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Title of The Paper : Impact of Materialistic Outlook on Human Life

Authors Name : Meena Kumari

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Impact of Materialistic Outlook on Human Life


This impact of materialism in society is a complex subject. Personal satisfaction and

greed are the most important driven by materialism. Many people echo the sentiment

that the real cause of the economic problems that has hit the world is the greed caused

by the materialism. The real problem may not be so simple but it could be one of the

reason. Materialism promotes many other jealousy, sense of hopelessness etc. The

actual solution of the problems, be it, economic or otherwise can be obtained through

introspection. We can identify what is caused us face this kind of problem that we are

in today. Set yourself free from material world, recognize the real self that lies within

you in dormant condition. In materialism from blocking your inner growth.

Impact of Materialistic Outlook on Human Life

Impact of materialistic outlook on human social values

(By Meena Kumari)

The plaque of our materialistic society is a direct result of mankind seeking

satisfaction and happiness through the addition to obtaining objects of our outwards

desires. Our society has been relentlessly exposed through the media to propaganda

served by the capitalistic machine convincing us that the answer to our fulfilment and

ultimate happiness can be purchased. It is a sad truth, really but it is a part of a system

guided by monetary control.

There is not wrong with a hard days work in order to secure out livelihood or to

experience the things in life we all enjoy, however the machine has corrupted out

culture. Our population spends the few hours of rest we have each day glued to

televisions that introduce us to the next solution to our discontentment, to our

hopelessness, to our need or validation, to patch our tattered egos, and to fill the void

many of us have in our hears.

A happy life is more important than anything someone can bag in a store. Its not a

physical thing not is it materialistic. Society has come to orbit around the quality of

things they can by to impress the neighbours and to show off how much money they

have inverted. It doesnt matter how expensive your car is or how big of a house you

have. Material possessions are great for only so long, but nothing lasts forever.

Society shouldnt be focusing so much on materialistic things that can always be

replaced. When memories are out there to be made. Today, life is bring lived too fast,
No one slows down to enjoy their life. We should all get off the train once in a while

and experience things at our own pace. In todays society, life is about how successful

a person can be, how much money they can earn and how much nice stuff they have.

Societys prime focus is mainly about materialism instead of the more important

things in life such as a family.

Materialism has also affected peoples spiritual and moral beliefs. Some people are

fortunate enough to have proper occupation that they can work hard for, but some

people who are jobless or have low income can also develop avaricious


Since they cant afford the treats in life yet desire it, they can turn to a life of crime for

the resolution to satisfy their materialistic needs. This can be observed through the

increasing crime rates for theft, break-ins, snatch thefts, frauds, blackmail, kidnapping

for ransom. Those who commit their crimes are materialistic criminals that lost right

of moral and spiritual values as they are blinded by greed and wealth.

Today people are looking for material comforts and satisfaction. They are running

behind such things and to get these material things they can do anything.

The side effect of materialism is that people are becoming more materialistic, more

concerned with making money and what money can buy. But how much money is

enough? Is it every enough? I think it will never be enough. In my opinion, that

people are becoming more materialistic in nature. Materialism has affected modern

societys way of life on an individual level, the countrys economy as well as our

spiritual and moral beliefs.

First and foremost each individual is affected by materialism to some extent in this

day and age because hedonism is becoming an uprising trend. This is because todays

generation are geared toward making more and more money so that they can enjoy the

carefree lifestyle, that is so popular these days.

Secondly, when society starts spending in a materialistic manner it will surely have a

domino effect on the countrys economy. This mean that the spending power of

society will help boost the economy and create more business opportunities for the

booming trade.

Last but not least, materialism affects our spiritual and moral beliefs. This is due to

the fake people who are materialistic may become amoral whereby they disregard

their spiritual and moral upbringing and instead turn to crime to satisfy their

materialistic needs. In fact, the crime rate is increasing because criminals these days

have developed many ways to gain more money from society.

In a nutshell, materialism is a common agenda in the 21st century as more people are

working are afford things beyond their reach while this may spur individuals to work

harder to improve their standard of living, overspending due to materialism may cause

the downfall of countrys economy and their morality. In my opinion, I still firmly

believe that materialism has a strong hold on todays society, both positive and

negative effects.

In conclusion, materialism is becoming a common quality in the 21st century. People

are compelled to work harder to afford indulgences beyond their reach. Even though

materialism may spur individuals to strive in life to improve their way of living, the

act of overspending can lead to the downfall of the ones well-being and the economy.