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1 Parts of a Sentence
Grammar Quiz
A Read the underlined words and choose.
1. These are my parents.
subject object complement

2. The boys like magic tricks.

subject object complement

3. The lady met a famous movie director.

subject object complement

4. The leaves fall one by one.

subject object complement

5. My older brothers are twins.

subject object complement

6. Most cats hate water.

subject object complement

B Choose the wrong sentences.

1. They dance well.
Ann is at school now.
He to work early. e.g.) He goes to work early.
Sam studies in his room.

2. The girls are my friends.

The ladies are taxi drivers.
The boy is very funny.
The gentleman over there is. e.g.) The gentleman over there is tall.

3. I want a green shirt.

The young cook makes. e.g.) The young cook makes delicious food.
I met my cousins on Saturday.
The rich man has a white cat.
Unit 1 Parts of a Sentence 3
Grammar Practice
2 Nouns & Articles
Grammar Quiz
A Find the missing parts in the sentences and check().
A Choose the correct answers.
Subject Verb Object Complement

1. teaches math at an elementary school. 1. There is tiger in the zoo.

2. My younger sisters are. a an the

3. Birds happy songs. 2. I see a bird. bird is yellow.

4. The boys high school students. A An The
5. travels all around the world. 3. The cook has ten .
6. The children wear to school. knife knifes knives

4. The building has elevator.

a an the
B Choose and complete the sentences. 5. The house has .
a hat old cute the supermarket English my father two bathroom a bathrooms two bathrooms

1. The supermarket has many kinds of cereal. 6. Tom has a guitar. guitar makes a great sound.
A An The
2. The little kitten is very cute .

3. The man wears a hat every day.

4. Max studies English every night. B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
5. My father watches soccer games on Saturdays. 1. I had a hamburger for lunch.
6. My grandmother is old . But she is very healthy. Mr. White is a math teacher.
Karen wants a big desk.
I eat a apple every day. an

Writing Practice 2. He collected 100 watches.

Unscramble the words and write the sentences. Jane loves her babies.
The leafs fell and winter came. The leaves
1. are / smart / The students The students are smart.
Cats and mice are enemies.
2. fast / moves / The train The train moves fast.

3. collects / My sister / coins My sister collects coins. 3. I see a firefly. The firefly is very bright.
4. home / She / arrived She arrived home. Judy lost her umbrella. She needs a new umbrella.

5. is / a taxi driver / His uncle His uncle is a taxi driver. There is a tree in the garden. I see a tree every day. the
The girl writes a letter. The letter is for her best friend.
6. I / a bad headache / have I have a bad headache.

4 Unit 2 Nouns & Articles 5

Grammar Practice
3 Pronouns
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the sentences using the singular or plural nouns.
A Choose the correct answers.
1. tomato We need four tomotoes for the salad.
1. They are in love. He loves and she loves him.
2. wolf I saw a wolf at the zoo. you me her
3. sheep There are ten sheep on the farm. 2. Eric has two dogs. are big and fast.
4. story The woman writes many stories for her son. It They He

5. office Cindys mom works in an office . 3. Dorothy is a new member. is good at dancing.
It They She
6. person The people are wearing blue jeans.
4. The swimmer wears a new swimsuit. is very colorful.
She It He

5. Look over there. is my new car.

B Complete the sentences with a , an , or the . That This Those
1. There is a grocery store in this town. 6. The girl has two brothers. She loves .
2. She has an eraser in her pencil case. it them us

3. I have a hamster. The hamster is tiny.

4. Tims jacket is too small. He needs a bigger one.

B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
5. He eats an egg and two apples every morning.
1. A dog is a good pet. It can be your friend.
6. Bob has an office. He uses the office for his business. I sang a song. Emily liked them. it
Kelly and Bob are bus drivers. They enjoy driving.
Grandma loves my father. She also loves me.

Writing Practice 2. Tom and I are in the same class. We are classmates.
Correct the underlined words. Mike reads many novels. He enjoys movies, too.
Mr. Brown is a teacher at my school. I know he well. him
1. He watched a opera this evening. an opera
Do you have any candles? Can I use them?
2. The childrens play soccer after school. The children

3. The singer sang a song. A song was beautiful. The song 3. Those are presents from my friends.
4. John is a English teacher. an English teacher This isnt my laptop.

5. The story is about two foxs. two foxes That are Janes puppies. Those
These are my favorite books.
6. Ladys and gentlemen, welcome to the show. Ladies

6 Unit 3 Pronouns 7
Grammar Practice
4 Possessives
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the sentences with pronouns.
A Choose the correct answers.
1. The police are looking for a car. It is a blue sports car.
1. John and his brother have a turtle. It is pet.
2. My brother is a musician. He plays the saxophone very well. his its their

3. I know Lisa and Peter. My sister knows them , too. 2. Jane and I made some toast. It is breakfast.
She my our your
4. Christine is my classmate. is my dance partner, too.

5. My aunt loves me and my brother. She misses us a lot. 3. My aunt loves shoes.
she her hers
6. Mom and Dad are great swimmers. They are also great divers.
4. Her cup is big. But is small.
I my mine

5. These are their uniforms. Where are ?

B Choose and complete the sentences.
we our ours
this (2) that these those (2)
6. Take this book. It is .
1. Here you are. This is a gift for you. yours your you
2. Look at the building over there. That is the museum.

3. I found a pencil. Is this your pencil?

B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
4. Can you see the stars over there? Are those shooting stars?
1. I live in an apartment. My apartment is nice.
5. Look at this photo. These are my friends in the photo.
He works at the post office. He likes his job.
6. Do you see the hats over there? Those are my favorite hats. She drives a car. Your car is big. Her
They have a dog. They are running with their dog.

Writing Practice 2. Im happy with my score. He is happy with his, too.

Correct the underlined words. I painted my picture. The girls painted hers. theirs

me Do you like your school? We like ours.

1. Tom called I yesterday.
He put his bag on the table. I put mine on the chair.
2. She has a pink dress. She wears them every day. it

3. He has two cousins. He visits her on weekends. them 3. She cleans her room. He cleans his.
4. Are this your favorite pictures? these We use our camera. They use theirs.

5. Jane and I went shopping. Then they had dinner. we This is a kangaroo. Its color is brown.
That is mine. Where is yours book? your
6. Im watching a movie. She is very interesting. It

8 Unit 4 Possessives 9
Grammar Practice
5 Present Simple: The Verb Be
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the sentences with the possessive adjectives and pronouns.
A Choose the correct answers.
1. she This is her lunch box. This is hers .
1. You so brave!
2. I Those are my toys. Those are mine . am is are
3. they Their house is white. Theirs is white. 2. it windy there?
4. we We have our tickets. We have ours . Am Is Are

5. he That is his guitar. That is his . 3. I in the classroom now.

am is are
6. you Wash your car. Wash yours .
4. Christine a student at my school.
am not isnt arent

5. they toy makers?

B Complete the sentences with possessive adjectives or pronouns. Am Is Are

1. We have a lot of food. Lets share our food. 6. The books very thick.
am not isnt arent
2. They dont like their old bicycles. They want new ones.

3. It looks like my backpack, but its not mine .

4. I will bring my skateboard. You bring yours . B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
5. The girl has brown hair. Her hair is long. 1. We are fast swimmers.
6. Max and I have cameras. My camera is heavy, but his is light. Joan is skinny.
The actor are very famous. is
The doll is a little bit scary.

Writing Practice 2. The painter isnt very young.

Correct the underlined words and rewrite the sentences. Im not good at math.

Lets go to my house. They arent firefighters.

1. Lets go to mine house.
The teachers isnt in the hall. arent
2. The dog wags it tail. The dog wags its tail.

3. He is we math teacher. He is our math teacher. 3. Are you a soldier? No, Im not.
4. This gift is your. This gift is yours. Are we lost? No, they arent. No, you[we] arent.

5. They lost her way. They lost their way. Is she a movie star? No, she isnt.
Am I really lazy? No, you arent.
6. She left hers book at home. She left her book at home.

10 Unit 5 Present Simple: The Verb Be 11

Grammar Practice
6 Present Simple 1
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the sentences with the verb be .
A Choose the correct answers.
1. The tennis player is very tall.
1. I Korean dramas.
2. We are not nervous about the game. love loves am love

3. She is a famous photographer. 2. My father buildings.

are design designs is design
4. Bob and Jane not my classmates.

5. I am sick today. I have a cold. 3. The boy have any homework today.
isnt dont doesnt
6. He is not a dancer. But he can dance well.
4. My cute puppies me up.
cheer cheers are cheer

5. The train over the bridge every day.

B Complete the dialogues.
pass passes is pass
1. A Is the sky blue now? B No, it isnt .
6. They get up early in the morning.
2. A Are you lawyers? B No, we arent . arent dont doesnt
3. A Is the baseball glove cheap? B Yes, it is .

4. A Are you a soccer player? B Yes, I am.

B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
5. A Are they worried about the test? B No, they arent.
1. They live in a small town.
6. A Is he in the living room? B Yes, he is.
We likes candy a lot. like
I eat cereal for breakfast.
He cleans his desk every day.

Writing Practice 2. The man drives a sports car.

Write the negative sentences. A bird flies over the roof.

I am not interested in history. Her baby cries a lot every night.

1. I am interested in history.
The twins wants chocolate now. want
2. They are news reporters. They arent news reporters.

3. He is a great musician. He isnt a great musician. 3. We dont go camping in winter.

4. The writer is from New Zealand. The writer isnt from New Zealand. I dont read many non-fiction books.

5. The chairs are big and heavy. The chairs arent big and heavy. The singer dont wear shoes on stage. doesnt wear
The girl doesnt have a piano.
6. Amy is a nurse at this hospital. Amy isnt a nurse at this hospital.

12 Unit 6 Present Simple 1 13

Grammar Practice
7 Present Simple 2
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the sentences in the present simple.
A Choose the correct answers.
1. carry The mailman carries a lot of letters.
1. Do you believe her strange story?
2. go The woman goes hiking on weekends. Yes, I do. No, I do. Yes, I am.
3. study My sister studies art at university. 2. Do they have lunch together?
4. stay My uncle stays at our home every summer. Yes, they dont. Yes, they are. No, they dont.

5. watch Christine watches TV before dinner. 3. Do you know Ms. Cameron?

Yes, we dont. No, we dont. No, we arent.
6. know Jane knows a lot about computers.
4. Does he play the piano every day?
Yes, he does. No, he does. No, he isnt.

5. Does your dog sleep in your bed?

B Choose and complete the sentences in the present simple.
No, it isnt. No, it does. Yes, it does.
do run teach fly read visit
6. Does the girl listen to the radio every night?
1. The girl is so fast. She runs very fast. Yes, she doesnt. No, she isnt. No, she doesnt.
2. A helicopter flies quickly through the sky.

3. He is new on the team. But he does a great job.

B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
4. My cousins live in Hong Kong. They visit me every year.
1. Does he help you with your homework?
5. Ms. Stone is from Canada. She teaches English at my school.
Do you meet your friends at the mall?
6. David and his sister read a lot of books at home. Does your sister has breakfast every morning? Does your sister have
Do they work on Saturdays?

Writing Practice 2. Do the children like your idea? Yes, they do.
Write the negative sentences. Do you swim in the river? Yes, I do.
Does the woman live in the city? No, it doesnt. No, she doesnt.
1. The book shows famous places. The book doesnt show famous places.
Does he update his blog every day? No, he doesnt.
2. They follow the school rules. They dont follow the school rules.

3. She packs her lunch. She doesnt pack her lunch. 3. I fall always asleep after lunch. always fall
4. We make snowmen in winter. We dont make snowmen in winter. Betty usually goes to bed late.

5. His daughter has long hair. His daughter doesnt have long hair. They are never quiet in class.
She is sometimes tired after work.
6. I study math every evening. I dont study math every evening.

14 Unit 7 Present Simple 2 15

Grammar Practice
8 Information uestions
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the dialogues in the present simple.
A Choose the correct answers.
1. A Does Julie wear glasses? B Yes, she does .
1. Where you write stories?
2. A Do you visit your friend in the afternoon? B No, I dont . are is do

3. A Does the refrigerator work well? B No, it doesnt . 2. What her job?
Do we do does is are
4. A you and your brother play tennis? B Yes, .

5. A Do they spend a lot of time shopping? B No, they dont . 3. Where he take pictures?
is does do
6. A Does the express train come twice a day? B Yes, it does .
4. What their ideas?
do is are

5. What the robot do?

B Rewrite the sentences using the frequency adverbs. is do does

1. His answers are correct. (always) His answers are always correct. 6. Where your cousins live?
do are does
2. Kevin is late for class. (sometimes) Kevin is sometimes late for class.

3. My dad speaks loudly. (never) My dad never speaks loudly.

4. She wears glasses at home. (always) She always wears glasses at home. B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
5. The shop is crowded. (usually) The shop is usually crowded. 1. What is it? It is a Christmas gift.
6. Our leader makes mistakes. (often) Our leader often makes mistakes. Where is Tom? He is in the bathroom.
Where do the children study? They study history. What
What do they need? They need a big pot.

Writing Practice 2. What is Chris? He is in the shopping mall. Where

Write the questions. What are they? They are fireflies.

Does she have two chairs in her room? Where do you exercise? I exercise at the gym.
1. She has two chairs in her room.
Where does Ella go after school? She goes to her tennis lesson.
2. The woman works at the bakery. Does the woman work at the bakery?

3. The children have lunch at noon. Do the children have lunch at noon? 3. What is it? It is an MP3 player.
4. It rains a lot in spring. Does it rain a lot in spring? Where does he work? He works at a bank.

5. He plays soccer with his classmates. Does he play soccer with his classmates? Where are the books? They are on the desk.
What does your hobby? My hobby is swimming. is
6. They often have dinner together. Do they often have dinner together?

16 Unit 8 Information Questions 17

Grammar Practice
9 Present Continuous 1
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the questions with what or where .
A Choose the correct answers.
1. A Where is he? I cannot find him. B He is in his office.
1. He a lie.
2. A What are they? They smell good. B They are almond cookies. is tells is tell is telling

3. A What does she eat in the morning? B She eats bacon and eggs. 2. I to the music.
What dances am dance am dancing
4. A is it? It is really cool. B It is a 3-D printer.

5. A Where do you live? B I live in Chicago. 3. They are a factory in the town.
build building buildding
6. A What do they do on Fridays? B They go to the movies.
4. We are in the ground for water.
dig diging digging

5. The dog is a cat.

B Complete the questions using what or where . chase chasing chaseing

1. A Where is the concert hall? B It is just around the corner. 6. The police officer is to the train station.
run runing running
2. A Where are Tom and Mary? B They are in London.

3. A What do you want? B I want ice cream.

4. A What does the man do? B He writes music. B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
5. A Where do they work? B They work at the museum. 1. Mr. Willis is cooking in the kitchen.
6. A What does the medicine do? B It stops runny noses. The ducklings are following the mother duck.
You are going in the wrong direction.
The children is camping in the forest. are camping

Writing Practice 2. He is saveing money for the trip. is saving

Look at the the underlined words and write the information questions. I am drinking orange juice now.

What is his favorite sport? Mr. Smith is walking down the street.
1. His favorite sport is badminton.
Frank and his brother are swimming now.
2. The post office is on the second floor. Where is the post office?

3. They make chocolate. What do they make? 3. You arent listening to me.
4. Amy reads books on the subway. Where does Amy read books? Alice isnt playing the trumpet.

5. They hold the concert on a ship. Where do they hold the concert? I amnt sitting on the grass. am not sitting
John isnt paying attention to the teacher.
6. She grows potatoes in the greenhouse. What does she grow in the greenhouse?

18 Unit 9 Present Continuous 1 19

Grammar Practice
10 Present Continuous 2
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the sentences in the present continuous.
A Choose the correct answers.
1. sleep You are sleeping too much.
1. Is she studying Chinese?
2. waste The man is wasting his money. Yes, she is. Yes, she does. She is studying.
3. put They are putting a lot of things in the basket. 2. Where are you staying?
4. not / take I am not taking care of the plants. Yes, I am. Yes, I do. I am staying in Berlin.

5. not / shop The woman isnt shopping in the market. 3. Where is Bill going?
Yes, he is. Yes, he does. He is going to the park.
6. not / sell They arent selling smartphones or laptops.
4. Are Ali and Sophia camping near the mountain?
No, they dont. No, they arent. They are camping.

5. What is the man teaching now?

B Choose and complete the sentences in the present continuous.
No, he doesnt. No, he isnt. He is teaching science.
take jog wash work fix fly
6. What are you delivering?
1. Im not working because it is Sunday today. We are delivering pizza. Yes, we do. Yes, we are.
2. He is washing his hands before lunch.

3. Eva is jogging around the lake.

B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
4. The man is fixing my old watch.
1. Am I standing in the right place?
5. Jane and Don are flying kites together.
Are the boys studying math?
6. They arent taking pictures. They are painting. Is she playing badminton with Ryan?
Are Alice learning English here? Is

Writing Practice 2. Is Jane making a plan for her vacation?

Write the sentences in the present continuous. Is Luke taking a taekwondo lesson?

They are making a flower basket. Are you swiming in the sea? swimming
1. They make a flower basket.
Am I speaking too fast?
2. I exercise at the gym. I am exercising at the gym.

3. He practices swimming in the river. He is practicing swimming in the river. 3. Where is the man traveling now? He is traveling in India.
4. Henry and Lucy cook spaghetti. Henry and Lucy are cooking spaghetti. What is she drawing? She is drawing a monster.

5. She doesnt sit on the ground. She isnt sitting on the ground. Where is he waiting for? He is waiting for his food. What
What is the woman doing? She is planning for her trip.
6. The dogs dont bark at me. The dogs arent barking at me.

20 Unit 10 Present Continuous 2 21

Grammar Practice
11 Prepositions of Time
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the dialogues in the present continuous.
A Choose the correct answers.
1. do A Are you doing your homework? B Yes, I am .
1. I get up 7:30 a.m. every morning.
2. swim A Is he swimming now? B No, he isnt . in at on
3. have A Is Sarah having lunch? B Yes, she is . 2. We always go camping October.
4. slice A Are they slicing the cheese? B Yes, they are . in at on

5. give A Are you giving a concert? B No, Im not . 3. We visit our grandparents New Years Day.
in at on
6. walk A Am I walking too fast? B No, you arent .
4. He listens to music night.
in at on

5. My parents give me a present Christmas Day.

B Complete the questions in the present continuous.
in at on
1. they / work Are they working at a huge factory?
6. Leaves fall autumn.
2. the boy / take Is the boy taking the bus now? in at on
3. you / talk Are you talking to your friend on the phone?

4. it / rain Is it raining outside?

B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
5. Eli and Zoe / jog Are Eli and Zoe jogging around the garden?
1. She goes jogging in the evening.
6. she / play Is she playing the drums?
He has a big party on his birthday.
Einstein was born at 1879. in
Ted gets a lot of chocolate on Valentines Day.

Writing Practice 2. Many travelers visit the town in summer.

Look at the underlined words and complete the information questions. The train arrives on midnight. at

Where is she The flower festival happens in May.

1. A going? B Shes going to the toy store.
The contest starts at 11:30 a.m.
2. A What is he sketching? B Hes sketching the mountain.

3. A What are you listening to? B Im listening to jazz music. 3. I was absent from class on April 7.
4. A Where are they running? B Theyre running in the stadium. The man delivers milk in the morning.

5. A Where are you staying? B Were staying at the London Hotel. The students have lunch at 1 p.m.
People eat turkey in Thanksgiving Day. on
6. A What are they cooking? B Theyre cooking beef stew.

22 Unit 11 Prepositions of Time 23

Grammar Practice
12 Prepositions of Place
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the dialogues.
A Choose the correct answers.
1. A When do you play golf? B I play golf on Saturdays.
1. The monkey is the box.
2. A When do they go skating? B They go skating in December. on in under
3. A What time does the sun set? B The sun sets at 7:30 p.m.
2. The monkey is the box.
4. A When do you go fishing? B I go fishing on weekends. behind in above
5. A When do you play computer games? B I play computer games at night.
3. The monkey is the box.
6. A When does he play soccer? B He plays soccer in the afternoon.
in front of on under

4. The monkey is the box.

above next to behind
B Complete the dialogues.
When do on 5. The monkey is the box.
1. A you watch movies? B I watch movies Sundays.
on behind under
2. A When does this semester end? B It ends in June.

3. A When do they go skiing? B They go skiing in winter.

4. A What time does the game start? B It starts at 10:20 a.m.
B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
5. A When does your vacation begin? B It begins on July 10.
1. There are three crocodiles in the river.
6. A What time do you go to bed? B I go to bed at 10 p.m. There are a huge elephant in the field. is
There are seven students in the classroom.
There are many people in front of the restaurant.

Writing Practice 2. There is a blue cup on the table.

Complete the answers. There is a lot of books in the library. are
There is a baby panda in the zoo.
1. When is your birthday? (January) It is in January .
There is a secret door behind the bookshelf.
2. What time does she get to work? (8:30 a.m.) She gets to work at 8:30 a.m .

3. When do you have the test? (May 7) I have the test on May 7 . 3. Is there a key in the box?
4. What time does the store close? (9 p.m.) It closes at 9 p.m . Are there books in your backpack?

5. When does he take cello lessons? (Fridays) He takes them on Fridays . Are there children on the playground?
Is there many cars on the street? Are
6. When does the show begin? (noon) It begins at noon .
24 Unit 12 Prepositions of Place 25
Grammar Practice
13 Adjectives
Grammar Quiz
A Choose and complete the sentences.
A Choose the correct answers.
on behind under next to above between
1. This blanket is thin. I need a one.
1. A turtle is walking under the sofa. light colorful thick

2. A dog is barking behind the sofa. 2. His laptop is . But it is heavy.

above thin big long
3. A bird is flying the sofa.

4. A lizard is sitting on the sofa. 3. Lets wash our clothes.

clean safe dirty
5. Two dolls are next to the cat.
4. This dress is dark. I want a one.
6. The cat is sleeping between the dolls and the lizard. deep bright boring

5. The necklace is . It is made of gold and diamonds.

B Complete the dialogues. expensive rich interesting
1. A Is there an elementary school next to the fire station? 6. Polar bears look cute, but they are very .
B Yes, there is . sweet difficult dangerous

2. A Are there dogs outside the house?

B Yes, there are . They are very noisy.
B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
3. A Is there a paper clip on the table?
there isnt 1. I had a big lunch. I am full.
B No, . Look in the drawer.
He knows everything. He is stupid. smart/clever
4. A Are there some oranges in the refrigerator?
The problem looks easy. But it is difficult.
B No, there arent . I ate them all yesterday.
We enjoyed the show. It was fun.

Writing Practice 2. We had a lot of food. So, were hungry. full

Unscramble the words and write the sentences. That is an ugly building. I dont like it.

His office is behind the station. They are easy questions. But Jamie doesnt know the answers.
1. behind / His office / is / the station
We have a large car. All of us can get in it.
2. are / my house / Two trees / in front of Two trees are in front of my house.

3. The boy / Jane / is / next to The boy is next to Jane. 3. This tree is an apple tree.
4. a bird nest / There / in / is / the tree There is a bird nest in the tree. Those boys are waiting for you.

5. There / the river / a bridge / above / is There is a bridge above the river. I found these keys under the bed.
We know that women well. those
6. are / two shirts / on / There / my bed There are two shirts on my bed.

26 Unit 13 Adjectives 27
Grammar Practice
14 Adverbs
Grammar Quiz
A Choose the correct adjectives.
A Choose the correct answers.
1. There is a very big elephant in the zoo. It is ( tiny / huge ).
1. He practices . He always wins his games.
2. It is ( cold / hot ) outside. Wear your thick coat. sadly hard luckily

3. The movie was ( boring / interesting ). I fell asleep. 2. The girl smiles . Everyone loves her smile.
noisily fast brightly
4. The mouse is ( fast / slow ). I cant catch it.

5. They are ( safe / dangerous ) dogs. Dont go near them. 3. She finished her work. Now she can sleep .
possibly comfortably kindly
6. Im carrying a ( light / heavy ) box. I need help.
4. Mr. Jones spends his money . He doesnt waste it.
wisely early clearly

5. The two students think differently.

B Write the sentences.
well really quietly
Singular Plural

1. This apple is fresh. These apples are fresh. 6. The woman loves the man much.
colorfully high very
2. That person is kind. Those people are kind.
doesnt like that car.
3. He He doesnt like those cars.

4. I like this easy book. I like these easy books. B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.

5. That child is wearing jeans. Those children are wearing jeans. 1. Luckily, we arrived on time.
6. This umbrella is mine. These umbrellas are mine. She speaks quietly.
He drove his car fastly. fast
You dance well.

Writing Practice 2. They come home early in the evening.

Unscramble the words and write the sentences. My brother walks slowly.

Im wearing wet shoes. He spends money freely.

1. wearing / wet / Im / shoes
My sister sat down heavyly on the sofa. heavily
2. son / Mr. Blacks / very tall / is Mr. Blacks son is very tall.

3. loves / books / these / My dad My dad loves these books. 3. It is too cold outside.
4. are / Those / expensive / pens Those pens are expensive. Im true sorry about the problem. truly

5. poem / I / this / know I know this poem. He listened to her very quietly.
Their ideas are completely different.
6. that / wants / Jason / watch Jason wants that watch.

28 Unit 14 Adverbs 29
Grammar Practice
15 Adjectives with Lin ing Verbs
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the sentences using the adverbs.
A Choose the correct answers.
1. perfect The shoes match perfectly with the dress.
1. The pineapples are expensive. But they arent .
2. happy The prince and the princess lived happily ever after. weak tall fresh
3. careful Look at these photos carefully . 2. The worker looks very . But he is very weak.
4. extreme The chili sauce is extremely hot. soft sour strong

5. good Jack makes fried rice well . 3. This perfume smells . I like it.
smart good hungry
6. heavy It rained heavily last night.
4. This food tastes . I want to order something else.
bad far loud

5. He feels very . His pet died today.

B Unscramble the words and complete the sentences.
heavy great sad
1. This is a really cool restaurant . (cool / restaurant / really)
6. Your idea sounds . Lets do it!
2. She washes her baby very gently . (gently / very) colorful wonderful tasty
3. The basketball player is very tall . (very / is / tall)

4. The house has quite large rooms . (quite / rooms / large)

B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
5. Joshua spoke too loudly in class. (loudly / too / spoke)
1. The candy tastes sweet.
6. Rachel has a(n) completely new idea . (new / idea / completely)
The weather is terrible.
The candle smells well. good
The idea sounds funny.

Writing Practice 2. The tea smells nice.

Unscramble the words and write the sentences. The pillow feels soft.

The bird flies really high. The circus looks exciting.

1. high / flies / The bird / really
The spaghetti sounds salty. tastes/is
2. drink / I / too / much soda I drink too much soda.

3. is / Her answer / wrong / completely Her answer is completely wrong. 3. The boys watched good. TV/the baseball game
4. trees / Cats / very / climb / quickly Cats climb trees very quickly. The fruit smells fresh.

5. sings / Grandma / beautifully / very Grandma sings very beautifully. The girl looked hungry.
The cherries tasted sour.
6. popular / The game / quite / is The game is quite popular.

30 Unit 15 Adjectives with Linking Verbs 31

Grammar Practice
16 Modal Verbs
Grammar Quiz
A Circle the correct words.
A Choose the correct answers.
1. Theres no sugar in the food. But it is ( sweet / spicy ).
1. I am a fast reader. Now I read 200 words in a minute.
2. His soup and her soup taste ( different / similar ). They used the same recipe. can am cant

3. The song sounded ( boring / interesting ). So, I turned the radio off. 2. I dont have a ticket. So I go to the concert.
are can cannot
4. That place looks ( safe / dangerous ). Dont go there.

5. The music is very ( soft / loud ). Please turn down the volume. 3. He is very ill. He run the marathon.
is cannot may
6. I met my best friend yesterday. I felt ( happy / sad ).
4. You finished your homework. Now, you watch TV.
may not cant may

B Choose and complete the sentences. 5. She is good at playing the piano. She play music by Mozart.
can may not cant
the noodles the blanket angry delicious warm the teacher
6. Somebodys using the computer. You use it now.
1. I looked at the teacher . can cant may
The teacher looked angry .

2. The chef tasted the noodles .

B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
The noodles tasted delicious .
1. The man can swim very fast. He is the world champion.
3. Brian feels the blanket . It is raining hard. We can have a picnic outside. cant
The blanket feels warm . Our teacher speaks clearly. We can understand him well.
Im not busy right now. I can help you.

Writing Practice 2. This seat is hers. You may not sit here.
Correct the underlined words and rewrite the sentences. This is the music room. You may not sing here. can[may]

The pizza smells yummy. This is an exam. You may not talk with your friends now.
1. The pizza smells yummily.
You may not stay up until 11 p.m. You need to wake up early tomorrow.
2. This juice tastes terribly. This juice tastes terrible.

3. The math question is very easily. The math question is very easy. 3. May we go in the office? Yes, you may.
4. That guitar sounds strangely. That guitar sounds strange. Can he sing the song? Yes, he can.

5. The painting is specially to me. The painting is special to me. May I park my car here? No, I may not. No, you may not.
Can she solve the problem? No, she cant.
6. The boy looks very nervously. The boy looks very nervous.

32 Unit 16 Modal Verbs 33

Grammar Practice
17 Past Simple: The Verb Be
Grammar Quiz
A Choose and complete the sentences using can or cant .
A Choose the correct answers.
climb finish go meet check use
1. Jake tired last night.
1. He didnt finish his homework. He cant meet his friends. is was were

2. You finished your test. So, you can go home now. 2. My grandparents teachers 20 years ago.
cant climb are was were
3. I the mountain. It is too high.

4. My computer is broken. I cant check my email. 3. Mark and I in the same class last year.
are was were
5. This printer is for staff only. You cant use it.
4. My shoes dirty after the hiking trip yesterday.
6. My homework is easy today. I can finish it soon. are was were

5. The singer famous a long time ago.

is was were
B Complete the sentences with may or may not .
6. I a shy boy before.
1. This is a hospital. You may not smoke here. am was were
2. All the food is free. You may eat anything you want.

3. This is the library. You may not play games here.

may not B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
4. Class is not finished. You leave your seat.
may 1. I was a painter before.
5. This is a team project. You choose your own partner.
They were sad yesterday evening.
6. You may take the magazine. It is free.
It was cold yesterday.
We were his fans now. are

Writing Practice 2. Julie were in the backyard 10 minutes ago. was

Unscramble the words and write the sentences. My father was happy with his present last night.

May I borrow your pen The men were soldiers two years ago.
1. I / your pen / May / borrow ?
My sister was in New Zealand last winter.
2. well / Can / dance / he Can he dance well ?

3. you / fast / Can / type Can you type fast ? 3. Were you friends last year?
4. the game / they / Can / win Can they win the game ? The team wasnt our rival in 2010.

5. him / call / May / later / I May I call him later ? The tests wasnt difficult yesterday. werent
Was it raining an hour ago?
6. climb / you / Can / a tree Can you climb a tree ?
34 Unit 17 Past Simple: The Verb Be 35
Grammar Practice
18 Past Simple 1
Grammar Quiz
A Circle the correct words.
A Choose the correct answers.
1. I ( was / were ) nervous yesterday.
1. We spaghetti for dinner last night.
2. The children ( was / were ) happy yesterday evening. cook cooked cookked

3. It ( wasnt / werent ) foggy this morning. 2. You an important question yesterday.

ask askd asked
4. The girl ( wasnt / werent ) quiet before.

5. He ( was / were ) in the kitchen in the morning. 3. They the store last week.
close closed closeed
6. Nick and Mary ( wasnt / werent ) in Canada six years ago.
4. The waiter the dishes five minutes ago.
drops droped dropped

5. The girl the new chocolate cake yesterday.

B Complete the dialogues.
trys tried tryed
1. A Was Tom sick last week? B Yes, he was .
6. I the Level 3 test last month.
2. A Were you rich five years ago? B No, I wasnt . pass pased passed
3. A Was she a good girl before? B Yes, she was .

4. A Were your teachers nice last year? B Yes, they were .

B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
5. A Was he absent from class yesterday? B No, he wasnt .
1. Last night, mom baked a pumpkin pie for dessert.
6. A Were they good players in 2009? B No, they werent .
The snow covered the ground yesterday.
I studyed nine hours a day last year. studied
My dad stopped his car at the traffic light.

Writing Practice 2. I learned Chinese last year.

Complete the sentences in the past simple. He liked the singer before.

You were very loud They watched TV yesterday evening.

1. You are very loud. yesterday.
She huged me this morning. hugged
2. The interview is fun. The interview was fun last week.

3. The soldier is brave. The soldier was brave last year. 3. The rabbits didnt move in the box last night.
4. They arent baseball fans. They werent baseball fans before. Liam doesnt need any money now.

5. Im not interested in art. I wasnt interested in art two years ago. Mia didnt clean her room last weekend.
We dont study English last Thursday. didnt study
6. Katie isnt at the library. Katie wasnt at the library an hour ago.
36 Unit 18 Past Simple 1 37
Grammar Practice
19 Past Simple 2
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the sentences in the past simple.
A Choose the correct answers.
1. walk I walked for an hour with Tom.
1. We on this bench yesterday.
2. hate He hated beans five years ago. came sat drove
3. reply My teacher replied to my email very quicky. 2. Tom so much pizza last night.
4. mop The boy mopped the floor this morning. let ate met

5. plan She planned a lot of things for the trip. 3. I up late this morning.
hit had woke
6. happen A strange thing happened to me last year.
4. He to Sweden six years ago.
knew kept went

5. The professor an A+ to 10 students.

B Choose and complete the sentences in the past simple.
cost gave began
stop move work fix cry play
6. Mr. Gibbs history last year.
1. The actor moved to our town seven years ago. taught sent paid
2. The woman worked for a big company last year.

3. Nick and Mia played chess two days ago.

B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
4. He cried yesterday because of the sad news.
1. He readed the book last semester. read
5. The man fixed our computers for us last Friday.
Mrs. Parker left a message for my mom last Monday.
6. Yesterday the bus stopped at the wrong place. I wrote a short story yesterday.
She rode her bike to work yesterday.

Writing Practice 2. The boy drank two cans of soda last night.
Write the negative
the dialogues.
sentences. The man bought a yellow cap yesterday.

The laptop didnt work this morning. They broke the vase last Wednesday.
1. The
laptop worked
I borrow
pen? Yes, _____________________.
The thief run away two hours ago. ran
2. ___________
2. he team
Jane joined my dancelast
well? No, _____________________.
year. Jane didnt join my team last year.
5. ___________ you type fast? Yes, _____________________.
3. The driver stopped his car. The driver didnt stop his car. 3. Did the teacher speak clearly?
3. ___________ they win the game? Yes, _____________________.
Chris baked muffins
4. ___________ lastlater? No,
I call him Chris didnt bake muffins last Monday.
Did Tom lend the book to you?
5. ___________
My daughtersyou climbattrees?
laughed No,laugh
the penguin. My daughters didnt _____________________.
at the penguin. Did Christine saw the movie? see
Did the children make paper boats?
6. I carried many bags to the airport. I didnt carry many bags to the airport.

38 Unit 19 Past Simple 2 39

Grammar Practice
20 Future
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the sentences.
A Choose the correct answers.
1. cut She cut my hair last weekend.
1. The principal speak about the festival tomorrow.
2. say Sophia said hello to her this morning. is has will
3. send Eric sent a message to her three days ago. 2. Im full. I eat any more food.
4. do I did my homework with my mom last night. will will not do

5. catch The police officer caught the thief last Tuesday. 3. Ann has an important test tomorrow. She study all night.
will has doesnt
6. become We became best friends last year.
4. I dont like soccer. I join the soccer team.
will wont have
B Choose and complete the dialogues in the past simple.
5. The pianist doesnt perform today. But she perform tomorrow.
pay win swim find will wont will be
1. A Did you find your textbook? 6. Tony hates history. He be a history teacher.
B Yes, I did .I found it in my brothers room. will wont doesnt
2. A Did the boys win the game?
B Yes, they did . They won easily.
Did swim B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
3. A the girl in the pool?
B No, she didnt . She swam in the river. 1. We will play the game tomorrow.
Did pay The singer will sing here tonight.
4. A the man for dinner?
he didnt paid The students will watch a DVD later.
B No, . The woman for it.
I will visit my uncle two years ago. visited

Writing Practice 2. Theyll go to England this winter.

Write the questions. Shell buy a smartphone next month.

Did she feel bad about the problem? Itll is rainy and cold this afternoon. Itll be
1. She felt bad about the problem.
Ill go to the concert tomorrow evening.
2. Bill slept too much last night. Did Bill sleep too much last night?

3. They had bread for breakfast. Did they have bread for breakfast? 3. Will you leave early? Yes, I will.
4. He took a nap yesterday. Did he take a nap yesterday? Will Jane and Ted go abroad? No, she wont. No, they wont.

5. She told them about the exam. Did she tell them about the exam? Will Bob support the team? Yes, he will.
Will the movie be scary? No, it wont.
6. Ella came home early yesterday. Did Ella come home early yesterday?

40 Unit 20 Future 41
Grammar Practice
A Complete the sentences with will .
1. become a chef I will become a chef in the future.

2. change our plans We will change our plans soon.

3. leave this town They will leave this town tomorrow morning.

4. solve the puzzle The student will solve the puzzle tonight.

5. give a speech The leader will give a speech next week.

6. watch a movie Anna and Jacob will watch a movie tomorrow.

B Choose and complete the dialogues in the future tense.

be cook donate miss snow wear

1. A Will Ben miss me? B Yes, he will .

2. A Will they wear the same clothes? B No, they wont .

3. A Will your sister cook dinner? B Yes, she will .

4. A Will you be late? B No, I[we] wont .

5. A Will the people donate money? B Yes, they will .

6. A Will it snow tonight? B No, it wont .

Writing Practice
Write the negative sentences.
1. My brother will like this book. My brother wont like this book.

2. Shell take care of the dog. She wont take care of the dog.

3. Jack will eat breakfast at 8 a.m. Jake wont eat breakfast at 8 a.m.

4. Well go skating in the afternoon. We wont go skating in the afternoon.

5. Ms. Leno will be my teacher next year. Ms. Leno wont be my teacher next year.

6. Ill finish my homework in an hour. I wont finish my homework in an hour.