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Lesson Plan : KSSR Teaching Grammar

Subject : English Language

Class : Year 3 Kelisa

Enrollment : 26 (14 boys; 12 girls)

Date : 15th August 2016

Time : 10.15 am 11.15 pm (60 minutes)

Theme : World of Knowledge

Unit 13` : I See Numbers

Focused skill(s) : Grammar

Content Standard : 5.1 By the end of the 6 year primary schooling, pupils will be able to
use different word classes correctly and appropriately

Learning standards : 5.1.7 Able to use articles correctly and appropriately:

(a) a
(b) an

Learning outcomes : By the end of this lesson, pupils should be able to:

(a) name the items and its article correctly at least 8 out of 12
items based on the teachers guidance.
(b) complete at least 8 out of 15 sentence using correct article
based on the worksheet (worksheet 1) given.
(c) fill in the article in sentences at least 6 out of 12 correctly
based on the worksheet (worksheet 2) given.

Educational emphases(s) : Multiple intelligences, critical thinking, creativity and innovation,

mastery learning

Moral value(s) : Cooperation and focus in classroom

Language content : Articles : a, an

Teaching aids : materials like cups, goggles, towel, eraser, etc, article cards, double
sided tape, worksheets, mahjong paper.

Assessment : 1. Guide pupils to use the articles in context.

2. Able to follow teachers instruction correctly.



Set Introduction to the 1. Teacher shows a 1. Pupils look at the EE: Multiple
Induction topic: box to pupils. items shown by intelligences
(5 minutes) Name the materials teacher.
shown. 2. Teacher brings out TA :
the items in the box 2. Pupils name the Materials like
Examples of items: one by one. items shown by cup, pen,
1. Cup teacher aloud. skipping
2. pen 3. Teacher asks rope.
3. skipping rope pupils to name the
items aloud.

Presentation Introduce the lesson 1. Teacher shows an 1. Pupils listen and EE: Multiple
(15 minutes) using: information about understand the intelligences,
articles a and an to explanation and creativity and
Information shown in a pupils in a mahjong examples given by innovation
mahjong paper: paper. teacher about articles
a and an. TA: mahjong
a an 2. Teacher explains paper,
Consonant Vowel and gives example on 2. Pupils look at the double sided
sound sound how to use the articles bag brings by teacher. tape, bag,
a and an towel, cup,
3. Pupils tell what apple,
Examples: 3. Teacher brings a articles used for bag. orange, etc.
1. _____ bicycle. bag and shows it to
2. _____ umbrella. the pupils. 4. Pupils name the MV: Focus in
3. _____ apple. items shown by class
4. Teacher asks teacher inside the bag
pupils to guess and say its articles
Items inside the bag whether the article for correctly.
Towel bag is a or an
Orange 5. Teacher continues
necktie the activity with other
items inside the bag.

6. Teacher guides
pupils to name the
items and its articles
Practice Group work: Articles 1. Teacher asks 1. Pupils sit in their EE: critical
(15 minutes) Explorace pupils to sit in group. own group. thinking,
Examples of article 2. Teacher gives a 2. Pupils take the intelligences
cards: worksheet and articles worksheet and article
cards to each group. cards given by TA:
a an
teacher. worksheet,
3. Teacher instructs article cards
pupils to use suitable 3. Pupils discuss with
Example of worksheet:
article cards and their group and paste MV:
paste it on the suitable article cards Cooperation
worksheet. in each sentence in
the worksheet.
4. Teacher guides
pupils in each group 4. Pupils ask teacher
Worksheet 1 to finish the if they have problem
worksheet. in the task given.

5. Teacher discusses 5. Pupils discuss the

the answer with answer with teacher.

Production Individual work: 1. Teacher gives a 1. Pupils look the EE: Multiple
( 20 minutes) Identify the articles worksheet to pupils worksheet given. intelligences,
Examples of 2. Teacher asks 2. Pupils fill in the thinking
worksheet: pupils to fill in the sentences using
sentences using correct articles. TA:
correct articles. Worksheet
3. Pupils check their
3. Teacher guides answer with teacher. MV:
pupils with the task. Focus in
4. Teacher discusses
the answer with
Worksheet 2
Closure Testing pupils 1. Teacher gives 1. Pupils listen to the EE: Mastery
( 5 minutes) understanding: questions to pupils. questions given. learning
Speed Quiz
2. Teacher asks 2. Pupils say the
Examples of pupils to answer the answer to that
questions: questions given. question.
a / an apple
a / an umbrella 3. Group who answer
a / an bicycle most of the questions
will win.
an an an an
an an an a
a a a a
a a a a
a a a a
a a a a
a a a a
an an an an
an an an a
a a a a
a a a a
a a a a
a a a a
a a a a
Fill in the blanks with correct a / an article cards

1. 2.

__________ sea lion __________ mouse

3. 4.

__________ apple __________ helicopter

5. 6.

__________ pencil __________ elephant

7. 8.

__________ octopus __________ cat

9. 10.

__________ jam __________ ball

11. 12.

__________ zebra __________ rocket

13. 14.

__________ ice cream __________ lion

15. 16.

__________ umbrella __________ doll

17. 18.

__________ kite __________ violin

19. 20.

__________ yo-yo __________ goat

21. 22.

__________ quilt __________ wagon

23. 24.

__________ nest __________ top (spinning-top)