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July 2008 Newsletter

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2008 State Chapter President, Women’s Council of Realtors
2005 Realtor of Year, Portland Chapter, Women’s Council of Realtors

ftÇwç Largest Amusement Park In The Nation

WILLIAMS When Carl Jantzen and his partners at Jantzen Knitting Mills
opened Jantzen Beach Amusement Park on May 26, 1928, it was the
If It’s Important to You, largest amusement park in the nation. The park sprawled over 123
It’s Important to Sandy acres on Hayden where the Jantzen Beach SuperCenter sits today.

On opening day, 15,000 people paid the 10 cent admission. The

following day, 25,000 people came out to the park. The amuse
Ment park included a merry-go-round, fun house, Big Dipper
roller coaster, Golden Canopy Ballroom, four swimming pools,
25 acres of picnic grounds, and 15 acres of parking.

The C.W. Parker merry-go-round, built in 1904 for the St. Louis
World’s Fair was moved to Jantzen Beach in 1927. Some of the
hand carved horses were made by inmates of the United States
Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas.

With public interest

changing in the age of
Inside This Issue television and movies,
attendance began to drop
Portlandia… Page 1 in 1959. Highway
Trivia Question… Page 2 expansion, unfavorable
Portlandia Cont’d... Page 2 weather, competition
Eyesight & Food… Page 2 from the new EXPO
Purifying Plants… Page 2 Center, a fatality on the
Listings… Page 3 Big Dipper, and a destructive
Market Trends… Page 4 fire and floor caused the
Snoring Cure... Page 5 demise of the Amusement park.
Local Name… Page 5
Best Cookie… Page 5 The park closed on Labor Day,
Scenarios… Page 5 1970. The pumping system
My Recommended from the swimming pools
Lender… Page 6 remains and is used to pump
Pioneer drinking water to residents
Courthouse… Page 6 of Hayden Island. The only
remainder is the C.W. Parker
Trivia Question 3 Precious Papers To Hang On To
Which major city in the U.S. has Few documents are truly irreplaceable, you can get new copies of
the longest formal name, but the birth, death and marriage certificates. Your insurers have copies of
shortest abbreviated name? your policies. Banks, brokerages and credit card companies can send
you reprints of your statements for at least the past six years, which
The person who faxes, emails or is as long as you're likely to need them. While most other documents
calls in the correct answer will can be scanned and discarded, you should hang on to the originals of
WIN a $35 gift certificate to the following:
The new-car sticker: Also known as the "Monroney label," after the
Answer to Last Month’s Trivia U.S. senator who advocated its creation in 1958, the window sticker on a
new car is full of valuable data that can help you with: Insurance
What is the oldest manufactured claims—Recalls and Enhancing the vehicle's future sale or trade-in value.
building material still used With a Monroney label, there's no question about the car's features --
today? they're all listed. You can show a potential buyer or your insurer exactly
what came with the car, from the type of engine to whether it has side-
Bricks are the oldest manu- impact airbags.
factured building material The Monroney label also includes the car's serial number and where it
still in use. Egyptians used was manufactured, which can help you track down whether any factory
them 7,000 years ago. recalls affect your car. Original documentation (along with repair re-
ceipts) helps establish you as a meticulous owner, one whose used
Grilling meats can leave car will fetch a higher price in a private sale. And if you were to hold
them chock-full of onto the car long enough for it to become a collectible, the original
cancer-causing chemicals Monroney in the glove box could help establish the vehicle's authen-
Here are a few easy solutions. ticity and add thousands to its value.

Your tax returns -- all of them: You can ditch all the supporting
Use the microwave. Partially documentation after seven years, but the tax returns themselves
cooking your meat in a micro- should stay with you for life. The IRS and state income tax agencies
wave before it hits the grill typically are limited in how long they can audit your returns --
prevents up to 90% of the unless they decide you didn't file for a certain year. IRS failure-to-file
carcinogens called heterocyclic audits aren't that common, but state tax agencies sometimes insist
amines (HCA's) that form when
that returns were missing.
meat is cooked at high tempera-
Another reason to hang onto tax returns: Social Security screw-ups.
tures. Microwaving for two
minutes at 80% power (for four Final account statements: Collection agencies have found a new
servings of meat) is sufficient. growth industry: people who have already paid their bills. A host of col-
lectors now specialize in buying up old (and often poorly documented)
Get flipping. Turning burgers debts. Any time you make a final payment on a bill or a debt, keep the
once every minute rather than paperwork showing you've paid what you owed. Some examples include
just once after five minutes of when you:
cooking decreases the number of Switch cell-phone, land-line or long-distance providers
HCA's 95% according to a study Cancel a health-club membership
in the Journal of the National Shut down utilities (such as when you move)
Cancer Institute. Using a small Close a credit card account
brush to apply sauce in a thin Pay off a loan
layer helps protect meats from Complete a debt-management or debt-settlement plan
absorbing polycyclic aromatic Making sure you get that last statement showing a "zero" balance and a
hydrocarbons (PAH's) cancer- closed account can also help you avoid getting sent to collections for
causing substances found in ridiculously small debts.
1803 NE Orenco Station Parkway 1803 NE Orenco Station Parkway 1803 NE Orenco Station Parkway
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124 Hillsboro, Oregon 97124 Hillsboro, Oregon 97124
1438 Square Feet, 1438 Square Feet, 1438 Square Feet,
2 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths 2 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths 2 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths
$309,900 $309,900 $309,900

6020 Beachcomber Lane

1404 Square Feet, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths
Pacific City, Oregon 97135

Sandy Williams, Broker

2005 Realtor of the Year, Women’s If It’s Important to You,
Council of Realtors-Portland Chapter It’s Important to Sandy
Direct * 503-495-4988
Toll Free * 888-864-6789
Fax * 503-626-8994
Hepatitis: Grapefruit can The 3D Center of Art and Photography
fight it as well as drugs
The 3D Center of Art and Photography, a non-profit museum/gallery, in
A grapefruit may be all it takes fact the only one in the nation dedicated to 3-D art (yes, another geeky
to fight chronic hepatitis C. thing Portland can be proud of), is run by volunteers from the Cascade
Currently sufferers have to Stereoscopic Club. It features all kinds of antique and contemporary 3D
take a powerful drug such as imagery, from antique stereocards to View Master, contemporary 3D pho-
pegylated interferon, which tography, lenticulars, anaglyphs, and computer generated 3D art.
comes with a range of side
effects from nausea, anaemia, You can see vintage 3D cameras, projectors and viewing devices as well as
depression and skin rash. the most up to date 3D cameras on the market today. Information panels
follow the history and development of 3D photography from its early use
But researchers reckon that a 160 years ago to chronicle the American Civil War to its current use in the
grapefruit or another citrus Space Program.
fruit could be just as effective,
Interactive displays explain how we are able to see depth and create a 3D
if not more so. The fruit con-
image on a flat surface. Stereocards like those that entertained our grand-
tains the flavonoid, narin-
parents are available for viewing, and only a few steps away a computer
genin, which is responsible for
station allows visitors to see another modern approach to seeing in 3D.
the fruit’s bitter taste.
Original contemporary art may be viewed and purchased.
Naringenin has the ability to 3D Center of Art and Photography (503-227-6667)
block a pathway in the life cy- 1928 NW Lovejoy Street, Portland, Oregon 97209
cle of the hepatitis C virus, re-
searchers from Massachusetts
Hay Fever: A probiotic may stop the sneezes
General Hospital in Boston
have discovered. Hay fever season is with us again, and a study has discovered that a
(Source: Journal of the Ameri- probiotic is one unlikely way of treating the allergy successfully. Sufferers
can Medical Association, 2008; were given the probiotic, Bifidobacterium longum, over the 13 weeks and a
299: 1532). similar group was instead given a placebo. The probiotic group reported a
dramatic improvement in their allergic reactions while they took the
probiotic, and they reported an overall 40 per cent reduction of symp-
toms, such as itchy eye and throat, sneezing and nasal blockage, compared
with the placebo group.

Although previous studies have shown that a probiotic can help ease
Who do you know that allergic symptoms in children, this is one of the first to record successful
could benefit from the treatment in adults. (Source: Townsend Letter, 2008; 298: 52).
services we offer to our
Clients’ as a Professional
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“This is the absolute best time in my 33 years in real estate to buy a
home. Interest rates are still low, inventory levels are high, and
prices are stable. You should not try to time the market. People who
try to time the market get burned.” -- Jim Gillespie, “Housing
LENDER John Palmer House
4314 N Mississippi Ave
Portland, OR 97217
Don Williams, Just what is an Eastlake style
Sr. Mortgage house? If you think of the
Banker Victorian style as a bit over the
Advanced top and the Queen Anne style as
Lending most definitely over the top;
503-680-4444 The Eastlake style is so far over
the top that its more like the Taj
E-Mail: Mahal.
Hello Friends and Clients: The grand John Palmer House, is the last Eastlake house standing in the
city of Portland. It was built in 1890. The Palmers lived there for only
four years until the passing of Lady Palmer, then in 1907 the property
was acquired by Lotta and Oskar Hoch of the Multnomah Conservatory
Cordially, Don
of Music. Unfortunately, the Conservatory was only able to maintain
the house until the 1930s, and by 1968 the house had reached a serious
level of decay.

In 1968 Richard and Mary Sautier purchased the house for $10,000
shortly before it was scheduled to be demolished, and spent 18 years
restoring it. As part of their renovation, several rooms feature hand-
made silk-screened Victorian-style wallpaper by Bradbury & Bradbury
Fine Art Wallpapers of California. Bradbury & Bradbury had found
that modern interior designers were afraid to layer multiple patterns of
wallpaper in the Victorian style. So the John Palmer house became
Bradbury & Bradbury's flagship example, using over thirty-seven
wallpaper patterns throughout five rooms.

After the Sautier's children grew up, they decided to sell. The house
remained on the market for several years, but sadly, the length of time it
took to find a new owner allowed many of the original furnishings to be
sold via estate sale.

The house has been sold several times in the last 10 years.

If It’s Important to You,
It’s Important to Sandy

9790 SW Nimbus Ave

Beaverton, Oregon 97008

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