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( Feb- April ) / First half

A Study of Indirect Taxation and its Impact on Price Escalation with Reference to Consumer Price
Inflation in India .

Abstract : India has been beset by problem of rising price rise in past decade , especially after the global
financial meltdown . Government fiscal deficit at state and central levels has contributed to immensely
. There have been other factors to account for also like volatitliy of oil prices , commodity price rise ,
issue of hoarding & over stocking of granary . But the role of Indirect taxes has largely gone un- noticed
as it is passed on to consumers hidden under the costs head . This is an attempt to find out the
movement of taxation incidence in choosen items for consumer price inflation in previous five years and
find out the role played by them in rampant price rise in India and the way out .

(October)/ Second half

A Exploratory study of Marketing of Political Personalities in India and Lessons for Commercial
Marketing : With Special Reference to 2014 General Elections .

Abstract : The mid year general elections in worlds largest democracy ,India , has thrown up very
masterful use of digital & electronic media marketing for controlling social networking space to
increase the mobile phone enabled and TV hugging population cutting across the vast length and
breadth of India . It makes a interesting study to put to device a chronicle of virtuoso stellar
performance of the challenger to register himself so positively in perceptual space of mass . The
personality created as larger than life and the impact it created on people is studied here with sample
survey of people from Banaras , Delhi and NCR Region .


( Jan March) / First Half

A Study on Changing Macroeconomic Planning Paradigm in Big Emerging Market of the World , India :
Planning Commission to Niti Aayog a Tectonic Shift .

Abstract : The dismantling of Planning Commission and putting in its place NITI Aayog marks not only
emergence of new economic thinking but end of a Nehruvian legacy . The foundations of nations
socialist welfare foundations were built on the basis of five year planning and the march onward from
Mahalanobis first paln saw some solid gains for new India , much later Planning commission became
seat political contests and was accused of being white elephant in era of liberalization . What does the
junking of Planning commission and establishment of NITI aayog mean and augur for India . What are
the lessons to be learnt from Planning commissions performance in yester years and how will this
change impact the fundamental of economic paradigm in India this study seeks to bring that out. .
(August September)/ Second Half

A Analytical Study of Product & Services shares in Indias Export Basket from Independence to Present
: A Paradigm Shift in National Economy .

ABSTRACT : From being a colonial economy in 1947 to present Indian economy has travelled a long
distance . A marginal and insignificant player having less than 1% of share in world trade to the present
sheds light on the march from being exporter of agricultural produce and minerals to that of software
and auto ancilliary products for leading manufacturers all over the world .This signifies the growing
prowess of potent tool of liberalization , capacity of India to attract & absorb capital and technologies,
the rising of native enterprise to challenge in assimilating with global economy . Our study explores the
shift in export basket of India since Independence and its significance for Indias future .

2016 ( Jan to June)/ First Half

A Exploratory Study on Emerging Trends of South Asian RMG Exports : Sustaining the Competitive
Strategic Advantage .

Abstract : South Asian countries like India , Bangladesh and srilanka have emerged on forefront of
ready made garments trade as manufacturing bases for global brands and attract huge part of global
imports . The emergence of Vietnam and Thailand has challenged the status quo andwith exception of
India being able to withstand chines onslaught the RMG exports are threatened bynew entrants .
Pakistan makes bad case of constantly failing to make its mark and drop of its RMG exports . Thus the
regions RMG power houses are under onslaught of Tiger economies . What is the future like what may
happen this study is attempt to look into future and define it .