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Direct (private): 773-540-1020

Director, Corporate Development M&A

Certified M&A Professional • M&A/Business Attorney
• Operations Management & Performance Improvement (Lean Six Sigma Champion)
• Multiple Industries and Sectors


 M&A process management leader - $1 billion acquisition deal.
 Chief investment strategist on private investor transactions: 7-year minimum annual ROI of 25%
 Turnaround of condominium development business from imminent losses to record breaking profits within 6 months
 Key business strategist who led 30+ strategic alliances and joint ventures resulting in an international footprint, and record profits
 Lead petroleum commodities sourcing & distribution strategist, yielding unprecedented market penetration to Europe, Middle East,
and Africa
 Project Counsel & Co-Lead of an $800 million municipal redevelopment
 Chief operating strategist who increased performance efficiency by 400%+ and streamlined operations and reduced labor hours by

Transactional Volume
 100+ private investor and/or venture  500+ corporate, commercial, finance  25+ international petroleum &
capital transactions & real estate transactions commercial paper transactions
 A variety of M&A transactions,  30+ strategic partnerships and  200+ real estate
public and private, up to $1 billion strategic alliances acquisitions/dispositions

Notable Business and Industry Employers/Projects/Transactions (overall career): AON, IBM, Nissan Motors, Credit Suisse, Mesirow Financial,
Mitsubishi Electric, Schneider Electric, Guggenheim Commercial Real Estate Finance, American Airlines, Arcadia Bank, Exide Battery
Technologies, British Petroleum (BP), Siemens, Zimmer, Honeywell UOP, US Steel, Amoco Chemical, Amoco Oil, General Motors, NASA

Talented corporate development/M&A professional and business/M&A attorney with more than 19 years of executive management, legal, and
strategy experience, from multiple industries, who is a solution-oriented complex problem solver and creative business strategist with drive,
passion, and integrity, able to handle all phases of the M&A life cycle.

 Talented at complex negotiations, structures, acquisition strategies, transaction management, joint ventures & strategic partnerships.
 Certified M&A professional, skilled in a range of M&A strategies such as LBOs, rollups, spinoffs, distressed deals, leveraged
recapitalizations, tax loss mergers, reverse mergers, and 338 elections.
 Adept at evaluating acquisition opportunities and synergies, and developing and executing strategic initiatives and integration plans.
 Competent to perform financial analysis, merger modeling, valuations, and make business cases / value propositions.
 Former senior manager with the experience and leadership skill to build and manage teams and implement business strategies,
including merger integration, change management, and reengineering.
 Lean Six Sigma certified, with success in value creation, performance improvement, and operational efficiency.
 Excels in deal execution, multidisciplinary cross functional management, and program management.
 Former engineer who is analytical, methodical, anticipates and solves problems, and mitigates risks.
 Results oriented strategist, experienced in commodities and cross border international transactions.
 Outstanding communication, relationship management, and business development skills.
 Likeable, sought-after professional who is confident, with an executive presence, who can influence and persuade others.

Industry/Sector Knowledge
Real Estate • Oil & Gas • Energy & Infrastructure • Automotive • Manufacturing • Engineering & Construction • Professional Services


Corporate Turnarounds & Strategy Risk Analysis & Management Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions
Patents, Technology, & Licensing Investment Analysis & Strategy Real Estate Investment & Development
Investment Fund Formation Asset and Portfolio Management Deal Sourcing & Market Research

Jenner & Block – Prestigious law firm of over 450 lawyers
Title: Attorney – 2014 to present
Private Equity/Corporate, Real Estate, and Litigation Departments

One of several attorneys representing clients from national financial institutions to global corporations in a variety of commercial and corporate
transactions, as well as commercial real estate finance and leasing transactions. Part of the high-profile U.S. federal investigations of two global
corporations on behalf of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the U.S. Dept. of Justice (USDOJ). Worked internationally on
cross border regulatory compliance involving banking, securities, and tax matters. Promoted twice in the first five months with the firm.
Additional Accomplishments:
 Was the key strategist in the integration of M&A transaction process management, including a $1 billion acquisition deal by IBM.
 Closed a complex $70 million, 35-restaurant investment portfolio transaction.
 Assigned to a specialized German language document investigation in Switzerland for a $520 million regulatory compliance matter.

Best and Associates, PC – Law firm concentrating in commercial and corporate transactions, real estate, and bankruptcy
Title: President and Attorney – 2002 to 2004 and 2010 to 2013 – the following is cumulative

Offered a wide variety of transactions/agreements and legal matters including: technology and IP licensing & patent prosecution; UCC
acquisitions & sales; M&A; corporate finance; joint ventures and strategic alliances; a full range of commercial agreements; business entity
structures; retail, office, industrial, and apartment leasing; public and private construction projects; real estate development; oil and gas leases.
Additional Accomplishments – Successfully led company in the following:
 The handling, in various capacities, of approximately 2000 bankruptcy cases
 A 140% revenue increase from entering into a strategic alliance contract with another firm to penetrate the bankruptcy market

SCIFR, Inc. – Media and technology company

Title: Outside General Counsel - 2007 to 2010 (Simultaneously with Lakeshore)

As a key strategic advisor, counseled executive management in growth strategies, strategic alliances and joint ventures. Negotiated complex
technology, corporate, and commercial agreements; private equity and other finance deals; and operations and service contract. Simultaneously
managed risk, solved problems, streamlined legal & business processes, and managed outside counsel.
Additional Accomplishments – Successfully represented company in the following:
 A lucrative municipal contract that was unprecedented in concept, scope, and protocol within said municipality
 A strategic alliance agreement with a friendly competitor that took the company from a local to a national status

Lakeshore Ventures Group, Inc. and affiliated companies - Private equity and finance
- Commercial investment (M&A, commodities/financial paper)
- Real estate investment and development
Titles: - General Counsel & Operations Executive
- Corporate Counsel and Project Manager
2004 to 2011

Chief attorney and corporate development leader who structured, drafted, negotiated nearly all: 1) private equity transactions, funds, and
projects; 2) M&A, international commodities, and commercial paper transactions; 3) commercial real estate acquisitions and development
transactions/projects, including municipal and condominium developments; apartment, office, and industrial purchases; and commercial leases
for retail and office properties.
 Established proven history of strategic growth initiatives, business development, operations and logistics optimization, and
maximization of shareholder profits and investor ROI.
 Key business strategist whose innovative, collaborative business acumen led to 30+ strategic alliances and joint ventures leading to
company’s international footprint, and record profits.
 Repeatedly recognized by company owners and other stakeholders as being indispensable to company.
 Diverse professional background experience and keen cross-functional, multidisciplinary skills resulted in being pivotal company
leader who increased project/process efficiency by 400%+ and streamlined business operations, reducing man hours by 50%
 Chief investment strategist who applied pro-forma, financial modeling, and investment analysis to structure 7 years of 25%+ ROI for
private equity investors
 Engineering experience, problem solving skills and analytical thinking facilitated the adept ability to spearhead over a dozen key
business process improvements which became standard operating procedure and company policy
Additional Accomplishments – Successfully led company in the following:
 A 4-star hotel/water park development, and new franchise, strategic alliance project
 A strategic alliance relationship with former national REIT portfolio manager to build a $100 million commercial real estate portfolio
 Multiple commercial real estate negotiations resulting in: 1) an average acquisition CAP rate of 2% above then-current market CAP
rates; 2) an average cash-on-cash ROI of 30% ; and 3) an average of 3% to 4% positive leverage of CAP rate over financing rate


 Honeywell UOP – Design Engineer: o Designed molten steel furnace components
o Designed chemical reactors using patented technology for o Performed pipe stress and configuration calculations
petroleum and chemical industries internationally  Amoco Oil Company (BP)
 US Steel – Design Engineer (contractor): Design Engineer:

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o Designed mechanical components and structural steel Project Engineer:
o Performed stress, pressure, and configuration calculations o Managed engineering and construction projects from
o Specified/procured mechanical equipment for installation concept through engineering to construction, including all
logistics, supply & procurement, schedule and cost
responsibilities, resource loading, RFP/RFQ/bid processes


 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan  Illinois Bar – License to Practice Law
BS in Mechanical Engineering  Patent Bar – USPTO License
 Loyola University of Chicago School of Law, Chicago, Illinois  Certified Lean Six Sigma Champion
Juris Doctorate (business/corporate law concentration)  Certified M&A Professional
 Continuing Education and Professional Training – approximately
1500 hours of class time in M&A, business, real estate, and law

MISCELLANEOUS Foreign Language: German – fluent on conversational topics – read, write, and speak
Member: Christian Legal Society

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