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Panorama Latino

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Panorama Latino
Latinos believe in the Community

The purpose of Panorama Latino is Distribution: Format: 10 x 12 inches

to keep the Latino community informed Panorama Latino is distributed in
through interviews with outstanding Andover, Haverhill, Lawrence, Lowel,
leaders of the community, and including Frequency: Monthly. Every first
Methuen, Chelsea, East Boston, Lynn, friday of the month.
informative articles on business, finance, Jamaica Plain and Somerville.
health, recipes, arts and culture that will
be featured monthly. It is found in hospitals, clinics, offices, Circulation: 10,000 copies a
banks offices, selected bodegas (latin small month
markets), beauty parlors, barber shops,
supermarkets and restaurants.

The Selig Center for Economic Growth
estimates that Hispanic buying power will

reach $863.1 billion in 2007, an 8.1%
increase over 2006.

Media Kit
Panorama Latino
Latinos are Growing

The Market
Hispanic Demographics * The Latino population controlled $653 U.S. Hispanic Market in 2010
billion in spending power in 2003, and
* Hispanics median age of 26.7 years, have Today's 10 million-plus Hispanic
this number is expected to reach more than
"a younger age structure" compared to [the households will soar to 13.5 million by
$1 trillion in 2008, according to the Selig
rest of the U.S. population], which has a 2010, up from less than 6 million in 1990.
Center for Economic Growth.
median age of 39.6. 36% of population is These households will control $670 billion
less than 18 years of age. Key factors accounting for this increase in in personal income six years from now.
US Hispanic purchasing power include
* Hispanic household income is growing, Hispanic households tend to be younger
continued population growth and increasing
with 38% earning over $40,000 in 1999 on average than the U.S. population at
Hispanic employment and income levels.
vs. 26% in 1994 . 3.5 million Hispanic large. Of the more than 10 million Hispanic
households earn over $40,000/year. •The Hispanic Market in 2010, households, 38 percent are currently

The Conference Board headed by someone under 35,
•Nov. 2004 PRNewswire

* The US Hispanic purchasing power is * Nearly half of the 9.4 million American
growing at triple the rate of the overall US residents added since 2000 are Hispanic, the
population. Census Bureau said. Growth was almost
equal between immigrants and those already
* More impressive, Hispanics contributed 23

percent ($65 billion) of the nation's total
purchasing power of $284 billion in 2003, •The Hispanic Market in 2010,
while only accounting for 13.8 percent of the The Conference Board
Media Kit total US population.
Panorama Latino
Latinos are Adventurous

Ad Rates & Sizes Magazine Trim Size: 10” x 12”

Horizontal Vertical

Full Page $1700.00 1/2 Page $900 1/3 Page $600 1/4 Page $400 1/8 Page $200
Back Cover $2300.00 Non-Bleed 9” x 5.25” Horizontal: Non-Bleed 5.75” x 5.25” Non-Bleed 4.25” x 5.25” Non-Bleed 4.4” x 2.55”
Inside Cover $2000.00 Vertical: Non-Bleed 2.9” x 11”


Bleed: 10.25” x 12.25”
Non-Bleed 9” x 11”

By 2008, Hispanic purchases will "As the Hispanic market keeps growing both in size and
exceed $1 trillion in spending. buying power, companies in a wide variety of industries will

enjoy significant marketing opportunities,"
•Lynn Franco, Director of The Conference Board's
Consumer Research Center.
Media Kit
Panorama Latino
Latinos are Entrepreneurs

Production Specifications
Platforms Supported Media
Ads must be submitted on PC platform. The following media formats are fully supported: CD, DVD

Supported Applications File Formats

The following applications are supported: Panorama Latino fully supports the following file formats:
QuarkXpress, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Native application (“Collect for Output”), PDF, EPS and TIFF
Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat
and Adobe InDesign.

Hispanic households across America will
sharply increase both their numbers and

economic clout over the next ten years.
•Nov. 2004 PRNewswire

Media Kit
Panorama Latino
Latinos are Traditional

Contact Information
Ad Delivery: Contact
Please ship materials to: Millie Damirón
Panorama Latino Mobile (9 978) 390-5407
420 Common St – Suite 104 Fax (978) 794-2405
Lawrence, MA 01840
(978) 794-2404

By 2010, the under-45 Hispanic market will increase to 8 million
households, and its purchasing power will leap from the current

level of less than $295 billion to $397 billion. In other words, $3
out of every $5 flowing to Hispanic households in 2010 will be in
the hands of this younger-than-average segment.
Media Kit •Nov. 2004 PRNewswire