / Was / best friend / Helen’ ? tnecla ——e.tean lity. 2 tique 4 a Was Amanda Helen's best friend? 3 weddroc e 2 Helen and Amanda / the same class / Were / in ? 4 ropo p . r = a 5 toh h c : 6 rongib —b i 3. Australia / Was / 1986 / in / Helen / in? 7 liferynd u 8 lat! L s., 9 pustdi —s, i 4 the beach party / Were / any English people / “= - there / at? 10 lew! w i 11 ypahp oh u b) Which adjectives do not go with the nouns? 1 A/An interesting/happylemipiy man. A noisy/crowded/well place. A rich/hot/boring family. A tall/quietifriendly cafe. A/An clean/il/noisy city A poorlshort/cold country. —— A happyltallicrowded person. A dirty/hotiquiet day. 5 at first / Greg / friendly / very / Was ? Sydney / Rebecca / born / Was / in? Helen and Greg / in 1987 / married / were ? was/were/wasn't/weren't a Read about Helen’s holiday in Australia in 1986, Choose the correct words. b) Write short answers to the questions in 3a). een When | @@Bywere thirteen my best friend 1 Wes. she.was. 2was/were Amanda. We 2was/were in the same class at 2 school. In 1986 Amanda and | “was/were on holiday in ‘Australia and there Swas/were @ beach party near our a hotel. There Swasn‘t/weren’t any other English people ‘ there — they were all Australian. There “was/were one very good-looking man called Greg. He ®wasn’t/ weren't very 5 friendly at first ~ but two years later we Swas/were 7 husband and wife! Our daughter, Rebecca, "was/were born four years later in Perth, where we live now. It "was/were 7 her thirteenth birthday yesterday! Reading Read about 1986. Then fill in the gaps with these question words and was or were, Where Who (x 2) How old How many What When Where. was. the football World Cup? In Mexico, On 20% June. Mikhail Gorbachev. countries Eleven, Top Gun, He was 24. Madonna, the final? the President of the USSR? in the European Community? the most popular film? Tom Cruise? the most popular singer in the UK? 6A and 6B © The football World Cup was in Mexico. ‘The final was between Argentina and West Germany on 29" June, 1986, Argentina won 3-2, 4 In 1986 Ronald Reagan was President of the USA, Margaret Thatcher was the British Prime Minister and Mikhail Gorbachev was President of the USSR. 4 Spain and Portugal joined the European Community (now called the European Union or the EU) on January 11986. ‘There were then TI countries in the EC. 1 Top Gun was the most popular film in 1986, The star of the film, Tom Cruise, was 24 years old. = Madonna was the most popular singer in the UK in 1986. She was 28 years old. 6B People who changed the world Life events [2 @© 4 Match the verbs in A to the words/phrases in B. A 8 1 havi a) university 2 rai b) children 3 study 9 abook 4 finish 4) law 5 start @) married 6 become my wife 7 meet 2) school 8 get 1) president b) Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in 1a). fi 2 3 When does Victor . finish. school? In the USA about 50% of married people divorced. They two sons. They're 4 and 17. 1 my husband at a party in 1998. John F Kennedy President of the USA in 1961 Most people in the UK Howard T never a language at school. his first job yesterday. letters to friends, [always email them, Past Simple regular and irregular verbs @© write the Past Simple of these ositive (=) regular verbs. 1 play played. 2 start 3 stop 4 stay 5 love 6 study 7 look 8 marry 9 work 10 live 11 want 12 hate 6B ——. Reading © Read about two people who changed the world. Then put the verbs in the Past Simple. Mahatma Gandhi fj ‘Mohandas Mahatma’ Gandhi was. (be) born on October 2 1869, in Porbandar, India, He *_ sens (Study) law at University College, London and then * nS (work) as a lawyer in South Africa for 21 years. Gandhi __ (leave) South Africa in 1915 and (return) to India. He ©. {become) the leader of the fight for Indian independence from the British. Gandhi spent seven years in prison and India”. sume (become) independent in 1947. Mahatma Gandhi * (die) in 1948. “spent = Past Simple of spend Past Simple: Wh- questions @T) oe Fill in the gaps in these questions. There is one gap for each word. 1 When was. Gandhi born. ? In 1869. 2 What _ _ he Law. 3 he In South Africa. asa lawyer? YS Bhatt eine Emmeline Goulden ? cn (be) born in Manchester, England, in 1858, She (marry) Richard Pankhurst, a lawyer, and they ".. five children, In 1889 Emmeline "= (have) (start) The Women's Party to fight for the vote* for women. They (have) a lot of problems with the police and in 1912 Emmeline “ (go) to prison twelve times. They finally **_____....__... (win) the vote for all women in 1928. Emmeline (die) in the same year. ‘vote = when you choose a politician or leader in an election Review: Past Simple questions e a) Fill in the gaps with did, was or were. 1. Where were. you born? 2 Where you live when you 3 your parents born in the same country as you? 4 he South Attica? wi you do last night? ase 4 What you do last night s years spendin prison? = When your last English Seven class? 6 Emmeline Goulden 6 Where you go last In Manchester, England. weekend? 7 she ? 7 Where your father live Richard Pankhurst when he cant e clined they z 8 it cold last night? Five os she... The Women’ Party? b) Answer the questions for you. In 1889, 0 dle? In 1928, 6C Four weekends Weekend activities (9 ‘Yvonne lives in Melbourne, Yi Australia, Read her diary, Then fill in the gaps with the Past Simple of the verbs in the boxes. sles be get clean (x2) go have do (x2) Saturday 14" October Z'slept until nine-thirty and then = x co the Wonse ond ® the washing. David *... the car in the morning and we the shopping together in the afterncon. David © very Hired wren we Fs WO $0 he went to bed. Ln the evening & & _. to the cinema with Katy ond we? agrent time. Bed at midnight. write (x2) be sleep work watch go stay have Sunday 15" October poi) For nine hours fast night ~~ heaven! David"... _. it today. He 1 bad cold, so ne Pn 1M BO 0b Mone Ea bong email to Howry bhe's in South Amerisn at the manent. Then all evening - x ” a report for Monday's mecting ~ aad to bed at eleven. Wy are there onty two days in a weekend? Showing interest EITEP Continuing a conversation (9 @© A Wonne is at work on Monday morning. Read the conversation. Then choose the correct responses 1-6. YWONNE — Hi, Stuart, How was your weekend? STUART It was fantastic! I went away for the weekend, wonne —°@fi greadD/What a shame. Where did you go. ? stuart To Sydney. YVONNE —*0h dear./Wow! *). 2 stuart It was beautiful, We had a wonderful time. ‘YWONNE 2 stuart With Linda, my girlfriend. It was her birthday: YWonne *0h, nice./You'te joking! ? STUART We went to the Opera House and did lots of shopping ~ you know, the usual things. yvonne *) 2 STUART Ina nice little hotel near Bondi Beach. YWonNe Hmm, it sounds great. STUART Yes, it was, So how was your weekend? YWONNE It was fine, very quiet. My husband, David, was in bed with a cold. stuart “Oh, great!/Oh, dear. ts he OK now? YWONNE No, he isn't STUART "What a shame./Wow! ? YWONNE I went to the cinema stuaat — *You'rejokingl/Oh, right. © 237 YWONNE It was called Frank’ Happiness stuart Oh yes, know, What did you .. b) Make questions with these words and write them in the correct places a)=g) in 2a). g0/ did / you / Where ? did / What / do / there / you ? did / stay / Where / you ? like / it / What / was ? g0/ Who / with / you / did ? you / on Saturday evening / do / did / What ? did / What / see / you ? 6D The good and the bad Adjectives with very, really, quite, too (TED oO a) Read the conversations. Then choose the correct words. 1 Wow! Thats a Galbp/t00 big TV. Yes, | bought it last week. It was too/very expensive. >Ne> Do you want to come to the Caritas club tonight? Its very/too cheap. No, I hate that place. Its always too/quite crowded Hi, Chris, You look quite/really happy. Yes, Lwon £10 million on the lottery last weekend! ‘Mum, can we go and see Dead Again? Sorry, you're very/too young. Its for people over 18. b) Match conversations 1-4 to pictures A-D. Reading a) Read the email about Naomi’ weekend. Change the incorrect. _b) Read the email again. Then complete words in bold. sentences 1-8 with when they did these an o things. ssf a 1 Jason and Naomi went to Paris . last. weekend Hi Suzie 2 They went up the Eiffel Tower ,on, my won Do you remember that "ste boyfriend, Jason, *win a Sunday afternoon competition last June? Well, last weekend we went ‘in Paris! 3. They went to a museum It ‘were amazing! We travelled first class on the plane and stayed in a ‘too beautiful hotel by the River Seine. On 4 They walked around the city ‘Saturday afternoon we ‘walk around the city and "go to the Louvre Museum. Then in the evening we went to a classical 5. They had breakfast by the river concert — it was *teo good. On Sunday we *have breakfast = 6 They went to a classical concert by the river and it "were very romantic. Then Yon the afternoon we went up the Eiffel Tower. When we "was at the top of the tower Jason asked me to marry "he! | said Or Ci piansteed backiiniVondon ~ yes, of course! Then we had dinner in a wonderful restaurant in i ; 8 Jason won a competition and we “arrive back in London "in about midnight. It was a fantastic weekend! ‘Speak soon, ; —— £D> Reading and Weting Portoio 6 p74 Love Naomi 7 Films, music, news Language Summary 7, Student's Book p136 7A Licence to kill Types of film @ik0 Qe (SJ) Write the types of film. crostoan cartoons, rroohr Ifsmi h f hsterrilt t icoisatrhl msdraa bh a octain slimt a I oedemisc c vole tressio l s cneseic-icnofit msif! s of £ Review: Past Simple regular and irregular verbs Look at the photo of the actor, Sean Connery. Then read about his life and put the verbs in the Past Simple, @ 2 f a 2 The life of Sean Connery Sir Sean Connery *.was. (be) born on August 25 1930 In Edinburgh, Scotland. He? (Weave) school at the age of 13 and ® (have) ‘a number of different jobs. His first acting job +... (be) in the theatre, in the musical South Pacific. He > (make) his first film, Lilacs in the Spring, in 1954. ‘Sean Connery & (become) famous in 1962 when he * (be) James Bond in the first Bond film Dr No. He ® (make) six other Bond films and today many people still think of him as the ‘real’ James Bond. In 1987 he played an Irish policeman in The Untouchables and he * (win) an Oscar for his performance. He ®. (marry) actress, Diane Cilento, in 1962, but they "* (get) divorced eleven years later. He *. (get) married again in 1975 to French actress, Micheline Roquebrune. He's got one son, Jason, who's also an actor. Jason * (lay) lan Fleming, the writer of the James Bond books, in the film Spymakert Past Simple: negative (20 © + Sean Connery was born in 1930. .¥. 2 He left school when he was 16 He didn't leave school when he.was.16. 3. He made his first film in 1945, 4 He became famous in 1962. 5 He was a spy in the film The Untouchables 6 He got married four times. 7 His son, Jason, wrote the James Bond books. ick the true sentences about Sean Connery. Make the other sentences negative. 7A and 7B - a Past Simple: yes/no questions and short answers (3 Fill in the gaps with Did, Was or Were. Then read the text in 2 on p35 again and write the short answers. 1 2 3 7B My music ‘Types of music ©223 @ write the types of music 1 Was. Sean Connery born in Scotland? Yes. he was his first film called South Pacific? he the first James Bond? he make seven Bond films? he win an Oscar in 1978? his two wives both actresses? he get divorced in 1973? he get married in 1978? Sean Connery in the film Spymatker? Review: Past Simple © Correct these sentences 1 1'$to the cinema last night. 2 Where was you born? 3 What time did you started work yesterday? 4. They stop work at ten last night. 5 Where John and Barbara were last night? 6 We didn't went out last night, 7 Jan and Scott wasn’t at home yesterday. 8 Who you did see at the party? 9 I weren't born at home. Past time phrases (ED @© 2@ Read these sentences about Julian. Choose the correct words. par a) [_] We made our first CD inf Monday! Tap. b) [_] We played our first concert last/in weekend. za ©) [1] My father was a famous musician in/on the seventies. z 4) [_] I started playing the guitar onlin May ago/last year. ceand simuc 7 ) (_] I went to my first concert about five years lastlago. ra ) [_] thought my first album in/last 1996. 7 ®) [_] My friends and | started a band six months in/ago. cork smuci +) Put the sentences in 2a) in the order these things happened. : Question words (EB opp scumi eo Match the question words 1-10 to the answers a)-j). P. a a 1 What ... ? a) For two years. proea 2 When . ae b) Because I was late, ©. 3 Where ) A doctor. ascillacs cumis 4 Why ...? 4) Sixty-five years old. 5 Whose ...? e) Yesterday. c m, see 6 Which ..? f) The red one. crok’n'lorl 7 Who... ? g) Seven. Lk 8 How old... ? h) In England, 9 How long ... ? i) David 10 How many ..? i) My sister’ Question forms (29 oO a) Make questions with these words. 1 When / born / was / Jennifer Lopez ? When was Jennifer Lopez born?, her parents / do / from / Where / come ? the name of / What / first film / was / her ? Shakira / got / brothers and sisters / has / How many ? write / When / her first song / she / did ? speak / she / languages / How many / does ? born / was / Christina Aguilera / Where ? make / she / her first TV appearance / When / did ? she / her first record / did / When / make ? b) Read about the three people. Then write the answers to questions 1-9 in 4a). 1 2 3 4 5 On July 24% 1970. 6c Read these questions and answers. Then fill in the gaps with the correct question word and did, was or were. 1 How old. was. Jennifer Lopez when she made On the 6? ‘Twenty-nine, : coe nw She make her first film? In 1995. Shakira’ first album? Magic copies ...... her second album sell? Four million Christina Aguilera born? 18 December 1980. cons menses She sing for in 1999? Bill Clinton. Jennifer Lopez ‘porn: July 24% 1970, New York. family: mother and father rom Puerto Ric, 2 sisters. TV appearances: a dancer on TV ones in Living Color, sh ens or Madea a6 Janet Jackson. sist fil My Family after Out of Sight 938) fist albu ‘on the 6 (1999) sold over 2 milion copies other facts: has her seetiace Fastions. (1995), became famous vwith George Clooney cow fashion company, Shakira born: February 9% 1977 Barranquilla, Colombia, imily: father from Lebanon, ‘mother trom Colombia. 4 brothers and 4 sisters, oer i rote her first .__S0NQ when she was 8. aS Magic when she was 13, ops ‘Songs on the album, Her 1 Ples Descalzos, sald 4 Copies, including 1 mit 8 lal ee lion in Brazil, acts speaks Spanish, Portuguese. akan, nglsh and Arabic: does’ ike sweets fa Christina Aguilera bom: 18* December 1980, New York family: father from Ecuador, ‘mother from Ireland, first TV appearances: Star Search (1990) when she was 10, The Mickey Mouse Club when she was 12 With Britney Spears and Justin Timberate. first record: Reflection (1998) irom the Disney cartoon, Mulan other facts: sang for US President Bill Clinton live on TV (1999); doesn't speak Spanish fluently; recorded a Spanish. language album, Mi Refleio (2000) 7C What’ ——— ooo s in the news? Irregular Past Simple forms ©@i=) oe (3) Write the Past Simple of these irregular verbs. 1 find found. 6 lose 2 take 7 choose 3 say 8 win 4 fll 9 put 5 break 10 tell Reading @ a) Match headlines A-C to news reports 1-3. @| EARTHQUAKE KILLS FOUR IN LOS ANGELES 24-HOUR CINEMA OPENS MAN LOSES WINNING TICKET Last Saturday Will Ord, 2 25-year-old teacher from Maidstone, thought he was a very rich man, He had all seven correct numbers on the EuroMillions lottery and, went out to a club to celebrate with his friends. The next day he looked in his wallet for the ticket ~ but it wasn’t there! “Maybe I lost i.” said Will. “Or maybe one of my friends took it." ‘Atleast four people died in this morning’s earthquake in Los Angeles, California. The earthquake started at 7.38 a.m. ‘when many people were on their way to work. About @ thousand people are still without water or electricity and there are no buses or trains in the city today. ‘The first 24-hour cinema opened last night in the centre of London. The cinema, called Twentyfourseven, is open 24 hours a day and has 15 screens. The manager ofthe cinema, Jamie Harris, said, “Our first night was very successful. We had two hundred people for the film that started at 3.15 in the morning and they all had a great time.” b) Read the news reports again. Answer these questions. 1. Why was Will Ord happy last Saturday? Because he thought he was very rich. Where did he put the lottery ticket? 3. What time did the earthquake start? 4 How many people don't have water or electricity? 5 What's the name of the new cinema? How many people were at the 3.15 a.m. film last night? Talking about the news {ED @© Read these conversations. Fill in the gaps with the phrases in the boxes. Didyewhearabour Really? No, where was it? Ohno, that's terrible. Oh, that's good. Is she OK? A Did you hear about. that earthquake? a tn California, Four people died. a = and my sister lives in Los Angeles. a = she’ fine, Ss are her family. 3. © You're joking! No, what happened? Did you read about at — the man who won the louery? «3 A He lost the ticket! a? A Yes, he thinks maybe one of his friends took it! 7D Do you know any jokes? a,anand the (i=) @© Read the joke and fil in the gaps with a or the. ‘One day *.a. horse walked into ®,,.... bar and ordered 2. drink. “Can | have *. bowte of beer, please?” said 5___ horse, “Er... sure,” said ©. barman. He gave a bottle of beer to 7. bottle horse... horse drank... beer and gave ® back to "__.. barman, “How much is that?” he asked. “Thats, er, twenty pounds,” said... barman. "..... horse gave him "___ twenty-pound note, "We don't get many talking horses in here,” said the barman, “I'm not surprised if beer is twenty pounds a bottle,” said the horse. Reading @© A Read the questionnaire. Choose the correct words. Top tips for learning English Do you... study English at @/the language school? watch or listen to a/the news in English? work for a/the British or American company? go and see films in English at a/the cinema? .. have an/the English dictionary? practise English a/the lot outside class? . hove an/the English grammar book? ... always look at a/the Language Summaries in a/the back of a/the Student's Book? 9... use a/the face2face CD-ROM? 10 ... think English is a/the really interesting language to learn? b) Answer the questions for you. How many yes answers have you got? Check your score in the Answer Key. Review Fill in the gaps with these prepositions. You can use each preposition more than once. at from with for 1 I don't work at. the weekend, to in on 2 1 get up nine o'clock, 3 She slept eight hours. 4 We're Japan. We're Japanese 5 Its my birthday Monday, 6 Would you like to go adrink? 7 Lofien work night 8 often have coffee friends. 9 My son was born 1992 10 Do you often go the theatre? 41 I sometimes sleep the afternoon, 12 I never watch sport W 13 Do you often listen the radio? 14 The party is April 1" 15 Do you live a big city? Review: spelling oe (3) We don't say every letter in some words. Write the missing silent letters, 1 write 9 veg_tables 2 lis_en 10 bre_d 3 ans_er wv fut 4 _rong 12 bre_kfast 5 We_nesday 13, dau__ter 6 mount_in 14 usin 7 pos_card 1S su_tease 8 san_wich 16 intresting 4) ecg and Wing Porta 7578) 8 Let’s go away Language Summary 8, Student's Book p138 8A Holiday USA Holiday activities (SB | Hi Rachel @© ® Mach the verbs and prepositions invAttorthelwoeds in'B | arved in San Franlsco ten days ago and I love ithere. |g. sightseing a z every day and? travel by. public transport ~ you're right, the cable cars are 1 have a) skiing ‘great. Two days ago | ‘a boat trip to Alcatraz ~ it was really 2 go ie SS ») picnics interesting. Did you know Al Capone was a prisoner there? And yesterday I 3 go ) friends/family ‘ sawwwewe Shopping at Fisherman's Wharf and then | ® 4 stay with 4) the beach the beach and sunbathed al afternoon, S_ travel by, e) cycling Last weekend | ®. ‘a car and went to the Wine Country, in the 6 g0 public transport : rhea Sp aerating mountains near San Francisco. a small hotel inthe Napa 8 rent h) a car/a bike Valley and on Saturday |. ‘a long walk to the top of Mount St 9 goon ) shopping Helena, The views were fantastic! On Sunday 1? enn KO an 10. stay in i) ahotel "ay ‘cycling with two very nice people I met atthe hotel, We 11 go for ) walks " ‘picnic at Lake Hennessey ~ i's beautiful there. And did you 2 go 9) boat trips teow you can ® sking in Caffornia nthe winter? by Fill in the gaps in Jamess email See you next wook! with the correct form of the verbs i in 1a) and a preposition if necessary. can/can't or possibility (XB © Roger's British. He's got a new job in Queensland, Australia. Fill in the gaps with can or cant. ROGER Karen, what ',¢an. I do at the weekend near here? KAREN Well, you? .g0 to the beach, of course. But you * swim at some beaches because there are lots of jellylish and they're very dangerous, ROGER Thats OK. 14 swim very well anyway! KAREN Or you $ g0 to the rainforest and stay in a national park Rooter 1 camp there? KAREN Yes, you” And it’s usually RoceR That sounds good. KAREN Yes, it beautiful. You ® .g0 for walks by the river, but you? go fishing there because its a national park There are also lots of animals, like koalas and possums, ROGER That's a great idea, Er, would you like to come with me? KAREN T'm sorry, Next time, maybe. a possum ee pees e Read the signs. Then write short answers to these questions. No Parking Mon-Sat [8.30 a.m. - 6.30 p.m, 1a) Can Mick and Debbie park here? Yes, they.can. b) Can they stay for six hours? 2 Mick wants a cigarette. Can he have one here? 3 Debbie’ got a mobile phone. Can she use it here? 4 Mick and Debbie have got two children aged 18 and 19. Can they come in here? 5 a) Mick’ gota car, Its 1] a.m, on Sunday. Can he drive here? ) Its 6.30 p.m. on Friday. Can he drive here? DANGER KEEP,OUT 8 Can you go in here? 8B A trip to Thailand — - _ Adjectives to describe places (59 b) Fill in the gaps with adjectives from 1a). a) (S) Tick the correct adjectives. Change the incorrect adjectives. 6 a) ItS3 p.m. on Sunday. Can you park here? b) 11S 9am. on Tuesday: Can you park here? ns 7 Can you take your dog in here? 1 A Is your flat very old? 8 No, its quite -modern. 1 quiet. 2 1B, foc 2A Is this a safe part of town? 3 boring eNonitivery a) ica 3A Were the people friendly? sold 8 No, they were really 6 empty 4A Dil you have an interesting evening? 7 dangerus 8 No, it was really 8 clean 5.-& Was the club very crowded? 9 modern 8 No, it was quite 10 frendly 6 A Mum, are my football clothes clean? ag ihre 8 No, they're still 2] xintriely 7 A Doyou live in a quiet part of town? 13 sale B No, its very 14 crowdid 8B Comparatives = Le E @© tse and Monica are a the a a SS os fe afier their holiday in Thailand. Compare them and write sentences. THE Ritz HOTEL RAFFLES HOTEL London Singapore opened: 1906 ‘opened: 1887 number of rooms: 133 number of rooms: 103 price per night: £225-£1,280 facilities: 24-hour gym and room, babysitting, conference swimming pool, more than 00m, 24-hour room service 50 shops, business centre airports Heathiow 29 km airport: Changi 25 km number of restaurants number of restaurants and bars: and bars: 19 dinner: 18,00-23.00 dinner: 19.00-22.00 in the don’t miss: tational English Tiffin Room 1 Luke is/ tall / Monica afternoon tea at 1.30 p.m., don’t miss: the stor of the 3.30 pam. and 5.30 p.m. hotel in the Raffles Museum Luke is taller than Monica, 2 Monica looks / young / Luke. Read about two famous hotels. Then fill in the gaps with the comparative form of the adjectives and The Ritz or Raffles. Use than if necessary. 3. Lutke is / hot / Monica, 1 Raffles. is .oldecthan. (old) .The Ritz 2 is (big) 3 is (small). 4 Luke's suitcase is / big / Monica’, 4 Rooms at are (cheap) 5 is (expensive) 5 Monica looks / happy / Luke. 6 is (near) to the airport 7 its (easy) to decide where to eat at 6 Luke had a / bad / time / Monica als (ifficult) to decide where to eat a 9 You can have dinner (early) at 7 Monica had a// good / time / Luke. 10 I think looks (beautiful) than sc Planning a day out Reading @ 2@ Read about three places where English people often go for a day out. Match descriptions 1-3 to photos A~C. b) Read the texts again. Where can you do these things? Write two places if possible. This Famous old tourist town has't km oF autiful beaches. k's the perfect place Ifyou want to 0 swimming sunbathe or go on boat tips. There are ots. ‘of lovely parks and gardens to vist and i's great place ‘to eat out. You can also go toa classical concert or go dancing in one of the excelent nightlubs. ‘This was Willam Shakespeare's home town. You cat visit the houses where he lived or see his plays at ‘one of the Royal Shakespeare Company's thre theatres. There are some interesting museums and lots oF beautiful 50-year-old houses. You can also go on bost trips and visi traditional English vilages ‘Most people come here to visit the Roman Baths, \hich are about 2,000 years old. You can see them at the Roman Baths Museum - or have a bath yourselFat the new Thermae Bath Spain the city centre. This city is also famous for its beautiful 18% century buildings and was the home ofthe writer Jane Austen. You can learn about her life at the fane Austen Centre near Queen's Square, 2 3 4 visit museums Bath and Stratford, g0 toa beach learn about famous writers go on boat trips 0 10 a classical concert see beautiful old buildings see a play Planning a day out ©2079 @© A via, Rick and Kay live in London. They want to go away for the weekend. Read their conversation. Where do they decide to go? UNA Rick What do you want ‘@dyto do at the weekend? Td like *go/to go away somewhere KAY Yes, me too. Lets *go/to go to Stratford. We can Rick UNA RICK “see/to see a Shakespeare play! Sorry, but | don't really like Shakespeare. I'd rather 'go/to go to the beach, Well, would you like #go/to go to Bournemouth? Yes, good idea. We can just “st/to sit on the beach and relax. kay But I went there last month, Id rather 8go/to go somewhere different, UNA Well, do you want °go/to go to Bath? There are Jots of nice shops and we can “Visit/to visit the Roman Baths. RICK OK, let "do/to do that. My cousin lives in Bath. Maybe we can *stay/to stay with him. KAY OK, Bath itis, then, Do you want "drive/to drive, or shall we “rake/to take the train? UNA Lets ¥go/to go by train. 1's a lot quicker. b) Read the conversation again. Choose the correct verb forms 1-15. 8D Come to the wedding Verb collocations GE) Reading @© Which words/phrases do not go with the verbs? a) Read the article about weddings. Which facts do you book to my place/a flight/a hotel room think are false? 1 2 get abus/with a friend/a taxi 3. stay in ahotel/a carlin England ‘4 inca setourtl apartmentia table at Wi ll yo uma rry me ? - Lots of people get married, but some Review: verb collocations people do it alittle differently to others. ‘Verbs and nouns often go together. Fill in Take a look at these unusual facts the gaps with these words/phrases about weddings around the world. Richard and Carol Roble. The most married woman aDVDMvideo tothe radio TV from New York married in history was Linda Lou English a wonderful time the washing each other 56 times, Essex from indiana in the picnic languages sport on TV Serra eed USA, who was mented 22 it ¥ On 14 February 2001, 165 to 22 different men. ane Sn ie St coupes got amied —-¥ Inuune 2000, 120 men Eochs toile spot underwater off Kradan in Carandiru Prison in S80 Island in Thailand. Paoio, Brazi, married their ¥ About 8,500 people get irriends all at the same married every month in ‘time. They didn't have Las Vegas in the USA - a honeymoon! ‘the wedding capital of More than 2,800 couples the world’. Many of these get married each year at people have an Elis the Walt Disney World Wedding, where ‘Evis Resort in Florida Presley’ sings you a song! % On 1% February 2002, '¥ The marriage of Sheik Madeleine Francineau Rashid Bin Saeed Al and Frangos Femanciez Maktoum's son to Princess got mamtied in Ciapiers, ‘Salama in Dubal in May France. She was 94 years 1981 cost $44 milion. The _old~and he was 961 party lasted seven days. b) Read the article again. Answer these questions. 1B party? 1. How long was Princess Salama’s wed Seven days. 2 Do more people get married in Las Vegas or the Walt Disney World Resort? 3. Who was older when they got married, Madeleine Francineau or Francois Fernandez? 4 How many people got married underwater in Thailand in February 2001? 5 Who got married more often, Linda Lou Essex or Carol Roble? o Reng ard wing Poncho 8678) 9 All in a day’s work Language Summary 9, Student's Book p140 9A The meeting Work (EB Present Continuous: positive and negative (09 oO a) Fill in the gaps 1-6 with these verbs. e@ a) Read Gemma’s email. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form of the Present Continuous. awrite answer take aaa sign work goto oeess Hi Lucy How are things? | hope you *. re feeling. (feel) better now after your cold. 1? (sit) at my computer, but | 0 aleuer an email ° areport. (not work) very hard today! Usually our manager, Angela, watches us all the time - but at the moment she 7 (visit) a customer, so we * 0 (not do) any work! Sue * _ (Not write) her report = for a company at home 7 a she (ook) for a cheap holiday on the internet. Lynne and Rachel * (not answer) their phones, they’ (read) some magazines. Nick J i (play) a computer game and Elin notes 4 - ty (talk) to her boyfriend on the phone. And 1 (write) emails to all my friends! 5 See you soon - | hope you ™. (not work) too hard! Love a contract 4 Gemma b) Read the email again. Write the people’ names on the picture, {) amecting work 0 the phone " b) Fill in gaps a)-f) with these words/phrases. report amessage a conference in an office aletter an email 9A and 9B Present Continuous: questions and short answers (=) eo a) Write the yes/no questions. 1 / Angela / visit /a customer? |sAngela.vsiting a customer?. 2 /Lynne and Rachel / answer / their phones? 7 Sue / write / a report? / Elin / talk / to her boyfriend? I Nick / play /a computer game? / Lynne and Rachel / read / magazines? 9B Strike! ‘Types of transport (3 (3) Do the puzzle. Find the type of transport (4). v1 a1 arte We didnt go to Rome by car. 7 /you/ watch / TY now? 8 /you/do/ your homework? b) Look again at the picture on p45. Then write short answers to the questions in 4a) 1 Yes, sheis. 2 Travelling verbs/phrases (EB Write the sentences again with the correct form of these words/phrases. walk sail fly take the tube drive usually go to work by bike. Lusually cycle 2 My parents went to France by boat. came here on foot 4 Do you usually go by tube? They went to New York by plane. Present Simple or Present Continuous? (E3 Read what these people say about today’s transport strike, Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Simple or Present Continuous. GoaRy | usually "work. (work) at night, burt? ‘mworking. (work) today because ofthe strike, Normally 1 (not like) working, (make) a lot of money today, so Pm very happy: u (drive) two businessmen into town now ~ they usually ® (take) the wai but they can't today, of course, The problem is, the traffic” (not move) very fast! YUSUF We're very busy today. Usually we " (not have) more than 50 customers a day, but today a lot more people ® (come) into our shop. Every time there’ a strike more people ©. (decide) to buy a bike, which is good for us, of course. ” ~~» (eyele) to work every day and Lonly * (use) my car at the weekends. So, today’s a good day because we * (Gell) a lot of bikes! maccie 1 (have) a great day today. A lot of people 7 (ari because there's no public transport e) into town The car parks are full and now people are parking in the street. 1"® (not sive) more than 40 parking tickets on a normal day, but today 1” (give) a lot more (love) strike days! 9B oO a) Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. 1 When ..does.. Gary normally .work.? (work) 2 he a lot of money today? (make) 3 What he atthe moment? (do) 4 How Yusuf to work every day? (get) 5 When he his car? (use) 6 he alot of bikes today? (sell) 7 Maggie a good day today? (have) 8 How many parking tickets she usually 2 (give) ° she strike days? (like) b) Answer the questions in 4a). Atight Review: Present Simple and Present Continuous @ Correct these sentences 1 Pete and Stacey #6 listening to the radio. 2 Harry isn't like playing tennis. 3 Ihave lunch at the moment. Where does your sister lives? 5 She live in Rio de Janeiro. ‘What time do Jennifer usually get up? 7 What you are doing at the moment? We watching a film on TV. 9C On the phone Reading a) Match pictures A and B to the b) Read the messages again. Answer these questions, messages. Which message does 1. Are Andrew and Janine at home now? ‘not match a picture? 2 What do you do if you want to know the time of a film at Filmworld? oo 3, What number do you press to buy tickets? 4 Who works in an office? Talking on the phone (TER @ ‘Matt is making some phone calls. Fill in the gaps with these phrases. Isthat_ Can call you back call you later calling ‘all me on my mobile Speaking I'm in a meeting _ Hello. "Js that, Mr Ali? mau? - mart This is Matt Lenk, ? about the Richardson contract. MR AL Tm SOFFY, DUES nen at the moment. Ten: a os later? mart Yes, of course. I'm in the office until 5.30, After that you can Hi, Andrew and Janine aren't in at the moment, but if you leave a message, we'll get back to you as soon as we can. ‘Thanks for calling. Bye. MR ALL OK, Bye. Marr Goodbye. Can you What time shall we meet | got your message Hold on amoment can! speak to It's Matt see you then ‘Thank you for calling the Filmworld Cinema, Please choose one of the 2 following thee options. For information Mart Hello, * | rctreorplense) about films showing this week, press 1 5 . ‘To book by credit card, press 2. For any JANINE TI get him, ‘ANOREW Hello? matt Hi, Andrew.” « How are you? ‘Anorew I'm fine, thanks. " about Hello, this is the voicemail of Matt Lenk at FTL Limited. lm sorry, I can’t take ‘your call at the moment, but if you leave me a message I'l get back to you 8 soon as Fan, the party mart Good. come? ‘ANDREW. Yes, of course. 2 Mart Lets meet at eight at my house. Il drive. ANDREW Fine, . . Bye. 9D The Adventure Centre Indoor and outdoor activities (9 (S) Look at the pictures. Write sentences about things Laura can and can't do. © Tick the correct sentences. Change the words 1 She can . sail 2 She can 3 4 5 6 She can't surf 8 ° 10 Adverbs and adjectives (E53 @O© @ Mite the adverbs. 1 sale safely 6 fast 2 happy 7 beautiful 3° fluent 8 bad 4 easy 9 good 5 hard - 10 careful ~ in bold that are incorrect. 1 Heb also a very careful driver. good 2. Kurt is a well chess player. 3 Brendan is a slowly driver 4 My sister plays the violin beautiful 5 Sharon's parents are very good dancers. 6 My mother always walks very quick 7 I'm very happy today! Reading a) Melanie is working at the Mayo Adventure Centre. Read her email to her family. Tick the true answers. Correct the false answers. 1 [F] Melanie doesn't like her job. 2 [she is with a group of very young children. 3 [_] All of the group speak good English. 4 [_] Yesterday they went cycling 5 [_] They go out in the evenings. 6 [_] Angelica works at the centre, i an ; eae Hi everyone —— 1'm having a really well time in treland, [At the moment I'm the Teader of a group of fifteen teenagers from Spain. | can't speak Spanish very “good/well, but some of the children can speak English quite fluent/fluently. We all do something different every day - yesterday we went mountain biking. It was very hot so we all cycled very “slow/stowly. But everyone enjoyed it, | think. And last Sunday we went windsurfing. Nobody in the group knew how to windsurf, but they learned fast/fastly and some of them were really “excellent/excellentl! in the evenings we usually play games and sing songs together in the centre ~ there's one gir in the group, Angelica, who can sing really ’beautful/beautfull. | love the job and I'm very *happy/happily here. See you next month! Love Melanie 'b) Read Melanie's email again. Choose the correct words 1-8, D> Reading and Writing Porto 9 p80 @ 10 Mind and body Language Summary 10, Student's Book p142 10A A healthy heart Health (IS How often ... ?and frequency expressions (3 Joyce Summers is talking about her @ a) Make questions with these words. family’s health, Fill tn the. gaps with 1 guitar lessons / How often / have / Ian / does ? the correct form of these verbs. How often does ian have guitar lessons? bave eat lose stop a tennis / Joyce / play / does / How often ? do get (x2) go drink My husband, Eric, worries about his 3. the doctor’ / does / How often / go to / Eric / for a check-up ? health a lot. His father "ad. a heart attack last year and Erie * smoking the next day. But he 4 the family / How often / Grandma's / does / go to / for lunch ? ; very stressed at work and finds it hard to relax. Erie and 1 t aleohol, but only one or 5 does / go / How often / to the gym / an ? ‘ovo glasses of wine a day. Pm trying, 10? weight at the moment 6 How often / Spanish / study / do / Joyce and Eric ? and 1 some exercise every day. My son, lan, is trying to He doesn't ® b) Look at the Summers’ family calendar. Then write answers fried food anymore. He also for the questions in 2a). ¥ to the gym a lot. I think 1 Oncea.week. 4 he’ got a new girlfriend! 2 5 3 . 6 | Monday Tuesday Wednesdoy | Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday | 1 z 3 4 5 6 7 Ma's birthday Ta: Mam: tennis | Ta: Mum: tennis an: gyn tunek ot 3) tre 22 ond: | pm BO Tx pms | mim 288 Dads | randna’st Spanish class | Ian: guitar Spanish class | | lesson 7.30 pm. 8 9 10 u 2 13 14 “Dad: doctor's Ta Mam: tennis | Taw Mum: tennis Tan: gym Lunch at (015 am. Mam fad Ord | & pane am 7.30 pam. ay Grandma's (ia-monte Spanish class In: guitar | check-1p) lesson 7 pam. | @ ‘Grandma = grandmother — 10A and 10B Imperatives (TE) should/shouldn't © @© Fil in the gaps with these imperatives. a) Read these tips on how to learn English quickly. Fill in the gaps with should or shouldn’t and these verbs. Keep Open Use Do not walk break — don’t touch go tak study arrive ask sleep do be 1 You . should go.. to every class. 2 YOU ec nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnennesnne a HOME ithe evenings, 3 You... . your homework, 4 You at your class on time. 5 You . late 6 You the teacher when you dont understand something. 7 You 23 _... in your first language in class. 8 You in class! b) Tick the things in 4a) yon usually do. 10B What’s he like? - - Appearance (0S) Character (70) @© do the puzzte. Across > m Down Y 3 Attractive, usually 4 fr 1 She’ got hair. for men, 7 2A person makes other 5 Similar to hin. N people laugh a lot. 8 Marilyn Monroe ie 4a person likes doing, had... ait - Ef things to help other people. a, > = 6 Someone who sleeps all day a ») and never works is v 7 43 A mote polite word ; a for fat. 7 L, : 8 re) 15 Ws difficult fora a person to = 9 An person is friendly talk to new people : ; and likes talking to new people 16 Old people often 10 Opposite of tll have hair. 17 sou People only think 18 I you'e not old or about themselves and not young, you're ~ about other people wa person likes giving people money or presents. 17 Opposite of old. 10B Questions with like (DE @ a) Make questions with these words. 1 name / What / his /5? What's his name?. 2 he/ look / does / What / like ? 3 does / like / doing / he / What ? like /'s/ What / he ? 5 you/ How /are? b) Read the conversation about Alice’s new boyfriend. Fill in the gaps with the questions from 2a). auce Pou auce Pou auce Pouy Auce Pouy Auce pour auice Hello, Polly 4 ? T'm fine, thanks. | hear you've got anew boyfriend » ? Oh, he’ very generous and kind, but hes a bit shy. Sounds nice. 8 2 Well, b 27. Me very tall and good-looking, but he’ a bit overweight, And he’ got green eyes and short dark hair. Oh, and hes got a little beard. 4 ? He likes dancing, going to the beach — all the things 1 like doing, He sounds perfect. * ? Its Marcus, You're joking? My new boyfriends called Marcus and he’s 27 too! Really? Oh, dear Review: be and have got © 2» Read about these models. Fill in the gaps with 8 got (= has got), 8 (is), or was. Gisele Bundchen *_was. born in Horizontina in Brazil in 1980. She started modeling when someone saw her in McDonald's on a schoo trip when she? _. 14, She 9 blue eyes and long brown hai. Like all modes, she : very slim and attractive, She 1.78 metres tal. She has a twin sister called Patricia and four other sisters. Karolina Kurkova is from the Czech Republic and she © born in 1984. She” green eyes and blonde hair. She © 1.8 metres tall and she”. very beautiful Her father, Josef, was a famous basketball player. Karolina became famous when she ‘on the front of Vogue in 2001 at the age of 17. She” also Model of the Year in 2002. Elsa Benitez is from Sonora in Mexico. She”. born in 1977 and started working as a model after she ‘won a competition in Costa Ric in 1995. In her fist year’s modeling she = on the front of Vague thie times. She “brown eyes ‘and dark brown hair and she * 1.83 metres tall eee ae b) Read the text again. Answer these questions. 1 Who was born in Mexico? Elsa 2 Who started modelling after someone saw her in a restaurant? 3 Who’ taller ~ Karolina or Elsa? 4 Who's got a famous parent? 5 Who’ younger ~ Gisele or Karolina? 6 Who started modelling when she was 18? OC | feel terrible! Health problems (i @ JF Look at the pictures. Write the missing letters. 1 Lfeeli{ L. 1think I've gota t_ 2 TWegotah_ anda st 3 Tvegotabsde_____ and my b_____ hues 4 Wegotas_____ a and Heel s__ 5 Myarmh_____ and I've gota t___ 6 Hele Ive gotac___ Treatment (1) Fill in the gaps with these words or — . You can use each word more than once. to the at in off some take wee ANtIDIOLICS ieee .. cough medicine painkillers Talking about health © 2) ben and Fay are talking at work. Put their conversation in the correct order. ray 2) [_] And go to bed when you get home. ») [7] Hi Ben, are you OK? 6) (J Wel, why dont you take the day off? 4) J Oh, dear. What's wrong? aeN 2) [] OK. see you tomorrow, maybe. Bye. 6 [2] No, rm not feeling very well. & _] Yes, that’s a good idea. +) [J tve got a terrible headache. b) Fay phones Ben later that day. Read the beginning of the conversation. Is Ben feeling better? Fay Hello, Ben.” Howare you? BEN Hi, Fay. Yim still not Feeling very well fay That a shames sen Well, ray BEN Yes, maybe | should. Ill go in the morning. ray ° BEN Thanks a lot. Bye °) Make sentences with these words and write them in the correct places a)-e) in 3b). 1 2 3 4 5 you / How /are ? hhope / soon /1/ get / you / better to / You / the doctor / go / should . a temperature / I've / got. matter / the /'s/ What? Weather (I) sto alo 1. jt' San Francisco. 2 Ws 7 8 Word building ( Reading oO Look at the map of the world. Write sentences about places 1-8. @ a) Read about Manchester and Chicago. Choose the correct words 1-10. ‘Manchester. in the north of England, is fornous for its nightlfe, fish and chips, Manchester United Football Club — and. of course. "ainy/@ain But does it really “rain/raining more jn Manchester thon in other British Cities? Yes. it does, but in the spring ‘and the summer its often very sun/sunny. Sometimes there isnt o “cloud/cloudy in the sky. And in the winter it doesn’ always *rainy/rain — sometimes it snowy/snows instead! Chicago. in the USA. is often called “the “wind/windy city. In the winter the wind/windy is very cold and temperatures are often below zero. There's also lots of *snow/ snowy in Jonuary and February. But in the summer the “sunny/sun is very hot and the temperature can be 30°C or higher. Its a good time to enjoy jazz music in the citys parks and clubs, and also to visit its famous museums, 10D Are you SAD in winter? b) Read about the two cities again. Are these sentences true (1) or false (F)? 1 [7] Manchester is famous for football, 2 [J terains more in Manchester than in other cities in the UK, a [_] Innever snows in the winter, 4 [J teusually snows at the Chicago. 5 [J teismt very hot in the 6] You can hear jazz in Chicago's parks in the ©) Find three seasons in the text about Manchester. Which season isn't in the text? Review: spelling © GF Mite the contractions (rm, dont, ete.). She's she’s 1 Shes married and she-hes got two children. 2 We do not like living here because it is too cold. 3. You should not phone when the baby is sleeping. 4 We did not see it because we were not there. 5 They have got three TVs, but two do not work. 6 Matt is sure he was not at the meeting. 7 I would like to move to Spain, but my wife does not want to. Grea va Poco 082) 11 Future plans Language Summary 11, Student's Book p144 11A New Year’s resolutions Verb collocations (TNE) © Which wordyphrases do not go with the verbs? 1 work harder/fun/less lose house/weight/three kilos ‘get fit/a new job/fun do more exercise/fit/a computer course have a holiday/smoking/fun move house/a new job/to Spain ‘top weight/smoking/eating sweet things be going to: positive and negative Look at these people's plans for next Saturday. Then fill in the gaps with the correct form of be going (o and the correct infinitive meet a fri _ | _#* clean the [Lv dosomework | ¥ |X| gotoapaty = VV | v | Ww 1 Fred Js going to meet. a friend. 2 He the house. 3 He some work, 4 Trudy a friend. 5 She the house. 6 She any work. 7 Vince and Jo a friend. 8 They . the house. 9 They any work. 10 Ail four people toa pany, We often use be going to when we can ‘see’ the future in the present. Write sentences for pictures 1-6. Use these phrases. dothewashingup have ababy rain clean the car get ataxi play tennis 1 She .'s going to do the washing up. 2 He 3 She 4 They 5 He ou 11A and 1B be going to: Wh- questions STE © Read the conversations. Write questions with the correct form of be going to. 1 emma ‘What / you /do /after the course? What are you going course?. BRUNO. I'm going to move to England. EMMA Really? "What / you / do there? SRUNO_ I'm going to do an engineering degree. EMMA Wow! Where / you / study? BRUNO At Imperial College, London. cuve ‘What / your son / do in the summer? SHEUEY Hed going to travel around Europe cuve Oh, great! *Where / he /stay? SHELLEY He's going to camp. 3 MARISA Hi, Ted. Where are you going? reo To the cinema marisa “What / you / see? TeD Ith called Never Again. It a thriller. Manish Sounds good. ’What / you / do after the film? 1 I don't know. Manisa Well, would you like to meet for a drink? Teo Yes, that would be great. "Whete / you / be? MaRisa At the Moon Bar on East Street. Te OK, Ill sce you there at about ten. MARISA Great, Enjoy the film! te> Thanks, Bye. 11B No more exams! Studying (NE @© Killin the gaps with the correct form of these verbs. start pass revise get take 1‘ started. college nearly two years ago and L really enjoy it. I'd like to be an engineer and it’s very important to A some qualifications before I look for a job. Its hard all the students * exams at the end of each year. Luckily 1* the exams at the end of the first year and now 1° for this year’ exams, an “es work, of course, and Carla fail get (x2) go revise leave Thad a great time at university, but I didnt do much work in my first year and 1° my exams. After that I worked very hard and 1 always ¥ for every exam. In the end 1 ‘Austin a degree in law and because of that 1* a good job when | university. | think everyone should to university if they can. — 1B might or be going to GT) be going to: yes/no questions and short Read these emails from Austin and Carla, Fill in the answers (TE gaps with might or the correct form of be going to. © a Make questions with these words, ona . 1 his driving test / Austin / Is / take / going to ? Js Austin going to.take his driving test? Hi Carla 2 ina bar/ meet/ going to /1s /some friends / he? How are you? I'm very happy because I passed my driving test today!" m going to. celebrate tis evening, but a Nitti: aug, eal 3 Is/this evening / meet / Carla /he / going to ? orl? ‘meet some friends in a bar. | ‘One things certain ~ | want to have fun this evening, 4 a concert / going to/ this weekend / Is Carla? " not son hivel o you want to come? . 5 to Wales / drive / going to/ Are / Austin this weekend / Austin and his brother ? 6 stay / they / in a hotel / Are / going to ? Dear Austin 1'm sorry, but Ecan't come out tonight because _. see my sister: But hope you b) Write the correct short answers to the have a good time. What * am ‘questions in 3a). do this weekend? | haven't got 1 No, heisn’t. any definite plans, but 1? goto 2 He might. that jazz concert in the park. Maybe we could go 3 together 4 Love Bn Carla 6 - PS Congratulations on passing your driving test! Review: be going to and might 7 © Correct these sentences. do | 1 Eds going tofa computer course soon, Hi Carla 2 We might to come and visit you this evening. fm sony 'm busy this | a say Ci weekend My tere] 3. We're going have dinner on Sunday. drive to Wales and go 4 Amanda going to move to Australia next year, climbing. We're not sure where we're going to 5 Tim mights go to the theatre this evening, stay. We”, camp, or we ” staf ha lel pendion 6 Sid and Clare going to study in the USA. the weather. Le’s meet next week for a drink instead. 7 My brother might studying engineering, Austin 11C Finding your way Directions (NEE) Asking for and giving directions (17 a) Look at the map. Penny is at the station. ™ Read the conversations and choose the correct words. penny — Excuse me, where’ 'affBd) hospital? MAN It’s “at/on Morgan Road. *Go/Goes along this road and go ‘along/past the petrol station. The hospital is ‘in/on your right. penny Thanks a lot. Bye. PENNY Excuse me, “Do/Are you know the Cordelia Hotel? Man Yes, go along this road and ‘turn/take right, That's Gunn Street. Go ®along/over the bridge and turn right again. The Cordelia Hotel is *in/on your right, opposite the police station. penny Thanks very much PENNY Excuse me, "s/Are there a café “near/next to here? WOMAN Yes, there’s a good one “to/in Angel Street. penny Where's that? woman Go “along/past this road and turn right. Then turn left before the bridge. There’ a café “in/on your left, next to a supermarket. You “can’t/don’t miss it. penny — Thank you. Goodbye. b) Read the conversations again. Find these places on the map. 1 The hospital is number (J. 2 The Cordelia Hotel is number (]. 3 The café is number (] Read these emails and find the places in bold on the map. Then fill in the gaps with the correct words. Hi Stephen Here are directions from the station to the flower shop where I work. *.Go. .along.. Station Road and 7 ‘That's Gunn Street. Then turn left, 9. a café and turn right eee supermarket. ? soe the bridge and turn left again, The flower shop is on your left, vosnson the bank. See you tomorrow! Love Susanna "EES Dear Reg | Here's how to get from the Cordelia Hotel to the restaurant. Go along Wesley Road and "cons } Then * _. the bridge and turn right. coven a caf and turn right again ~ that’s Darla Road. The park is, ‘now on your right.” .~ after about 100 metres and the restaurant is nn coe Fight" bank, See you there at one o'clock | Charlie | the 11D The grass is always greener Verb patterns (TE) Pat the verbs in the correct form, infinitive with (o or verbsing. 1 My parents love .working. in the garden. (work) 2 Lreally hate for exams. (revise) 3 Do we need some food? (buy) 4 Would you like © the cinema? (go) 5 Do you like sport on TV? (watch) 6 My brother wants to Brazil. (go) 7 I really enjoy in bed at the weekend. (stay) 8 Weld love you next week. (visit) Reading a) Read the magazine article. Are these sentences true or false? 1 (F) Georgina’s husband retired tree years ago. 2 Ci Georgina and Don didn’ like England in the winter 3 C1) Georgina thinks all British people in Spain should learn English 4 (Neil and Violet spoke French before they moved to France. s (1) They don't want to live in England again. 6 [Neil wrote a book about their experiences. b) Read the article again. Choose the correct verb forms 1-14. Home ‘rom home! Every year thousands of British people sell their homes and move to a place in the sun. But is the grass really greener if you move abroad? We ask two couples how they feel about living in a different country. TE RCT ATTY We moved to Spain two years ago, after my husband, Don, retired. We lve in a place called Nerja, on the Mediterranean coast, We chose Spain because we hated ‘Geing)/to be in England in the winter and we wanted *iving/to live somewhere warm. We really love living! to five here ~ the weather is wonderful and the local people are really friendly. Some Britsh people here think they don’t need ‘leaning/to learn Spanish, but | think that’s wrong, When you're living in another country, you should try to learn the language. | really enjoy *studying to study Spanish and I'd like “becoming!to become fluent. Then Id realy feel part of Spain. Georgina Wilkes My wife, Violet, and | moved to France about six years ago and we live in a small village near Bordeaux. We're the only British people inthe village, so we needed ’earning/ to learn French very quickly! At first Violet didn’t like fiving to live here, but now we're part of the village and we don't want *going!to go back to England. It’s so quiet and peaceful here. | enjoy “writing/to write and one day Id like yitinglto write a book about life in the village. We love “havinglto have people to stay and they all say they'd love fivingito live here too. We'd like “staying/to stay here for the rest of our lives Neil Garner LD Reading and Writing Porfoo 11 pea 12 Life experiences Language Summary 12, Student's Book p46 12A World records Big and small numbers (1) @© @ Match the numbers to the words. 3) 0.25 b) 25 NN 925 nought point two five 4) 250 twvo point five 1 twenty-five million 2 3 4 e) 2,500 5 two thousand, five hundred 6 7 a 9 toventy-five thousand f) 25,000 two hundred and fifty 250,000 h) 2,500,000 i) 25,000,000 toventy-five b) Write the numbers. 4) three hundred and sixty-five 365. ») fifteen thousand, nine hundred and forty 6) seven million, four hundred thousand 4) three point one four ¢) seven hundred and fifty thousand #) six hundred million @) nought point seven five 1) eighty-six thousand, nine hundred and twelve an indian cinema the Nepalese flag ‘© Nepal has *.the most unusual. (unusual) flag in the world es the only lag that isnt rectangular, © The wortd’s? anthem? isthe Japanese national anthem. Is only four Lines, Tong, * (long) is the Greek national anthem. Ie’ over 600 lines long, (hort) national ovo million, five hundred thousand two hundred and fifty thousand Superlatives (SEE) e@ (3) Write the superlatives. 1 cheap cheapest. 2 nice 3 slim 4 expensive 5 good 6 boring 7 bad 8 far 9 diny 10 wet 11 old mo 12 interesting eo Fill in the gaps in the article with the superlatives of the adjectives in brackets Use the if necessary. La Paz in Bolivia is the world’s * a (igh) capital city — it’s 3,630 metres above sea level. The YYongas Road, from La Paz across the Andes to Coroico is F (Gangerous) road in the world, ‘The world's ® (common) surname is Li Ther are over 85 millon people with the sumame Li in (China. This isnt surprising as there are only about 200 Chinese family names. Urumai in China is the world’s 7. (fan) city from the coast. I's 2,500 kilometres from Urumgi to mar (near) sea, ‘Tokyo is the world’s”, Harare in Zimbabwe is ® (expensive) city, nen (Cheap), India has (big) film industry in the world. It makes over 1,200 films a year. “national anthem = national song 12A and 12B Review: comparatives and superlatives © Read about Joel’ family. Choose the correct words. ‘My name’ Joel and I'm the 'youngerk@ungesD person in our family. I've got two sisters and they're both Zolder/oldest than me. Erica an accountant and she's *richer/richest than both Frances and me. She’s also the ‘more intelligent/most intelligent person in the family. Frances has got the "more interesting/most interesting job of us all I think ~ she’s a dancer. But I'm the “taller/tallest — Frances and Erica are both a lot "shorter/shortest than me! My mother’s name is Ruby and she’s eight years ‘younger/youngest than my father, Colin. He’ retired now, but he thinks life was *better/best when he had a job. He enjoys cooking and he’ the “better/best cook in the family: That’ good, because my mother is the "Wworse/worst! I see my parents “more often/most often than my sisters because | live the Bnearer/nearest. But the whole family is always together at New Year, which is the “more important/most important day of the year for us. 12B Have you ever ... ? Present Perfect: positive and negative (S22). e@ a) Fill in the gaps with the positive form of the Present @ 4] Wiite the verbs Perfect. Use contractions ('ve, 5, etc.) if possible. ‘Joel, eel eH 1 L'vebeen. to China. (go) los Gi aay 5 2 His parents in Russia, (live) @ keow w. pier 3 You this film before. (see) aye Om 9 leph 4 Their uncle a book. (write) ay alate Ihe “s 5 We n the Ritz Hotel. (stay) 6 Lee and Wendy Portuguese. (study) b) Complete these tables with the verbs from 1a). 7 Her sister for a Polish company. (work) REGULAR VERBS b) Make the sentences in 2a) negative. 1 Lhaven‘t been to China. a 3 4 4 IRREGULAR VERBS Infinitive | Pest Simple | past participle 5 6 7 12B Present Perfect: Have you ever... ? questions and short answers (SP) e a) Make questions with these words. 1 for / you / Have /a big company / ever / worked ? Have you ever worked for a 2 studied / ever / your sister / Kalian / Has ? 3 ever/a James Bond film / Have / seen / they ? oe ‘Vanessa works at a travel agent's. She is interviewing 4 basketball / ever / Has / your son / played ? Ryan for a summer job. Read the conversation and put the verbs in the correct form of the Present Perfect or Past Simple. VANESSA Hello, Ryan, sit down. 5 Have / met / someone from South Africa / you / ever ? Ryan Thank you. — ~ VANESSA Right. Have ' you.ever.worked. (work) in a ~ travel agent’ before? 6 it/on your birthday / snowed / Has / ever ? avaN Yes, Ihave. VANESSA. When ® (be) thar? Tatoiseo lend evereavediyan been? RYAN Two years ago, before I started university ie (work) for a company called TravelTours in Manchester: 8 the tango / your mother / Has / danced / ever ? vanessa How long *.__. you (work) there for? RYAN For six months. b) Write short answers for the questions in 3a). vanessa § you ever 17 Yes. thave. (go) to South America? 2K RYAN Yes, I have. Last summer 1 © av (ravel) around Peru, Chile and Argentin av VANESSA 7 you 5x (enjoy) i? 6x RYAN Yes, 1 (have) a great time. av VANESSA And ® you ever EF os (visit) any other countries? RYAN Yes, 1" (go) to India, China, Germany, France, Russia, Poland, Hunga Yo VANESSA Really! So, when can you start? a 7. 12C Have a good trip! Things and places at an airport (FE) @© GFillin the missing letters. 1 Before you leave the house, you p a ck your bags. 2 To travel to another country, you need ap. anda t__k_t. 3. When you get to the airport, you go to the c___k-i_ d__k 4 You can choose a w___d_w seat,a m_d___e seat or an ae seat 5 The person at the check-in desk always asks you if you have any. _pitemsin your h__d 1g. 6_He or she then gives you your b_.__d__g c__d. 7 You need to listen for your f__g_t n__b_t and which ge your plane leaves from, 8 Then you get on the plane with the other p_. At the airport @ Junko is at the airport. Make sentences with these words to complete the conversation, 1 Can /and your passport, /1/ MAN Hello. | Can./have your ticket and your passport. please. ? your ticket / have / please ? JUNKO Yes, of course. Here you are 2 you/ have / How many / man? = got / bags ? JUNKO Just this one. 3 your bags / pack / you / MAN yourself / Did ? JUNKO Yes, I did 4 you /any sharp items / man 4 . in / got / Have / your hand luggage ? JUNKO No, I haven't 5 you /a window seat / Would / Man OK. *. ~ or an aisle seat / like ? 6 amaisle seat,/like/ please /Td. junto. 7 boarding card / your / Here's Man. You're in seat 32C.” 8 it/is/ gate / Which ? JUNKO &. . MAN Gate 23. Enjoy your flight. JUNKO OK. Thank you very much. Goodbye. MAN Goodbye. GH Peing and ving Portolo 12 p86) meaaing and Writing What’s your address? © Look at the envelope. Write these words/phrases in the correct places 1-8. Portrouo 1 Reading English addresses; hotel registration forms Writing capital letters (1); addresses; filling in a hotel registration form Review be; personal details title house number town/city postcode first name street name country surname 1 tite, 5 - - 2 ‘Mr “James Williams 6 . 472 SAlbert St 3 7 "Oxford 7 7OX2 6AY ~ "UK 4 CUR eo a) In English we use capital letters ~ (A, B, etc.) for these things. ames: Rebecca Smith streets and roads: Walworth Rd towns and cities: London postcodes: SE6 2D] countries: UK, Australia nationalities: British vip) # We say he UK, but we write UK in addresses. b) Notice the short forms we use in addresses. They all start with capital letters. ‘Mr = a man (married or single) Ms = a woman (married or single) Mrs = a married woman Miss = a single woman Dr = doctor Rd = road St street . 6) Underline all the capital letters and short forms on the envelope in 1. Write these addresses on the envelopes. Use capital letters, 1 mre stevens 71 portland st manchester m23 7ex uk ) 2 ms jane fox 56 gilmour rd cambridge cbl Sns uk | | | Reading and Writing Portfolio 1 o} Write the capital letters in the correct places. M Hello, my name's fHichelle parker. I'm british and I'm from liverpool, in england. 'm a doctor and 'm married. My address is 23 york 1, liverpool, 32 3fg. My home phone number is 0151 525 5677. 'm in london for a conference this week. © Michelle is at the conference hotel. Fill in her hotel form, | \/ Hilder Hotel Park Rd, London W1V 9FL_ | Tel: 020 7850 9833 email: Registration form Title 1 My First name 2 Surname 3 Nationality 4 | Address 5 - Postcode Telephone 7 8 314 Room au oO Fill in the form for you. W/ Hilder Hotel Park Rd, London W1V 9FL. Tek: 020 7850 0853 email: hilderhorel\@ahoeweb cok Females Read about Michelle in 4 again. Then Registration form write five sentences about you. Title © Use capital letters First name © Read and check for mistakes. ane © Give your sentences to your te next class. Nationalicy. Address Postcode Tick the things you can do in English in the Reading and Writing Progress Portfolio, p88. ‘Telephone Room number 412 meaaing ana Writing Fortrono < My favourite thing © 4 Match photos A-C to texts 1-3. i ; * @- ] ncn [] my favourite thing i iy car. IVa Triumph TR3 and it’s about nineteen years old. I's green ~ my favourite colour ~ and it's got avery good CD player. It isn't very} |_ fast but ove it. Ob, one more thing - its name is Tracey! ) eDpIe Prince. F b) Read the texts again. Answer these questions. 1 How old is Jackie’ car? [t's nineteen years old. 2. Has it got a good CD player? 3. What colour is Eddie’ dog? 4 How many sisters has Prince got? 5. Is Michelle's mobile phone very old? 6 Has her mobile phone got email? @ a) When do we use capital letters? Check in 2a) p64. b) We also use capital letters for these things. © Atthe beginning of a sentence: Its my new ‘mobile phone. © For the pronoun I: It isnt very fast, but I love it ‘© For companies: Nokia, Volkswagen. © For some things: a CD player; the Internet, a TV. # We don't use capital letters with nouns: Ive got car. not FregottGar, ©) Look again at Jackic’s text in ta). Underline all the capital letters. ve got a dog called about five years old and he's beautiful. He’s black and white and he's very friendly, He's got two sisters, Queenie and Princess. Queenie is my brother’s dog and Princess is my cousin's lg. Reading people's favourite things ‘Writing description of your favourite thing; capital letters (2); punctuation Review have got; personal things O—_—__,, | scene [J] what's my favourite thing? It’s my new mobile phone. ns a Nokia and it's very small. I's got all my friends’ phone numbers and | [ REE in it But it isnt only a phone. v's got games, email, the Internet and i's also got a great camera, i} ) © Write these sentences with the correct capital letters 1 have you got helen’ cd player? Have you got Helen's CD player? 2 my brother has got a new car. i think it a ford. 3 ive got a sony wv id dvd player 4 juan’s from spain and his wife’ from the usa. 5 my address is 13 richmond road, melbourne, australia. i haven't got a german car. my car's japanese, © We use a full stop (.) at the end of a sentence: My favourite thing is my car. © We use a question mark (? ) at the end of a question: Whats my favourite thing? © We use an exclamation mark ( ! ) at the end of a surprising sentence: Its name is Tracey! © We use commas ( , ) for lists: I got games, email, the Incernet © We use apostrophes (” ) for contractions Cve = have, etc.): I've got a Nokia. © We also use apostrophes (*) for possessive : Princess is my cousin’s dog. b) Look again at Michelle's text in 1a). inderline all the punctuation. Write these sentences with the correct punctuation. 1 This isnt my sisters coat This isn't my sister’ coat. 2. Have you got Susans personal stereo 3. Rob hasnt got any brothers or sisters 4 Sarahs got a CD player and 100,000 CDs 5 Ive got Jennys car but | havent got the keys 6 My sisters got a camera a mobile phone a DVD player and a new BMW 7 My brothers friends arent very nice Reading and Writing Portfolio 2 Read about Anthony's favourite thing, Then write the text with the correct capital letters and punctuation, ry favourite thing is my new laptop i think its beautiful its very fast and its also very easy to use its got a dvd player email music lots of games and the internet my computers very important to me and i love it My favourite thing new laptop... - b) Write about your favourite thing. ‘Use the information from the table in 7a). Use capital letters and punctuation. Read and check for mistakes. Give your description to your teacher next class. Tick the things you can do in English in the Reading and Writing Progress Portfolio, p88. Reaaing and Writing Fortrolio 3 A learner profile is a website for English learners from around the world. Read about Valentina. Fill in column A in the table. lentina Sandri nme | - townie andcounry | 2 Bologna, Italy jobistudy a. | age ba day(s) of English classes. | 5 marred or single 6 family/relationships, 7 Gianluca (boyfriend) free time 8 ‘Make Friends In English —_—— islorpp esas ox ‘North of Italy. I'm a student at all Sees Sete ahi Rane ace SS ae oe learner profile Valentina Sandri (im 23 years od. ive in Bologna, a beaut town inthe i Bologna University. | study kaw and 'm in my second year. {need tor my course, 190 to English classes on Wednesdays and Friday. 'm in Elementary level and tim not mare, but I've gota boyfriend, is name's Gianluca and he's a restaurant manager | dont see him evenings, but we always go out on Sundays. In my free time | read a lot and vist frends. | cont watch TV very | want to write to people who study English and live in a diferent country to me. 8 _9 Mario Santos 10 u 7 3 “4 16 Reading learner profiles Writing connecting words (1): and, but, because; a learner profile Review Present Simple © A Look at these sentences. Notice how we use and, but and because. positive positive Tstudy law, T'm in my second year. Tstudy law and Pm in my second year. negative positive I'm not married. I've got a boyfriend Tm not married, but I've got a boyfriend what you do why you do it 1 study English. I need it for my course. 1 study English because I need it for my course. b) Read Valentina’ learner profile again. Underline all the examples of and, but and because. ©) In sentences with but, the negative verb can come first or second: I dont speak French, but I speak German. = I speak German, but 1 dontt speak French. Reading and Writing Portfolio 3 eo Write these sentences with and, but or because. 5 Twant to learn English. I need it for my job. 1. 1 doa lot of sport. 1 go to the cinema, |.do.a lot of sport the cinema, 2 I don't have breakfast. I have a big lunch. 6 They finish work at 5 p.m. They get home at 6 p.m, 3 U get up early in the week. I start work at 6.30 a.m, 7 We don’t go out a lot. We have three children 4 We dont go to the cinema, We watch a lot of TV. 8 I don! live with my parents. I phone them every day Make Friesids tn English earner profil Mario Santos Hi, my name's Mario. 'm 31 years old "and. ve in Curitiba, in Brazil 'm a teacher # | teach history and music. | study Engish on Saturday mornings * I'm in the Elementary class. My classes are great, co {don't always do my homework! Vm married § my wife's name is Julia, We've got two children, Luciana and Adriano. Luciana’s three ® Adtiano's five. | don't 0 out in the week ?. | want to be at home with my family. In my fee time | watch TV ® visit friends. | never go to the cinema, | sometimes go to concerts at the weekends. | want to write to an English student in another country. +) Fill in the gaps in Mario’s learner profile with and, but or because oe a) Fill in column C 'b) Write your learner profile for the website. the table in 1 for you, ‘© Use the information about you in the table in 1 Use and, but and because. Use capital letters arid punctuation. Read and check for mistakes Tick the things you can do in English in the Give your profile to your teacher next class. Reading and Writing Progress Portfolio, p88. Reading and Writing Portrolio 4 Going out a) Read adverts A-C for places to eat in Bristol, England. Then fill in Reading restaurant adverts Writing messages (1): an email Review Present Simple; suggestions; requests the table, place ‘openingtimes | typeof food type of music LaTrattoria 1 Tues-Sun 12-11.30p.m. | 2 3 TheGoodwoodHotl (4 C—O 6 The Boston Bar 7 8 ° b) Read the adverts again, Then answer the questions. ® + Is the Italian restaurant open on Mondays? T 2 Tra toy, f ‘No, it isn't maar Ca 2 What’ the phone number of the hotel? ‘Traditional Italian Restaurant } Pizza, pasta, salads { - sn ~ Open TuesSun 12-11.30 pam. 4 Does the Italian restaurant have music on Sundays? » te: 0117 677 5433 } smeeasineeeame 5 How many rooms has the hotel got? 6 What time does the music start in The Boston Bar? 7 What’ the address of the Italian restaurant? Teresa, Robbie and Sarah live in Bristol. Read about their plans for the weekend. Choose a restaurant AC for each person. reresa [_] 10s my husband Derek’ birthday on Saturday. We ‘want to go to a nice quiet restaurant with our children, Jenny and Liam, Jenny doesn’t like Italian food and Liam only eats English food. My husband isn't a problem ~ he eats anything! rosa [_] My best friend, lan, wants to go out on Saturday evening, He really likes going to places with music, but he hates jazz. And before midnight. I dont want to go to a restaurant that closes sara [] 1 want to go out on Saturday night with my friend, Gloria, Wedd like to go 10 a nice restaurant with good food Gloria loves pi THE GoopwoopD HOTEL d Rd, Bristol, BS13 4RS Stay in one of our 34 luxury rooms or have } dinner in our traditional English restaurant (open 6.30-11 p.m. every day) } Weddings | Anniversaries | Conferences For reservations call 0117 322 1008 or email us at goodwoodhotel } ee © The Boston Bar | atte Boston Bar | © Have a drink and relax i American-style bar ° Ty our world-famous bu fay burgers! : Qhen 7 days a week 6 pam-2 am, | © rock music every nigh from 10 pam, Tel: 0117 564 3556 | 23 Clifton Rd, Bristol, BSB 6RT i | our friendly | Great fod, great musi, great peyle! } Reading and Writing Portfolio 4 Robbie and lan email each other about Saturday night. Put their emails in the correct order. sas =) aaa ® [ that sounds good. | © [] tet’s meet at the Where shall we meet? bar at nine. The Ian address is 23 Clifton Rd. See ee ee you there, R ana a ® [7] tirobvie | = What do you want to aan do on Saturday night? | _ Shall we go toa bar? (B) [_] Hilan What about The Boston Bar? It's I'd like to go to a | place with music. Have you got any ideas? Tan it closes at 2 in the morning. Robbie i TET © a) Look at the emails in 3 again. Fill in the gaps in these sentences, MAKING SUGGESTIONS 1 What do you .want. to do? 2 we go to (a bar)? 3. Have you got any 2 4 _. like to go to (a place with music) 5 What (The Boston Bar)? 6 That good. PLANNING TO MEET 7 shall we meet? 8 ‘meet at (the bar) at (nine). 2 See you b) Notice what we say in emails to friends. © We often begin emails to friends with Hi + name. © We ustally end with our first name (Robbie) or the initial of our first name (R). We dont write emails in capital letters. Its not very polite got live music and Complete Sarah and Gloria’s emails. Use the phrases in 4a) to help you. @ Hi Sarah How are you? ' What do you want todo. on Saturday? *./'dlike, to go to a restaurant. 3 any ideas? Gloria ane =) Hi Gloria Yes,4 la Trattoria? It’s in Elm Street. It's an Italian restaurant — and it’s got live jazz Sarah Italian food and jazz? Yes, that « we meet? c sae = D 7 at the restaurant. ‘ there at about eight. s © 4 ou want to go out on Saturday ni a friend, Make notes on these things. © the place you want to go to @ why you want to go there (food, music, et.) © time and place to meet +) Write an email conversation between you and your friend. Write four messages. ‘© Use your notes from 6a). © Use phrases from 4a) in your emails. © Read and check for mistakes. Give your emails to your teacher next class. Tick the things you can do in English in the Reading and Writing Progress Portfolio, p88. Reaaing ana Writing Fortro! Renting a flat Reading adverts for places to live Writing paragraphs (1): letter to a friend Review there is/there are; places a town/the country ©} FIRHOUSE CLONTARF SMITHETELD CASTLEKNOCK souTH DUBLINCITy | | NORTH DUBLIN CITY DUBLIN CITY NORTH DUBLIN CITY House to let* Flat to let, CENTRE House to let 2 bedrooms, bathroom, new kitchen, 2 bedrooms, bathroom with: Fist 00 ket Fi aetis Saito, 2 a Bedrooms, 2 throm, lage laps ving roam. New perk and | | separate oie Laneitchenand | | 1 bedroom, tatroom, lange | | Pauooms 2 Sathmoms, dare ‘buses to city centre. Very quiet living room with view of city. ‘kitchen and living room with warden Near Castleknock area. Shopping cenee 8 mins. | | Quetsmet Nearstaion Sins) | | tekony, 19 min walk to cty | | silage Phoen, Fak. stops oe sed ope, Noses” tal Sins, Nonsmkers ony. station €850 per month. €1,000 per month. €700 per month. €1,450 per month. 1 lt =for rent “a pet =a animal (lor example, ca o dog) you have in your house “a non-smoker =a person who doesnt smoke cigarettes © Read the adverts for houses and flats in Dublin, Ireland. Then answer these questions, 1 How much is the house in Firhouse? €850 per month. 2 How many bedrooms are there in the house in Castleknock? 3 Which place isn't near a station? 4 Which place is near a village? 5 How much is the flat in Clontarf? 6 Which two places are near a park? 7 Which place doesn't want people with pets? 8 Which two places don't want smokers? © Read about these people and choose the best flavhouse A-D for them. Harry and Beth McCaffrey are from Edinburgh, ‘Scolland. They've got two children, a boy and a girl, and a dog. They want to be near a station and a park. Maximum, rent per month = €1,500. 2 Gary and Katy Richardson live in Bournemouth, in Eni Gary’ gland, Katy’s got a new job in the centre of Dublin. 's a writer and works at home. Gary smokes, but Katy doesn't, Maximum rent per month = €1,000. 3 Michael O’Brien fives in Dublin and he wants to find a new flat. He lives alone and he’s got two cats. He wants to be near the town centre, He’s got a car and he €850, doesn’t smoke, Maximum rent per mont Reading and Writing Portfolio 5 — oO Richard wants to rent Gary and Katy’s flat in Bournemouth, Read Gary’ letter to Richard. Then answer questions 1-8, 46 Bok St ® Bourremonth BHS 6YP © 1% Apr 2005 © daw Richart, 1. How are yo? Katy aad Lae fs, sn if horn Bournemouth is good 2 Let mc tells ard the flat Ther ae tu bosons, sa bathroom, katchon, abv room anda snail garden Thare’sabsoa TV avals DVD player the brig room. 3 The ft near some shuyps an theresa great caftcalad The Restiny Place atthe en of our road Wearen't mara tation, but there are lots of buses to the ton centre. And 105 oly tor mvt walt the bach 4 Phone me when you rive and ive con meet yout the station, See your soon. © test wishes © Gay PS My melite munber is 07788 69 1. What is the number of Gary and Katy’ house? 46. 2 What’ Gary and Katy’ posteode? 3 How many rooms are there in the flat? 4 Does the house have a garden? 5 What is ‘The Resting Place’? 6 Is there a station near the flat? 7 Is there a beach near.the fat? 8 Where can Gary and Katy meet Richard? (© A Notice how we write a letter. Match 1-5 \ with A-E on the letter. 1 [€] the beginning of the letter 2 3 [_] the address 4 the date 5 [_] the end of the letter | b) Match a)-d) to paragraphs 1+ in the letter. ») [7] greetings +) [_] places near the flat ) LJ the fat 4 [planning to meet ©) Notice what we say in letters to friends, © We usually begin with Dear + name. | © We end a letter with Best wishes or Love. We | often use a comma after these words/phrases, # We use PS for extra information at the end of the letter. | a) Imagine a friend wants to rent your house/ flat. Make notes on what to say in your letter, PARAGRAPH l 1 greetings 2 rooms and in the house/flat 3 places near the house/flat 4 planning to meet | - b) Write a letter about your house/flat to your friend, © Use your notes from 5a). © Use the information in 4 to help you. © Read and check for mistakes. © Give your letter to your teacher next class. Tick the things you can do in English in the Reading and Writing Progress Portfolio, p88. Reading and Writing Fortrolo & A night to remember (4) Read about Keiko's evening out. Then put the pictures in order. 1. Last Thursday I went to London with two friends from my language school. It was a very special day because it was my 21* birthday. After we arrived in London we went to an Italian caf in Leicester Square and had coffee 2. Then we went to the theatre to see a play called The Blue Room. | wanted to see it because my favourite The day / met Nicole... actress, Nicole Kidman, was in it. We sat in a box | and had a very good view. The play was really good and Nicole Kidman was wonderful 3. When the play finished we went for a meal in a Japanese restaurant near the theatre. It was quite crowded, but the food was great. We had sushi | and salad ~ it was very nice. After the meal my fiends gave me presents and then the whole ©) restaurant sang Happy Birthday! 4 After we left the restaurant we walked past the | theatre again — and there was Nicole Kidman! | went over and said hello and she was really __ fiiendly to me. We talked for about five minutes and then my friends took some photos of me and Nicole together. 5 When | got home | emailed all my friends in Japan and told them about my birthday. | also sent them the photos of me and Nicole! It really was a night to remember. Reading a student's composition Writing paragraphs (2); connecting words (2): after, when, and then; a composition Review Past Simple; adjectives @ Read the text again. Tick the true sentences. Correct the false sentences. 1 Keiko and her friends are students, “ 2 Iwas Keiko’s 18" birthday. K...It.was Keiko’s 21° birthday. 3. Nicole Kidman is her favourite actress. 4 Keiko liked The Blue Room. 5 The restaurant was quite empty. 6 Keiko met Nicole Kidman in the street. 7 Nicole wasn't very friendly. 8 When Keiko got home she phoned her friends. Reading and Writing Portfolio 6 O Pur these sentences together. Use the words/phrases in brackets. 1 Left the party. | went home. (after) After left the party |went home. Martin had dinner. He watched TV. (and then) Match a)-e) to paragraphs 1-5 in the text. | - 2) [_] meeting Nicole OS) eeiiengatee | 3 I got home. I phoned my brother. (when) 9 [7] introduction | . . 4) (Jat the restaurant | ©) [_] the end of the evening | 4 [finished the report. 1 went to bed. (after) TIPS! # We usually start a new paragraph when we talk about . a rer . . a different place or time. 5. Gwyneth did her homework. She went out. (and then) # We dont start a new paragraph for every new sentence. 6 Rowan finished university. He went to the USA. (after) a) Look at these sentences. Notice how we make sentences with after, when and and then. Underline the action that happened first. left university: | travelled for six months. (when) 1 Alter we arrived in London ‘we went (o an Italian café 2 When the play finished we went for a meal 3 We talked for ten minutes © a) Think of a night to remember that you had in the last six months ~ or invent one! Look at these questions and make notes in the table. When was it? ri and then my friends took 7 , some photos. Where did you go: Who did you go with? 'b) Choose the correct answer in the rule. What did you do there | 2 (food, dink, musi, ete)? © We often use afer, when eel | and and then for things that | | | happen at the same time/at Where did you go after that?) 3 different times. Did you have a good time? ¢) Underline all the examples 4 of after, when and and then in the text. | When did you get home? | What did you do when you | ‘got home? TIP! * We can also use then without and. We usually use a comma (,) before then: We talked for fen minutes, then my {friends took some photos. b) Write about your night to remember. © Use your notes from 6a). ‘© Start a new paragraph for information 1-4 in the table © Use when, after and and then / © Read and check for mistakes. © Give your composition to your teacher next class Tick the things you can do in English in the Reading and Writing Progress Portfolio, p88. Reading anda Writing Fortrolo # Text me! © A) Look at the adverts for things to do in London. Fill in gaps 1-9 in the table. Reading entertainment adverts Writing messages (2): text message Review free time activities; suggestions Filmworld Leicester Square Filmworld Camden event name club night Happy House Night a z Last Laugh G a play fe C) Live Entertainment presents Last Laugh Live in concert . Saturday 24" July at the Brixton Apollo All tickets £27.50 2ahe credit card hotline: 0871 2000 600 or buy online: “Probably the best jazz-rock band in the wor Music Monthly eye aGs WHEN | WAS YOUNG" Love never dies — it just gets old “One of the films of the year" Film Weekly “A love story of our time” Going Out ester Square, Filmnorld Camden Now showing at Fimworié L and cinemas across the cou ‘ b) Read the adverts again. Answer these questions. 1 What type of film is When 1 Was Young? Alove story. 2 How do you buy tickets for the Happy House night? 3 What type of music do Last Laugh play? The Dance Factory HAPPY HOUSE NIGHT With top international Dus: games Marsters inn ! Dylan Evans sym ia a and Anya 500 CE ee RRR aT} Se CHER CAUDAL RALPH WINTER ANTONIA MLOPE In JOSEPH PAGE'S ANOTHER WEEKEND 1g News jusT Hi Goodbye. > Bye Thank you. > Thanks. “Thats Good idea. Which film da-youswane-te-see? Which cinema shall. we-gorto? Shatl-we Meet at Filmworld at 8? } a) Read Christina and Roland’ text messages on Saturday evening, Did they see the film? Why2/Why not? Hello Christina. ‘Where are ‘im on the bus. Shall | call you when | get there? Filmivorid in camden. Where are you? b) Read messages 1-8 again. Change or cross-ott the underlined words. a) Imagine you're in London. It's Saturday afternoon. Look again at the adverts on p76, Make notes on these things. © What you want to do tonight. © A friend you want to go with ‘© Where you and your friend are now © Where and when you want to meet him/her. b) Write a text message conversation between you and your friend. Write four messages. © Use your notes from 6a). Don't use pronouns or auxiliary verbs at the beginning of sentences. Use short sentences and short words. © Read and check for mistakes. © Give your messages to your teacher next class Tick the things you can do in English in the Reading and Writing Progress Portfolio, p88. Reading and Writing Portfolio 8 Places to go, things to do oO a) Tick the words you know: Check the other words in a dictionary. the coast aview scenery go surfi ng acastie an ocean b) Read this tourist information about Wales. Then match these places to 1-5 on the map. Carditt 5] the Black Mountains Snowdon Llandudno [_] Tenby Reading tourist information on the internet Writing describing places: paragraphs (3); phrases with and without the Review places in a town; can ‘Allabout Wales {(Brcadhaven Englane oftas tg angorse Lag recon Beacons 2 National Park IE UK WALES Facts about the country Wales is part of the United Kingdom and it’s famous for its beautiful scenery, music festivals and friendly people. It has its own language, Welsh, but nearly everyone speaks English. Wales Is also femous for Its long place names ~ like Llanfairpwilgwyngyligogerychwy rndrobwil-llantysiliogogogoch! The best time to visit is from June to September. Places to visit and things to do EB carats the capital city of WotesIt's's busy, modern Gity ona river called the Tat Sere’s 0 beautiful castle Inthe centre ofthe cty and Some interesting museums St Davids Hall & 6 good place for tredtonel Welsh must You {an also go to concerts and Sports events atthe amazing Hilenntum Stadium. Brecon Beacons National Park is great place for walks ond Bienes, You can walk along Offa's yke inthe Block Mountains and enjoy the ‘wonderful views, oF 90 fishing at Langorse Lake, the largest tatural lake in south Wales, ‘Snowdonia National Park is in the north of the country. Every year about 500,000 people limb Snowdon, the highest ‘mountain in Wales. You can also travel up the mountain by train! Uandudno is an old seaside town on the north coast. It's famous for its long beaches and beautiful scenery, and Is a good place to go surfing. You can also go surfing at many places in the south of the country, ike Broadhaven and Tenby. e Read the information again, Are these sentences true or false? 1 eo Hi Wales is a country in the UK. They speak two languages in Wales. August isn't a good time to visit. You can listen to music at the Millennium Stadium, Snow Land don is in the Black Mountains. You can travel by train up Snowdon, ludno is a modern town. Wales is a good place for surfing o a) Look at the tourist information again. Match 1-5 to paragraphs A-E. 1 LJ the country’s highest mountain general information about the country places to go walking, places to go surfing 5 [_] things to do in the capital city b) Look at these useful phrases for describing places. Notice when we use the in these phrases. © 16 famous for ts . © The best time to visi is from... t0 ©. isa good/great place for © You can (also) © There’ a... in the centre of the city. © the north coast ©. in the south of the country © isthe capital city ©) Underline the phrases in 3b) in the tourist information, 4) Notice when we use the and no article with these places THe «rivers: the Taff, the Nile ‘© seas and oceans: the Irish Sea, the Atlantic Ocean © some countries: the UK, the USA © mountain ranges: the Black Mountains, the Himalayas INO ARTICLE © most countries: Wales, Brazil © cities and towns: Candiff, Tenby © mountains: Snowdon, Mount Fuji © continents: Europe, Asia @ lakes: Llangorse Lake, Lake Geneva Reading and Writing Portfolio 8 Read these sentences about popular places for tourists, Fill in the gaps with the or ~ (no article). 1 There’ a beautiful castle in the. centre of = Edinburgh, in =. Scotland. 2 Aspen is a popular place to ski in Rocky Mountains i USA. 3 Mount Kilimanjaro is in north of Tanzania in Africa. 4 Bournemouth is a seaside town on south coast of England. 5 Lake Balaton is about 100 km from Budapest, capital city of Hungary, 6 Mar del Plata is a seaside town on. east coast of Argentina in South America 7 Manaus is a city on River Amazon in north of Brazil. a) Make notes about your country. facts about the country | places to visit and things to do b) Write a description of your country for the website. Use your notes from 5a). Use different paragraphs for each place. Use phrases in 3 and check for the/no article. Read and check for mistakes, Give your description to your teacher next class, Tick the things you can do in English in the Reading and Writing Progress Portfolio, p88. Reading and Writing Portfolio 9 Finding a job @ Read these adverts for jobs in the UK. Answer these questions. 1 Who do you email for an application form at The Great Outdoors Ltd? Dave sones. 2 Do you need experience to be a receptionist atthe Willow Hotel? Receptionist = Reading job adverts ‘Writing a formal letter Review jobs; requests We are looking for a friendly person to work in reception in our popular tourist hotel. Five days per week, including some evening ie and weekend work. Some experience*needed. The Foran application form® email us at or write to: Willow The Willow Hotel, Reed St, Bournemouth, BH2 SRF Hotel 3 How long is the contract for summer camp group leaders? 4 What type of shop is Thompson and Noble? 5 Do you need experience to be a summer camp group leader? 6 Which company does Fran James work for? 7 Do receptionists at the Willow Hotel always work from Monday to Friday? Sales Manager | ‘Thompson and Noble is a large department store in the centre of Cambridge. We are looking for sales managers to work in our men’s and women’s clothes department. Some experience needed. 37-hour week, including some weekend work. Contact Fran James at Group Leaders Wanted ‘The Great Outdoors Ltd are looking for group leaders to work at our children’s summer camps in the UK. Four-month contract: June-Sept. If you love outdoor sports, have lots of energy and enjoy working with children, we would like to hear from you. No experience needed. t& for \ 8 How many hours do sales managers an application form, Fr an appli form, email 3 ocverritel es Dace jones at: at Thompson and Noble work a week? ‘Thompson and Noble, | 24-48 High Rd, Cambridge, CBI4WD | 9 What is the email address of the Willow Hotel? © ead about these people. Match them to the job adverts A-C. name Wayne Moody Beth Chambers address 47 Market St 54 Robins St Brighton Newmarket BN4 38G | cee 3ws job [fiers asic yee | worked at The Highland Outdoor | shop in Newmarket. Started |_ Centre in Scotland for three months, | two years ago. other | Likes working with chitdren, information | enjoys horse riding and climbing Manager at One Stop, a clothes Loves fashion and women’s clothes, can work weekends. or wile 0 ‘The Great Outdoors Ltd, Dartmoor, Devon, EX22.6KH ‘experience = you did the same job in the past *an application form = a form you fill n to get a job |_ Fergus Jackson i] 1/34 Hist | Poole | BN1S 8H Receptionist at Sea View Hotel, Poole Started six _months ago. Loves working with tourists, can work evenings and weekends. Reading and Writing Portfolio 9 47 Market St @® Brighton BN4 3SG (B) 22” April 2005 Mr D Jones The Great Outdoors Ltd ©) Dartmoor Devon X22 6KH Dear Mr Jones | would like to apply for the job of summer camp group leader. | am a student in my second year at university and | am looking for work for the summer. Last year I worked at The Highland Outdoor Centre in Scotland for three months. 1 Hike working with children and | enjoy all sports, particularly horse riding and climbing, Could you please send me an application form and any other information about your company? | look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely 0) W Moody @© Wayne Moody © Read the letter. Are these sentences true or false? 1 2 7 Oo Wayne Moody wrote the letter: He wants to be a summer camp group leader. He hasnt got any experience. He started university three years ago. He can ride a horse. He wants an application form He wrote the letter in March. oO a) Notice how we wri Portfolio, p88. ca formal letter, Match 1-5 to A-E on the letter. | 1 [A] your address (but not your name) 2 [your full name 3 [J your signature 4 [J the date | 5 [_] the name and address of the person you are writing to b) Notice how we begin and end a formal letter. If we know the persons name: © we begin the letter with: Dear Mr/MrsiMs + suriame we end the letter with Yours sincerely If we don't know the person's name: © we begin the letter with: Dear Sir/Madam © we end the letter with | Yours faithfully ©) Notice what we say in formal letters. © We dont use contractions: I would not Fak Fam not Fr © We use polite phrases: I would like | not Havant, Could you please ... ? not Gayo. © We often end the letter with: I look Jorward to hearing from you. d) Underline the phrases in 46) in the letter. Look again at the information in 2 Write a letter from Beth or Fergus to one of the companies in the adverts and ask for an application form. © Use the information in 4 to help you write your letier © Remember to use paragraphs. © Read and check for mistakes. © Give your letter to your teacher next class. Tick the things you can do in English in the Reading and Writing Progress meaading ana Writing FOrtronlo 1U Reading letters asking for advice Writing pronouns and possessive adjectives; aletter of advice Review should/shouldn't; Why don't you... ? The advice page Read letters A~C. Then choose the correct answers. 1 Jasper broke his leg(a car accidend/doing sport. 2 He stayed at home/in hospital for four months. 3 He can/can’t cycle very fast. 4 He doesn't like watching/doing sport. ' 5 Adam is Otivia'/Samantha’s boyfriend. A k An i eet ie s gela! Olivia's sister/a woman he works with 7 They lt he estauranatfrent IF you've got problems, times/together. " Olivia told/dida’t tll her sister about what Angela Armstrong is here to help. A Pee tt Gughvelend @) Four months ago T vas in a ear cident and | broke 10 Rick has/hasn't gota job. any leg very badly I’ OK now; but Pm q 11 He likes/doesnt ike putting Maria to bed. oversight atthe moment hecause I ypent four months 12 He always/sometimes goes out on Saturday night. jst sitting at home, My wife says should lese about ten kilos and I agree with her. Last weekend we went cycling with our friends, but they were all faster than me and I lost them! And I really it's s0 boring! I want to lose weight without doing any exercise ~ can you give me some advice? hate doing sport 5 BSD 2 a) Look at the words in bold in letter A. Write them in the table. Jasper, Northampton | object possessive adjectives "Tve got a big problem with *may sister, Samantha. Last | night I saw *her boyfiiend, Adam, in a restaurant with another woman, Her name is Jodie and ‘she works in Shis office. “They both looked very happy and "he left the restaurant with her, arm in arm, 1 didn't call my sier because I didn’t want to hurt *her. Now f don’t know what to do, Should I tell her {saw *ther together, or should I talk to Adam first? What do “you think I should do? their Olivia, Brighton b) Look at these sentences. Then complete these rules with before and after. | | I broke my leg. | Isaw them. | oO Read letter B again, Which people do the words ‘© Subject pronouns come verbs, = in bold 1-10 refer to? © Object pronouns come verbs. 1 Olivia. 6 # Possessive adjectives come nouns. 2 i ip! Notice the difference between its and its. | a 8 8 OK now. (its = itis) | What’ its name? (its = possessive adjective) | 4 ° " 3 5 10 Reading and Writing Portfolio 10 ©) fm married and we’ our first chile! and she’s only two months ole, ‘The problem is that my husband, Rick, never helps me with our daughter, He works very hard, I know, but when he gets home from work he just watches TV f and waits for his dinner. When I ask him to put got a new baby, Maria, She's Maria to bed, he always says that he’s too tired. But he goes out with his friends every Saturday night I he’s never too tired for them! Can you help me? { i Yvonne, Manchester Send your problems to \sk \ngvlal at Better Life magazine, PO Box 234, London, SE23 4RT. ee © Read Angela's answer to Olivia. Change the words in hold to the correct pronoun oF possessive adjective. Dear Oliv he 1 think you should ask Adam why “Ades was in the restaurant with Jodie. You said the restaurant was near ‘Jodie and Adam’s office, so maybe ‘Jodie wanted to talk to ?Adam about work, Maybe it was might just be friends, Just because you saw “Jodie and Adam together, it doesn't mean | Jodie’s hinthday — or Jodie and Adam | *Adam is going out with "Jodie. Why don't you talk to Adam and get "Adams side of the story before you talk (o your sister? Then you can help "Samantha if there's something wrong in “Samantha’s relationship with Adam, Angela (@ Read Angela’ answer to Yonne. Choose the © correct words, Dear Yoonne Life is often difficult for married couples when (Gap ithem have *them/ther frst child. Why don't 'you/your talk to “you/your huxband and tell his/him how Syoulyour Feel? You say that *heshim works hard, but Maria’s *him/his baby oo. "You/Your daughter needs to spend tim with "she/her father ~ its important for babies (o have both parents in “their/them lives. ‘Tonight why don’t you both put Maria to bed? You alo say Rick goes out with “him/his Friends every Saturday ~ maybe you can go out ends on Fridays and “he/his with "you/your f can be with “him/his daughter Angela © 2® Read letter A again. Think of five things Jasper should do to lose weight and why he should do them, Make notes in the table. advice | reason why eat more salads they're low in fat ) Imagine you are Angela. Write your advice to Jasper. © Use your notes from the table in 6a). © Use pronouns and possessive adjectives. © Use You should .., You shouldnt... and Why don't Jou... ?t0 give advice. @ Read and check for mistakes © Give your advice to your teacher next class, Tick the things you can do in English in the Reading and Writing Progress Portfolio, p88. Mmeading ana Writing FOrtroilo te Reading airport signs; a postcard Writing useful phrases for a postcard Review airport vocabulary: verb forms See you soon! “4 Departures [& AllGates > Passengers with boarding cards should proceed through here now, | €& EU’ Passports only 8 Non-EU Passports only => Please have your ticket ‘and boarding card ready. K Je) NO SHARP OBJECTS Please remove trom ‘your hand luggage ‘and pack in your suitcase bbotore you check in date at ‘Other sites £1/€2 = 15 mins PSs eens "UK + EURO COINS Gi ee Gis c “4NTERNATIONAL PHONE CARDS Simply dial 0800 901 2050 Of press Credit Card calls butte! oO a) Match signs A-E with places 1-5 in an airport. 1 [B] at passport control * departure lounge = the place where you wait for your fight “EU = European Union 2 |_Jat the check-in desk 3 [Jat the entrance to the @ a) Look at boards A and B. Which board gives you information about: departure lounge” 1 Planes coming into the airport? 4 ona public computer 2 Planes leaving the airport? s [_]ona public telephone b) Read the signs again, Answer these questions. 1615 VANCOUVER 151546 GaTe CLOSED 1 Do you need to pay for all 1630___TKs32TsTANBUL__15.90__62 FINAL CA Internet sites? 1635 AROST__cHICAGO 153534 i 1 ATS] NEU YORK 18.95 CANCELLED = * ea RR aoe ee No, you don't 1658 ‘SK506 COPENHAGEN 15.50. DELAYED® 2 Where should you put your iis press — ae tea “6010 GATE sharp objects? 3 Can you use a credit card to make a phone call? 161 L401 TOKYO __ BAGGAGE" IN HALL 4 Which sign should a Japanese 125 sk699__05L0 LANDED. tourist look for at passport 1640 BT6SI__RIGA___eXPECTED 16.54 control? 1655____KE907__ SEOUL_eKPECTED 17.25 5. Can you pay for the Internet in “cancelled = the plane isn't going to fy Euros? “delayed = the plane is going to be late “baggage = luggage 6 Do you need to show your ticket to go into the departure lounge? Reading and Writing Portfolio 12 b) Look at boards A and B again. Are these sentences true or false? if You should go to gate 49 if you're flying 8 9 @ Joe is to Karachi, The flight from Seoul is late Flight TK1992 to Istanbul is going to leave soon. [_] The flight from Tokyo hasn't arrived. Flight $K506 is going to leave on time. Its t0o late to get on your plane to Vancouver You can fly to New York at 16.35 today Flight BT651 is early. You can get on your plane to Chicago now. ‘on holiday in the USA. Read the postcard. “Are these sentences true or false? V(F Joe spent three days in Boston. 2 [_]He’ staying in New York at the moment 3 [_]He travelled to Cape Cod by car. 4 [_]He went to New York before Cape Cod 5 [_]He went whale-watching the day before he wrote the postcard. 6 [_]He doesn know anyone in New York. 7 [_JEd and Lyn said goodbye to Joe at the airport. | HEM an Lyn Tm aving wonefil time inthe USAL ~ spent wo clays in Baston and then tok 3 boat E te Cape Coo Ion staying in plac called Hyarmrs Beso ne teeth Sen ted soo dspon | Lig Fe cayenne | alle Gee ese em pe ae Tomorrow Fn gong to New York to stay witht (NIS6TT some friends. See you soon! UK a ES PS Thanks for coming ts say gooiye at the airport! © a) We often use these phrases when we write postcards. Fill in the gaps with these words. shaving going staying weather spent See lots 1 I'm having. a great/wonderful/fantastic time in (the USA), 2 Lccmmnnmnnnnns (two) days in (Boston). atm in a place called (Hyannis). 4 The. _.. 5 good/beautifulterrible. 5 There's to do/sce here. 6 Tm to (New York) 7. ~~ you soonvin a few days/next week. b) Underline phrases 1-7 in the postcard. TIPE # We use a place called .. when we think the other person doesn't know this plac Tm staying in a place called Hyannis Goe’s friends don't know this place). Tm going to New York (his friends know this place). a) Imagine you are on holiday in a place you know. Make notes about these things. the place you're staying the weather places you went to and when you went there what you did at these places things you're going to do b) Write a postcard to your teacher. © Use your notes from 5a). Use five or more phrases from 4a) in your posteard, Read and check for mistakes. © White your teacher's name and the school address on the postcard. @ Send or give your postcard to your teacher. Tick the things you can do in English in the Reading and Writing Progress Portfolio, p88. Erementary Meaaing ana Writing Progress Frorlrono & Portfolio | Reading _ k the things you can do in English. Wri I can use capital letters. | can understand a hotel registration form. I can write addresses {can filln a hotel registration form. | —————+ | 1 [Jean understand English addresses. p64 — _ | j 2 I can understand short texts about people's [_]! can use correct punctuation (fll stops, question p66. possessions. | marks, etc). | can write about my possessions, 3 [_] !can understand important information about | can use connecting words like and, but and p68 people's daily lives (job, family, daily routine, because. free time, etc). | can write about my daily life in simple phrases and — sentences (jb, family, dally routine, free time, etc). 4 | Lean find the most important information in | can make and respond to suggestions about places p70 _|__adverts for restaurants (opening times, types to go and where/whien to meet. of food, etc). a | can write simple emails to friends. {can understand simple emails. 5 | can find the most important pieces of | Jean use paragraphs in a letter p72 information in adverts for houses and flats F (price, number of rooms, etc) | can organise a letter correctly (address, date, etc), |can understand a simple letter to friend | can write a simple letter to a friend, 6 I can use paragraphs in a story. pe Al glee I can use connecting words like after, when and | and then to show the order of events. | | [J tcan write a simple story about a past event in | |= ny lie 7 [Jean tind the most important information in | can write short simple messages to tell somebody p76 | adverts for free time activities, concerts, etc. where | am and where to meet. | ean undestand simple txt messages 8 | [Jean understand simple tourist information (on | can describe my country with simple words p78 | an Internet website, in a tourist brochure, etc.) and phrases, | can use paragraphs in a description of a place. 9 ‘ean find the most important information in | [_] | can organise a formal letter correctly (address, p80 | job adverts (type of job, working hours, etc). date, etc). [__]! can understand a simple formal letter. I can write a simple formal letter. 10 | can understand a simple newspaper article | | can use pronouns and possessive adjectives 82 where people ask for advice | correctly | [J Lean give advice. " | can understand a simple tourist brochure | can write an email to a friend and describe the p84 about a town or city. place and things | did or | am going to do: 12 [__}!\can understand signs, and departure and I can write a postcard to a friend when | am on 86 — artivals boards at an airport. holiday. [_] | can understand short simple messages on — postcards. Acknowledgements Chris Redston would like to thank Sue Uilstein for managing the face2face project with such resourcefulness and good humour, Dilys Silva for doing such a great editing job and for help with all the commas; Ruth Atkinson for her expert help withthe layouts and design; Pentacor for their excellent book design; my dearco Gillie Cunningham for being such a pleasure to write with, and ‘everyone in the Cambridge editorial team for not phoning me before lunchtime. He would also like to thank the following people for their help, support and inspiration during the writing of faceface Will Ord, Dylan Evans, Margie Fisher, Polly Kirby, Kati Matchett, Karen Thomas, Laura Skipper (but obviously not Mark Skippe, Natasha Munoz, the Hilder family, Joss Whedon, SMG, David Boreanaz, Nick Brendon, Alyson Hannigan, Charisma Carpenter, James Marsters, Tony Head, Matt Groening, Tom Rowlands, Ed Simons, Matt Stone, Trey Parker, Eckhart Tolle, and of course ‘my two wonderful sisters, Anne and Carol, and my deat father, Bill Redston. ‘The authors and publishers would like to thank the following teachers for the invaluable feedback which they provided: Isidro Almendérez, Spain; Alison Greenwood, Italy; Hanna Kijowska, Poland; Michelle McKinlay, New Zealand, ‘The authors and publishers are grateful to the following contributors: ppentacorbig: cover and text design and page make-up Hilary Luckcock: picture esearch ‘The Publishers are grateful to the following for permission to reproduce copyright photographs and material: Key: L= left, = centre, r= right, t= top, b = bottom Alamy Images/©Chris Ballentine for p84 (e), /OBananastock for pb (U), “© for p72 (A), (Olmage 100 for pS (u), /Olmage Shop for p18, /Olmage Source for p56 (1), /OLMR Group for p40 (c), /@Barry Mason for p72 (D), /OMediolmages for pp6 (br), 69, ‘Ashley Simmons for p40 (b), /ORon Solomon for p66 (C), ‘Penny Tweedie for p 66 (B), /OThinkstock for p6 (te), ‘OWorldwide Picture Library for p43 (B); Brave PR for p29 (0 Corbis©Bettmann for p32 (D, /@Robbie Jack for p43 (A), /OCharles PlatiawREUTERS for p37 (b), /OREUTERS for p60 (1), /ORoyalty Free for pp 19, 22 (b), 72 (C), 47 (c); Greg Evans International for 72 (B); Eye Ubiquitous for p47 (1, b); FLPA/@Fred Bavendam for ‘pA0 (1); Getty/OImage Bank for pp 17, 65 (br), /© Scott Markewitz for p49; Image Library for pp 25 (1), 26 (), 55 (le); ‘Wouter Van Caspel for p35 (e); Image State for p10 (c), /OAGE Fotostock for p68, /OMichael Paras for p21, /©Premium Stock for 2 (1); Nokia Ltd for p66 (A); The Photolibrary Wales for p78; Punchstock/©Comstock for p56 (1), /ODigital Vision for p59 (6), POtmage Shop for p10 (D),/@PhotoDise for pp59 (1), 61, 82; Rex Features for pp 7 (I, 1), 29 (b), 32 (1), 35, 37 (t, €), 38, 42 (0,43 (©), [52 (tb); The Ritz, London for p42 (I); Zefa Visual Media for p20. ‘The photo on p 60 (r) has been kindly supplied by the author. The publishers would like to thank the following illustrators: Mark Dutfin, F&2L Productions, Naf c/o Joking Apart, Des Taylor c/o Private View Answer Key Welcome to the class! 1 2my 3Hi 41'm Smeet 6 Nice 7 100 8 Goodbye/Bye 9 See 40 Monday 11 you 12 Bye/Goodbye 2 2green 3 black 4yellow 5 grey 6 white 7 blue 3 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ RSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijkImnoparst uvwxyz 4a) 20) 3e) 4) sa) 6d) 71) 83) 91) 10h) 11)) 12k) 1b) 2 Read the article. 3 Answer the questions. 4 Cheek your answers. 5 Look at page six. 6 Match the words to the pictures 5 2iirst 3115 4 surname 5 How 6 spell 7 Welcome 8 class 9 Thank 6 2 Tuesday 3 Wednesday 4 Thursday 5 Friday 6 Saturday 7 Sunday 4A Where are you from? 1 2How are you 3 1'm fine, thanks 4 this fs 5 Nice to meet you 6 And you 2a) 2 Mexico 3 Brazil 4 Argentina 5 Germany 6 Poland 7 France 8 Spain 9 Kaly 10 Turkey 11 Russia 12 China 13 Japan 14 Australia b) 2 Mexican 3 Brazilian 4 Argentinian 5German 6 Polish 7 French 8 Spanish 9 Italian 10 Turkish 11 Russian 12 Chinese 13 Japanese 14 Australian 3. 2You're in room 101. 3 Hes Russian. 4 Were late. 5 She from Germany. 6 They're French. 7 Its in room M. 44a) 18) Whats his name? 2a) Wheres she from? 28) What’ her surname? 3a) Where are they from? 36) What ae their first names? b) 2 Carl Roberts. 3 Hay. 4 Vill 5 France. 6 Christophe and Veronique. 5 Zour 3his 4 they 5 Her 6 their 7 We your 9its 18 In the coffee break 1b) thirteen) iwenty 6) eight «) twelve #) four g) nineteen h) eleven 1 zero fiteen 2 2police officer 3 doctor ‘4 unemployed 5 builder 6 musician 7 waitress 8 teacher 9 cleaner actor 4 accountant 3 2an3a4an 5a6a Tan 8a 9an 108 4 2Wearen't from Argentina. We're not from Argentina. 3 You arent late. You're not ate. 4 'm not retired. 5 They aren't Turkish. They're not Turkish. 6 She isnt a waitress. She's not a waitress. 7 Pablo isn't an accountant, Pablo not an accountant 5a) 2 Is Penelope Cruz an actress? 3 Are Tom Cruise and John Travolta iuisicians? 4 1s Elton John from England? 5 Are Tom Cruise and John Travolta from the USA? 6 ls Penelope Cruz from Italy? 1) 2Yes, she is. 3.No, they arenl/No, they're not. 4 Yes, he is. $ Yes, they are, 6 No, she isn't/No, she's not. 6 2not 3 from 4job 5a 6an 7am 8me 9No 10from 11do 1a 13an 4C Personal details a) 6) thirty-three @) forty-four 4) fifty- five e) sixty-six f) seventy-seven a) eighty-eight 4) ninety-nine ‘a hundred 1b) 2 thiny-one 3 forty-two 4 sixty-nine S twenty-eight 6 forty-four 7 fifty. three 8 a hundred 2a) b) What’ yout first name? ¢) How old are you? d) Are you married? «) What’ your mobile number? ‘what’ your email address? 2) What’ your nationality?) whats your address in London? i) what's your postcode? j) What your home phone number? b) A3 Bi C2 4D Lost property 1 2wallet 3 suitcase 4 camera S umbrella 6 bike 7 CD player @shoe 91D card 10 dress 11 watch address 2 2watches 3 men 4 dresses 5 people 6 diaries 7 hotels 8 women 9 email addresses 10 children 3 2that 3 that 4 this 5 that 6 these T those 8 that 4 38 44 5X Turkey 6X High Street 7487 9x12 2A What's important to you? 1 2old 3 good 4 beautiful 5 easy 6 right 7 slow 8 small 9 short 10 old 2 31ve gota mew mobile phone. 47 5 These are expensive shoes. 6 Mark’s got a very old car. 77 8 This is avery good book 3 2computer 3 laptop 4 personal stereo 5 radio 6 mobile phone DVD player 8 digital camera 9 video recorder 4 hasnt got 3 got 4 got 5 hasnt got 6'5 got 7 have got 8 ve got 9 haven't gor 5a) 2 Has Robert got a computer? 3 Have Karen and Tony got a digital camera? 4 Has Fiona got a mobile phone? 5 Has Robert got a DVD player? 1b) 2No, he hasnt. 3 No, they havent. 4 Yes, she has. 5 Yes, he has. 2B Meet the Ro! 11 Arthur 2 Shirley 4 Brenda 5 Nate 6 George 7 Tracy 8 David sons 2 2grandmother 3 uncle 4 aunt 5 grandchildren 6 granddaughter 7 grandsons 8 cousins 9 grandparents 3. 2Brendas 3 Shirley’ 4 George’ 5 TerryS 6 Davids 7 Brenda’ 6 NateS 4a) 2 Terrys unemployed at the moment, 3 Megan is Terry’ wife. 4 Shea doctor. 5 Nate is Brenda’ husband 6 He got a computer company: D) 2is 3 possessive 4is 5 possessive 6 has 5a) 2 How many brothers and sisters has Terry got? 3 Who is Tracy and Davids grandfather? 4 How many children has Brenda got? 5 Who are Terry and Brenda’ parents? 6 How ‘many grandchildren have Arthur and Shirley got? 7 Who is David and ‘Tracy’s uncle? @ How many children have Terry and Megan got? b) Zone 3 Arthur 4nwo 5 Arthur and Shirley 6 three 7 Teny 8 one Answer Key 2C Time and money 1 1One year = 12 months = 52 weeks = 365 days. 2 One day = 24 hours = 1,440 minutes = 86,400 seconds 2 2 quaner past three; three fifteen 3 half past seven; seven thirty 4 quarter to four, three forty-five 5 ten to nine; eight fifty 6 twelve o'clock; midnight 3 3time 4at 5 What 6 from 7 10 ‘8 Excuse gts 10 welcome 4 2 How much are the tickets for tomorrow’ concer? 3 OK, Two tickets, please, 4 Here you are 5 Thank you. What time is the ‘concert? 6 Right. Thanks alot 2D Where’s the baby? 1 2awindow 3. plant 4a desk Sachair 6asofa 7a table 8 carpet a coffee table 10 the floor 2 2 They're behind the sofa. 3 8 under the coffee table. 4 They're on the coffee table. 5 103 in front of the ‘TV. 6 They're in the suitcase 3b) 80% ¢ 28% 4) 92% e) 400,000 78% 4 2beautiful 3 difficult 4 shop assistant 5 manager 6 waitress Tamera 8 wallet 9 umbrella to address 3A A glamorous life? 1 2iive 3tobed 4lunch 5 home 6 bed 2 al have breakfast at half past eight! cight thirty. 3 Heave home at quarter past ninenine fifteen. 4 I star classes atten o'clock. $ Ihave lunch at half past twelve/twelve chinty in the luniversity café. 61 finish classes atalf past fvefve thirty. 71 get home at quarter past siv/ix fifteen. 8 have dinner at haf past sever seven thirty. 91 go to sleep at 12 clocl/midnight 3. 2im 3for 4at Sin Gat 7for Bin 910; at 10 from 4 2they 3him 4 our § their 6 your This 6 them 5a) 2 get up Shave breakfast 4 have lunch 5 start work 6 finish work 7 have dinner 8 get home 9 go to bed 10 sleep 1b) 2 What time do they get up? 3 Where do they have lunch? 4 What time/When do they leave home? 5 Where do they hav’ dinner? 6 What time/When do they et home? 7 What do they do afier they get home? 8 What time/When do they go to bed? 3B Evenings and weekends Ja) 2 out 3 with 4 the 5 watch 610 Tout 8 stay 9 g0 10 sport 11 friends ‘evisit ) 8) phone friends «) have coffee with friends 4) watch TV @) go to concerts} go shopping 2 Zevery 3a 4in Sin Gevery 7on Bat 91 100n 11 in 12 Every 13.1 teat 3 3 They dont get home at six in the evening. 4 They dont go out alot in the week. § They dontt go to the cinema on Tuesdays 67 77 4 2Doyour paremis work? No, they dont. 3 Do I write the answers? No, you dont. 4 Do you go shopping on Saturdays? Yes, we do/ Yes, Ido. 5 Do we finish work at five o'clock? No, you dont/No, we dont. 6 Do they go to the cinema alot? Yes, they do 5a) 2g) 32) 4d) 5h) 6) 7a) 8b) b) 2 No, she isnt No, shes not 3No, he hasnt. 4 No, I don't 5 No, they arent./No, they're not 6 No, you dont. 7.No, Ym not 8 No, they dont. 3C Special days 1 6)8 August 11 November 4)4 April ¢) 9 September f) 5 May 2) 2 February 4) 10 October 4) 6 June )3 March &) 12 December 1) 7 July 2a) 2 January 2007 3 14" May 1971 420" july 1992 5 2 February 2005 6 25!" December 1960 +b) 2 Whats the date tomorrow? Students’ answers 3 When’ your birthday? Students’ answers 4 When’ your mother’ birthday? Students’ answers 31 Happy birthday! 2 Happy New Year! 3 Happy anniversary! 4 Congratulations! 4 Zon the twenty-fifth 3 What shall we 4 Lets give her 5 'm not sure ‘6 what about 7 thar’ a good idea 8 Lets buy 3D Early bird or night owl? 1 2usually 3 never 4 often 5 always 6 never 7 hardly ever 2 2.Were usually at home on Sunday evenings. 3 They often go to bed after midnight. 4 I'm always tired on Monday mornings. 5 { sometimes do sport on Saturdays. 6 1 don't wsually have a party on my birthday. 7 My children hardly ever get up early at the weekend 3. 2 Two-a brother and a sister. 3 In Galifornia, 4 Yes, she is. 5 Five. 6 The fourth Thursday in November. 4 2Ray's mother 3 Peter 4 Peter and Jeanette 5 Peter and Jeanette 6 Ray and his parents 7 Thanksgiving ' Ray and all his family 4A Away from home 12 go 3listen 4 watch § listen 6 watch 7 go 8 g0 9 g0 Tread Make 2a) 3¥ 4 watches 5 7 6 goes 7 teaches BV 9has 10 studies 1) 20 Blives 4 eat Sgets 6 goes 3a) 2 works 3 speaks 4 goes 5 Paola lives in Lima, Peru, 6 She teaches Spanish, 7 She speaks very good English. 8 In her free time she goes to the cinema, ) 2 Jacopo doesn’ live in Warsaw. 3 Jacopo doesn’ study music. 4 Paola and Jacopo dont live in Poland. 5 Jacopo and Paola don't speak Russian, 6 Paola doesnt teach English 4 2 doesnt have 3 starts 4finishes 5 go 6 get up 7 have 8 get 9docsn have 10has 11 gets 12 watches 13 docs 14 like 15 dont like 16 see 4B First Date! 1. 2 fastfood 3 computer games 4 rock music $ cooking 6 shopping for clothes 7 travelling 8 Chinese food 2a) 2 really 3 like 4 quite 5 OK 6 dont Thate by 2 doesnt like 3 quite likes 4 is OK likes 6 loves 7 hates 32 Does she teach history? Yes, she does. 3 Does she listen to dance inusic? Yes, she does. 4 Does she like watching TV? No, she doesn. '5 Does Hugh live in Cambridge? Yes, he does. 6 Does he work in a school? No, he doesn't. 7 Does he like ‘computer games? No, he doesnt. 8 Does he read a lot of books? Yes, he does. 4a) 2 What does she do in her free time? 3 What music does she like? 4 When does she go to the cinema? 5 What food does she like? 6 When does she go swimming? B) 3 jl at a6 92 3 2Where does he live? 3 What music does he like? 4 What food does he like? 5 When does he play tennis? {6 What does he do in his free time? 4C Eating out 1 2a burger and chips 3 a pizza 4a chicken salad 5 a bottle of beer 6.a glass of red wine 7 a bontle of mineral water 8 a cup of coffee 2a) 2ike 3 ese 4 Can 5 Would 61d Thave 8 you b2c 3W4C SW6C 7COW 3a) 2 Can I have a cheeseburger and. chips? 3 And I'd like a una sandwich, please. 4 What would you like to drink? 5 Wei like a boule of red wine. 6 Can [have a bottle of mineral water? 7 Would you like still or sparkling? 8 Would you like anything else? 9 Yes, weld lke two coffes, please. 10 And ean we have the bill? b) They order a cheeseburger and chips, tuna sandwich, a bottle of red wine, bottle of still mineral water and two coffees 4D Breakfast time 12 sausages 3 orange juice 4 bread 5 red wine 6 biscuits 7 cereal 8 fish 9 vegetables 10 eggs + sandwiches 2a) 2-5 aman 4a 5-;— 6a 7-:- b)3¥ 41 love jam on toast for breakfast. $i like a bottle of water, please. 6/7 8 Would you like rice with your meal? 3. 21 aP aF st oF 5A My kind of place 1a park 9; a station 1; houses 3; flats 2; ‘road 13; a market 12; a square 5; café 6, a hotel 10; shops 7; a bus station 4; a bed and breakfast 8 2 2there’s 3 There are 4 There are S there’ 6 there isnt 7 There are Sthere aren't 9 There's 10 there are 17 there arentt 12 There's 13 there isnt 3. 2 Are there any museums? No, there arenit. 3Is there a park? Yes, there is. 4+Are there any fats? Yes, there are. 5 Is there a beach? No, there isn. 6 Are there any restaurants? Yes, there ate, 7s there an airport? No, there isnt. 8 Are there any old houses? Yes, there are. 4 2 itisnt 3 there ate 4 There are 5 there's 6 there are 7 They aren't 81s 9 There are 10its 11 There are ta they're 5 2 There isnt a market on Wednesdays. 3 Itisnt an old town ts not an old town, 4 Nathan hasnt gota cat 5 His sister doesnt work in Tayford, 6 Lhavent got big lat. 7 Our parents dont live in London. 8 They arent very old /They/re not very ol. 5B Renting a flat 1 2sola 3desk 4 chair § fridge 6 plant 7 single bed 8 armchair Stable 10 cooker 11 bath 12 toilet 13sink 14 double bed + washing machine 2 2How much; 80 3 How many; 6 4 How much; $60-$80 5 How much; 30 6 How many: 190 7 How many; 60 8 How much; 10 3 2some 3a 4an 5a 6a 7a Bany 8 some 10 any 11 some 4 21d like some information, please. 3 Are there any nice cafés near your house? 4 1 haven't got any monk 5 There’ a double bed in the bedroom. 6 Is there any furniture in your flac? 7 Has your house got garden? 8 {haven't got any brothers or sisters, 9 There isnt a shower in the bathroom. 10 There's some milk. in the fridge. Answer Key 5a) 2 Have you got any brothers or sisters? 3 How many people are therein your family? 4 How much do you spend on food every week? 5 Is there an aleport near your house? 6 How many bedrooms are there in your house? 7 Are there any nice cafés in your stcet? 1) Students’ answers SC At the shops 12) 31) 4) 5k) 6b) 76) 82) 9g) 10h) 111) 2 2stamp 3 envelope 4 postcard 5 magazine 6 newspaper 7 tissues 8 lighter 9 battery 3a) 2 have you got any 31 have 4 Tve got 5 How much 6 Can | have a b) a2 b)5 «3 4)4 €)6 HI © The postcards are 50p each. SD In fashion 1 Zboots 3 shoes 4 hat 5 top 6 sacks Trainers 8> trousers 84 tie 9 skirt to jeans 115 jacket 114 jumper 12eap 13.dress 14 suit 15 Tshirt 16 shire 17 shorts 2 41 need some new shorts/1 need a now pair of shorts 4 Thats a nice pair of jeans, 5 These clothes are very expensive, 6 There’/There is a pair of shoes under the bed. 7 1 havent got any/a pair of green trousers 3. 2F aT 4T SE GF TT eF 6A Three generations La) 2 quiet; noisy 3 crowded; empty 4.poor; rich 5 hot; cold 6 boring: interesting 7 friendly, unfriendly Ball; short 9 stupid; intelligent 10 well; ill 11 happy; unhappy by 2well 3 hot 4 tall Sill 6shor 7 crowded 8 dirty 2 2was awere 4 were Swas 6 werent Twas B wasn't 9 were 10 was 11 was 3a) 2 Were Helen and Amanda in the same class? 3 Was Helen in Australia in 1986? 4 Were there any English people at the beach party? § Was Greg, very friendly a first? 6 Was Rebecca born in Sydney? 7 Were Helen and Greg married in 19872 Answer Key b) 2 Yes, they were. 3 Yes, she was. 4No, there weren't, 5 No, he wasn. 6 No, she wasn't. 7 No, they werent. 4 2When was 3 Who was 4How many ... were 5 What was 6 How old was 7 Who was 6B People who changed the world a) 2c) 34) 42) 5g) 6h) 79) ae) b) 2get 3have 4met $ became 6 study 7 started 8 write 2 2started 3 stopped 4stayed S loved 6 studied 7 looked 8 married 9 worked 10 lived 11 wanted 12 hated 3 2studied 3 worked 4 left 5 returned S became 7 became 8 died 9 was tomarried 11 had 12 started 13 had 14 went 15 won 16 died 4 2 What did he study? 3 Where did hhe work as a lawyer? 4 When di hie Teave South Alrica? 5 How many years did he spend in prison? 6 Where was Emmeline born? 7 Who did she marry? @ How many children did they have? 9 When did she start The Women’ Party? 10 When did she die? 5a) 2 did; were 3 Were 4 did 5 was 6 did 7 did was 8 Was b) Students’ answers 6C Four weekends? 1 2dleaned 3 did 4 cleaned 5 did Gas 7 got @went 9had 10 slept Tiwas 12had 13 stayed 14 watched 15 wrote 16 worked 17 wrote rewwent 2a) 2 Wow! 3 Oh, nice, 4 Ob, dear 5 What a shame, 6 Oh, right 1b) 2 What did you do there? d) 3 Where did you stay? e) 4 What was it like? b) 5 Who did you go with? ©) 6 What did you do on Saturday evening? 7 What did you see? g) 6D The good and the bad Ja) 1 very 2 very; 100 3 really 4 100 b) A3 84 €2 o 2a) 310 4 was 5 very/really 6 walked Twent 8 very/really 9 had 10 was Win 1were 13 him arrived wat ) 3 on Saturday afternoon 4 on Saturday afternoon 5 on Sunday ‘morning 6 on Saturday evening 7 at about midnight on Sunday Blast June 7A Licence to kill 1a) 2 horror films 3 thrillers 4 historical dramas 5 action films 6 comedies love stories 8 science-fiction films 2 2left 3had 4 was made 6 became Twas @ made 9 won 10 married 11 got 12 got 13 played 3 He didnt make his first film in 1945. 47 5 He wasn'ta spy in the film The Untouchables. 6 He didn't ‘get married four times. 7 His son, Jason, didn't write the James Bond books, 4 2.Was; No, it wasn't, 3 Was; Yes, he was. 4 Did Yes, he did. $ Did; No, he didn'. 6 Were; Yes, they were. 7 Did; Yes, he did. 8 Did; No, he didn, 9 Was; No, he wasn't 5 2Where were you born? 3 What time did you start work yesterday? 4 They stopped work atten last night, 5 Where were John and. Barbara last night? 6 We didn't go out last night. 7 Jan and Scott weren't at home yesterday. 8 Who did you sce at the party? 9 1 wasn't born at home: 7B My music 12 jazz 3 dance music 4 reggae S rock music 6 pop music 7 opera 8 classical music 9 rock'n'roll 2a) b) laste in ¢) in; last e) ago in 8) ag0 b) a7 896 d}4 €)3 2 a5 3. ze) 3h) 4b) 5)) 6 71) 8d) 2) 10g) 4a) 2 Where do her parents come from? 3 What was the name of her first film? 4 How many brothers and sisters has Shalkira got? 5 When did she write her frst song? 6 How many languages does she speak? 7 Where was Christina Aguilera born? 8 When did she make her first TV appearance? 9 When did she make her first record? b) 2 Puerto Rico. 3 My Family. 4 Eight '5 When she was eight. 6 Five, 7 In New York, 8 In 1990, 9 In 1998, 5 2When did 3 Which was 4 How many... did 5 When was 6 Who did 7C What's in the news? 1 2took 3ssaid 4 fell 5 broke 6 lost T chose 8 won 9 put 10 told 2a) Az BS C1 b) 2 In his wallet. 37.38a.m. 4 About a thousand, 5 Twentyfourseven, 6 Two hundred. 3 2No, where was it? 3. Oh no, thats terrible, 4 Really? 5 1s she OK? 6 Oh, that’ good. 7 Did you read about 8 No, what happened? 9 You're joking! 7D Do you know any jokes? 1 2a 3a 4a Sthe 6the 7the 8 The 9 the 10the 11 the 12 the 13 The ua 2a) 2the 3a 4the San 6a 7an 8 the; the; the 9 the 10a 1) 1-3 yes answers You probably don't hhave much time to study. Try to do cone different thing from the list every week to help you study English outside class. 4-7 yes answers You like learning English and you know that studying outside class is good for your English. Maybe you can choose one thing from the list to do this weekend 8-10 yes answers You love learning English and probably do lots of things in English outside class. Congratulations! 3. 2at 3for 4from Son 6 for 7at 8 with 9in 1010 Tin 120n 1310 Y4on 15in 4 Ziisten 3 answer 4 wrong 5 Wednesday 6 mountain 7 posteard B sandwich 9 vegetables 10 bread 1 fruit 12 breakfast 13 daughter 14cousin 15 suitcase 16 interesting 8A Holiday USA 1a) 2d) 3a) 4c) 50) 66g) 79)/0) 8h) 9) 10)) 11k) 12) 1b) 3 went on 4 went 5 went to 6 rented 7 stayed in 8 went for 9 rented sowent 11 had 12 g0 2 zean 3.can¥ 4cant Scan 6 Can 7ean 8 can 8 cant 10.can’t 3. 1)No, they cant, 2 No, he cant. 3No, she can't. 4 Yes, they cat 5a) Yes, he can, 56) No, he can 62) Yes, you can. 65) No, you can’, 7 No, you canit. 8 No, you cant. 8B A trip to Thailand 1a) 3¥ 4dinty SV 6¥ 7 dangerous 8 ¥ 9modern 10 friendly 11 interesting 12 unfriendly 1BY va crowded 1b) 2 dangerous 3 unfriendly 4 boring S empty 6 dirty 7 noisy 2 2Monica looks younger than Luke. 3 Luke is hotter than Monica. 4 Luke’ suitcase is bigger than Monica. 5 Monica looks happier than Luke, 6 Luke had a worse time than Monica, 7 Monica had a better time than Luke. 3. 2 The Ritz is bigger than Raffles. 3 Raffles is smaller. 4 Rooms at Raffles are cheaper than room ‘The Ritz. 5 The Ritz is more expensive. 6 Raffles is nearer to the airport. 7 Its easier to decide where to cat at The Ritz, 8 1c more difficult to decide where to eat at Ralfles. 9 You can have dinner earlier at The Ritz. 10 | think The Ritz/ Ralfles looks more beautiful than The Ritz/Rafles. at &C Planning a day out Ja) 1C 2A 3B b) 2 Bournemouth 3 Stratford and Bath 4 Bournemouth and Stratford 5 Bournemouth 6 Stratford and Bath 7 Stratford 2a) Bath. b) 2 to go 3.g0 4sce 5 go 60 go sit 8 g0 910 go 10Vvisit 11do 12 stay 13 to drive 14 take 15 go 8D Come to the wedding 1 1tomy place 2 witha friend 3.2 car 4a table at a restaurant 2 wateh: TV; sport on TV Ihave: a wonderful time; lunch; a picnic; a bad cold ‘study: English; aw; languages do: the washing; the shopping; sport Tisten: to the radio, to music 3a) All the sentences are true ) 2 Las Vegas. 3 Francots Fernandez, 4.68 people (34 couples). 5 Carol Robe. 9A The meeting La) 2 work 3 take 4sign 5 g0t0 G answer b) ) in an office ¢) a message 4) leuer e)a conference fan email lower 2a) 2'm sitting 37% not working 4 visiting 5 arent doing/te not dloing 6 isnt writing/s not writing 7'Slooking 8 aren answering/re not answering 9 re reading 10'S playing 11S talking 12 'm writing 13 arent working/te not working ) a) Sue 8) Nick 4) Rachel «) Elin 3a) 2 Are Lynne and Rachel answering their phones? 3 Is Sue writing a report” 41s Elin talking to her boyfriend? 5 Is Nick playing a computer game? 6 Are Lynne and Rachel reading magazines? 7 Are you watching TV now? 6 Are you doing your homework? b) 2 No, they aren't/No, they're not 3 No, she isnt/No, she’ not. 4 Yes, she is. 5 Yes, eis. 6 Yes, they are 7'No, Tim not. 8 Yes, Lam. 9B Strike! 2 boat 3 rain 4 scooter 5 car Gbus 7taxi @bike 9 plane + motorbike 2. 2My parents sailed to France. 3 1 walked here, 4 Do you usually take the tube? § We didnt drive 10 Rome, 6 They flew to New York. 3° 3don' like 4’m making 5m driving 6 take 7 isn't moving don’t have 9.are coming 10 decide treycle 12 use 13 re selling 14m having 18 are driving 16 dont give 17'm giving 18 love Answer Key 4a) 21s... making 3s... doing 4 does get Sdoes.... use 6 Is... selling 7 Is having @ does... give 9 Does like b) 2 Yes, he is, 3 He’ driving wo businessmen into town, 4 He cycles He goes by bike. 5 At the weekends. 6 Yes, he is. 7 Yes, she is 8 More than forty. 9 Yes, she docs. 52 Harry doesn’t like playing tennis, 3 I'm having lunch at the moment. 4 Where does your sister live? 5 She lives in Rio de Janeiro. 6 What time does Jennifer usually get up? 7 What are you doing at the moment? 8 We're watching. afilm on TV. 9C On the phone Ja) a3 81 Message 2 doesn’t match a picture. 1b) 11No, they aren’. 2 You press 1 4You press 2. 5 Matt Lenk. 2 2Speaking 3 'm calling 41m in ‘a meeting 5 Can [call you back 6 call me on my mobile 7 I'll call you later 8 can I speak to 9 Hold on ‘a moment 10 It Matt 11 got your ‘message 12 Can you 13 What time shall we meet 14 see you then 9D The Adventure Centre 1 2She can ski. 3 She can type/She cean use a computer. 4 She can ride ahorse. 5 She can cook. 7 She canit play chess. 8 She cant sing. 9 She ‘ean\ ride a motorbike. 10 She can't play a musical instrument 2 zhappily 3 uently 4 casily $ hard 6 fast 7 beautifully 8 badly 9 well 10 carefully 3.3 Brendan is a slow driver. 4 My sister plays the violin beautifully. 5 V6 My mother always walks very quickly. 77 4a) 2F 3F AT SP 6F b) 2well 3 fluently 4slowly 5 fast 6 excellent 7 beautifully 8 happy 140A A healthy heart 1 2stopped 3 gets 4drink 5 lose 6 do 7 get B eat 9 goes Answer Key 2a) 2 How often does Joyce play tennis? 3 How often does Eric go to the doctors for a check-up? 4 How often does the family go to Grandma’ for lunch? 5 How often does fan go to the gym? 6 How often do Joyce and Eric study Spanish? b) 2 Twice a week. 3 Once a year/ Every twelve months. 4 Once a ‘week /Every Sunday. 5 Three times a week. 6 Once or twice a week 3. 1Use 2 Do not walk 3 Open 4 dont touch § break 42) 2 should study 3 should do 4 should arrive 5 shouldnt arrive/be 6 should ask 7 shouldnt talk 8 shouldnt sleep b) Students’ answers 40B What's he like? 1 Across 3 good-looking 5 slim ablonde 12 bald 13 overweight 1S shy 16 grey 18 middle-aged Down 1 long 2 funny 4 kind 6 lszy T moustache 8 beard 9 outgoing To short 11 selfish 14 generous young 2a) 2 What does he look like? 3 What does he like doing? 4 Whats he like? 5 How are you? 1b) a)5 b)4 c)2 4)3 ell 3a) 2was 3% got 45 55 6 was 7’ got 8% 9% 10 was 11 was twas 13 was 14% got 15 b) 2Gisele 3 Elsa 4 Karolina 5 Karolina 6 Elsa 10€ | feel terrible! 1 temperature 2 headache; sore throat 3 cough; back 4 stomach ache; sick 5 hurts; toothache 6 terrible; cold 2 20 to the dentist 3 go to the doctor 4 g0 home (-) 5 stay in bed 6 stay at hhome 7 take some antibiotics 8 take the day off 9 take some cough ‘medicine 10 take some painkillers 3a) a)7 95 4)3 e}8 46 mys ) No, he isn. ©)2 hope you get better soon. e) 3 You should go to the doctor. d) 4 Tve got a temperature. c) 5 Whats the matier? b) 10D Are you SAD in winter? 2 15 windy in Chicago. 3105 raining in Manchester. 4 tS snowing in Moscow. 5 Its warm/20°C in Tokyo 6 ts dry in Bangkok. 7 1s hov38"C Jn Sto Paolo. 8 15 cloudy in Melbourne 2a) 2 rain 3 sunny 4 cloud 5 rain snows 7 windy 8 wind 9 snow osun b) 20 ar at sr ot © Autumn 3. 2We don't lke living here because its to0 cold. 3 You shouldn't phone when the baby sleeping. 4 We did’ see it because we weren't there. 5 They've got three TVs, but two don't work. 6 Matts sure he ‘wasnt at the meeting. 7 1d like to ‘move to Spain, but my wife doesa't want to. 1A New Year’s resolutions 1 Zhouse 3 fun 4fit § smoking anew job 7 weight 2 isn’ going to clean/s not going to clean 35 going to do 4 isn't going to meet/s not going to meet 5S going to clean 6 isn't going to do/ not ‘going to do 7 arent going to meet 2 re going to clean 9 arent going to do 1 are going (to go) 32 He’ going to clean the car. 3 She’ going to havea baby. 4 They're going to play tennis. § HeS going to get a taxi, 6 Its going to rain, 4 2What are you going to do there? 3 Where are you going to study? 4 Whats your son going to do in the summer? § Where's he going to stay? 6 What are you going to see? 7 What are you going to da after the film? ‘8 Where are you going to be? 11B No more exams! 1 2 get 3take 4 passed 5m revising 6 failed 7 revised 8 got 9 got 10 left 1140 2 3might 4'm... going to 5m going to Gare... going to 7 might 8 are going to 9 might 10 might 3a) 2 Is he going to meet some friends in a bar? 3 ls he going to meet Carla this evening? 4 Is Carla going to a concert this weekend? § Are Austin and his brother going to drive to Wales this weekend? 6 Are they going to stay in a hotel? b) 3.No, he fsmt/No, he not. 4 She might. 5 Yes, they are. 6 They might. 4 2 We might come and visit you this evening,’ 3 Were going to have dinner on Sunday. 4 Amanda's going to move to Australia next year. 5 Tim right go to the theatre this evening. 6 Sid and Clare are going to study in the USA. 7 My brother might study engineering 41C Finding your way Ja) 20n 3Go 4 past Son 6 Do 7 tun Bover 9on 101s near 12in Taalong t4on 15 cant ) 1 The hospital is number 3. 2 The Cordelia Hotel is number 6 3 The café is number 5 2 2tumm right 3 go past 4 opposite 5 Go over 6 next to 7 turn left 8 go over 9 past 10 Turn lef 11on yourthe 12 opposite 11D The grass is always greener 1 2revising 3 to buy 410 go S watching 6 10 go 7 staying 8 to visit 2a) 27 31 4F ST OF b) 2 live 3 living 4 0 learn 5 studying 6 to become 7 10 learn Slliving 9t0 go 10 writing 1110 write 12 having 13 0 live 14 to stay 412A World records La) 6}8 6)8 46 €)5-2 9 7 HL b) ¥) 15,940 ¢ 7,400,000 4) 3.14 «) 750,000 f) 600,000,000 g) 0.75 1) 86912 2 Znicest 3 slimmest 4 most expensive 5 best 6 most boring 7 worst 8 fanhesvlarthest 9 direst 10 weitest oldest 12 most interesting 3 2shortest 3 The longest 4 highest 5 the most dangerous 6 most common 7 furthesufarthest 8 the nearest 9 most expensive 10 the cheapest 11 the biggest 4 2older 3 richer 4 most imelligent 5 most interesting 6 allest 7 shorter Byounger 9 better 10 best 11 worst 12 more often 13 nearest 14 most important 12B Have you ever Ja) ¢) work ) meet «) study ) have a) stay h) write 1) help j) see ) 2 work; worked; worked 3 study; studied; studied 4 stay; stayed; stayed 5 help; helped; helped 6 go; ‘went; been/gone 7 meet; met; met Bhave; had; had 9 write; wrote; written. 10 see; saw: seen 2a) Z have lived 3 ve seen 4 written 5 ve stayed 6 have studied Ts worked b) 2 My parents havent lived in Russia 13 You haven’ seen this film before. 4 My uncle hasn't written a book. 5 We havent stayed in the Ritz Hote 6 Lee and Wendy haven't studied Portuguese. 7 My sister hasnit ‘worked for a Polish company 3a) 2 Has your sister ever studied Italian? 3 Have they ever seen a James Bond film? 4 Has your son ever played basketball? § Have you ever met someone from South Africa? 6 Has it ever snowed on your birthday? Have you ever been to Scotland? ‘8 Has your mother ever danced the tango? b) 2 No, she hasnt. 3 Yes, they have. 4Yes, he has. 5 No, Ihaventt. 6 No, ithasnt. 7 Yes, Uhave. 8 Yes, she has 4 2was 3worked 44did... work 5 Have ... been 6 travelled 7 Did enjoy 8 had 9 have .. visited 10 ve been 120 Have a good trip! 12 passport; ticket 3 check-in desk 4 window; middle; aisle 5 sharp; hand luggage 6 boarding card 7 flight number; gate 8 passengers 2 2 How many bags have you got? 3 Did you pack your bags yourself? 4 Have you got any sharp items in your hand luggage? 5 Would you like a window seat or an aisle seat? 6 Fd like an aisle seat, please. 7 Here’ your boarding card ‘8 Which gate is i? Reading and Writing Portfolio 1 12 first name 3 surname 4 house number 5 street name 6 town/city T postcode 8 country 1 Mr E Stevens 71 Portland St Manchester M23 7RX UK 2 Ms Jane Fox 56 Gilmour Rd Cambridge CBI SNS UK 4 Hello, my names Michelle Parker. Te British and I'm from Liverpool, in England, t'm a doctor and I'm married. My address is 23 York Rd, Liverpool, 132 3FG. My home phone number is O151 525 567. tm in London for a conference this week 5 2Michelle 3 Parker 4 British 5 23 York Rd, Liverpool 6 L32 3FG 70151 525 5677 Reading and Writing Portfolio 2 Ja) 1B 2C 3A B) 2 Yes, ithas. 3 Black and white. 4 Two, 5No, itisn'. 6 Yes, it has. 3 2My brother has got a new car. I think itS a Ford. 3 I've got a Sony ‘TV and DVD player. 4 Juan’s from Spain and his wile’ from the USA. 5 My address is 13 Richmond Road, Melbourne, Australia, 6 I haven't got a German car. My cars Japanese. 5 2 Have you got Susan’ personal stereo? 3 Rob hasn't got any brothers or sisters. 4 Sarah's got a CD player and 100,000 CDs! 5 Ive got Jenny’s car but I haven't got the keys. 6 My sister's got a camera, a mobile phone, a DVD player and anew BMW. 7 My brothers friends arent very nice. 6 think its beautiful 1 very fast and it also very easy to use. ts {got a DVD player, email, music, Jots of games and the Internet. My computer’ very important to me and [ove it. Answer Key Reading and Writing Portfolio 3 13 law student 4 23 years old '5 Wednesdays and Fridays 6 single 8 read alot, visit friends, go to the 3. 21 don't have breakfast, but { have abig lunch. 31 get up early in the week because I start work at 6.30 a.m, 4 We don’ go to the cinema, but we watch a lot of TV. 5 L want to learn English because 1 need it for my job. 6 They finish work at 5 p.m. and they get home at 6 pam. 7 We don't go outa lot because we have three children. 8 | dont live with my parents, but | phone them every day. 4a) 10 Curitiba, Brazil 11 history and rusic teacher 12 31 years old 13 Saturday mornings 14 marvied 15 Julia (wife), Luciana and Adriano (Children) 16 watch TY, visit friends, 0 10 concerts b) 2and 3.and 4 but Sand 6and Tecause 8 and 9 but Reading and Writing Portfolio 4 La) 2 Italian 3 jazz 4630-11 pm. every day § English 6 no music 76 pam~2 a.m. seven days a week 8 American 9 rock 1b) 20117 322 1008 3 No, it isnt 4 Yes, it does. 534 6 10 pam. 7.2 Elm Si, Bristol BS22 2RG 2 Teresa: B Robbie: C Sarah: A 3 2D 3h ac 4a) 2 Shall 3 ideas 41 Sabout sounds 7 Where 8 Lets 9 there 5 3Have you got 4 what about 5 sounds good. 6 Where shall 7 Lets meet 8 See you Reading and writing Portfolio 5 1 2three 3A. 4D 5€1,000 per month 6AandD 7A Band C 2 1D 2A 3c 3 2 BUS 6YP 3 Five. 4 Yes, it does 5 Its a café. 6 No, there isnt. 7 Yes, there is. 8 At the station. 4a) 2E 34 4B 5D Answer Key BOB a2 oF Reading and Writing Portfolio 6 1 2E 3A 4B SC 2 aV 4 5X The restaurant was quite crowded. 6 7 X Nicole was really friendly. 8 X When Keiko got hhome she emailed er friends, 3 a} bd g)3 e)5 4a) 1 Alver we attived in London we went to an Italian café. 2 When the play finished we went for a meal. 3 We talked for ten minutes and then my friends took some photos. b) at different times 5 2 Martin had dinner and then he watched TV, 3 When I got home Uphoned my brother. 4 After 1 finished the report I went to bed 5 Gwyneth did her homework and then she went out, 6 After Rowan finished university he went to the USA. 7 When I left university 1 travelled for six months. Reading and Writing Portfolio 7 Ja) 1 The Dance Factory 2£25 3 film 4 When I Was Young $a concert 6 Brixton Apollo 7 £27.50 8 Just Another Weekend 9 Royal Court Theatre, Haymarket 1b) 2 By credit card on the phone or from their website, 3 Jaz2-rock 4 Nine hours/9 p.m.-6 a.m, § Daniel Palmer, Miranda Ross and Gregory Coleman, 6 A comedy. 2 AS CT 03 e2 F6 Gt Christina and Roland want to go to the cinema, 4a) No, they didn, because they went 10 different cinemas, b) 1 Hi Christina, Where are you? 20m the bus. Call you when I get there? 3 OK, Want me to get tickets? 4Yes. Thanks. Bye. 5 Hi Roland. I'm here. Got the tickets? 6 Yes. Where are you? Starts in 5 mins! 7 At Filmworld in Camden, Where are you? Reading and Writing Portfolio 8 1b) the Black Mountains 3. Snowdon 2 Llandudno 1 Tenby 4 2. a BP at SF oT 7F st 1D 2A 3C 4E 5B 4 2 Aspen is a popular place to ski in the Rocky Mountains in the USA. '3 Mount Kilimanjaro is in the north of Tanzania in Africa. 4 Bournemouth is a seaside town on the south coast of England. 5 Lake Balaton is about 100 km from Budapest, the capital city of Hungary: 6 Mar del Plata is a seaside town on the east coast of Argentina in South America, 7 Manaus is a city on the River Amazon in the north of Brazil, Reading and Writing Portfolio 9 1 2Yes, you do, 3 Four months. 4A department store. § No, you dont, 6 Thompson and Noble, 7 No, they dont. 8 37. 9 2 Wayne Moody ¢ Beth Chambers 8 Fergus Jackson & 3. aT BF ar st ot 7F 4a) 2E 3D 4B 5C Reading and Writing Portfolio 10 1 2athome 3 can't 4 doing 5 Samantha’ 6 a woman he works with 7 together 8 didn’ tell 9 daughter 10 has 11 doesnt like wRalways 2a) 2 you 3 it Awe Sthey 6me Ther Bthem 9 my 10 our b) Subject pronouns come before verbs. Object pronouns come afier verbs. Possessive adjectives come before 3. 2 Olivia 3 Samantha 4 Jodie 5 Adam 6 Adam and Jodie 7 Adam 8 Samantha 9 Adam and Jodie 10 Angela 4 2it 3their 4she Shim 6her 7 they Bthem 9he Wher 1his 12 her wher 3 2their 3you 4 your Shim 6 you The @his 9 Your 10her 17 their awhis 13 your 14he 15 his Reading and Writing Portfolio 11 1a) 2F 3D 4C 5B 6A ) 2 Brighton Pier. 3 No, you dont. 4 Yes, you can, 5 £15.40 ~a family ticket 6 North Laine 2 Alejandro went to The Lanes and Brighton Pier. 3c) Isa very good school and the people are very friendly .. ike imy classes very much, My teacher's ‘name is Caroline. She was born in Liverpool ... She French, she 29 years old and she’ a doctor... last right I went to Brighton Pier. Agnes thinks Brighton is boring, but don't agree with her, Would you like to visit me? Reading and Writing Portfolio 12 Ja) 2E 3A 4D 5C 'b) 2 In your suitcase. 3 Yes, you can 4 Non-EU Passports only 5 Yes, you can. 6 Yes, you do. 2a) 1B 24 b) 20 31 4k SF 6 7F sF 9 3. oF aF ar st oF 77 4a) 2 spent 3 staying 4 weather § lots 6 going 7 See Elementary Chris Redston with Gillie Cunningham face2face Peer ee nr ete eee Ne a Re ee ed Pe kee ea eee cena current methodology with special new features designed to make learning and teaching easier. Vocabulary and grammar are given equal importance and there is a strong focus on listening and speaking in social situations. face2face is fully compatible with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and gives Peet aes er eo tee see ee co Lea BU ed eee ec eR RR ie ah he eM RR ara ced in all language areas, including video, games, recording capability, progress chart and customised tests. There is also a selection of material from the Real World lessons which can be listened to on normal CD players. BOR ese Sea «Self-study exercises for every lesson of the Student's Book aca on ‘© References to the interactive Language Summary at the back of the Student's Book. Oe as eR ee mee ‘© Acomprehensive list of ‘Can do’ statements allowing students to track their own progress. Ne eee eee eee I ts RD) Dr is 9 6 BN ll 1 Pres Porras oon ‘rea tee D