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Taylor Lee

Priscilla Chin
Jolie Ngo
Background Information

Gender inequality has been a serious problem for many years. 80% of men and
women are victims of this issue. Being judged for your gender is a huge problem that people
have witnessed or experienced themselves. An example of gender inequality is education.
People assume that girls are smarter than boys. Research show that boys believe girls have a
higher intelligence level. With this problem it affects both genders because it makes most boys
believe that they will never be as smart as girls . This also has a change on girls because they
will stress on this issue and would be pressured to be the best at everything.
Another example of gender inequality is characteristics and appearances. People all
around the world believe that men should be strong and tough, while women are meant to be
shy and sensitive. Both genders are judged for the way they are dressed, groomed, acted, etc.
With this issue both men and women are feeling weak and miserable, this can cause
depression and suicidal thoughts. People judging others by their gender is a huge discrimination
that is circling the world.
Major Findings

Many people might not think that gender inequality is much of an issue, but in reality,
gender inequality is still a big problem in the world today. According to,
Almost half of Americans think gender inequality is no longer a problem. However, this is far
from true. Three fields that gender inequality takes place are in education, in the workplace, and
all around the world. In education, people often think that boys do not work as hard as girls do -
for tests, work, drawing, and even their penmanship. This may be true for some boys, but not all
of them. We need to give them a chance to prove themselves.
In addition, there is still a big gender pay gap in the workplace. The latest data from the
U.S. Census Bureau shows that an average working woman makes only 77 cents for every
dollar an average working man makes. Women have made great strides in the workplaces, but
inequality persists.
Furthermore, gender inequality happens everywhere. Women in many countries are very
limited of their rights. In an article on CNN News, it says that Women in Saudi Arabia are not
allowed to marry, divorce, travel, get a job or have elective surgery without permission from their
male guardians. These strict rules and regulations are targeting at women, which is not fair and
just to females.
Moreover, gender discrimination is not only affecting adults in the workplace, but it has a
big impact on children as well. According to, The consequences are still felt
today: 75% of female teenagers in Switzerland choose their apprenticeships from a narrow
range of only 11 stereotypically feminine occupations, such as hairdressing or as dental
assistants. Children should not be influenced by cultural and traditional beliefs about each
gender. From a young age, both girls and boys are taught to act in a certain way and how their
life should be. They should not be treated like an object, trained to do whatever they are told to

Our society has tried numerous ways to achieve a solution to gender inequality. To our
knowledge, gender inequality has been an issue for decades, but there is no perfect solution...
yet. However, there are several methods that can help reduce and adjust the way people deal
with gender inequality today. Throughout history, there were several trial and errors that
changed how we treat inequality today. For example, in ancient times, there was a social
pyramid separating social class, and also between men and women. As well as, the famous
statement all men are created equal, in the Declaration of Independence.
The majority of people all around the world are aware of gender inequality and may have
experienced unfair treatment themselves. According to, Human rights are standards
that are essential to the full development of individuals and communities. Gender equality is
such a basic right. As a result, several people decided to take matter into their own hands and
created organizations that are currently helping to reduce gender inequality, and to promote
gender equality.
Gender inequality has been a problem for many years. People are still uncomfortable
talking about the issue and they feel like they have to follow a certain standard. However, these
clubs will eventually get discovered by national representatives, news report stations, and will
hopefully spread gender inequality awareness all around the world. This would gradually bring
people together and they will also become more accepting to both genders.
Although both genders are affected, the most important aspect into achieving the
solution of gender inequality is to stand up for yourself and for what you believe in against
gender discrimination.
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