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Health: Human Sexuality

1. Truth/Fiction Worksheet:

Women only have a sex organ whose only function is for pleasure
Cannot determine virginity from hymen
Women with larger breasts do not produce more milk while nursing
Women who have had abortions are not at greater risk of breast cancer
Menopause doesnt signal an end to sexual appetite
Morning erections do not reflect the need to urinate
Paralyzed men can still have sex
Men can have orgasms without ejaculating

2. Labeling both reproductive systems:


Urinary Bladder
Vas Deferens: Two tubes from each testicle
Glans Penis
Testes: Secrete testosterone; pituitary secretes FSH;
Spermatogenesis: sperm production. 200-400 million sperm each day
Scrotum: hold testes; muscle contracts to pull them closer to warm them; vice
versa for cold
Epididymis: Storage for sperm
Seminal Vesicle: produces fluid rich in fructose, mostly semen


Ovary: produce mature egg and secrete hormones

Fallopian tube: passageway for egg: fertilization takes place in the upper 2 inches
Uterus: house fetus during pregnancy
Cervix: entrance to uterus
Vagina: Organ of intercourse; birth canal; sperm passageway

3. Selected Terms:

Prostate Gland: add chemical fluid to semen

Placenta: organ that nourishes fetus
4. Selected Terms, 2

Fertilization: Day 14 Ovulation; Mature egg is released; 3-5 days to reach uterus; only
one sperm fertilizes egg
Vasectomy: cut and tie vas deferens
Tubal Ligation: cut and tie fallopian tubes

5. Infertility

Male: Low sperm count, abnormal, PID

Female: Failure to ovulate at the same time each month.

6. Detecting/Tests/Development/Stages of Labor

Detecting: Absence of period, tender breasts, nausea, fatigue

Tests: Urine tests looking for hormone; blood test for HCG
Umbilical cord
Amnion membrane that surrounds fetus; Amniotic fluid, maintain temp
First Trimester: 2-3 weeks: membranes; 4-5 weeks digestive/circulatory; heart begins to
pump blood; no drinking smoking or drugs.
Second Trimester: Most excessive growth; heart beat is heard; 16-20 weeks sex is
Third Trimester: 9 months baby about 20 inches long weight 6-8 lbs.
Stages: Contraction/Dilation (2-24 hrs); Delivery; Afterbirth expel placenta
Breech birth: feet first; transverse: sideways; C section - abdomen

7. Multiple Births

Iden-tickle twins, same chromosomes and same sex

Faternal Twins, 2 separate eggs at the same time
Siamese Twins, conjoined
Triplets, 2/3 different eggs, usually 2 will be be iden-tickle.

9. Contraception

Birth Control 1960 everyday except for 4th week.

Vaginal Ring inserted for 3 weeks, take out for 1 week
Shot every 3 months
IUD 5/12 years
Contraceptive patch every week 3 on, 1 off
Plan B emergency taken up to 3 days after sex, 1-2 pills.
Male every time, STD protection
Female Each time
Cervical Cap, each time, stay in for 6 hours
Essure: expensive, no reversal, no surgery

11. Room of the Emergency Variety:

Acute renal failure: kidneys stop

Hysterectomy: uterus is removed
Apgar score: assess newborns helath
Abortion: Manual/Machine Vacuum aspiration
(in 2nd trimester): Dilation and evacuation.
15% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage and 80% occur in 1st trimester.
24 hour delay for counseling in ohio. One parent has to sign consent.

12. Cancers - Testicular

Heaviness in scrotum, swelling

Risk: undescended testicles
Ages 15-35
Whites are most prone.
Exam after bath or shower.
Prostate: Age 40, Frequent urination, PSA blood test

13. Cancers Breast

Risk: age
Symptom: lump of thickening in a breast or underarm area
White women
Immediate family member
[misc.] Ectopic pregnancy: occurs in fallopian tubes, most common cause: STIs
Toxic Shock Syndrome: warning signs: vomiting, dizziness