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1. Draw single line diagram of 1.5 breaker scheme with line and trafo.

2. Indicate the CT cores in SLD. Functions of each core of CT.

3. 6 CT scheme and the functions of different CT cores.
4. Short circuit force calculations.
5. Methods to reduce scf. By increasing tension, decreasing spacer span, increase the
6. Sag tension calc.
7. Max. span of strung bus which can be used.
8. Flexible and rigid connectors use in ekd. For breaker why is it flexible on both sides.
9. Type of connector differences in center break and double break isolator. In center break, flexible
type connector is used and stud type terminals are used.
10. 765kV bus heights.
11. Reasons for using different bus heights. Apart from phase to phase clearances, the
electromagnetic and electrostatic field caused by high voltage buses, decides the bus height.
12. SLD for spare arrangement for 765kV reactors.
13. What is the use of NGR in line reactors. It is used to limit the fault current in case of phase to
earth faults in line.
14. A conductor can be loaded upto 50% of its Ultimate tensile strength.
15. GIS earthing. What is metal to metal touch voltage in GIS.
16. Earthing of GIS is done at one point in a particular gis enclosure. This is done to limit the
circulating current.
17. What precautions to be taken while preparing control cable schedule. Mix up of source 1 &2 to
be avoided.