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No Reference Year Age Occupation Location Clinical presentation Duration Histor Culture Treatment Outcome
/Sex y of
1. [1] 1957 34/F Agriculture Assam Nodular growth over 2 yrs NA F.compactum NA NA
vulva (Hormonendrum
2. [2] 1957 35/M Village Assam Verrucous Lesions on 12 yrs NA F.compactum NA NA
preacher right leg (Hormonendrum
3. [3] 1958 7/M NA Punjab Verrucous crusted on 7yrs NA E. spinifera Nystatin Died
face, trunk and joints of
4. [4] 1958 NA NA Maharashtra Papular lesion above NA NA Hormodendrum NA NA
umblicus sp.
5. [5] 1966 50/M Clerk Karnataka Cauliflower like 3 yrs NA Culture not done NA NA
growth on left forearm
6. [5] 1966 30/M Farmer Karnataka Scaly patch on left 14 yrs yes F.compactum NA NA
elbow (Hormonendrum
7. [6] 1966 35/M Labourer Kerala Warty plaques over 8 yrs NA Fonsecae spp NA NA
lower half of left leg (Hormonendrum
and sole of foot spp)
8. [7] 1967 55/M Toddy tapper Telangana Verrucous lesions on 1 yr no Cladosporium spp Potassium NA
(earlier left leg, both thighs, iodide
Andhra left buttock, right hand
Pradesh) +lympho nodes
9. [8] 1967 30/M NA Uttrakhand foot NA NA C. carrionii NA NA

10. [8] 1967 30/F NA Uttrakhand Papillary and warty NA NA C.carrionii NA NA

lesion on foot
11. [9] 1970 31/F Housewife Tamil Nadu Papule on face, bridge 5 yrs No Cladosporium spp NA NA
of nose and left cheek
12. [9] 1970 42/M Cook Tamil Nadu plaque on dorsal aspect 4.5 yrs yes F.compactum Surgical Amputatio
of right second toe (Hormonendrum excision n
compactum) (cure)
13. [10] 1972 25/M Farmer Andhra Hyperkeratotic, NA NA F.pedrosoi Iodides Cure
Pradesh crusted lesions over the (Nonnodendrum
extremities, face and pedrosoi)
trunk+ inguinal lymph
node enlarged
14. [11] 1973 43/M Agriculturist Kerala Swelling over posterior 2 yrs no Culture not done NA NA
aspect of right elbow
15. [12] 1974 33/M Agriculturist Karnataka Hypertrophic 23 yrs yes F.pedrosoi Isonicotinoic Cure
Verrucous plaques on (Phialophora acid hydrazide
left leg pedrosoi)
16. [13] 1975 40/M Cultivator West Bengal Warty growth on NA yes NA Excision Cure
dorsum of left foot and
enlarged lymph nodes
of groin
17. [14] 1977 40/M Farmer Haryana Verrucous masses over 20 yrs NA Negative Potassium Initial cure
right lower limb and iodide,isonex, but later
both upper arms Thiabendazole+ patient
5% Salicyclic defaulted
acid ointment
18. [15, 16] 1978 26/M Agriculturist Punjab Plaque on face, both 28 yrs in No F.pedrosoi Potassium Died
and hands, dorsum of right total (Hormodendrum iodide +
1995 foot and after 20 years pedrosoi) Amphotericin B
48 M involvement of gut + +Thiabendazole
larynx + trachea +ketoconazole
19. [15] 1978 12/M School boy Punjab plaques on face, right 9 mnths No C. carrionii Arnphotericin B Not Cure
shoulder, right upper
extremity, left thigh
20. [17] 1978 21/M Compositor in Karnataka swelling over Right 20 days NA F.pedrosoi Potassium Cure
press parotid region (Phialophora iodide+
pedrosoi) Griseofulvin+su
perficial x-ray
21. [18] 1981 40/M Coal filler Andhra Verrucous masses over 12 yrs yes F.pedrosoi Hamycin and Cure
Pradesh lower 2/3 leg +enlarged (Phialophora antihistamines
lymph nodes pedrosoi)
22. [18] 1981 43/M NA Andhra Verrucous lesion over 2 yrs NA Contaminants Hamycin and Cure
Pradesh right foot grown antihistamines
23. [18] 1981 60/M NA Telangana Warty lesion on left 6 Mnths Yes Contaminants Hamycin and Cure
(earlier foot grown antihistamines +
Andhra excision
24. [19] 1984 10F NA Pondicherry plaque on face,trunk 1 Yr NA E. jeanselmei griseofulvin +5 Lost to
and exremities flurouracil + follow up
thiabendazole +
amphotericin B
25. [20] 1985 35/M NA Chandigarh Erythematous and 20 yrs no C. carrionii NA NA
verrucous lesions from
dorsum of foot to lower
half of right thigh +
enlarged inguinal
lymph nodes
26. [21] 1986 68/M Carpenter Meghalya verrucous plaques on NA NA F. pedrosoi mebendazole Not cured
the leg and penis
27. [22] 1988 50/M NA Kerala Verrucous lesion on 6 mnths no C. carrionii ketoconazole Cure
left knee and left upper
28. [23] 1988 47/M NA Tamil Nadu verrucous lesions on 33 yrs NA C. amphotericin B Cure
the right upper limb cladosporioides and Died due
and metastasis to 5fluorouracil to
axillary lymph node carcinoma
29. [24] 1989 50/M Farmer Himachal nodular lesions on the 6 yrs No P. verrucosa Potassium Cure
Pradesh foot iodide
30. [25] 1991 42/F NA Kerala Verrucous nodules and 1 yr No C. carrionii intravenous Partial cure
plaques on the face, amphotericin
neck, trunk and limbs and oral
and enlarged lymph ketoconazole

31. [26] 1991 12/M School boy Chandigarh Plaque over left side of 4 yrs NA F. pedrosoi Ketoconazole, Lost to
face and right leg itraconazole follow up
32. [26] 1991 43/M NA Chandigarh Nodular and plaque 22yrs NA F. pedrosoi Amphotericn Cure
lesions on both lower ketoconazole,
limbs and both thighs Potassium
33. [27] 1992 21/M NA Kerala Plaque on lumbar NA NA C.carrioni surgical Cure
region excision
34. [28] 1993 21/M NA Punjab nodular lesions on right 1 Yr No Negative Potassium Cure
hand and forearm iodide
35. [29] 1993 20/F NA Maharashtra Warty growth on right 8 yrs NA F. compactum NA NA
36. [30] 1994 40/M agriculturist Tamil Nadu nodular pigmented 5 yrs NA P.verrucosa NA NA
verrucous lesions over
both legs and
37. [31] 1995 NA NA Karnataka Lesion on leg NA NA NA Cryotherapy cure

38. [31] 1995 NA NA Karnataka Plaque on lower leg NA NA NA Cryotherapy, cure

CO2 laser
39. [32] 1997 45/M NA Jammu and erythematous 33 yrs Not C. carrionii. Ketoconazole NA
Kashmir scaly plaque on both recalled
40. [32] 1997 40/M Farmer Bihar a small 5 yrs NA Fonsecaea spp Surgical Cure
lesion on left elbow excision
41. [32] 1997 30/F NA Uttar Pradesh verrucous lesion on the 6 yrs No F. pedrosoi Nil Lost to
right foot follow up
42. [32] 1997 40/M NA Assam erythematous 13 yrs yes F. pedrosoi amphotericin B Cure
hypertrophic plaque on and 5-
right leg and ankle fluorocytosine
43. [33] 1998 42/F NA Kerala papules on the right 3 mnths yes C. carrionii Ketoconazole, Lost to
earlobe, right check Itraconazole follow up
and mucosa of the
44. [34] 1999 8/M NA Maharashtra Plaques on both sole 4 yrs NA F. pedrosoi NA NA
and left palm
45. [35] 1999 80/M Farmer Himachal verrucous plaque over 12 yrs NA F.pedrosoi potassium Cure
Pradesh the dorsum of the left iodide +
hand, wrist, forearm + Fluconazole
pleural effusion and
enlarged lymph nodes

46. [35] 1999 47/M Farmer Himachal verrucous crusted 25 yrs NA F. pedrosoi potassium Cure
Pradesh lesions over the toes, iodide+
dorsum of the foot Cryotherapy+

47. [35] 1999 48/M Farmer Himachal Crusted verrucous 7 yrs Yes C. carrioni potassium Cure
Pradesh lesions on fingers, iodide+
hand, wrist, and fluconazole+itra
forearm and enlarged conazole
lymph nodes

48. [35] 1999 27/M Horticulturist Himachal erythematous plaque 10 Months yes P. verrucosum Surgical Cure
Pradesh on left index finger excision+
49. [36] 2000 38/M Farmer Maharashtra nodular swelling over 4 yrs yes Phialophora spp Itraconazole, Cure
the left palm Cryotherapy
50. [37] 2002 62/M NA Delhi Cauliflower 12 yrs yes Culture not done Itraconazole Cure
like growth over left
foot and ankle
51. [38] 2005 70/M Agriculturist Bangalore Verrucous lesion on 1 yr yes Cladophialophora itraconazole Cure
medial aspect of left spp +Surgical
leg excision

52. [39] 2006 40/M Farmer Kerala Multiple nodules on 1 yr yes F. pedrosoi itraconazole Cure
right leg and foot died due to

53. [40] 2006 65/F NA Orissa Verrucous growth on 1 yr NA Culture not done NA NA
right leg
54. [41] 2007 45/M Farmer Assam warty growths 35 yrs yes F. pedrosoi NA NA
on the right leg, knee
and thigh
55. [42] 2007 42/M Farmer Himachal plaque on right foot 5 yrs yes F. pedrosoi itraconazole + cure
Pradesh potassium
56. [43] 2008 54/M NA Maharashtra warty growth on the 1 yr no F. pedrosoi Itraconazole Cure
medial aspect of left
57. [44] 2008 50/M NA Delhi noduloulcerative 2 mnths Cannot Rhytidhysteron Itraconazole Partial cure
lesions on his left leg recalled rufulum

58. [42] 2009 20/M Truck driver Gujarat plaques over lower 6mnths no Culture not done Fluconazole + Partial cure
abdomen, face, Cryotherapy
neck,thighs and axilla
+ genital elephantiasis
59. [45] 2009 60/M Farmer Karnataka verrucous lesions over 5 yrs Cannot C. carrionii NA NA
the right leg recalled
60. [46] 2010 81/M Priest Karnataka verrucous lesions over 5 yrs No C. carrionii. Itraconazole Cure
the right leg
61. [47] 2010 16/M Worker in a Assam papulated plaques on 6mnths yes C. carrionii. Fluconazole Cure
tea garden both upper and lower
extremities, trunk, both
the ears, scalp and
62. [47] 2010 55/M Worker in a Assam cauliflower like mass 9 yrs yes F. pedrosoi Fluconazole Cure
tea garden in his left leg
63. [48] 2010 46/M NA West Bengal Hyperpigmented, 7 mnths No Culture not done Itraconazole Lost to
verrucous over chin follow up
and malar region
64. [49] 2011 29/M NA Orissa ulcerated warty growth 1 yr No F. pedrosoi Itraconazole Cure
over chin
65. [50] 2011 9/M NA Andhra necrotic, hyperkeratotic 18 mnths Yes C. carrionii. itraconazole + Cure
Pradesh verrucous plaque on terbinafine
left arm
66. [51] 2011 24/M NA Maharashtra verrucous papules on 5 mnths Yes C. carionii Itraconazole Cure
right arm in leprosy pt
67. [52] 2011 38/M Farmer Chhattisgarh verrucose and 9 yrs NA F. pedrosoi Itraconazole lost to
discharging follow up.
nodules on left leg +
68. [53] 2011 37/M Labourer Delhi nodule over lateral 3 yrs no C. carionii Surgical Cure
malleolus of left leg excision
69. [54] 2012 67/F Farmer Himachal Erythematous plaque 7 mnths no F. pedrosoi Itraconazole Cure
Pradesh on right upper lip and +potassium
lower third of right iodide+Terbenaf
cheek ine +
70. [54] 2012 57/F NA Himachal Ulcer on cheek and 1yr No F. pedrosoi potassium Cure
Pradesh nose iodide
+Terbenafine +
71. [55] 2012 35/F Farmer Karnataka Phagedenic ulcer on 20 yrs yes F. pedrosoi fluconazole Cure
the face

72. [56] 2012 50/M agricultural West Bengal hyperpigmented 1 and half Could F. pedrosoi Itraconazole Cure
worker verrucous plaques in years not
right arm recalled
73. [57] 2012 27/M Bus driver Andhra plaque over the lower 6 mnths no C. carrionii. Itraconazole+ Cure
Pradesh back, posterior aspect Terbenafine
of right
lower thigh, left shin,
the right cheek,
forehead, chin, and
extensor aspect of both
74. [58] 2012 58/M NA Maharashtra Plaque lesion on head 1 mnth no F. compacta NA NA
and neck
75. [59] 2012 25-69/ agricultural Kerala verrucous plaques (31) NA 14 F. pedrosoi (24). potassium NA
35 Cases (30) tasks (21) hyperkeratotic recalled F. dermatitidis (3) iodide,
males plaques with scaling F. compactum (2) Itraconazole,
(5) (3) P. verrucosa (1) Terbenafine
females nodular cauliflower Cladosporium spp
like growth (1) (1).

76. [60] 2013 50/F NA Kerala ulceroproliferative 1 month NA NA Itraconazole Cure

lesion over the right
77. [61] 2013 45/M Farmer Assam warty 1 yr yes F. pedrosoi itraconazole + Cure
growths over the left terbinafine
78. [62] 2013 27/F NA Maharashtra erythematous 1 yr no F. pedrosoi itraconazole + Cure
plaque over right terbinafine
maxillary area
79. [62] 2013 55/M NA Maharashtra itchy nodular lesion 8 mnths no F. pedrosoi. itraconazole + Cure
over lateral aspect of terbinafine
right lower lip
80. [63] 2013 55/F tea garden West Bengal verrucous NA NA NA NA NA
worker plaque on right arm
81. [64] 2013 54/M Agriculturist West Bengal Verrucous lesions on 10 yrs No F. pedrosoi itraconazole Cure
eft leg
82. [64] 2013 46/M Gardener West Bengal itchy scaly plaque 3 yrs NA F. pedrosoi itraconazole Cure
on the right forearm
83. [65] 2013 74/M Farmer Maharashtra Ulcer on medial aspect 2 yrs yes Culture not done NA Cure
of right foot
84. [66] 2014 51/M Farmer Himachal veruccous to nodular 5 yrs no F. pedrosoi. Potassium Cure
Pradesh lesions on right leg and iodide
thigh + itraconazole
lymphadenopathy terbenfine
85. [67] 2014 26/F Housewife Uttar Pradesh Calcified mass in left 2 yrs no Negative itraconazole Cure
nasal cavity
86. [68] 2014 32/M Farmer Rajasthan verrucous plaques on 3 yrs NA C.carrionii itraconazole Cure
right forearm
87. [69] 2014 35/M Farmer Tamil Nadu Verrucous nodules and 10-15 yrs NA F. pedrosoi Itraconazole Not cured
cauliflower growth on +Terbenafine+s
right foot urgical excision
followed by
88. [70] 2015 55/M Farmer Assam verrucous plaques and 32 yrs Could C. itraconazole and Cure
nodules on not cladosporioides surgical
anterolateral left leg recalled debridement
and knee
89. [70] 2015 58/M Farmer Assam plaque over the dorsum 1 Yr no B. cynodontis itraconazole Lost to
of right follow up
90. [71] 2015 38/F Housewife Delhi Warty lesion on left 20 yrs Could C.carrionii itraconazole Cure
lower leg not
91. [72] 2015 44/M Livestock Madhya Verrucous plaque over 2 yrs No Culture not done itraconazole Cure
supervisor Pradesh the medial
aspect of right thigh in
leprosy tt pt
92. [73] 2015 36/M Industrial Madhya papules on the lateral 6 mnths no F. pedrosoi Itraconazole+ Cure
worker Pradesh aspect of lower part of terbenafine
his left forelimb
93. [74] 2015 40/F NA Telangana Nodular lesion on both 1mnth NA NA NA NA
thighs and legs
94. [75] 2015 63/F Housewife Telangana verrucous plaques over NA no NA Itraconazole Cure
the dorsum of the
95. [76] 2015 40/M NA Maharashtra Ulcer over right knee NA yes C. carrionii Itraconazole Cure

96. [77] 2015 57/M Agriculturist Kerala Hypertrophic plaque on 2 mnths No F. pedrosoi Itraconazole+ Cure
the right lower limb cryotherapy
97. [77] 2015 58/M NA Kochi scaly lesion on right 6 mnths NA F. pedrosoi Itraconazole+ Cure
foot cryotherapy

98. [78] 2015 45/M Accountant Delhi plaque on the little 3 mnths no C. bantiana Terbinafine+ Lost to
finger of his left hand excision follow up
99. [79] 2015 65/M NA Delhi plaques over the right 6 mnths NA NA Itraconazole NA
100. [80] 2015 NA Agriculture West Bengal Plaque on left forearm NA NA F. pedrosoi traconazole Cure

101. [80] 2015 NA Agriculture West Bengal Plaque on medial NA NA Negative SSKI + Cure
aspect of left ankle debridement +
102. [80] 2015 NA Agriculture West Bengal Plaque on right lower NA NA F. pedrosoi oral Partial cure
thigh, knee Itraconazole
103. [80] 2015 NA Agriculture West Bengal Plaque on front of NA NA Cladosporium Itraconazole+ Cure
right lower thigh spp. debridement
104. [80] 2015 NA Agriculture West Bengal Plaque on right upper NA NA Negative Itraconazole Partial cure
105. [81] 2015 20-50 Farmer (3) Assam(5) Verrucous lesions on 1-5 yrs Yes(1) C. NA NA
yrs/M Wood Arunachal Lower limb(5) No (5) cladosporioides
N=6 cutter(1) Pradesh (1) Upper limb(1) (n = 3),
Manual C. lunata (n = 1)
labourer(1) B. spicifera (n =
Unemployed(1 1)
106. [82] 2016 45/M agriculturist Kerala Verrucous plaques 4 yrs yes F. pedrosoi itraconazole Cure
nodules on left lower
107. [83] 2016 58/M Rubber tapper Karnataka Lesion on left index 2 yrs no Fonsecaea spp fluconazole Cure
108. [83] 2016 40/F Manual Karnataka Raised lesion on left 2 yrs no Fonsecaea spp Fluconazole Cure
labourer leg
109. [83] 2016 46/M Rubber tapper Karnataka Raised lesion on left 9 mnths no Fonsecaea spp Terbinafine+ Cure
little finger cryotherapy
110. [83] 2016 44/M Rubber tapper Karnataka Left middle finger 1 yr no Fonsecaea spp Fluconazole Cure

111. [83] 2016 35/F Housewife Karnataka Raised lesion on right 18 mnths no Fonsecaea spp Terbinafine Cure
112. [83] 2016 58/M Manual Karnataka Raised lesion on left 5 yrs no Fonsecaea spp Itraconazole, Cure
labourer leg Fluconazole

113. [83] 2016 50/M Manual Karnataka Raised lesion on left 20 yrs no NA Itraconazole, Cure
labourer foot Fluconazole,
114. [83] 2016 38/M Autodriver Karnataka Verrucous plaque on 2 yrs no NA Fluconazole+ Cure
left heel cryotherapy
115. [83] 2016 67/M Manual Karnataka Right foot dorsum 4 yrs no NA Fluconazole Cure
116. [83] 2016 74/M NA Karnataka Reddish lesion on left 5 yrs no NA Itraconazole, Cure
knee Terbinafine
117. [83] 2016 64/F Rubber tapper Karnataka Left medial malleolus 3 yrs no NA Terbinafine Cure

118. [83] 2016 40/F Housewife Karnataka Foot 6 mnths no NA Terbinafine Cure
+ potassium
119. [83] 2016 50/M Manual Karnataka knee 2 mnths no NA Terbinafine Cure
120. [83] 2016 38/F agriculture Karnataka ankle 5 mnths no NA Terbinafine Cure

121. [83] 2016 64/M agriculture Karnataka Left leg 1 yr no NA Terbinafine Cure

122. [83] 2016 70/M Rubber tapper Karnataka foot 2 yrs no NA Terbinafine Cure

123. [84] 2016 55/M Tea gardener West Bengal Hypopigmented, 4 mnths no F. pedrosoi Terbinafine+ Cure
ulcerated cutaneous Surgical
lesion over mid-shin excision
part of left lower limb
124. [85] 2016 NA NA Himachal NA NA NA NA NA NA
N=3 Pradesh(3)
125. [86] 2016 54/M Farmer Karnataka erythematous plaque 1 yr NA Fonsecaea spp itraconazole + cure
over right axilla cryotherapy
126. [86] 2016 37/M Cook Karnataka plaque over axilla 2 yrs no Negative Itraconazole cure
127. Present 2016 27/F Housewife Uttarakhand plaques on the anterior 8 Yrs no F. pedrosoi Terbinafine, cure
case aspect of lower 1/3 of itraconazole,
right leg. Ketoconazole,
Amphotericin B
128. Present 2016 70/M Farmer Uttarakhand ulceroproliferative 4 yrs yes Cladosporium itraconazole cure
case lesion on the dorsum of tenuissimum
the right foot
NA: not available


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